What Exactly Is Year-Round Schooling | Schedule 2023

All Year Round Schooling: The year round colleges academic calendar and schedule differ from the traditional academic calendars and this is raising questions about the pros and cons of adopting this type of schooling system.

Between 2006 and 2012, the number of year-round schools increased by 20.6% bringing about the existence of 3,700 year round colleges on the list. This has stirred strong reactions as to why all year round schooling is a welcome development.

Judging from research, advocates argue that traditional schooling which has summer breaks results in summer learning loss and teacher and student burnout. On the other hand, some have said that the introduction of all year round schooling has solved these problems.


However, we have analyzed the pros and cons of year round schooling, and we have seen that beyond the goodness that it presents, it still has some downsides.

Year round schooling calendar complicates schedules for parents, takes a financial toll on schools and tourist economies and also deprives children of a needed respite from the classroom.

Regardless, year-round schooling has become increasingly common, both as an academic improvement strategy and as a solution to overcrowding. The Congressional Research Service reports that year-round schools are more common in the South and West than in the Northeast and Midwest.

So in this guide, we have discussed all you need to know about the year round schooling calendar, the pros and cons, and the benefits of adopting this academic schedule. 

Also we have discussed the major information you need to know about all year colleges before you make a decision of enrolling your ward into the school.

Furthermore, we have answered the basic questions that may plague your mind about this subject matter.

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What You Should Know About Colleges that Utilize The All Year Round Schooling schedule.

The all year round schooling calendar is not common although it presents a lot of benefits. Majority of the schools that use a year round schooling schedule are exceptional.

However, before enrolling your ward into such schools, it is ideal that you know the ideals and the major misconceptions about this altered school calendar.

So here we have expounded on the ideals and misconceptions you need to know about the year round schooling calendar;

#1. The Number Of School Days In Year-Round Schools Is The Same.  

Like it is categorized as year round schools, most people often work with the understanding that the number of school days is longer when compared to the traditional school schedule.

However, the actual knowledge is that those enrolled in year-round schools only attend the number of school days required in their state which is usually 180 days. 

This misconception is the reason why year round colleges are better referred to as balanced calendar schools because this more accurately describes how these schools operate. 

flexible calendar

#2. Year Round Colleges Focus On Decreasing Summer Learning Loss  

One of the benefits of year round schooling is that they help combat learning loss among students during summer. This they achieve by eliminating the summer vacation gap in learning and having regular “intersessions” for students who are behind to catch up. 

During intersessions, students get the opportunity to learn skills they may lack and explore certain topics more deeply.

#3. Most Teachers Prefer The All Year Round Schooling Schedule.

The long summer breaks can make teachers burn out and less interested in returning back to school. However, with a year round schooling schedule, teacher burnout is also reduced. 

Also, teachers get to earn more money working during intersessions. Because the calendar is flexible, teachers can schedule dental appointments and similar outings for the various breaks the flexible calendar affords. 

#4. Year Round Schooling Affects Sports schedules.

Although year round schooling presents a lot of benefits, one of the major concerns it brings to the table is the fact that it has a negative impact on sports seasons.

Games usually come in for year round colleges during intersession. 

Are There Colleges That Utilize The Year Round Schooling Calendar?

Most schools utilize the year round schooling schedule to have a balanced academic calendar with the intention of limiting learning loss and providing more resources and one-on-one attention for students.

These schools operate on a different academic calendar which is in contrast to the traditional school calendar that is generally adopted by most schools. 

Year round colleges do not have the whole summer off from school, rather their summer breaks are shorter. The difference between the traditional school calendar and teh year round schooling schedule is that summer breaks for year round colleges are shorter but their breaks are more frequent. 

This in no way affects the number of school days as compared to the traditional school calendar. The number of school days is the same. 

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How Exactly Does Year-Round Colleges Work?

Here we show you how year round colleges actually work. Instead of the long summer break adopted by schools using the traditional academic calendar, year-round schools break the academic year up with a variety of 2-3 weeks vacations to give a more balanced calendar.

The exact break times are school specific. Some schools have four 45-day academic sessions and 15-day breaks. On the other hand, some have three 60-day academic sessions followed by 20 days of break. Alternatively, some schools have two 90-day sessions which are followed by two 30-day breaks.

During some of the breaks, some schools add an “intersession” period of a week or two, during which students take courses that are outside their normal course load. Typically this adds up to about 189 days per year which is nine days longer than the standard 180-day school year calendar according to Congressional Research Service.

How Many Year Round Colleges Are In Existence?

Following the statistical records by the National Center for Education Statistics from the 2011-12 school year, 4% of public schools were operating on an all year round schooling schedule. 

This is about 3,700 schools that operate the all year schooling calendar, 400 of which are charter schools. This is a 20.6% increase from 408 schools between the 2006-07 and 2011-12 academic school years. 

Following this increase we see that all year schooling is gaining grounds and is a welcome development in our dispensation. 

Year Round Schooling Pros And Cons: Is It Worth It?

Year Round schooling presents a lot of benefits for the students, teachers as well as school administrators. However, a proper understanding of what you stand to gain and lose will help you make a proper decision on which school calendar schedule is best for your ward. 

