Easy Steps to Get A Student discount For Apple Store in 2023 

Student Discount For Apple Store: I have someone who asked me after reading our article on Netflix student subscription discount; is there a student discount for apple? if there is, how can I get a student discount for apple music?

well, you can get an iPhone, and other Apple products and play apple music at a discount.

I bet you didn’t know that.


As a student, you can walk into any Apple Store and pick up some gadgets and products at a discount.

Sounds impossible right?

I know it does, but I’m here to let you know how to have such access because this is exclusive information.

By virtue of being a college student, you will need a lot of good gadgets ranging from laptops, phones, earpods, smartwatches, and other such gadgets to have a smooth ride through school.

However, if you’re going to get the best gadgets, you need to buy from a store whose products are durable, smart, and use up-to-date technology.

And in this dispensation, the Apple store is that one store that offers you quality gadget products, however, Apple products are usually expensive due to the quality.

However expensive, Apple Stores have made an exception for students by offering college students discounts on some Apple products.



Absolutely, that means you can get your desired Apple gadget ranging from an iPhone to Apple Music at a discount as long as you are a student.

We are here to make that clear.

Here in this guide, we will show you how to get a student discount for Apple products such as iPhones, laptops, Apple music, etc.

We will show you the eligibility criteria and the countries where college students can access these discounts. 

Also, we will specify the gadgets you can get in the Apple store at a discount as well as how you can register to stand a chance to access these discount cuts for students.

Everything you need to know about the Apple student discount is here in this piece.

Welcome Aboard Scholar!!!

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What You Need To Know About The Apple Education Store

Some of the biggest Apple customers are students.

They occupy a large part of the Apple market so much so that they have an entirely separate store called the Apple Education Store.

The Apple Education Store is in charge of all the discount sales and promotional offers for students where students can buy Mac computers and iPad tablets at hefty discounts.

At some point, the Apple Education Store gives products like AirPods as an incentive for customers.

Regardless of how popular the Apple Education Store may be, many people do not know about it and certainly, they have no iota of knowledge about the discounts that follow.

To have access to the hefty discounts on Apple Education Store, you just have to be a student enrolled in a higher education course.

You also stand a chance if you work in a school, college or university.

Who Can Buy From The Apple Education Store?

As we specified above, as long as you’re a student or yours working in a school environment, you have access to the Apple Education Store.

This means you have access to the Apple student discount on most products in the store.

So, students, teachers, lecturers, and those who work for an educational institution (school, university or college) can save money on a new Mac, MacBook, or iPad purchase thanks to the Apple Education Store.

All you have to do is register for the Apple Student Discount on the website and start buying at a discounted price.

Where Is The Apple Education Store?

First, the Apple Education Store is virtual.

And they only operate in 

  • The UK
  • The US
  • Australia.

In other words, it’s only in this region you can get the Apple Student Discount on Macbooks and other Apple products which may include an iPhone.

Are There Student Discounts For Apple Products?

Absolutely, Unlike the Netflix, Apple offers a lot of discount sales on some of its products m

So yes, if you’re a student, you can get some of the Apple products at discounts.

Read on to find out how!!!

Who Can Get The Apple Discounts for Students?

Basically, there are 3 major categories of persons who qualify for a student discount

  • Students enrolled in higher education.
  • People who are buying for education institutions.
  • Parents of higher education students buy on behalf of their ward.

Terms on Conditions For Eligible Candidates Who Can Use The Student Discount

For the UK, the following groups are eligible to purchase from the Apple Store for Education:

  • Employees of any education institution – public or private.
  • Post-secondary Education Students – Students attending or accepted into a post-secondary institution.
  • Parents of post-secondary students – Parents purchasing on behalf of their child who is a student.

For the US, the following groups are eligible to purchase from the Apple Store for Education;

  • K-12 – Any employee of a public or private K-12 institution, homeschool teachers, school board members, PTA, or PTO executives currently serving as elected or appointed officers.
  • Higher Education – Faculty and staff, students attending or accepted into a Higher Education institution in the United States.
  • Higher Education Parents – Parents purchase on behalf of their child, who is a student in a public or private Higher Education institution.
  • In addition, anybody who works in an education environment: college or university.

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How Do I Get an Apple Student Discount?

Now you know if you’re eligible to go on with this process or not.

If you’re forging ahead, how do you go about applying this knowledge to rid the Apple Store near you of some cash?

Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to get the Apple Student Discount in an easy-breezy step-by-step guide.

Don’t hurry to the Apple store and register yet. 

Remember, discounts only apply if you use Apple’s Education Store. 

And that requires some verification, and other details you need to know ahead of time. 

And the same registration steps differ according to region. 

So follow me; 

How to get the Apple discount for students – UK

  • Visit the Apple UK Education Store
  • Sign up on the student discount website UNiDAYS or Student Beans.
  • Provide your email address and a password.
  • Provide the required information such as your name, institution, subject of study, years of study, and course length.

Once you are done with the registration process and signed in you will be able to access Apple’s student discounts.

Alternatively, you can skip the verification Sites and call Apple directly using Apple’s Chat online feature.

Or simply go to a physical location and get started.

How to get an Apple discount for students – US

Almost the same process.

Here is how to get an Apple discount for students in the US;

  • Visit Apple’s US Education Store.
  • Verify with UNiDAYS.
  • Log in from your university network.
  • Use an official identification card such as the student ID for verification.

And tada you’re in.

How to get an Apple discount for students – Australia

And yes you’re in!!!

How Many Apple Products Can I Buy Using The Discounts For Students?

That you have access to discounts does not mean you get to buy all gadgets or even services on Apple Store on Discount.

In January 2022 Apple changed the US Education Discount Store to require validation from UNiDAYS before students can use the student discount code.

This regulation also affected the number of products you can purchase on discount as a student in the Apple Store. 

What this means is that the students have a specific number of discounted products they can buy in a year.

Apple refers to it as  “quantity limits apply”.

This policy on “quantity limits apply” is different from region to region.

For instance, the Sales Policy document on the Australian and UK Apple Education site allows students to purchase the following apple products on discount in the following numbers;

  • Desktop: 1 per year
  • Mac mini: 1 per year
  • Notebook: 1 per year
  • iPad: Two 2 per year
  • Accessories: 2 per year

Keep in mind that this sales policy has been in existence since 2015 on the Apple Education Store.

How Much Will I Save Using the Apple Discount For Students?

It will be difficult to place a single universal discount on all Apple products.

This is so because different products come at different prices and that means different discount prices.

However, when it comes to the student discount on Apple products, the discounts currently available apply to iPads and Mac computers (iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini).

On average, you can save up to $400 on an iMac Pro desktop, $200 on MacBook laptops, $100 on select iPads, and extended trials and discounts on student music and Apple TV + with the education discount. 

On AppleCare+, you’ll also get AirPods and a 20% discount when you buy Mac and iPad models with education pricing.

Are Macbooks Available For the Student Discount?

Yes, Macbooks are one of the Apple products you can buy using the student discount. 

In the MacBook family, the following are up for discount sales; MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, or Mac mini, and Apple’s Pro Display XDR.

All these you can get at the UK Apple Education Store, the US Education Store, the CA Education Store, or the AU Education Store. 

Now, here is how much you get to save on each of the Apple Products in the student discount list;


  • 24in iMac from £1,124.40 (usually £1,249) – £124.60 off
  • MacBook Pro from £1,168.80 (usually £1,299) – £130.20 off
  • MacBook Air from £898.80 (usually £999) – £100.20 off
  • Mac mini From £628.80 (usually £699) – £70.20 off
  • Mac Pro from £4,948.80 (usually £5,499) – £550.20

In the US, the discounts on Macs slightly differs from other regions, here’s what you get on discount;

  • iMac $1,249 (usually $1,299) – $50 off
  • Mac mini $649 (usually $699) – $50 off
  • MacBook Air $899 (usually $999) – $100 off
  • MacBook Pro $1,199 (usually $1,299) – $100 off

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How Much Do I Get To Save On Apple’s iPad Student Discount?

iPads are one of the Apple products you can buy using your Student Discount.

Most people often wonder how much they get to save buying an iPad using the discount code. 

Just like we specified earlier, the amount you get to save depends on location and type of iPad.

The iPad series available for discount sales on Apple Education Store are the iPad Pro, iPad Air, normal iPad, and iPad mini.

In countries such as the UK, you can save up to £80 on the more expensive models. 

