Williams College Acceptance Rate 2023|Admission Statistics

Williams College Acceptance Rate: When it comes to building a better future the school you study in, plays a very important role. Thus, choosing Roger Williams University as your university is a great choice.

Every student requires a place where they will be motivated, guided to think, and where their future and aspirations can be accomplished. Williams College, with a 12.2 percent acceptance rate might just be the right place for you.

This college boasts of having one of the top colleges for finding your life’s purpose, concentration, and connection.


The university accepts state, international, and economically disadvantaged students to the esteemed university, which provides a demanding environment while preserving a close-knit community.

Williams College Admission Statistics Class of 2023

Williams College is a highly competitive school, and its admissions statistics place it among the top 50 most competitive schools in the world for undergraduate admissions.

Acceptance rates at Williams College have steadily declined over the last eight years, as has the pattern at all top schools, and will almost definitely continue to do so in the future.

The Class of 2023 was one of the most difficult years in Williams College admissions history.

Williams College received 9,715 applications for the Class of 2023, with 1,205 admitted, yielding an overall acceptance percentage of 12.4%.

Overall applications grew by 1.6 percent from last year to this year (2022-2023), from 9,559 to 9,715.

Williams College Admission Statistics Class of 2023
SOURCE: IVYLEAGUEPREP.COM| Williams College Admission Statistics Class of 2023

What Is Williams College Acceptance Rate 2023?

In 2022, the acceptance rate at Williams College is 12.2%. This indicates that just 1,163 of the 9,559 students who applied to Williams College were accepted.


Williams College is one of the most competitive schools to get into, with an acceptance rate that places it among the top 50 most selective schools in the world.

Williams college’s acceptance rate, like that of other famous universities, has been declining throughout the years and will almost certainly continue to decrease in the near future.

This brings us to the question everyone is asking “Is Williams College Ivy League?”

Is Williams College Ivy League?

The short answer is NO!!!, Williams College is not an Ivy League school.

Everyone is aware that the Ivy League is home to some of the top universities in the world. The Ivy League, which includes some of the nation’s most prestigious colleges, includes schools like Harvard and Yale.

Because of this, one would surely assume Williams College to be a part of this distinguished elite.

Let’s be clear, though: Williams College is a top-notch institution.

You must understand what the Ivy League is in order to comprehend why a top university like Williams isn’t a member.

Contrary to what you might have believed, academics and research are not the focus of the Ivy League. It concerns sports.

The Ivy League is a Division I NCAA athletic conference, regardless of what you may think about it. On the East Coast of the United States, it comprises eight private research universities: Yale University, Princeton University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Columbia University, and Brown University.

Even though the League was established in 1958, all but one of the schools—Cornell university—had already been founded before the United States.

The NCAA Division III New England Small College Athletic Conference is where the Williams Ephs’ crew, cycling, and equestrian teams all participate. In fact, they spend more per student than any other school in Division III.

Of course, very few people think of the Ivy League when they think of sports. Instead, they picture pioneering scientists, outstanding instructors, and devoted pupils.

All of those characteristics can be found at Williams College. As we saw in the introduction, Williams has a remarkable group of former students, a regal past, and a dedication to research.

What Is Williams College Ranking?

Williams University is one of the most difficult colleges in the country to get into due to its acceptance rate of only 12 percent. Only the very best will be admitted.

But for many, U.S. News & World Report’s rankings are the most noteworthy. Williams is ranked #15 for best undergraduate teaching by U.S. News. Williams is ranked first on both the National Liberal Arts Colleges and Best Value Schools lists, giving it higher rankings overall.

But the excellent rankings of the school show that the effort and perseverance needed to get in will undoubtedly pay off.

Williams receives an A+ rating from the review aggregation website Niche.com for its superior academics, campus diversity, and value proposition.

Additionally, Williams appears on a number of the website’s lists. On Niche’s lists of the Best Small Colleges in America, Best Colleges for English in America, and Best Colleges for Art in America, the institution comes in at number fifteen.

