What to Post to Start a Successful Instagram Business

Start a Successful Instagram Business: Have you been using Instagram for business, but your account really isn’t growing? Or maybe you started your account with a different focus in mind and don’t know how to set it right? It’s about time you learned the top types of posts to use to attract your ideal customers on Instagram. 


The goal is to become known as the authority in your space. When posting, think about how you can become known as an educator, influencer, or the one who inspires in your niche when posting about your products or services.  

Break It Down

If we break apart the two parts of a great Instagram business post, it will be a photo and a caption. Ask yourself, if your Instagram account were a magazine, would it have tracked your ideal customer to purchase what you’re trying to sell? If your answer is ‘No,’ it’s high time you consider what you can do to change things up. 


Create a Standard for Your Visuals 

First things first, focus on the visual design and create a standard for your visuals. One way to do this is to use filters and editing tools right inside the Instagram app. There are also powerful standalone editing tools, which can help you enhance your pictures, resize and crop images in no time, add text to photos online free of charge, and much more.  

Prove It in Your Captions 

The next part of establishing yourself as an authority is to prove it in your captions. 

Your captions need to serve two primary purposes: provide value in some way and show off your personality or your brand culture. 

  • Ninja tip! Instagram feeds of most businesses have long become more important than their official website homepages. More and more people are now searching for goods, services, or familiar brands on Instagram than they are on Google. And you should definitely tap into this trend. 

Content Categories

It’s time you started planning the different types of content you want to share on your favorite social media platform. We suggest creating a few categories that you can rotate between. Some categories you may want to use on your Instagram are ‘Tactical Tips,’ ‘Polls,’ ‘Frequently Asked Questions,’ ‘Video Tutorials,’ ‘Promotions,’ ‘Instagram Updates,’ etc.

You can rotate between your categories based on what you have going on that week. Other categories for you to consider are ‘Company Culture,’ ‘Core Values,’ ‘Showcasing Products,’ and ‘Behind the Scenes.’ 

Types of Posts 

Business Instagram Post Template for Social Media

If you want to promote your products on Instagram, pay particular attention to:

  • Spotlight posts. This type of post aims to highlight your customer’s successful experience with your product.
  • Announcements posts also may come in handy. Not only do they introduce new products to customers but also encourage them to actively engage with your brand and share their feedback.
  • Education posts are a great way to teach people how to use your products to get the most out of them. Education posts provide general tips that help people solve their problems, the same as your brand or products aim to solve.
  • Video teaser posts can also go a long way in promoting your new products. They allow your potential customer to sneak a peek at your new collection or product line and encourage them to go check it out before it runs out. one of my favorite Instagram story maker is Adobe express. With this platform, you can share eye-catching Instagram stories.
  • Step-by-step education posts do really well on Instagram. The more details you provide, the better the engagement will get. Make sure that you write out every single step so that your followers can do exactly the same and achieve the expected results. Such posts can help you establish your brand reputation and win over more customers.
  • Free spot posts are where you can highlight a specific aspect of your company culture. You can share a picture where you’re sitting around the table at a restaurant and enjoying the evening with your employees. Such posts give off the vibe of the community in your business. A free spot post really pulls you in emotionally and helps build warm lasting relationships with your customers. 

Follow Hashtags 

You would be well-advised to follow other hashtags that are relevant to your business and pay attention to the posts that show up in the top nine. Look at the photo, and captions, and get inspiration from other accounts that are making it to the top of your favorite hashtags that you want to dominate.