Year Round Schooling: The Pros

Here are some of the advantages of year round schooling;

  • It is an academy remedy that suits the modern society’s needs and structure.
  • It helps prevent summer learning loss that occurs when students are out of school for an extended period of time. 
  • One of the benefits of year round schooling is that it helps enrich students’ educational experiences through the additional intersessions and creative courses.
  • The year round schooling schedule incorporates  health care and other services throughout the calendar year. 
  • Year round colleges helps prevents burnout of both teachers and students. 
  • Teachers gain financial incentives for expanded learning time and intersessions.

Year-Round Schooling: The Cons

Here are some of the disadvantages of year round schooling;

  • Typically there is nothing wrong with the traditional school calendar, so why fix what is not broken? 
  • There is no solid proof that a year round schooling schedule actually helps students.
  • Schools that adopt the year round schooling schedule affects tourism and other industries that count on summer vacationers. 
  • Unfortunately, high schoolers in year round colleges might be less able to get summer jobs because they are in school.
  • Almost all the schools in the list of all year round collges experience a hard financial transition because, this schedule brings added costs to schools because they have to pay for utilities in buildings, stipends for teachers, or other associated expenses.
  • All year round schooling takes away from students’ time to experience anything outside of the classroom.
  • Also, a year round schooling schedule reduces teachers’ time for professional development and growth. 
  • Most families find it hard to juggle the conflicting schedules of all year round schooling.
Year round colleges
Year round colleges

Does Year-Round Schooling Affect Students In Any Way?

Although it is believed that the achievement gap between low-income students and their higher-income peers is exacerbated during the summer, hence why year round schooling is the best, there is still no significant proof that such a claim is valid.

Following the 1999 meta-analysis of research from the University of Minnesota, 42 studies showed no positive impact from year-round school, while 27 studies showed a significant positive impact on students. 

However, a 2015 study indicates that students who are more advanced in knowledge were more likely to benefit from additional days they had in school than their peers who struggled academically. 

None of these studies have categorically controlled all factors that may affect a child’s performance to make a valuable conclusion.

When Do Year Round Colleges Resume In Their Academic Calendar?

Balanced calendar schools will generally start their academic year in early August. 

This is often followed by a break on Labor Day, then a 2-week October break, 1 week at Thanksgiving, and the typical 2 weeks at the holidays. 

Also, there is 1 week off in February, a 2-week spring break, and 1 week off on Memorial Day, and then they end in late June.

Although some year round colleges may have add-ons or a different calendar, they generally follow the above pattern. 

Are Summer Breaks Eliminated In Year Round Colleges In Our List?

No, summer breaks are not totally scrapped out in schools adopting the all year round schooling schedule. Students who attend these schools still have four to six weeks of summer vacation.

The idea is to limit the length of any single break not totally eliminate them. So any school that has any breaks lasting more than six weeks is not considered year-round. 

Are Year Round Schools The Same As Single Track And Multi-Track Schools?

Single track schools and year round schools are not the same. Both have varying academic calendars. 

Schools in which the entire student body is on a single year-round calendar are called single-track schools while schools that have a balanced calendar between breaks and academic sessions are called year round schools.

On the other hand, schools that aim at reducing overcrowding, and grouping students at the same school to have different academic calendars are referred to as multitracking.

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Frequently Asked Questions About All Year Round Schooling

What Do They Mean By Year-round School?

Year round schools are schools that operate on a different academic calendar different from the traditional school calendar. 

They have a balanced academic calendar that does not allow students to have the whole summer off from school.

Students in year-round schools attend classes for anywhere from six to nine weeks in a row, broken up by two- to four-week vacations. 

Is Year-round A Good Idea?

Year round schools can be a good idea. It all depends on personal preference. Most say that year-round schools are better than schools with a long summer break because year-round schools allow families to plan vacations at times other than summer.

Also, most time year-round schools provide a more structured environment, one of consistency and positivity, for students with unsupportive or unstable homes. 

On the other hand, some believe that the traditional school calendar is preferably due to the long breaks that give students the time to do other things not school related.

What Countries Do Year-round Schooling?

Students in Iceland, Finland, and Ireland adopt year round school and therefore they attend class for fewer hours and days, yet score higher in math, science, and reading. 

How Do Year-round Schooling Affect Students?

Year-round schools offer students a wide range and variety of specific advantages in addition to increased learning. Some of the significant advantages include 

  • Better discipline
  • Better student performance 
  • Diminished stress on teachers
  • Better learning opportunities for students.
  • Reduced absenteeism among students and teachers.

Does Year-round School Improve Student Grades?

Students in year-round schools do as well or slightly better in terms of academic achievement than students in traditional schools. 

What State Has The Shortest School Day?

Oregon has the shortest school day of about 165 instructional days.

How Does Year-round School Affect Families?

When a school system adopts a year round schooling schedule, children do not have 10-13 weeks during the summer from which parents can choose when planning a vacation. Instead, they have three-week breaks that occur every nine weeks.


Without further ado, after considering the pros and cons, the choice of enrolling your ward into an all year round schooling system is all yours to make. 

However, ensure you weigh the pros and cons as well as the benefits of year round schooling and also if the calendar or schedule suits your plans.

As a step forward, visit the list of year round colleges we have mentioned above and make a choice that fits your ward.

Please, follow our Facebook page and YouTube Channel for more information about academic-related content that will help you make informed decisions on your academic journey.

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