Top 7 Reasons to Work from Home in 2022

Work from Home: Remote working is a viable option for many businesses or departments. Maintaining a work-life balance becomes much easier when you have reasons to work from home.

But what about as a general rule? Is there any reason not to when workers rely extensively on computers, such as innumerable Agile software development teams around the world? And does working from home genuinely enhance productivity?

Employers have been hesitant to allow their workers to work from home for many years. And with reason: how can we know our remote workers are actually working? And how exactly does remote working work?


That is where trust and decent technology come in, but if you take the step and opt for even a part-time working from home arrangement, both employee and employer profit.

With COVID-19 forcing companies to work virtually from home, remote work gained momentum.

For many employers, providing access to all the tools employees need to work from home was a bit of a rush.

Soon after everyone settled in, it became evident that many office-based teams were just as productive and focused when they weren’t in the office. Part-time jobs gained popularity among employers everywhere.

Top Valid Reasons to Work from Home in 2022

Remote work, as we’ve long known, has several benefits for employees. We’ve compiled a list of the best benefits of working from home, some of which you may already be aware of, and others that may open your eyes to the influence of remote work on employers, employees, the economy, and the environment.

#1. Flexible schedules

The time you’d otherwise spend commuting and eating lunch is freed up when you’re working remotely. You can even remove some meetings from your schedule for more flexibility. Consider holding a “no-meeting day” once a week for remote employees to increase productivity.

#2. Get ready for work faster

Remotely working will save you more time than just eliminating your commute. The time you spend getting ready for work is reduced when you have your home office as your workspace. You might not want to wear your pajamas to work every day. It helps to get in the working mindset after a shower and some decent clothes.


You can keep that healthy balance between your professional and casual selves. You have at least an option to work in what you wore to sleep when waking up and feel like getting right to work.

Telecommuting allows you to set a better tone for your day by allowing you to start your day less hurriedly. You can do almost everything with the time saved from working from home. Get a hobby, start exercising regularly, or put it back into your schedule.

#3. Fewer barriers to employment

Remote work also eliminates some employment barriers that would otherwise exist, and one of the most prominent examples of this has to do with geographic distance.

Since workers must commute to and from the office every day when attendance is mandatory, they need to live close to the workplace. Workers must therefore be open to relocating or seeking employment near their homes. Of course, this means a shallower talent pool for employers.

Telecommuting will no longer be an issue when it becomes the norm. Workers can also find work in other parts of the world as employers search for talent worldwide.

#4. Office politics do not exist

It is impossible to imagine an office where office politics do not exist. When office politics get involved, it becomes a toxic environment. Rivalry is always going to happen between co-workers.

The disadvantage of working from home is that there is only one person with whom you have to compete daily; you don’t have to deal with annoying colleagues. Your creativity is unrestricted, and there is no mental pressure. It’s already the best office in your office, so you don’t need to fight for the best cubicle.

#5. Custom environment

You are in charge of your environment at home. Whether it is complete silence, nature sounds, office bustle, or singing along to your favorite song, you can set your noise level. Select the exact location of your office. Your study or living room doesn’t have to be a large desk. You can work in your garden or on your sofa if you want. Choosing the environment which best suits your lifestyle and increases your productivity is entirely up to you.

#6. Distractions Go Down, Focus and Productivity Go up When Working Remotely From Home

Working from home boosts productivity by making it easier to focus. In the office (especially in noisy open-plan offices), you have to welcome everyone, ask about their weekend, discuss last night’s football results…the list is infinite, and all of these two-minute conversations add up to a lot of time lost.

There’s also the ‘context switching’ factor, which software development teams are well-versed in. When you’re ‘in the zone’ working on a complex piece of code and someone comes by your desk to ask if you can assist them with something, you have to stop what you’re doing, shift context twice (once to leave the zone and once to get back into it), and then you’re back to being productive. According to some studies, context change might take up to 80% of your productivity.

When people work from home, there are just fewer opportunities to become sidetracked. And if you make the most of the technology you have by altering your notification settings to focus, your productivity will skyrocket.

#7. Improved Inclusivity

Remote work allows companies to embrace diversity and inclusion by hiring people from diverse socioeconomic, geographic, and cultural backgrounds and perspectives—something that can be difficult to achieve when recruiting is limited to a specific location that not everyone wants or can afford to live near.

Companies choose to encourage diversity, community, and family by hiring individuals who can work from home in the communities where they feel most comfortable and supported.

Telecommute jobs allow those who might struggle to find consistent employment at an onsite job, such as those with disabilities or carers who require a flexible schedule, to pursue their career goals without having to worry about driving back and forth to an office. It also allows employees to travel to doctor’s appointments and other healthcare appointments as needed.

Frequently Asked Question About Work from Home

valid reason to work from home
valid reason to work from home

Working from home is more productive for the following reasons: fewer distractions (remote workers can create an environment with few to no distractions), greater flexibility (remote workers can work during their most productive hours or in their most productive environment), and increased happiness (remote workers are proved to be generally happier, take fewer sick days, and are more energetic).

Try the following methods to boost your productivity while working from home.

  • Create a conducive work environment. Don’t work from your bed or the kitchen; instead, find a spot to call your office.
  • Dress professionally. Enclothed cognition refers to the phenomena of increased productivity when you wear some of your work attire.
  • Maintain a rigid schedule to balance life and work.

Improve your level of engagement by doing what you enjoy, find a purpose in your work, use the power of habit and follow a schedule with work-related triggers (work at a certain time, in a certain place, after a certain activity, etc.), maintain a balanced life and work approach (a meaningful rest is as important as a good working session).