Student Netflix discount | Watch your Favourite TV Series for  Free in 2023

Student Netflix discount: Can I get a student Netflix discount? If you are like me who loves to watch movies on Netflix, these deals I’m about to share will give you a good discount on the subscription price as long as you’re a student.

That’s not true!!!

Well, that’s why you’re here, right?


Being a student is one of the best stages of life because almost everything comes to you at no cost.

Allowances, friends, communities, and a host of other liberties including discounts from many companies such as Netflix.

However, with the student title, chances are that most of your money goes into books, gadgets, and educational requirements leaving you with little or nothing for entertainment.

Being able to afford live streams if you love movies like me can be very challenging, that’s where Netflix Student Discount comes into play.

With the Netflix student discount code, you can get the best deals on your subscription and save costs.

Because all studies and no entertainment can make you a boring student, you can leverage the discounts Netflix offers to stream movies that will help you relax in your spare time.

In this guide, we have answered the questions of many as to whether or not Netflix has a student discount.


Also, we have shown you ways you can take advantage of this Netflix subscription student discount and reduce your expenses if such is available.

The deals Netflix offers are to help you save costs, have a good leisure time as a student as well as give you access to the latest movies. 

What we share will help you on your student journey and just so you know, this offer is student exclusive.

So you have to prepare yourself to note every single detail on how you can get the Netflix student subscription discount, the eligibility criteria, and the available deals.

Welcome aboard Scholar!!!

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What You Should Know About Netflix?

Before now, movies were watched on DVDs using CDs.

But today the world has evolved so much that you can even watch a movie while it’s being acted out, such movies are called a Live Stream. 

On the other hand, some platforms serve as an archive or beehive of movies, the new, the old, the trending, and movies of all kinds such platforms include NETFLIX.

Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, etc.

You can see many categories of movies on Netflix.

There’s always something new to discover and new TV shows and movies are added every week!

And the good news is, you can watch as much as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want without a single commercial.

Currently, Netflix has more than 148 million paid subscriptions from all over the world.

This number outweighs the number of subscribers on other movie streaming platforms.

Little wonder most people call Netflix the king of on-demand video streaming services.

Netflix has the best deals when it comes to on-demand video streaming services in the world. 

You can stream your favorite movies on any device such as your iPhone, iPad, Android, TV, Computer, Playstation, Xbox, or any other gaming console.

How Do I Sign Up And Create A New Netflix Account?

Before you enjoy any of the Netflix deals or get a student discount on the subscription price, you have to sign up. 

And by signing up, I mean creating a Netflix account.

Here’s how you can create a Netflix account; 

How To Create A Netflix Account For PC users

  • Visit on your browser
  • Choose the plan you prefer 
  • Enter your Email Address and create a unique password.
  • Enter the payment method that is best for you.
  • Tadaaaa goes ahead and streams your favorite movies.

How To Create A Netflix Account For Mobile Users

  • Visit on your device browser.
  • Choose the plan better for you.
  • Enter your Email and unique password to create your account.
  • Enter your best payment method.
  • Enjoy your streaming.

To skip all of these processes you can simply download the Netflix app and get started.

Do I Have To Pay To Watch Movies On Netflix?

So sorry but yes, movie streaming is not free, you have to pay to watch the movies of choice on Netflix.

This payment strategy is called subscription.

Platforms such as Netflix take a lot to maintain to give their viewers a good reward for their time.

And such maintenance requires funds which is why you have to pay to watch movies on Netflix.

All you have to do is register on Netflix and subscribe. Usually, the subscription is every month.

Trust me it’s worth it.

But as a student, you don’t get to pay that much a price if you get to leverage on the student Netflix subscription discount subscription if you get the code. 

How Much Are Netflix Subscription Plans?

Your subscription plan on Netflix costs a little cash.

Netflix offers three streaming options which are Basic, Standard, and Premium.

All Netflix plans range between $8 to $18 per month.

The Netflix Basic Plan goes for $8.99 and has a Standard Definition of streaming quality. 

It offers one stream at a time, with no High Definition resolution.

What this means is that only one person can see a movie at a time.

On the other hand, the Netflix Standard Plan costs $13.99. 

The streaming quality for the standard plan unlike the basic is High Definition. 

Two persons or devices can stream movies simultaneously.

Lastly is the Netflix Premium Plan which is the best for high spenders. 

The Netflix Premium Plan costs $17.99. 

It has a High Definition and 4k Ultra HD streaming quality

For a student scouting for a discount on the subscription plan, the Netflix Premium Plan is not advisable.

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Why is Getting a Netflix Student Discount Important?

With a student discount, you get to save a lot of money.

Having a Netflix student discount allows students with limited budgets to still enjoy Netflix movies.

Usually, you will need about $8.99/month to get unlimited access to Netflix.

But with the discount, you get to pay less for more.