For specificity, here is how much you get to save on the iPad series when you use the student discount for Apple products;

In the UK Apple Education Store

  • iPad mini from £379.20 (usually £399) – £19.80 off
  • iPad Pro from £711.60 (usually £749) – £36.40 off
  • The iPad Air from £535.20 (usually £579) – £43.80 off
  • iPad from £309.60 (usually £329) – £19.40 off

In the US those prices are equal to :

  • iPad mini from $379 (usually $399) – $20 off
  • iPad Pro from $749 (usually $799) – $50 off
  • The iPad Air from $549 (usually $599) – $50 off
  • iPad from $309 (usually $329) – $20 off

This is also slightly different at the Apple’s AU Education Store.

So, if you’re thinking of buying an iPad for college or university you can take advantage of these discounts and get your gadgets.

How Do I Get To Save Using The Discount For Apple iPhone?

what is student discount for apple
what is student discount for apple

As much as an iPhone is every student’s dream to capture great moments, have great pictures, and have a whole new different technology experience, iPhones are not up for discount sales.


Yes, you cannot use your student discount for Apple products to buy an iPhone.

There are no discounts on the iPhone.

Not just that, gadgets such as Apple TV, Apple Watch, AirPods or HomePods, or accessories or software for these items do not have any discount on them even if you’re a student.

You have to pay the full price to get them.

How Do I Buy Apple Products For An Education Institution Using The Discount?

People who do not fall into the student category also have access to use the student discount on Apple.

So if you want to buy Macs or iPads for a school, college or university you are not to use the Apple Education Store.

There is a different store for that on Apple.

This store is designed for those who are buying a Mac for students to work on rather than for individual students to own.

To buy for an educational institution, you have to 

  • Visit the Apple Store for Schools and Universities for country of residence.
  • Search for your Educational Institution.
  • Then enter your institution’s details and search. 
  • If you find your institution, sign in or register to access your institution’s store.
  • Then you can buy what you want to buy.

On the other hand, if you did not find your college, you may need to call Apple to discuss registering your school.

How Can I Get A Student Discount For Apple Music And Apple TV?

I bet you had no idea that you can get a student discount on Apple Music and TV?

But yes that’s possible!!!

Apple’s student membership scheme for Apple Music offers students in full-time education a 50% subscription discount.

Today, you can get a 50% subscription discount on Apple TV as well but that’s for a limited time.

By registering as a student, you pay 50% of £9.99/$9.99 per month for Apple Music.

That’s how to get a student discount for apple music.

Besides that, there is a three-month free trial for new subscribers to Apple Music.

This apple music student discount applies in Ireland, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Denmark.

How Do I Qualify For Student Discount For Apple Music?

To qualify for the student discount, you’ll need to prove that you’re enrolled at an eligible university or college.

How Do I Sign Up For an Apple Music Membership Discount?

Here’s what to do;

  • Visit Apple Music Student Membership Discount
  • Sign up for Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap where it says ‘Are you a University Student?’
  • If yes, you’ll be directed to a verification system.
  • If your college or university is eligible you’ll get a reduced subscription rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Apple Student Discounts

What Do I Do If I Don’t Qualify For the Apple Student Discount?

If you don’t qualify for an Apple Education Store discount, here’s what you can do.
Check out the Apple Refurbished Store.
In the Apple Refurbished Store, you will find discounts and deals for every other person that’s not a student.

Is Apple The Only Company That Offers Discounts For Apple Products?

It’s not only Apple that discounts Apple products.
Some other companies offer gift cards that will help you buy Apple products at a discount.
You can get the best iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod, and Apple TV deals.

Do Parents Of Students Qualify For Discount On Apple?

Parents of students do not qualify when buying for themselves, but they can pick up a discounted Mac for their child from the education store.
Keep in mind that this is limited to parents of post-secondary students.

Must I Verify On UNiDAYS?

Yes, since January 2022 Apple changed the US Education Discount Store to require validation from UNiDAYS before students can get a discount.
UK students have the option of UNiDAYS or Student Beans.
Either of these is used to verify your status as a student.

Is There Any Other Way To Get an Apple Student Discount?

Yes, there is.
You can trade-in your old Mac or tablet and Apple will give you credit on an Apple Store Gift Card, which is yet another way to save money.
You could get up to $1,400 in credit depending on your device’s make, model, and condition.
Students in Australia can get up to AU$650 in trade-in value for their devices, depending on the device’s make, model, and condition.

If you’re already at university or have been offered your place, then you should ensure that you make use of the Apple student discount. 

Of course, you have to be in Australia, the UK or US to get a hold of the student discount.

Also, if you’re looking for an iPhone discount on Apple, that doesn’t apply even if you’re a student.

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