Ongoing UNICAF Scholarships for International Students, 2022-2023

UNICAF is one of the top online and on-campus learning platforms that offer quality and affordable education. Hence, UNICAF is glad to announce its UNUCAF scholarship for international students 20222-2023.

If you are a student and you are looking for a way to cut down on your study expenses, UNICAF scholarships might be the right option for you.

This UNICAF scholarship allows you to have the kind of future you have ever dreamt of with the internationally recognized online degrees awarded by their partner universities in the UK, US, Europe, and Africa.


This UNICAF scholarship 2022-2023 provides you with full access to study material, and also allows you to keep your job and still earn a salary while you study.

In case you are asking is the UNICAF scholarship fake? The answer is NO! Though there are a lot of fake scholarships out there, that claim to offer fully-funded scholarships to international students to school broad.

The UNICAF scholarships are not fake rather they provide undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. student’s the opportunity to study their desired courses in their dream location.


UNICAF is a world-class educational platform who are based in Europe. They facilitate world-class online study for an undergraduate (bachelors), master’s, and Ph.D. (doctoral) degree programs through their digital platform VIRTUAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT (VLE).

We all know that online study is the way to go amid the covid19 pandemic. Studying online now has provided an efficient way for students to gain new skills, new knowledge, and qualification.

As a home carer or someone with a disability or even a working professional who cannot give up their jobs and salaries to gain a new qualification for promotion, studying online is the way to go.

The UNICAF VLE works well on both desktop and mobile devices. This allows students access to study materials and frequent contact with the tutors. It also allows access to e-library collection and virtual interaction between students and professionals in different countries and cultures.


The UNICAF virtual learning environment delivers its online course materials using modern technology, hence, making learning easy and enjoyable.

Why study with UNICAF?

Therefore, the four major highlights of studying with UNICAF is its

  • Affordability

You can save up to 60% by studying online. Thus, you can only pay a fraction of the total cost of your chosen program when you use the online learning platform.

  • Accessibility

With UNICAF you can access your study materials with ease. As its online platform uses modern technologies and methods to deliver its study material. More so, the UNICAF VLE is compatible with any device.

  • Credibility and

The certificate gained from UNICAF is universally accepted. You get to learn from the best as the programs are taught by national and international experts

  • Flexibility

Here, there is no fixed time for lectures on the online platform. You get to learn at your own pace but the only requirement is to meet up with the deadline.

What to Know about the UNICAF Scholarship Programme

To start with, Over 30,000 eligible candidates from 156 countries have benefited from the UNICAF scholarship program. The program has awarded about $100 million dollars worth of scholarships over the years.

The scholarship is awarded to highly talented individuals who are financially incapable of financing their studies. Though the scholarship is not a full-ride scholarship. It covers part of the tuition fees of students for the period of their study.

Study Level: This UNICAF scholarship program is open to all levels of study i.e. undergraduate (bachelor), Masters’s, and Ph.D. degree programs. It is ONLY available for ONLINE STUDIES.

Host Country: The UNICAF host countries include the UK, USA, EUROPE, and AFRICA. Some of the UNICAF partner universities are the University of South Wales (United Kingdom), Marymount University California in the United States, the University of Nicosia in Europe, and the UNICAF University in Africa.

Student Country Eligibility: The UNICAF scholarships 2022 is open to all international students like UNICAF scholarship for Nigerians, UNICAF scholarship for Kenyans, UNICAF scholarships for Zambia, UNICAF scholarship for Zimbabwe, UNICAF scholarship for Ghana, UNICAF scholarships for Malawi, etc these are just part of UNICAF scholarships for African students.

How much is unicaf scholarship worth?

UNICAF Scholarships
UNICAF Scholarships

The scholarship is a partial scholarship (about 60% off) that covers part of the tuition fee and other costs of study. It also offers you an accredited certificate that is internationally recognized. With its easy access and registration, you can apply and receive admission together with the scholarship all at once.

UNICAF scholarship program Eligibility 2022-2023

This online scholarship program considers applicants based on the following factors:

Financial strength: The applicant must be able to cover part of the fees if the scholarship is awarded.

Student Country of Residence: To apply for the UNICAF scholarship you must know what scholarship applies to your country of residence.

Academic Qualifications: For an applicant to be accepted into the scholarship program he/she must meet the qualification requirements for the program study they are applying for.

To see if you are academically qualified for the program you are applying for do well to visit the relevant section of the partner universities.

How to Apply for The UNICAF scholarship Program 2022

First thing first, you will need to complete the online application form. After which, a student advisor will contact you to discuss the following:

  • Your qualifications for the course.
  • Diploma details
  • Eligibility criteria
  • If you want to study alone online or on the campus of UNICAF University in Malawi
  • The documentation you must provide for administration.
  • The level of the scholarship to which you are eligible.
  • A possible payment plan that fits your budget.

They will Review your papers:

After you have submitted all the documents you are required to submit and agree with the student advisor that you will continue with the application. Then, the UNICAF admission will start reviewing your documents to determine if your academic qualification meets the minimum requirements.

The student Receives Final Approval and starts studying:

Once, you pass the qualification review. You will receive a notification from the admission officer and the scholarship committee that you either pass or failed. But then if you passed, though an online student you can access the various UNICAF training centers around the world.

Application Deadline:

There is no fixed time for this scholarship it’s an all-year-round scholarship, which means you can apply anytime.

UNICAF Scholarship Application Link