What Can You Learn from Polyamory?

Unicorn polyamory is a type of polyamory in which two people in a committed relationship extend an invitation to a third person to join their relationship. “Unicorn” refers to the third person since it is so rare to discover one, much like the fabled unicorn. Typically, this third person is a bis*xual woman who agrees to join a couple, usually for a s*xual relationship, but that may not always apply to every unicorn.

Dating Site Opens Many Opportunities for Singles

The biggest issue for those interested in unicorn polyamory is that there is no place dedicated to meeting such individuals. You may hit a gay bar or club, but it is still hard to convince someone to join you and your partner. Similarly, a bis*xual woman exclusively looking for a couple may never be able to meet one in the real world. That is exactly when online dating sites come into play and help you connect with a couple seeking a unicorn for adult fun.


The most prevalent euphemism for couples seeking a bis*xual lady to join their partnership is “unicorn hunting.” Unicorn hunters are typically heteros*xual couples that have opted to permanently incorporate a second woman into their relationship. They typically date both partners and have intercourse with the pair, thus, they are considered “equal” in the partnership.

No matter what your preferences are, you can always benefit from using an online dating site. All you have to do is create your profile and share what you truly desire. Let couples come looking for you and engage in conversation to show you why you should consider pursuing a relationship with them.

Open Five Lessons for Anyone Who Wants to Keep Love Alive

If you have always wanted to try unicorn polyamory but still looking for your chance, know that dating sites are the way to go. And you should certainly give it a shot because polyamory actually teaches you some important life lessons. For instance:

1. Support Personal Growth

When you enjoy unicorn polyamory, one of the most important lessons you learn is focusing on personal growth. No matter how passionately you pursue something, you should always find time for yourself.

Many people prefer polyamorous versus monogamous relationships because of the increased pleasure and lower stress levels. But it is not always that simple for a unicorn. Sometimes unicorns feel like they are the odd ones out in a couple. As a result, there is a tendency for them to encroach on others’ time when they are together or on a date.

You may be involved in multiple relationships as a unicorn, and it can be hard to focus on yourself. Because of the time commitment involved, maintaining numerous relationships at once can be challenging. The pressure of being “on the clock” all the time can take a toll on you.

Similarly, investing time and effort into a relationship takes emotional, mental, and physical stamina. If you are young, a college student, or already doing a job, you may already be struggling with energy in general, which might be difficult. You need to do something to combat this, like making your own personal space where you can also support personal growth.


Step one in making room for oneself in a relationship is carving out “me time,” during which you spend time alone and are not responsible for the couple’s activities. The second component of making room is scheduling individual time with both partners. This one-on-one time need not be the norm, but it should be important when it occurs.

2. Be Ready to Deal with Jealousy

No matter how passionate you are about polyamory or unicorn dating, know that there will always be the monster of jealousy cropping its nasty head at some time. And that is a lesson to learn and take with you in the real world, as there will be circumstances where you have to deal with jealous folks.

 Jealousy can be an issue for some polyamorous people, while it does not affect others. Jealousy is normal and can even be a positive emotion, but it is important to find healthy outlets for it. And if it begins to hurt your personal life, you need to do something about it and communicate the same with your partners.

It would not take a lot of effort to discover you are dealing with jealous partners. And it is usually evident on date nights. If the jealous partner is not present to act as a chaperone, the pair is sending the message that their envy is being allowed to run amok. Instead of expecting their partner to handle their feelings, they should work on doing so themselves, and you should not feel ashamed to share your viewpoint.

3. Communicate Honestly and Often

Working on your communication skills is essential, not just for a successful polyamorous relationship but for everything else in life. It is important to be open and honest about everything, even s*x while sharing a couple’s private moments. Most couples have a good idea of what the other person wants and needs, but it is still important for you to express what you want and need in a relationship.

A deeper connection with your partner is more likely if you have frequent in-depth conversations about what matters to each of you. It is important to remember that your part in the relationship is more than just playing a role in their fantasies. Be careful not to settle for the role of mere accessory to the couple.

Undoubtedly, it will feel strange to join them, especially if this is your first time engaging in unicorn polyamory. Putting yourself out there by telling complete strangers about your deepest dreams and secrets can be terrifying, but it is ultimately necessary. The relationship will fall apart if you do not all make it simpler to communicate with each other. Never be too quick to make it s*xual but take your time and communicate clearly about your boundaries. If you have second thoughts about something, do not be shy to talk about it.

It is not worth staying with a couple if they constantly pressure you to do things that make you uncomfortable. Do not sacrifice who you are to make your partners happy; you will regret it later.

4. Be Flexible and Allow for Change

A very important lesson to learn from polyamory is that you should always be ready for a change. To make your relationship work, you have to be flexible. While expressing your basic needs and desires is essential, you should also respect what others believe. This will inspire you to be more flexible and accommodate the couple in your life.

That flexibility may also directly impact your s*x life as a unicorn. No matter how daring or free-spirited you are when it comes to s*xuality, the weight of conventional norms and prejudices can stifle your excitement. There is no need to rush out and tell everyone you know about this encounter, but you should still consider whether or not you would feel guilty or ashamed about it on a personal level. It means that you need to be flexible but still know your boundaries, especially when it comes to s*x.

Polyamory also tells you to be prepared to explore the unexpected. When sharing a bedroom with another couple, anything can happen. Of course, you should have your boundaries clearly explained before the encounter, but it still makes sense to try something new when you can. You will never know you like something new unless you try it.

Remember, all of us can become better, s*xier, and healthier lovers by delving into our s*xual dreams and learning more about ourselves in the process. Unicorn polyamory gives you the opportunity to live your fantasies and explore unchartered territories while engaging in a relationship with strangers.

5. Know When to Leave

When it comes to long-term partnerships, giving up without making significant efforts to sort things out can mean prematurely losing a fine relationship that is only going through a difficult moment. But sometimes, you need to know when it is time to leave, and polyamory teaches you that quite well.

Polyamorous individuals often face a precarious balancing act between letting things cool off and not letting things escalate to the point where one partner has been so abusive to the other that they have no choice but to break up.

Recognizing and accepting that a relationship has lost its spark is a necessary first step in modifying the relationship. It is up to each individual to decide how they want to frame their relationships. When one person’s demands shift and the partnership as a whole must adapt, it is not always a failure, and neither person is at fault, and you develop this new perspective by trying polyamory.


If you are interested in polyamory, you should certainly try it, and online dating sites are available to get you started. Going at it with the right mindset can actually make it an enlightening experience. Remember, polyamorous individuals, place a high value on open lines of communication as a means to develop closeness, investigate limits, reach compromises, and express emotions. You should be ready to do the same to make your relationship work.


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