University of Glasgow Acceptance Rate 2022 | Step by Step Application Guide.

University of Glasgow Acceptance Rate: Here is a detailed guide on the admission application process of the University of Glasgow for international students in  2022.

Over the years, the University of Glasgow has developed a  strong reputation in producing students who are professional in their field of expertise.

The University of Glasgow is known to be one of the elite universities in the UK due to its world-class academics and educational system. 


Beyond being one of the best UK Universities, it is also one of Scotland’s four ancient universities and the only one in the UK with the authority to give undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in its own name.

This alone is one of the reasons why the University of Glasgow is one of the most sought colleges in the UK. 

In that regard, many prospective students seek to know what the admission application process is and the acceptance rate of the University of Glasgow.

Just like we gave you answers via our articles on Duke University Acceptance Rate, John Hopkins University Acceptance Rate, and other universities in the UK.

This guide gives you the figures of the Acceptance Rate for international students in the University of Glasgow as well as the admission requirements for all prospective students in 2022.

While preparing your requirements, know that the University of Glasgow accepts students who are beyond academically good. 

Contrary to popular opinion, the admission process is not really that stringent, all you have to do is to have the ideal requirements.


Following this guide thoroughly you will find reasonable tips to make your application outstanding from the pool of other hopefuls.

But before that, let’s give you insight into the renowned University of Glasgow!!!

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Overview of the University of Glasgow

  • Glasgow G12 8QQ, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Glad as it is popularly known is one of Scotland’s public research universities founded in 1451. The University of Glasgow in the English-speaking world is the 4th oldest university and one of Scotland’s four ancient universities. 

The University of Glasgow is in the same league as the University of Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and St Andrews which trained mainly students from wealthy backgrounds.

Although not an Ivy League School, the University of Glasgow is a member of Universitas 21, the Russell Group, and the Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities.

Glasgow has many campuses for learning with its main campus located in Gilmorehill in the City’s West End. 

Currently, the University of Glasgow has a total student population of 32,465. There are 21,165 undergraduate students whereas Postgraduate students account for the remaining 11,300.

The University of Glasgow 2022 Rankings.

Glasgow University has consistently ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world at the top 1% and among the top 10 in the UK. 

The school is famous for its research-intensive programs which have earned it global recognition.

Also, we can see that in its consistent ranking in various University Rankings worldwide.

Here are some of the spotlights for the University of Glasgow Rankings;

  • 114th in the 2020 NTU 
  • 86th in the 2021 US News
  • 120th in the 2020 CWUR 
  • 151-200th in the 2021 ARWU .
  • 16th in the 2022 Complete University Guide 
  • 11th in the 2022 Guardian University Guide
  • 12th in the 2022 Times/Sunday Times
  • 36th in the 2021 CWTS Leiden 
  • 53rd in the 2020 CWTS Leiden.
  • 99th in The Economist MBA Rankings
  • 86th in the 2022 THE World University Rankings
  • 73rd in the 2023 QS World University Ranking 
  • 131-140th in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings
  • 119th in the CWUR Research Performance Rankings
  • In the top 5 of Russell Group for Student Satisfaction

Also, according to the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, 81% of Glasgow’s research achievements were rated as “internationally excellent”.

In 2020, the university received the “2020 THE University of the Year” for its contribution to reparative justice.

Why Should I Study at the University of Glasgow?

Besides the University of Glasgow being at the cutting-edge of research, the school is an internationally recognized university. 

In the list of top 10 UK Universities, the University of Glasgow prides itself as part of the prestigious few.  From the ranking list above, we also see that the University of Glasgow remains one of the top-rated schools for international students regardless of the acceptance rate.

The reputation Glasgow has gained can be traced to the quality and uniqueness of the education it offers in the area of research and learning.

Its unique system of education has carved a space for it in the international education system.

Besides that, the University of Glasgow fashions Students out to be professionals in their field of expertise through its high educational standards.