Williams earns the number 18 spot in Forbes.com’s rankings. That’s good enough to surpass some of the biggest and most prestigious colleges in the nation, such as Brown University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the University of California at Davis.

What Are the Course offered at Williams College?

Williams College offers a wide range of courses, so all you have to do is to decide on the one you want, then apply for it.

  • Anthropology and sociology
  • Arabic studies
  • Art history
  • Art study
  • Asian language, literature, and culture (Chinese, Japanese, and East Asian language)
  • Asian studies
  • Astronomy
  • Astrophysics
  • Biochemistry and a molecular formula
  • Bioinformatics, genomics, and proteomics (coordinate)
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Chinese
  • Classic
  • Greek
  • Latin
  • Cognitive Science
  • Comparative Literature
  • Computer Science
  • Contract Major
  • Dance
  • Difference, Power, &Equity
  • Economics
  • English
  • Environmental Studies
  • Maritime Studies
  • Experiential Education
  • Film & Media Studies
  • French
  • Geosciences
  • German
  • Global Studies
  • History
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Italian
  • Jewish Studies
  • Justice & Law Studies
  • Leadership Studies
  • Materials Science Studies
  • Mathematics &Statistics
  • Neuroscience
  • Philosophy
  • Physical Education
  • Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Political Economy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Public Health
  • Quantitative/Formal Reasoning
  • Religion
  • Romance Languages
  • Science and technology courses
  • Self-instructional languages
  • Sociology

What Are The Williams College Majors?

This school offers majors in different courses and there we several awarded degrees that comes with it.

  • Arts (Drama and theatre production) – Bachelors
  • Humanities(Asian studies, economics, English, French, German, global studies, history, literature, philosophy, social sciences and women’s studies)– Bachelors
  • Science, technology and math(biology, Chemistry, computer, geology, mathematics, physics, statistics and environmental science) – Bachelors

How to Get Into Williams College

There are two admissions procedures at Williams College. The usual decision as well as the early decision.

If admitted, the student is expected to accept the offer and withdraw any applications made to other institutions. The early decision process permits the student to apply to only Williams College. The standard decision sets a deadline for the student to accept a place in class.

Admission application requirements

  • Two teachers recommendation letter
  • School report
  • Mid-year report
  • Early decision application form (for those using this method)
  • Transcripts
  • $65 application fee
  • Studio performing art portfolio
  • Writing supplement(for humanities and social science)
  • SAT or ACT

What does Williams college want?

Williams College seeks students who possess a variety of skills, passions, and experiences as well as those who are always up for intellectual challenges. They also want students who are bright and aspirational and who are prepared to make a positive, long-lasting impression on the college.

What is the cost of Attending Williams College?

The cost of Williams College will vary depending on your situation. Williams College does not impose additional fees for things like computer access, lab use, or even basic healthcare. The following is a list of Williams College expenses;

  • Tuition: $59,660
  • Room: $8,000
  • Board: $7,630
  • Residential house fees and other activities: $320
  • Study away fee (depends): $1,500

Total cost with study away fee: $77,110

Total cost without study away fee: $75,610

Williams College Undergraduate Enrollment

Williams College has a student to faculty ratio of 7:1 with a total undergraduate enrolment of 1,962 to 2250. The university provides undergraduates with a distinctive learning environment, which accounts for the rising annual undergraduate enrollment.

GPA requirements for Williams College

Williams College just requires the absolute minimal GPA in order to submit an application without having it rejected right away, unlike the majority of universities.

The GPA itself is the most crucial prerequisite for admission to Williams College because it increases your chances of being accepted.

This institution has a high GPA requirement of 4.08 percent. This will give you an edge over other applicants.

Requirements for the SAT and ACT

Standardized testing requirements vary from school to school. The SAT or ACT are typically required, and many schools also demand SAT subject assessments.

