8 Best Undergraduate Business Schools In Europe | 2022 Ranking

Best Undergraduate Business Schools In Europe: Going to European undergrad business universities is one of the best international schooling decisions you will make.

So, if you’re an intending businessman or a mid-career professional seeking to expand your knowledge in this sphere, it’s not a bad idea to go to any of the best universities in Europe for business.

European business schools have the perfect program to introduce undergrad students to the business world. Also, the schools are shaped to prepare students for work in an exciting industry.


In that regard, we have put together a list to help you in your search for the best business schools in Europe. We have considered a lot of factors according to The Financial Times European business school rankings to come up with this list.

Also, we have made available the tuition cost as well as detailed necessary information about each of these schools. Kindly note that these schools come in no particular order.

Even if you’re not sure about what career you would like to pursue, a business degree can be a good option, as the degree can open many doors down the line and doesn’t tie you into a particular specialism.

So if you’re ready to become a student in any of the best international business schools in Europe, I’ll walk you through it!!!

Welcome aboard Scholar!!!

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About Business Schools.

Business schools are schools specially instituted to train undergraduates, masters, PhD, and postdoctoral students on all the rudiments of the business world.


Unlike the general universities and colleges, business schools are focused on teaching business, how to scale in business, how to sell, and how to make business decisions. 

It doesn’t come at doing general courses before settling for one, it’s all direct and plain focused.

Studying business at the undergraduate level offers a number of advantages. Students who have discovered their interests in the business world should attend undergraduate business schools in Europe or any other in the world.

Business and Management courses at business  universities in Europe focus:

  • Finance.
  • Marketing.
  • Planning
  • Management 
  • Operations.
  • Human resources
  • Administration.

To be part of these specified training, they should commit to a business degree to demonstrate their genuine dedication to future employers. 

Is A Bachelor’s Degree in Business From A Business School Better?

While it is good to attend any school of your choice as long as they are offering your preferred course of choice is a good idea, going to a school mapped out for such a course is better.

Studying business at a business school rather than a general university is one of the best decisions a businessman would take.

The idea doesn’t lie in the fact that you will learn what the course is all about, it exposes you to the intricacies of the business.

It’s more like focusing on a particular thing you’re interested in without having to chase shadows!!!

Although a business degree from a general school and a business degree from a business school is one and the same, they are different in the eyes of the employer.

Most employers prefer employing students from a business school rather than those who have a general certificate.

Why Should I Go To Business School?

Students seeking to go to undergraduate business schools in Europe or any in the world often wonder what they stand to gain going to a business school.

The benefits are innumerable but here are a few reasons why you should go to a business school;

  • Students in business schools are taught in an environment that is dedicated to the world of business only. 
  • Also, you will learn what the course: Business and its relations is all about.
  • Students gain key skills in market knowledge, finance, people management, strategy and data that will help them advance their careers.
  • In addition, business schools expose you to the intricacies of business.
  • Also, students have access to more specialized research, peers, mentors and professional training.

How Long Does it Take To Get A Business Degree?

The kind of business degree you get will depend on the business program, universities, and international schools you’re applying to whether in Europe, France, or anywhere in the world.

An undergraduate degree in business school takes 4 years to complete. An MBA takes about 2 years to complete.

What Are The Requirements To Apply To Business Universities in Europe?

Getting into any of the best universities in Europe for business requires you to have your documents and other requirements in sync with the university’s specifications.

However, note that there is no general list of requirements for European business schools however, there are intricate details that are the same for all schools.

The list 9f requirements for business school in Europe include;

  • International Baccalaureate – 35-38 points.
  • A-level – AAA / AAB with at least one subject in the humanities or social sciences.
  • Standard requirements for IELTS – from 7.0 points, not less than 6.5 for any of the components.

In addition to the above list, each university has its own additional requirement. 

Therefore once you make a choice of institution, visit the school’s website for more details on the requirements portfolio.

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List of the Top Best Undergraduate Business Schools in Europe.

Keep in mind that only a few schools in Europe offer business programs at an undergraduate level.

However, if you’re looking for a long list of Graduate business schools in Europe then you will have a list long as Rapunzel’s hair.

To that regard, here is a list of the best international business schools in Europe;

undergraduate business schools in europe
undergraduate business schools in Europe

#1. Bocconi University

  • Number in Ranking list: 5
  • Location: Milan, Bocconi, Italy.

Bocconi University is one of the undergrad business schools that has a lot of offers, undergraduate students. 

Just like any other undergraduate course, an undergraduate business degree at Bocconi University takes four years to complete.

There is no exact location for the four years business course at Bocconi University due to the series of locations the students have to be sited for each course year.

At first, the students will study in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California. Following this is going to Hong Kong to study at the HK University of Science and Technology in the second year. 

In the third year, undergraduate business students at Bocconi University finally get to study in Milan Bocconi.

After their third year in Milan, the students can choose any one of these three universities to finish their studies.  Bocconi University is definitely one of the best business schools for undergraduates in Europe.

#2. University of St. Gallen – HSG

  • Number in Ranking list: 6
  • Location: HSG, Switzerland.

The University of St Gallen is one of the best places to study business at the undergraduate level. St Gallen ranked fourth in Europe according to The Financial Times.

The institution is one of the European business schools that offer bachelors in business administration, as well as in economics and law and economics.

At the University of St Gallen business school at undergrad level takes three years.

#3. ESSEC Business School

  • Number in Ranking list: 8
  • Location: France by Le Point.

ESSEC is ranked the number one for a bachelor’s degree in France. If you’re considering one of the best undergrad business schools in Europe for international students, then ESSEC is a good consideration.