Although it has strict entrance requirements which makes the university a competitive destination for students from all over the world.

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Is Getting into the University of Glasgow Hard?

For once the acceptance rate at the University of Glasgow is quite high and as such admits a lot of locals and international students. 

The University of Glasgow is one of the easier universities to make your way into. However, only the best students get to make it into the University of Glasgow. 

Although the University of Glasgow Acceptance Rate in 2022 for undergraduate, masters, and postgraduate international students is not as low as US Schools, you need to be prepared for it.

All applicants have to be a little bit extra to be considered by the University of Glasgow application. This is so because many of the University of Glasgow hopefuls are quite exceptional students seeking the same spot as you. 

Therefore, we can say that the admission application into the University of Glasgow can be synonymous with competing with fellow highly intelligent students. 

However, the case may be, if your application fits the description of the admission committee idea of the perfect “Glasgow Student”, you’re in.

To be able to do this, you must have the requirements and a phenomenal profile that says “I’m the Perfect Student”.

Your personal chances of acceptance depend on the strength of your profile. 

This we will discuss further as we proceed!!!

What Courses Do International Students Offer in the University of Glasgow?

At Glasgow, there are a lot of courses housed in different departments and divisions. These courses span full-time degrees and short-term courses encompassing wide-ranging subjects. 

The University of Glasgow offers courses such as;

  • Law.
  • Music
  • History.
  • Business.
  • Medicine.
  • Statistics.
  • Psychology.
  • Economics.
  • Accounting and Finance.  

These courses at Glasgow are offered in its 4 colleges;

  • College of Arts.
  • College of Social Sciences.
  • The College of Science and Engineering.
  • College of Medical Veterinary and Life Science

What Is the Acceptance Rate For International Students at the University of Glasgowin 2022?

The University of Glasgow is one of the prestigious schools in Scotland whose acceptance rate is quite high for courses and international students in 2022.

The University of Glasgow’s overall acceptance rate is 74.3%.

This means that 75 students get admission into the University of Glasgow out of 100 applications.

In that regard, we say that the University of Glasgow is a fairly selective institution. 


University of Glasgow Undergraduate Acceptance Rate.

The University of Glasgow acceptance rate for undergraduate courses is 70%.


University of Glasgow Postgraduate Acceptance Rate.

The postgraduate courses at the University of Glasgow have an acceptance rate of 52%.

Acceptance Rate By Courses In the University of Glasgow.

  • MBA     28%
  • LLM Law    64%
  • MSc History    73%
  • MSc Statistics     48%
  • The MSc Chemistry 45%
  • MMus Musicology    56%
  • The MSc Veterinary    89%
  • The MSc Psychology     79%
  • MLitt English Literature    53%
  • MAcc Accounting and Finance    43%
  • MSc Economics, Banking and Finance    44%
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What Are The Admission Application Requirements to Get Into the University of Glasgow 2022?

Glasgow University is not a difficult school to enter due to its high acceptance rate in 2022.

However, one key factor that makes it stand out is having the ideal Glasgow admission application requirements. You need to gather your documents in time and check off the requirements in your list if you’re eligible.


Yes, not all students are eligible to apply for admission into the University of Glasgow.

So here in this section, we have extensively discussed the eligibility and admission requirements for international students to apply to the University of Glasgow in 2022.

The right requirements will make you stand a better chance. For clarity, we have sectioned this part to give you an easy guide. 

Eligibility Criteria To Apply To the University of Glasgow.

Undergraduate Student Application in Glasgow University.

  • Students must be considered according to the Central Board or Metro State Board Qualifications. 
  • Applicants must have a minimum of 75% average score which includes 75% in key subjects.

Graduate and Postgraduate Student Application in Glasgow University.

  • Students’ applications are considered. 
  • Also, students must have 60-75% or better throughout their years of studies.

Documents Required for the University of Glasgow Admission.

