University Of Cambridge Acceptance Rate 2022|  Step by Step  Application Guide.

University Of Cambridge Acceptance Rate: Do you want to know admission MBA statistics for International Students in Cambridge Colleges in 2022?

Are you on the search for the requirements to apply for admission to Cambridge?

We have put up this guide to help students who want to gain admission into the University of Cambridge.


It’s no longer news that a popular notion is spreading that getting into Cambridge Colleges is impossible.

Well, this is not totally true because each year the University of Cambridge accepts a number of students into the school.

However, what we do know is that only a few students who apply to Cambridge get accepted. This is so because the University of Cambridge is one of the colleges that has a low acceptance rate both for International Students and residents.

But the good news is that regardless of this acceptance rate, Cambridge still graduates students from all walks of life. 

So how did they make it in?

Here is this guide, we have put together a step-by-step guide on how to get into Cambridge regardless of the admission difficulty.

Aside from getting past this low acceptance rate, we have also made available the ideal requirements and university tuition for the 2022 admissions.


Also, we have shown you the admission statistics of each of the University 9f Cambridge colleges for MBA programs as well as the GPA requirements.

Following through this guide, you will find out that getting into Cambridge is not that hard after all.

You will find reasonable tips to make your application outstanding from the pool of other hopefuls.

But first, let’s talk about the University of Cambridge!!!

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About The University of Cambridge.

  • Location: Cambridge, England, United Kingdom.

If you’ve ever heard of collegiate universities, the University of Cambridge is one. 

Cambridge is a research college established over 800 years ago. It is the second-oldest university after Oxford University in the English-speaking world and the world’s fourth-oldest university.

The University of Cambridge came about from an association of scholars who left Oxford University. The two universities (Oxford and Cambridge) are often jointly referred to as Oxbridge because they share common features.

Cambridge admission statistics show that the school is made up of 31 colleges and 150+ academic departments. Also, her faculties and other institutions are organized into six schools. 

Currently, the school has a total student population of 25,142 students. Undergraduate students account for 13,342 and graduate students total about 11,800.

Is the University of Cambridge A Good School?

Besides the University of Oxford, the University 9f Cambridge is the second-best in the United Kingdom. 

Being the second-best UK University does not come based on the name. The University of Cambridge has a long history and track record of excellence in academics.

Besides its ancient name and prowess, the University of Cambridge takes its position in different University ranking lists as one of the best Universities in the United Kingdom and the world at large.

What Are The Programs And Courses Offered in the University of Cambridge?

Before we talk about the 2022 acceptance rate for international students at the University of Cambridge, it’s ideal you know what programs are offered at Cambridge.

Cambridge University is home to a lot of courses housed under different programs. The programs offered at the University of Cambridge include;

  • Undergraduate Program.
  • Graduate Programs.
  • Postdoctoral Programs.

While exploring the University of Cambridge programs, keep in mind that the programs are classified into three sections

  • Most competitive
  • Less competitive
  • Most applied 
  • Programs with fewer applicants.

Each of the courses in each program at Cambridge University has its own acceptance rate. There below, you will find a list of the courses with their acceptance rate under each program in Cambridge.

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Undergraduate Programs in Cambridge

Most Competitive Cambridge University  Undergraduate Programs and their 2022 Acceptance Rate.

  • BA Law    19%
  • BA Philosophy    23%
  • The BA Economics 16%
  • BA Architecture    15%
  • MEng Engineering    18%
  • MB,BChir Medicine    20%
  • BSc Computer Science    10%
  • MB,BChir Medicine (Graduate Entry)    10%
  • BA Human, Social, and Political Sciences    22%
  • BA Psychological and Behavioral Sciences    20%

Less Competitive Cambridge Undergraduate Programs and their Acceptance Rate.

  • BA Music    52%
  • BA Classics    51%
  • The BA Classics  60%
  • BA Geography    44%
  • BA Linguistics    40%
  • The BA Archaeology 59%
  • BA Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic    60%
  • BA Asian and Middle Eastern Studies    48%
  • The BA Modern and Medieval Languages    47%
  • BA Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion    47%

Most Applied Cambridge University Undergraduate Programs And their Student Population.

  • BA Law    1498
  • BA English    766
  • The BA History  616
  • BA Economics    1143
  • BA Mathematics    1518
  • MEng Engineering    2250
  • MB,BChir Medicine    1584
  • BSc Computer Science    1330
  • BA/MSci Natural Sciences    2922
  • BA Human, Social, and Political Sciences  1089

Cambridge University Undergraduate Programs with Fewest Applicants 

  • BA Classics    57
  • BA Education    153
  • The BA Archaeology 58
  • BA History of Art    122
  • The BA Linguistics    100
  • BA Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic    60
  • BA History and Modern Languages    92
  • The BA Asian and Middle Eastern Studies    143
  • BA Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion    124

Cambridge University Postgraduate Programs and their 2022 Acceptance Rate.