But does Netflix have a student discount?

Find out below!!!

Does Netflix Have A Student Discount?

We already gave you a hint.

But we wouldn’t really call what Netflix offers a student discount. 

Netflix does not really offer any student discounts to college students.


Most subscribers on Netflix are students and that would be bad for the business if 80% of the subscribers watch movies at discount.

Netflix is going to run at a loss if they offer student discounts.

And because they offer good services to the masses, Netflix does not have to use discounts as many companies do to retain their customers.

So if you get furious and cancel your subscription, Netflix is not going to come looking for you or send you a “Please Come Back” email.

Nah, that won’t happen.

Over the years, Netflix has built its brand with good content which makes people pay either by hook or crook.

It’s like peanut butter, addictive!!!

So in a simple sentence, there is no Netflix Student subscription discount code that makes you pay less.

All Netflix customers pay the same monthly subscription price and enjoy the same content and movie stream.

However, there are Netflix deals that can serve you better.

You will discover it as you read on.

Since There Is No Student Subscription Discount on Netflix, Is There a Free Trial?

We understand that you feel bad because you don’t have to get a discount code to watch at less cost on Netflix even as a student.

How about a free trial, you ask?

We regret that Netflix does not also offer free trials for whatever reason.

Your subscription begins to count immediately when you register and subscribe.

There’s nothing like the 30 days of free trial on Netflix anymore.

Before now, all new subscribers used to get a 30-day free trial but that no longer happens because people abused it.

You know the trick, watch for 30 days and sign up with another email once the 30 days approach.

So at the moment, there are no free trials just like there are no Netflix student discounts or a code to minimize the subscription price.

So, how do I save costs on Netflix? Find out more below!!!

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Are There Netflix Hacks That Can Help Me Save Cost?

student netflix discount
student netflix discount

Now, here is how we can help you.

Without a Netflix student discount code, there are other ways you can save costs on subscription prices. 

How’s that?


There are some awesome hacks that you can use to save costs and use Netflix for almost free.

Since there is no student discount on Netflix and no free trials, you can take advantage of the best deals that can help you save costs.

Here are the Netflix hacks, you can take advantage of;

#1. Remain On The Netflix Basic Plan

Basic plans are basic because they are less expensive.

As a student, if you want to enjoy Netflix movies and cut down on subscription costs, you should remain on the basic plan.

Compared to other plans, the Basic plan on Netflix cost $8.99 per month.

That’s the lowest and most affordable plan on Netflix.

#2. Share Netflix Costs With Your Family And Friends.

Why look for a Netflix student discount code when you can minimize cost by sharing the subscription price with your friends and family?

You can register with your account and have the others contribute so you can make payment and then share the login details among yourselves.

Or you can stick to your guardian Netflix plan.

Both ways you get to enjoy Netflix for free at no additional cost.

#3. Use Other Netflix Alternatives.

Netflix is very bossy.

As you can see from the no student discount and no free trials, who does that?

If you want to save costs and still have access to movies, you can use other movie platforms.

Yes, Netflix is not the only movie streaming platform, you have Hulu, and a host of other streaming platforms.

In fact, there are free streaming platforms as well.

All you have to do is find them and make a switch ASAP!!!

#4. Buy Netflix Discounted Gift Cards.

Another way to get a Netflix student discount on the price of a subscription is to get discounted gift cards from marketplaces.

Using the discounted Netflix gift cards from marketplaces helps you save on the cost of a Netflix subscription.

How does this work?

If you are supposed to buy a Netflix gift card for $100 at a Netflix store, you will get it at a 10% discount on marketplace stores.

Paying $90 for the card is one way to reduce costs. 

So you can look out for discounted Netflix gift cards in retail stores or on online websites like Raise.

#5. Buy Netflix From Another Country

Is that possible?

That’s why it’s a hack!!!

But keep in mind that this particular hack will benefit you more if you’re a tourist, traveler, or a student on travel.

In some countries, a Netflix subscription is cheaper  

On your student travels, you can subscribe using a country’s subscription rate, and lucky you if that costs less than your country’s Netflix subscription price.

Here are some countries that have lower and cheaper Netflix subscription costs.

CountrySubscription cost – $
South Africa6.26

Now using either of some of these hacks combined can make you forget if there is a discount code to get less price on the Netflix subscription as a student.

Are There Netflix Alternatives That Offer Student Discounts?

Of course, Netflix is a good video streaming platform but they’re not indispensable.

As much as you want to enjoy great movies, Netflix is not the only platform that streams good movies.

There are many other on-demand video streaming platforms like Netflix you can opt for that will give you a student discount, a free trial as well as a great reward for your subscription.

Such video streaming platforms include; 

#1. Amazon Prime Video

Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is a video streaming platform that has student discount offers on subscriptions. 