Form of Documents To Be Submitted For Glasgow Admission

  • Must be in PDF, JPG, or PNG format. 
  • All documents must be in English language. 
  • Documents should be less than 4MB in size. 
  • All documents should be written by the candidates.

Documents Required To Apply To the University of Glasgow.

To have a smooth admission application process at the University of Glasgow, ready these documents;

  • References 
  • Bank Statements.
  • Updated CV/Resume.
  • SOP and LORs (One-page)
  • A passport & UK Student Visa.
  • Proof of all academic transcripts.
  • Personal portfolio (if asked by the university) 
  • Official affirmation of your latest secondary school grades
  • Proof of your English language proficiency for non-natives.

Undergraduate Additional Document Requirements

  • Visa
  • Valid Passport
  • ELP Test Scores
  • Personal Statement Essay
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • A complete educational and employment history
  • Evidence of financial ability to study in the UK
  • Other personal details.

Graduate Additional Document Requirements

  • Resume
  • Statement of Purpose
  • ELP Test Scores
  • GMAT Scores
  • Letters of Recommendation

Keep in mind that the admission requirements for admission into the University of Glasgow may vary depending on the course and program.

How Do I Get Into the University of Glasgow?

Although admission into the University of Glasgow is not that difficult, it’s ideal to have an exceptional application.

So, how do you get into the University of Glasgow?

Here are the steps to maximize your chances of getting into the University of Glasgow

  • Maintain a GPA of at least a 3.3.
  • Be active in extracurricular activities.
  • Have a track record of personal growth, leadership and other less quantifiable characteristics. 
  • Write a stellar essay that shows the admission committee about you.
  • Get at least one recommendation letter from a teacher in that department.
  • Apply before the deadline. 


What do the University of Glasgow Look Out For in students?

Glasgow admission committee evaluates each admission profile based on the students’ competencies.

Majorly, what the University of Glasgow look out for in a student are;

  • Diligence.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Adeptness of students.
  • The ability to undertake a course.

To get past the admission committee, here is what you can do to apply and get past the University of Glasgow acceptance rate;

  • Build your profile to a high level of accomplishment in whatever area you excel at. Ensure you show yourself as a leader in your field.
  • Focus your application on giving back to the community through high-impact activities.
  • Do your best to level up as much as possible in your high school career. At least be in the top 10%.
  • Take the time to research about the school before starting your supplemental essays. SHOW rather than tell why you’re a good fit for the University and how you’ll contribute to their community.

How Do I Apply to the University of Glasgow as an International Student?

First things first, you’re not the only one applying to the University of Glasgow. Glasgow receives many admission applications from all around the world due to its high acceptance rate.

Applying the tips we gave above will help you stand out from the pool of other great applicants. 

But first, you have to submit your application. Note that all applications are submitted via the UCAS portal.

How do you get your admission application form?

Let’s take you through a step-by-step guide in how you can go through your application to the University of Glasgow in 202.

#1. Go to the UCAS Portal.

  • All applications to UK universities are sent through UCAS Portal. 
  • While there, check the course curriculum and their eligibility requirements
  • Ckick on the application form.

#2. Create An Account.

  • Create an account with your mobile number or an active email address.
  • You will get an email or SMS with login details and verification.

#3. Login and Fill The Form.

  • Login using your login details.
  • Enter your personal details and information.
  • Input your academic qualification as required.
  • Upload the documents they require (Check above for details).

#4. Choose a Discipline And Pay the Application Fee.

  • Make a choice of your preferred course of choice.
  • Process to pay the application fee which is program dependent.

#5. Submit Your Application.

  • Go through your application over and over again to ensure the requirements are in order and the information is correct.
  • Proceed to submit your application form.

#6. Wait For Response From The University of Glasgow.

  • Students who have been selected will be emailed of the acceptance and required to attend a virtual interview.

Before you apply to the University of Glasgow, do this;

  • Ready your  documents which include the English language requirements, visa and immigration information. 
  • Provide two or more essays and research proposals stating your intent and purpose of applying for a particular course. 
  • After submission, the university’s admission committee will review and call you for an interview if they’re impressed.
  • The interviews and tests are different for international candidates for English language, visa, and immigration reasons.