Most Competitive Cambridge Postgraduate Programs

  • Technology    12%
  • MPhil Finance    14%
  • MPhil Engineering    17%
  • The MPhil Public Health   10%
  • MPhil Development Studies    18%
  • MPhil Bioscience Enterprise    18%
  • MAST Mathematical Statistics    18%
  • MPhil Basic and Translational Neuroscience    6.8%
  • The MPhil Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence    5.9%
  • MPhil Machine Learning, Speech and Language MPhil Management Science and Operations    16%

Least Competitive Cambridge University Postgraduate Programs and their 2022 Acceptance Rate.

  • MEd Counseling    91%
  • MPhil Assyriology    82%
  • MPhil Medieval History    72%
  • The MPhil Clinical Science  84%
  • MPhil Biological Science    73%
  • MEd Researching Practice    98%
  • MPhil Criminological Research    73%
  • MPhil Human Evolutionary Studies    85%
  • The MPhil European Literature and Culture    77%
  • MPhil Medieval and Renaissance Literature    72%

Cambridge University Postgraduate Programs with Most Applicants and the Student Population.

  • MPhil Finance    325
  • MPhil Economics    433
  • The MPhil Management 391
  • MPhil Public Policy    414
  • Master of Law (LLM)    1167
  • MPhil Real Estate Finance    436
  • MPhil Development Studies    679
  • MAST Applied Mathematics    366
  • MPhil International Relations and Politics    411
  • MPhil Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence    577

Cambridge University Postgraduate Programs with Fewest Applicants and the Student Population.

  • MPhil Assyriology    17
  • MASt Earth Sciences    19
  • MPhil Medical Science    17
  • MEd Master of Education    18
  • MPhil Biological Science    15
  • MPhil Primary Care Research    19
  • The MPhil Geographical Research  19
  • MPhil Land Economy Research    19
  • PgDip Conservation of Easel Paintings    18.
  • MPhil Theoretical and Applied Linguistics    17

Is it Difficult To Get Into The University of Cambridge?

Without mincing words, it is difficult to get into the University of Cambridge. It’s almost as difficult as a camel passing through the eye of a needle.

Regardless of how good your application says you are, you need something more than “to impress” to get to study in Cambridge in any course of your choice.

From the admission statistics of Cambridge University colleges, the acceptance rate is extremely low. This singular factor makes it a tough process.

However, to get past this high admission difficulty, you must have the requirements and a phenomenal profile.

Your personal chances of acceptance depend on the strength of your profile. 

This we will discuss further as we proceed!!!

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What Is the University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate?

As we know, Cambridge is one of the UK’s highly selective universities when it comes to admission. For the acceptance rate, Cambridge colleges, as well as courses such as MBA, have varying acceptance rates. 

Here we have carefully discussed the different acceptance rates at Cambridge University;

University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Students.

  • The University of Cambridge’s undergraduate acceptance rate is 21%.

The University of Cambridge acceptance rate for UG programs has increased as compared to the previous years. The application rate is increasing, so is the acceptance rate. 

The following table shows the acceptance rate for undergraduate students for the past 5 years:-

Year Acceptances 

The following table shows the acceptance rate for specific subjects for the undergraduate program under University of Cambridge:-

StudiesApplications receivedApplicationsAcceptedRate (%)
Chemical Engineering via engineering1491812.08
Computer science14651409.56

Cambridge University Transfer Students Acceptance Rate.

  • The Cambridge University Transfer Acceptance Rate is 7%.

Cambridge has a rigorous policy against allowing transfer applications from other universities.

Transfer Acceptance Rate is quite competitive as a result of this strict policy.

As a result, if you are applying as a transfer student, you must ensure that you follow the guidelines and instructions to the latter.

The University of Cambridge MBA Graduate Acceptance Rate.

  • The Cambridge University MBA acceptance rate is 42%.

MBA is referred to as a management degree program at the University of Cambridge.

It is intended to foster in-depth understanding, practical application, and critical interpersonal and leadership abilities.

Furthermore, this is a one-year curriculum that provides substantial learning opportunities.

In essence, when you begin the MBA program, the university admits students having at least three years of professional experience.

Furthermore, you must have a GPA of at least 3.3 and be successful in your career.

You must also be fluent in English and have the ability to learn.

Furthermore, 93 percent of Cambridge Judge Business School MBA Program graduates obtained job offers within three months of graduation.

University Of Cambridge Acceptance Rate
University Of Cambridge Acceptance Rate

The University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate for International Students.