This business college is business school years shared in either France, Singapore, or Morocco. But the good news is that students can choose which campus they would like to study in depending on personal preferences and career goals.

ESSEC is a great place to get a bachelor’s in business administration because graduates of ESSEC quickly find success, with over 70% working internationally for an average starting salary of $45,000. 

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#4. IE business School

  • Number in Ranking list: 12
  • Location: Madrid and Segovia, Spain.

Another top-notch business school in Europe is IE University. This school offers different bachelor’s programs in Business.

The good thing about IE business school which makes it different from other best international business schools in Europe is the course focus.

At IE University students get to focus exclusively on business alone. Which either is the four-year BBA or the five-year dual degrees between business and data analytics, international relations, and law. 

This variety of options makes it one of the best business schools and universities for undergraduates in Europe and postgraduates alike.

#5. Saïd Business School

  • Number in Ranking list: 9
  • Location: UK

The University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School has one of the best undergraduate business programs. 

Students can apply for their BA(Hons) in Economics and Management which takes 3 years. Basically, students are taught the Oxford method of business which involves highly-personalized lessons from tutors.

Its Peculiarity in business bachelor’s degree programs attracts students traveling from near and far to attend Saïd.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best business schools in Europe for undergrad students.

#6. Rotterdam School of Management

  • Number in Ranking list: 17
  • Location: Netherlands

One of the best business universities in Europe is the Rotterdam School of Management. Rotterdam offers a bachelor’s degree in international business administration. 

This course takes 3 years to complete. 

While taking the course, students are exposed to opportunities for hands-on learning, internships, and international exchanges. 

Besides Rotterdam School of Management known as one of the best, studying in the Netherlands is very affordable compared to many other schools on this list. 

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#7. ESCP Business School

  • Number in Ranking list: 14
  • Location: Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw.

ESCP Business School is one of those business schools where the students have to go to multiple destinations to study and that makes it interesting.

For students looking for a particular global bachelor’s degree, ESCP Business School is one of the best. 

The BSc in Management at ESCP Business School allows students to choose where they study for each year of the three-year program. 

The location options include Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin, and Warsaw.

Also, students have the opportunity to learn French, Spanish, and German. This makes it one of the best business schools for undergraduate students in Europe.

#8. EDHEC Business School

  • Number in Ranking list: 10
  • Location: France

EDHEC business school believes in making an impact by preparing its students to drive positive change in the business world.

Both international and European undergraduate students seeking to go to one of the best business schools in Europe can look out for this undergrad business school.

EDHEC has campuses in Lille and Nice that offer different BBAs for four years in English and/or French.

EDHEC business school programs give room for students to specialize later in the degree. 

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Other European Business Schools For Undergraduate and Graduate Students in Europe.

  • HEC Paris in France
  • London Business School in UK/UAE
  • Insead In France/Singapore/UAE
  • Iese Business School In Spain/US   
  • ESMT Berlin In Germany   
  • IMD Business School in Switzerland
  • University of Cambridge: Judge in UK   
  • Imperial College Business School  in UK   
  • Warwick Business School in UK
  • EMLyon Business School in France   
  • WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany.
  • Mannheim Business School in Germany
  • Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden
  • City, University of London: Bayes (formerly Cass)  in UK/UAE   
  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Germany
  • Eada Business School Barcelona in Spain.
  • Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.
  • Nova School of Business and Economics in Portugal.
  • University College Dublin: Smurfit in Ireland.
  • Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics in Portugal   
  • Tias Business School, Tilburg University in Netherlands.

Frequently Asked Questions About Undergrad Business Schools in Europe.

How Many Business Schools are in Europe?

According to the report made by Financial Times in 2021, there are 95 European business schools. 

Some of these business Universities in Europe are for undergraduate studies and others are for graduate studies.

However, some schools offer both undergraduate, masters, PhD, and Postdoctoral degrees in business.

Where Can A Graduate Of Business School Work?

Business and management is a broad science that covers many areas. Students who graduate from business and management programs in Europe work in 

  • Banking
  • Consulting.
  • Marketing.
  • Advertising
  • General management
  • Human resource management.

What is the Average Salary of A Business School Graduate in 2022?

The salary of a graduate of business administration and management will differ based on factors such as company, the type of work performed as well the country where you work.

However, on a general note, the average starting salary for a graduate student of business administration and management is €25,000. 

But the average starting salary for a bachelor graduate is €18,500.

What is the #1 Business School in Europe?

Europe is home to 95 business schools. From the European business schools ranking, the IMD Business School in Switzerland ranks #1 in Europe.

This is followed by

  • IESE Business School   
  • SDA Bocconi

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Which European Country Is Best For Business Studies?

The best country in Europe to study business is, Spain. Spain has the best business schools. 

Spain is the home of some of the most prestigious business universities in the world.

This can be traced to its low living costs. So if you’re looking at the country with the best universities for business, consider Spain.

Which Country Is Best For An Undergraduate Business Degree?

if you are an international student looking to study business in a study abroad destination, consider the following countries;

  • Spain. 
  • France. 
  • Australia.
  • Singapore. 
  • United States. 
  • United Kingdom. 

Does Germany Have Good Business Schools?

Yes, Germany has good business schools for undergraduate and graduate students. Germany is quite an attractive study abroad destination for many students worldwide.

Also, they are known for excellent higher education and a highly developed economy.


Getting into business school is one way to achieve your desire to be trained by the best hands.

And if you’re thinking about business schools in Europe for Undergraduate students, we just want to assure you that the above list will make a professional out of you.

Good luck as you make your choice.


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