Professional Essay Writers for Hire: Advantages and Disadvantages

Professional Essay Writers for Hire: Professional essay writers are creators in different specializations who work for writing companies.

They also are free crafters offering their services for students dealing with annoying academic assignments of all kinds. You may review a lot of experts, starting from single-specialized English literature maniacs who’ve read all the books in the world, ending with the “Swiss army knife” of writing who can solve math problems and write biological research at the same time.

They are knowledgeable, smart, and creative. They know exactly what your mentors want from you in essays.


But… With all that experience and expertise in their heads, why won’t they become teachers directly? Why is their work considered “gray” in terms of the law? Why are students prohibited from using their services at some universities outside the USA? 

This article will try to give you some clue why the role of professional essay writers is not so prosaic in the life of a student. And should or should not you hire them for your writing assignment?

Pro #1: They are professional writers

Indeed, if you are a college freshman, even your senior colleagues can help you with well-written examples to learn from. They also have created these tasks a few times. Imagine an expert that has seen each of your topics tens of times.

He knows how to write it professionally, to turn it into a strong example and base for your research. Expert writers typically work online, as each company that offers their services has typically a website where you can place an order for your paper.

The action you practice every day becomes your routine and specialization. So for creative specialists, the assistance with your writing task is their bread and butter. They really don’t care much about how you’ll use it, but their main concern is in making your paper meet the requirements you’ve sent when you become their customer.

This work cannot be considered cheap, but it’s cheaper than personal tutoring, and it takes less time than additional lessons with your friends. When you buy a service from such a writer, you can expect the most personalized paper as a result. 

Pro #2: Custom essay writers work according to your requirements

This point might not sound like an important one, but it’s the main feature that distinguishes good services from doubtful ones.


Recall all those free papers, book reviews, and lab reports you can find online: their quality is extremely low, and you can’t learn anything from them.

Even if the topic sounds the same as yours, there’s nothing in common with the essay that can be used anyhow for the studying purposes as in most cases, the information is outdated and has zero uniqueness. 

Talking about papers created from scratch by an academic expert who specialized in essay writing with help from the CustomWritings company and its professional essay writers for hire, you can be sure that all your requirements will be met in your essay. Why so? 

  • First, for such companies, original writing is a key competitive advantage. 
  • Second, they have a money-back policy that guarantees you a refund, if the results are not the top-leveled from your perspective. 
  • And third, you can contact your writer to correct or give him more clues about what you want in your paper. 

These things make each writer interested in the creation of the best paper possible. 

As journalists or editors, personal tutors and teachers, copywriters and ghostwriters—academic writers are equally masters of words.

They conduct massive intellectual work for the sake of their clients, digging deep through the information layers, right to the insights you need in your paper. You know that tasks may differ, and simple essays come to an end on the first course of college.

So expert writers know for sure, how to help you with any complicated or primitive assignments. Also, their work is completely transparent, and a lot of companies have their own customer support where you can talk with a representative and ask anything you’re concerned about. 

Some countries ban writing businesses explaining such decisions with the passivity of students that will buy any paper instead of writing it.

But writing services are not aimed at that, and writers cannot be punished for the students’ actions. As writers create the paper for the educative goals, simplifying homework routines, and filling the blank pages of knowledge, they never demand their papers be submitted under the student’s name.

They create exemplary works to follow and use in even better research, but not for tricking teachers.

Professional Essay Writers for Hire
Professional Essay Writers for Hire

Con #1: A human factor will always reflect on the result

Yes, we’re all humans after all. No matter how many times a writer checks the paper, it might have flaws. The difference in vocabulary volumes, experience, and writing styles are the things that will affect the text you’ll get.

You cannot expect it to be right as you would write it, because the same thought will be put on paper in completely different ways by two people.  

Also, the writer can fail to complete your assignment on time and set the deadline on fire. This is not the most pleasant thing when you expect the work to be done.

But it happens as people sometimes make mistakes. So when you place an order for your paper, try to do it in advance. 

Con #2: The price may vary a lot, and it takes time to find the most suitable company

There’s no unified system of pricing for academic papers, thus you’ll find different price ranges for different services. You have to spend some time comparing feature sets, services included, guarantees packs, reviews, and prices that you have to pay for it.

That’s totally OK if you want to find a reliable writer for your studies who would positively influence your homework routine.

Try some expensive writers and other, medium-priced specialists, if the quality level still fits you, stay with cheaper options, of course.

But always beware of hidden prices, taxes, or bank fees. Hiding these points, writing services can make the price look really juicy. 

Cons #3: No personalized papers will make a writing expert out of you, without your efforts

This is the best sour wisdom that you may accept right now. Only with writing, page by page, reading and analyzing good examples, with editing and deleting, you’re going to become a better writer. Writing blind copies makes you no smarter than a copy machine while reforging each paper from scratch will make a more positive impact on your skill evolution. No matter how many papers you buy, if you won’t study them hard and put their knowledge on paper, their treasures will be locked for you. 

There’s only one way to find out: Hire a writer and try their services at least once 

Aside from the points that we’ve mentioned above, you might find your own reasons to believe or not in the effectiveness of writers’ hiring.

You must understand if it’s your style or not. Or you’re going just to write everything by yourself until you become a samurai of writing. This is also a path. But if there’s a need to do things easier, writers will gladly help you.