  • Generally, the University of Cambridge Acceptance rate for international students is 34.6%.

Cambridge University is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities.

Since 1209, moreover, a quarter of our undergraduates (about 3,100 students) have come from countries other than the United Kingdom, representing over 100 countries.

It’s a beautiful place to be a student, with a wonderfully diverse community where you’ll quickly make friends and feel at ease, regardless of where you’re from.

What is the Cambridge University Graduate Students Acceptance Rate?

Generally, the Cambridge University Graduate acceptance rate is 42%.

Although the Cambridge University Graduate Students Acceptance Rate is on a low level, the studies are very intense and very intellectually demanding.

The University has high academic entry requirements. 

Below is the acceptance rate for Most competitive postgraduate programs at Cambridge University.

Cambridge University acceptance ratePostgraduate Programs
9%MPhil in Finance
9%MPhil in Developmental Biology (4yrs)
10%MPhil in Engineering and MPhil in Basic and Translational Neuroscience
11%Ph.D. (Probationary) in Philosophy

Apart from the regular Master’s and Ph.D. programs, the University of Cambridge has another special graduate program.

Roughly half of the candidates who receive offers from the University of Cambridge end up taking the place.

You should be aware that meeting the University’s or departments’ minimum academic requirements does not guarantee entry.

Aside from knowing the Cambridge University graduate acceptance rate, there are other factors that its very important that you consider.

Some of these factors include Good English skills, relevant experience, references, availability of a suitable supervisor.

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What is the Cambridge University USA student Acceptance Rate?

Applicants from the United States should be aware that offers are typically given on an individual basis.

As a US citizen, the easiest way to get into Cambridge University is to have five or more Advanced Placement (AP) scores at grade 5.

Furthermore, you must have excellent passing scores on your school qualifications, as well as a good score on the SAT (I) Reasoning Test or ACT.

According to data, 347 Americans applied to study at Cambridge in 2016, 40 were accepted, but only 20 were admitted.

It should be noted that SAT II (Subject) tests are not typically regarded as equivalent to AP tests.

As an application, you must declare all of the tests you have done, as well as the results.

Above all, the acceptance rate for University of Cambridge USA students is 13%.

What is the University of Cambridge Faculty of Law Acceptance Rate?

The acceptance rate for international students and even nationals at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Law is not very high.

In general, the University of Cambridge Faculty of Law is well-known for the high quality of its instruction, particularly in international law.

Cambridge University’s Faculty of Law essentially provides six separate degrees.

BA Tripos Degree in Law, Master of Law, Masters in Corporate Law, Doctorate in Law, IL, and LRL are among them.

Furthermore, they provide MPhil degrees in criminology, MPhil degrees in criminological research, a diploma in legal studies, and a diploma in international law.

In conclusion, the acceptance rate at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Law varies and is determined by the faculty.

Acceptance RateLaw Faculties
31%Master of Law (LLM)
30%Master of Corporate Law
75%PhD (Probationary) in Wellcome Trust PhD Clinical Programme

What Are The Requirements To Apply To Cambridge University?

There are a lot of factors considered during the admission process at Cambridge. 

If you really want to get into Cambridge, here are some of the selection factors that make you stand out during the selection process, especially for applicants from the USA.

#1. Advanced Placement (AP) Tests.

Cambridge requires at least 5 AP Test scores at grade 5. All applicants should know that they do not have to complete five AP Courses to meet this requirement.

The required AP test for Cambridge include;

  • AP Capstone.
  • AP Research 
  • Seminar courses.

Keep in mind that AP Tests do not have to be completed in a single sitting to fulfill this requirement.

#2. SAT Reasoning Tests.

You need a 750 in each SAT component test to get the required SAT score for Cambridge University which is  1,500.

Certain courses require 730 in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and 730 in Mathematics, to give a combined score of at least 1,460.

#3. ACT Tests

An ACT composite score of at least 32 (for Arts and Humanities) or 33 (for Sciences) out of 36 is accepted at Cambridge.

#4. English Language Requirements.

If you’re a nonnative, you need to write an English language proficiency test to fulfill the English language requirement.

Here are some of the English language proficiency tests you can take for Cambridge;

  • InitialView
  • Duolingo English Test (DET)
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

#5. Fees and Finance

If you’re applying to Cambridge University you need to have your money set for tuition and other expenses unless you’re on a scholarship.

#6. GPA Score

The average accepted GPA at the University of Cambridge is 3.7 based on the 4.0 system.

Some schools will consider applicants with a GPA lower than this, but Cambridge will not. In fact, students with lower GPAs are filtered out easily.

What Documents Are Needed For Application To Cambridge?

