41+ Online Accredited Courses with Printable Certificates 2022-2023

Online Accredited Courses with Printable Certificates: It’s no longer news that there is a variety of free online courses with certificates. But the big question is “Do these free online courses come with printable certificates?” Here is a guide that enlightens you on what kind of accredited online courses can get you printable certificates free of charge.

Most free online courses are there to give you the knowledge and that’s where it ends. Basically, you do not have proof to convince your employer that you have such knowledge.

But within the framework of this article are free online courses with printable certificates that you can participate in and be certified at the end of your course work.


“Can I add these certificates to my résumé?” Yes, you can. But of course, it has totally with your profession to fit-in adequately.

The validity of these free online courses with printable certificates is that they are from accredited websites such as LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, edX, and Udemy. Also, see 57+ Free Udemy Online Courses available for you!!!

What Are Free Online Courses with Printable Certificates?

Free online courses with printable certificates are courses that can be offered online and made available by institutions and study sites to educate students. At the end of these free courses, the participants are awarded a printable certificate.

Usually, there is no fee attached to these courses as they are offered by institutions in their quest to provide valid information to the people.

You can start any of these courses today! But before you do that, check out these tips!!!

Tips to Consider Before Taking Free Online Accredited Courses with Printable Certificates

Unlike traditional schooling, online classes have their own level of uniqueness. What this suggests is that since you do not have to jump buses or wait for the teacher to walk in, you have to make it up in some other way.

Peculiar to online courses is that students find them very flexible. And most times, students get to learn at their pace in their comfort zone.


However, your pace and comfort zone doesn’t encourage laziness and laxity. In that regard, we bring you tips and strategies to put at the back of your mind before taking free accredited online courses that will get you printable certificates. They include;

Student Effort = Student Success

Do you remember the popular computer slogan “Garbage in, garbage out”? That’s totally what you get from free online courses with printable certificates. Unlike traditional schooling, the tutors will not force you to take your coursework seriously. I mean it’s free!!! Therefore, the effort you put in determines your success in it.

Your level of discipline while taking any of the free online courses will determine your level of success. In other words, to excel and earn a certificate from free online courses you have to be disciplined enough to follow through till the end.

Online Classes Demand Excellent Time-Management Skills

Although you have the liberty to study at your pace and time, without proper time management, you will end up not being successful. Most free online courses require you to follow through at a stipulated time frame, failure to meet up, costs you your printable certificates.

Before taking that course, ensure you’ve planned your day to accommodate it consistently till the end.

Online Classes are as Difficult as Traditional Classes

Most students think online classes are easier than traditional classes. I’m sorry to be the bearer of sad news, it’s not as you have thought. Taking online courses whether free or paid is pretty much hard work. However, adequate preparation and avoiding distractions will aid you excel.

Online Classes Need you to Set Aside Other Online Engagements

I understand you have to do this with your phone or laptop. This means you’d be getting that online ping and notification from your friends and email. Then comes that thought “A second won’t jeopardize your work”.

Taking online courses that will get you printable certificates will require you to set aside other online engagements. And focus!!!

If you’re taking these free online accredited courses to get printable certificates for the skill-up scheme then Kudos. However, if you are doing this because of funds, consider these 91+scholarships or Free Application Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Free Online Accredited Courses with Printable Certificates 2021- Download Now

“What certificates can I get online free?” There are many. Without further ado, we bring you a list of free online accredited courses with printable certificates in 2021. Kindly note that these, courses can be taken anywhere in the world. Now, here is the list;

#1. Digital Accessibility as a Business Practice

This online course is one of the free online courses with printable certificates in the US. Here, they teach participants about digital accessibility: what it entails, who it’s for, and how to implement it.

Also, it will, particularly interest individuals who have been delegated responsibility in an organization to plan or actualize digital accessibility.

#2. Diploma in Human Resources (HR)

For students who desire to get certificates for free via an online course in Human Resources, then this course is for you. Basically, this course reveals the key functions and jobs of HR experts. Also, this course will assist participants on how to build up their profession in Human Resources.

#3. Principles of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

This free online ISO 45001 course comes is accredited and comes with printable certificates. Here, they will acquaint participants with the Principles of Occupational Health and Safety recommended by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Basics on why ISO has decided to build up the standard will be instructed.

#4. ISO Management System Audit Techniques and Best Practices

In this free online course with printable certificate, you will be equipped with the comprehension of the procedures, approaches, and individuals associated with the audit management board.

Also, it gives you a solid overview of proof and discoveries, preparation, and pre-audit exercises including system principles, protocols, and techniques.

#5. Diploma in Operations Management (Ops)

Once you complete this free online course, a printable certificate will be sent to your email. Basically, this course will assist you with understanding the job of an operations manager. Also, they will teach you the key dynamic abilities associated with tasks.

#6. Python Data Structures

If you’ve ever wanted to learn python data structures, here is a free accredited course with printable certificate. In this course, the tutor will make known to participants the core data structures of the Python programming language.

#7. Google IT Support Professionals Certificate

This course is accredited and handled by Google. It includes an innovative educational plan intended to set participants up for an entry-level role in IT support. It’s a part of Grow with Google scheme.

Participants who complete this free accredited online course will get a printable certificate.

This certificate they can share with top employers for instance Cognizant, GE Digital, Hulu, Infosys, Intel, KForce, MCPc, PNC Bank, RICOH USA, Sprint, TEKSystems, Veterans United Home Loans, Walmart and their auxiliaries, and obviously, Google.