The SAT or ACT is required in order to apply to Williams College. More importantly, a strong application requires achievement.

Williams College SAT Requirements

There is a secret SAT requirement, notwithstanding the claims of many colleges that they have no cutoff for SAT scores.

At Williams College, the composite SAT score is 1479 out of 1600, which is the national average.

Williams College is quite competitive based on this score.

The New  SAT 25th percentile and 75th percentile scores are 1410 and 1550, respectively. In other words, if you score 1410 on the New SAT, you are below average, however, 1550 will put you above average.

Here is a summary of the SAT scores requirements:

SectionAverage25th Percentile75th Percentile
Reading + Writing729710760
Williams College SAT Requirements

Williams College ACT Requirements

The university probably doesn’t have a strict ACT cutoff, similar to the SAT, but if you score too low, your application will be rejected.

At Williams College, the typical ACT score is 33. Williams College is quite competitive for ACT scores with this score.

The 25th percentile ACT score is 32, and the 75th percentile ACT score is 35.

Even though Williams College probably states that there is no minimum ACT requirement, if you apply with a 32 or lower, it will be very difficult for you to get in unless you have other very strong application materials. A 32 will appear to be an academically weak applicant because so many of the applicants scored 33 and higher.

What Is Williams College Transfer Acceptance Rate?

college of william and mary acceptance rate
College of William and mary acceptance rate

Williams College has a 4% acceptance rate for transfer students. Williams college transfer acceptance rate is gotten by the number of accepted transfer applicants divided by the number of applications received. Your academic history and extracurricular involvement as a transfer student are carefully examined to determine whether to accept or reject your offer.

Does Williams College Offer Financial Aid?

One of the world’s most generous financial aid programs is offered by Williams College to its students. Because the system thinks you should be able to receive the education you want without having to shoulder the cost of it, it lowers your fees.

Financial aid at Williams College aims to cover practically all financial need without requiring any loans or work-study commitments. Students obtaining financial aid are also provided with free materials and textbooks.

Scholarships For Williams College

Unlike other institution, Williams college doesn’t award merit-based scholarships. They only offer financial aid to students with low family income. Admission into Williams college is highly sought after, so it removes the need to entice students to apply by using scholarship.

Williams College vs. Harvard: Which Is Better?

We have people asking; Is Williams College Better Than Harvard? Well, the Harvard of liberal arts colleges is Williams College. They are both excellent institutions that are effective in placing their alumni in graduate programs and developing them into aspirational members of society.

The underlying idea is that because they are from different schools, it is impossible to say which is better. Harvard is a significant research university, while Williams College is a modest liberal arts institution. As it all boils down to personal preference, what matters is how you personally feel about the school.

Is Williams College Worth It?

Williams College is totally worth it. Academically speaking, you couldn’t ask for more. The professors provide all the tools you would need to be successful in your field, a variety of extracurricular activities from which to pick, and excellent financial help for students.


Williams College is a place where you may surround yourself with smart people who share your ambitions and get more information by studying alongside people who have committed their lives to become the greatest in their respective industries.

A very prominent institution, Williams College offers not just education but also great employment opportunities. So why are you still waiting? Begin your application right away! Good fortune.

Williams College Acceptance Rate FAQs

What Is Williams College Acceptance Rate?

Williams College has a 15% acceptance rate, making it a very tough and selective institution. Williams College accepts students with average GPAs of 4.07 to 5.0 and SAT scores between 1430 and 1540 who have high aspirations.

Is Williams College A Good School?

Williams College is a well-regarded institution because it offers financial aid to international and students from disadvantaged backgrounds. It has a wonderful study environment, a top-notch educational system, and outstanding courses and instruction.

What Is Williams College Known For?

Williams College is noted for offering special chances for students, such as financial help, better research programs, and renowned tutorial sessions, in addition to all the things that make it a typical university. It is also renowned for being Massachusetts’ second-oldest institution of higher learning, only behind Harvard.


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