All you have to do is sign up as a student using your school email address e.g and you have access to enjoy Amazon Prime Videos free for up to 6 months.

The good thing about Amazon Prime Video is that you get to watch more TV series as well as other movies.

In addition to that, you get free shipping, unlimited access to photo storage, and discounts on pre-orders of new video games.

Unlike Netflix, you can rent and buy textbooks at lower prices, with exclusive deals and coupon codes.

#2. Hulu 

If you register on Hulu as a student, you get a 70% discount off their normal subscription plan, unlike Netflix.

But unlike Netflix, Hulu’s 70% discount comes with a lot of ads while you watch.

If you can deal with that, you can watch tons of movies and TV series as well as stream amazing FX series on Hulu.

As long as you’re a student and your student enrollment status remains verified, Hulu will offer you a 70% discount.

However, note that you have to be a U.S Title IV accredited college or university student who meets the verification process to enjoy Hulu discounts.

#3. YouTube Premium

The YouTube Premium Student Account offers college students a 40% discount on premium subscriptions.

On YouTube Premium Student Account, you get to pay $6.99 instead of the standard $11.99 to watch movies.

Also, you get a one-month free trial.

With YouTube Premium Student Account you have access to movies and YouTube Music Premium.

All you have to do is sign-up on the page and create an account. 

#4. Spotify Premium 

If you’re looking for Netflix alternatives that have a discount code for their Student Subscription plan then you need to sign up for Spotify Premium.

Spotify Premium is a video streaming platform like Netflix.

Spotify premium is not a standalone, the platform partners with Hulu.

With Spotify Premium, you get to pay as low as $4.99 to stream movies all month.

There is also a one-month free trial for all students on Spotify Premium and access to the 3 services Spotify Premium offers.

They include;

  • Spotify Premium goes for $9.99 per month.
  • Hulu (ad-supported) plan for $6.99 per month.
  • SHOWTIME for $10.99 per month.

All these will be compressed to cost you just $4.99 saving you $21.98 for the month.

What else do you need a Netflix subscription discount code for?

To enjoy this offer just create an account.

#5. Paramount Plus 

Paramount Plus, formerly known as CBS All Access, is just like Netflix.

This video streaming platform streams more TV shows, news, live games, and many other On-demand channels.

Per month, Paramount Plus costs $4.99.

As a student, you get a 25% discount on the platform once you sign up on

Also on Paramount Plus, you get a 16% discount when you sign up for the Paramount +/ Showtime bundle.

And yes, you also get to have access to the platform free for 1 week. 

Now you see there are many ways to outsmart Netflix and get a discount on the subscription price if you’re a student. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Netflix Student Discount Subscription Code 

Which Video Streaming Sites Offer Student Discounts?

Other video streaming platforms include;
Paramount +
Amazon Prime
Spotify student account.
YouTube Premium Student.

Netflix or Hulu: Which is Better?

Both Netflix and Hulu have their service deliveries, the one that is better all depends on personal preference.
The only difference between them is that Netflix is more expensive than Hulu.
This difference may be channeled to the fact that Netflix had some of the best original movies and TV shows.

Does Netflix Offer Free Accounts And Passwords?

Of all Netflix deals, there is nothing like free accounts and passwords on Netflix.
If you ever come across such, it’s fraud.
Unless of course, you’re referring to sharing your password with your friends and family.

Is Netflix Free in Some Countries?

This is new and started on 21 of September 2021.
All new Netflix customers can watch Netflix content in Kenya for free on Android phones that support version 8 or higher versions of the Netflix app.
The not-so-good news about this free Netflix in Kenya is that the content library is limited and users can’t download movies and TV shows.

Is Sharing Netflix Password Legal?

Sharing Netflix passwords is legal.
It is allowed to promote Netflix as a brand and get more people interested in their services and become customers.
However legal this may be, Netflix only allows sharing passwords on non-commercial bases.

Does Netflix Allow Multiple Free Trials?

Netflix does not allow free trials talk more of multiple free trials

Are There Netflix Special Promotion Offers?

Yes, some of the best deals on Netflix are special promotional offers.
The special promotion offers are another way to get something as close as a Netflix Student discount.
Some of the best deals and special promotional offers on Netflix include;
Netflix on Us is sponsored by T-Mobile and covers Netflix Basic or Standard plan.
Gigabit Connection Internet package sponsored by Verizon saves you $190 a year.
Disney+ on us for 12 months promotion.
Discount Netflix gift cards sponsored by companies such as Raise, Gift Card Granny, Cardpool, CardCash, Gift Card Spread, etc.

Now you know that the student Netflix discount is a charade, it does not exist.

However, if you follow through with the hacks we specified and the alternative Netflix platforms, you will be able to get a discount on the Tue price of your subscription from these alternative platforms.

You can also take advantage of the best deals and student discount promotional offers on Netflix, use the code and save yourself some money.

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