For UG, you need to upload the following documents in the UCAS website:

  • CV (if applicable)
  • Reference letters/LORs
  • IELTS/TOEFL score report
  • Copy of passport/visa (if available)
  • Academic transcripts (usually of class 11 and 12)
  • Personal statement/SOP (details are given on the portal itself about what all needs to be covered)
  • Written work/Assessment Test/Portfolio depending on your profile, course and as per the instructions of faculty/department
  • Financial documents such as loan or scholarship letter

For PG courses:

  • Academic transcripts
  • IELTS/TOEFL/CAE/CPE score report
  • GRE/GMAT score report
  • SOP/Essays
  • Two reference letters/LORs. You need to provide the recommenders’ details and the university will send them a link through which they can submit their references directly.
  • CV/Professional Resume
  • Written work/Assessment Test/Portfolio depending on your profile, course and as per the instructions of faculty/department
  • Research proposal for research-based courses
  • Financial documents such as loan or scholarship letter
  • Copy of passport/visa (if available)


How Do I Get Into Cambridge University?

Now you know what the requirements are and what the university of Cambridge acceptance rate is for both international students and locals in 2022.

How do you get into Cambridge?

Here are the steps to maximize your chances of getting into Cambridge College. 

  • Maintain a GPA of at least a 3.7.
  • Score at least a 1460 on the SAT or 33 on the ACT.
  • Be active in extracurricular activities that align with Cambridge colleges values.
  • Be a voracious Volunteer in your hometown.
  • Have a track record of personal growth, leadership and other less quantifiable characteristics. 
  • Write a stellar essay that shows Cambridge College admission committee about you.
  • Get at least one recommendation letter from a teacher in that department.
  • Apply before the deadline. 

How Do I Apply to Cambridge?

Having the privilege to study at the prestigious Cambridge University is one of the biggest dreams of many prospective applicants around the globe.

Applying to Cambridge requires lots of preparation. Here is what you can do to apply and get past the university of Cambridge acceptance rate;

  • Build your profile to a high level of accomplishment in whatever area you excel at. Ensure you show yourself as a leader in your field.
  • Focus your application on giving back to the community through high-impact activities.
  • Do your best to level up as much as possible in your high school career. At least be in the top 10%.
  • Take the time to research about the school before starting your supplemental essays. SHOW rather than tell why you’re a good fit for Cambridge and how you’ll contribute to their community.

Can International Students Apply to the University of Cambridge?

Yes, international students can apply to Cambridge. In fact, international students have a whopping 34.6% chance of getting into the University of Cambridge.

Frequently Asked Questions About The University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate.

What GPA Do I Need To Get Into Cambridge?

Any GPA above 3.7 is ideal for Cambridge according to the admission statistics of the Cambridge colleges.

Can I Get Into Cambridge University With A 3.3 GPA?

Yes, it’s certainly possible to get into Cambridge with a 3.8 GPA or even less. 

However, your chances are dependent on your other qualifications as well as the competencies of the other applicants.

But what we do recommend to avoid rejection letters is a higher GPA.

Does the University of Cambridge Require An Interview?

Yes, once you’re considered a possible Cambridge student, you will need to have an interview depending on the course you’re applying for.

Interviews are held in Cambridge and a number of overseas locations, including in Canada (Toronto). 

What is the Required AP Score For American Students in Cambridge University?

You need to have an Advanced Placement (AP) Score of 5 to get into Cambridge University.

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How do the University of Cambridge and the colleges work?

Cambridge has 29 undergraduate colleges which start its admission process earlier than other universities.  

Graduates who want to study in Cambridge apply first to the university and then choose a college preference.

If you’re considering a Cambridge Ph.D.  then applications are considered on a rolling basis. 

You can get an answer within eight weeks of submitting your application for most Ph.D. programs at the University of Cambridge.

What is the Cost of Studying at Cambridge?

Each course has a different fee structure.

But on average MS courses tuition costs from GBP 30,000–40,000.

MBA on the other hand costs between GBP 50,000–70,000 and for UG it is GBP 22,000–55,000. 

When is the Application Deadline For the University of Cambridge?

The application deadline for the University of Cambridge admission varies depending on the program and course of study.

However, on a general note, the application deadline for the Cambridge application is on October 15.

Can My Letters Of Recommendation Be Submitted After My Application?

The application deadline is final and all files must be submitted at the stated date.


The University of Cambridge is ranked #2 in the best universities in the UK and the top student choice.

Follow through our recommendation on the admission requirements, GPA and test scores to get admission into Cambridge. 

You will definitely be one of those who get into the University of Cambridge regardless of the 2022 MBA acceptance rate for locals and international students.

We hope the information above helps you in your decision to study at the University of Cambridge.

Good Luck And Success!!!


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