What Are the English Language Requirements For Application To the University of Glasgow For International Students?

As a rule of law, all international applicants have to show proof that they can speak and understand the English language.

This is so because all courses and programs at the University of Glasgow as well as other UK universities are taught in English.

The accepted English Language Proficiency requirements for international students to study at Glasgow in 2022 are:

  • PTE Academic.

Frequently Asked Questions About teh University of Glasgow Acceptance Rate 2022.

What is Glasgow University Famous for?

The University of Glasgow is famous for its reputation courses such as 

  • Law.
  • Music
  • History.
  • Business.
  • Medicine.
  • Statistics.
  • Psychology.
  • Economics.
  • Accounting and Finance.

Is the University of Glasgow An Elite School?

Because the acceptance rate of the University of Glasgow is quite high, many assume that its standards are not high.

Sorry to burst your bubbles, but the University of Glasgow is one of the best UK Universities you can be admitted into.

Glasgow prides itself in its position for different courses, programs, and awards.  As a research-intensive college, it has developed a strong reputation in that stead that has earned it international recognition.

Does the University of Glasgow offer Scholarships To Her Students?

Absolutely, the list of scholarships offered to students to study at the University of Glasgow is inexhaustible. 

The college works with major global organizations to offer scholarship opportunities to its international students.

The University of Glasgow has 100 Undergraduate Excellence Scholarships available to new international students for 2022 entry. 

Can I Work While Studying in The University of Glasgow?

Yes, International students can work on and off-campus as long as they’re enrolled in a full-time program.

Also, such students must hold a Tier 4 visa which allows them to work up to 20 hours per week.

What Is the Cost of the Application Fee to Apply to University of Glasgow?

The application fee for the University of Glasgow Undergraduate application is 20 GBP for one course while postgraduates cost 25 GBP.

Is Duolingo Accepted In University of Glasgow?

Glasgow only accepts Duolingo for entry into Pre-Sessional English and degree-level programs with standard English language requirements.

What is the Tuition Cost at Glasgow University For International Students?

Kindly note that the fee structure of courses offered by the university varies. The tuition cost for international students for various programs offered at the University of Glasgow.

Here is the tuition cost of studying at Glasgow University:

  • Undergraduate: 20,000 – 50,000 GBP
  • Postgraduate: 20,000 – 45,000 GBP

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When will I hear from Glasgow University After I Submit My Application?

Usually, online admission notification comes for Pg students 2-3 weeks after all applications are received.  While UG applicants will receive a decision within 2-4 months.

When are the Application Deadlines For the University of Glasgow Application?

The application deadline for Glasgow application is;

Semester 1:

  • Applications open: 1 March
  • Deadline: extended to 14 May 

Semester 2   

  • Applications open: 6 October
  • Deadline: 31 October
  • Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine:October 15
  • UCAS Deadline: January 26
  • International Students: June 30

Can International Students Apply to the University of Glasgow?

Yes, international students can apply to King’s College. In fact, the university proudly houses over 26,000 students from 120 countries, scoring high on the diversity scale as well

What GPA Do I Need To Get Into The University of Glasgow?

To be considered for admission into the University of Glasgow for an undergraduate degree in at least 3.0 out of 4.0. However,  postgraduate taught degrees GPA requirements to vary by program.


The University of Glasgow remains one of the best schools in Scotland and the world at large.

It’s one of the schools with the highest acceptance for undergraduate, master’s, and postgraduate programs in the UK.

Follow through our recommendation on the admission requirements, GPA and test scores to get admission into the University of Glasgow. 

You will definitely be one of those who get into the University of Glasgow regardless of the 2022 acceptance rate for locals and international students.

We hope the information above helps you in your decision to study at the University of Glasgow.

Good Luck And Success!!!


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