#8. Master of Computer and Information Technology degree

This is an online Master’s degree program for Computer and Information Technology (MCIT). However, this free online computer courses with printable certificates are custom-made for non-Computer Science majors.

At the completion of the degree, participants can apply with their certificate to Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and Bloomberg.

#9. Master of Computer Science

The Master of Computer Science program is among the free online computer courses with printable certificates. It’s proudly sponsored by Arizona State. You’ll be equipped with a profound comprehension of front-line subjects like AI, cybersecurity, blockchain, and large data.

#10. CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

This free online course comes with a printable certificate. The CS50’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python investigates the ideas and algorithms at the foundation of present-day AI.
Also, it extends to building technologies like game-playing motors, handwriting recognition, and machine interpretation. It takes about 7 weeks.

#11. Ancient Masterpieces of World Literature

Peculiar to this free online course with a certificate, is payment for the certificate itself. After, this 6 weeks course, participants will learn half of the Masterpieces of World Literature edX MOOC. Other additional studies apply.

#12. Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health

This is one of the free online courses with printable certificates in UK. Participants will be taught how a Culture of Health can change their business while expanding income. Also, for this course, you pay for the certificate but the knowledge is totally free.

#13. Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market

Through this course, participants will learn how to investigate how business people align promising innovation with client needs to bring about successful new commercial enterprises. It’s an accredited free online course with printable certificate. But the certificate fee costs €183.

#14. Principles of Biochemistry

This is an introductory free online course with a printable certificate in biochemistry. Basically, participants will be taught about the molecules of life, with simple building blocks as the start point and complex metabolism as the climax.

#15. The GIS and Remote Sensing

The GIS and Remote Sensing is one of the free online courses with printable certificates in India. Participants will learn about mining, infrastructure, construction, groundwater, and civil engineering.
Also, this course is for participants who wish to upgrade their insight and qualification to work as certified GIS and Remote Sensing assets.

#16. Certificate Course in Hydrogeology.

Hydro-geologists are highly needed in different sectors including mining, infrastructure, construction, groundwater, civil engineering, and so forth. The course is intended for personnel from related areas hoping to upgrade their knowledge and qualification to fill in as qualified hydro-geologist.

#17. Columbia Business School- Digital Business Leadership Program (DBLP)

The Columbia Business School’s Digital Business Leadership Program is one of the free online courses with printable certificates in India in the advanced business and leadership programs.

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#18. MIT Sloan EPGM – Executive Program in General Management

This free online course is accredited and comes with a printable certificate. It’s open to mid-profession managers and leaders from developing markets to train them on leadership, innovation, strategy, decision making, and initiative.

#19. Export – Documentation

The program certifies participants in shipping management. It’s one of the free online courses with printable certificates in India. Also, this course material makes available the experience and skills of the leaders in the separate fields.

Accredited Courses on Udemy With Printable Certificates

#20. Become an Android Developer from Scratch

This online course is the best place to start learning Android Development.

This course will teach Flutter from the scratch, with no prior knowledge required! You also don’t need Android or iOS development knowledge because the whole point of Flutter is to master only one language.

Learn how to create fast and beautiful mobile applications with Flutter, Google’s latest mobile framework. With no prior expertise, you will quickly learn how to construct an application with Flutter in this course.

Using Google’s Material Design, you can create attractively, yet fully configurable, apps in no time and with little work.

#21. C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners

This free online course comes with a printable certificate. Participants will learn how to write C#code, debug features, explore customizations, and much more.

From the ground up, this course will teach you the fundamentals of the C# programming language in. NET. You will apply your knowledge through a variety of quizzes, assignments, coding challenges, and other activities. More so, You will be guided through a carefully planned way for beginners to learn the essentials of C# programming.

You will be tutored at every stage of your learning journey. This course will give you a head start on your new career as a C# programmer. This course will require you to apply your knowledge by coding for simple problem statements.

#22. The Complete iOS 12: Learn to Code & Build Real iOS 12 Apps in Swift 4.2

This online course is accredited and comes with a printable certificate. It includes $1200 of AWS service, tvOS, and Sketch training.

This course will show you how to create stunning iOS 12 apps with Swift 4.2. Don’t worry if you don’t have any programming expertise; this course is designed to be extremely accessible to novices.

The course features a plethora of entertaining video tutorials and will help you develop your programming skills through project-based learning. Create real iOS apps for your portfolio that are worthy of submission to the App Store.

There is no material from iOS 10 or iOS 11 classes that have been repurposed. All recordings were made using the most recent version of Xcode 10.

free online accredited courses with printable certificates
free online accredited courses with printable certificates

#23. ASP.NET Core – Beginner

Learn How to build an ASP.NET Core app with Razor Pages MVC. Plus, get the details on logging and diagnostics.

ASP DOT NET is a well-known web development framework for creating online applications on the.NET platform.

ASP DOT NET Open Source is an open-source version of ASP DOT NET that operates on macOS, Linux, and Windows. ASP DOT NET Core was introduced in 2016 as a redesign of older Windows-only versions of ASP DOT NET.

DOT NET is a developer platform that includes tools, programming languages, and libraries for creating a wide range of applications.

The foundation platform includes components that are applicable to all types of apps. ASP DOT NET, for example, extends DOT NET with components for developing specific types of apps.

#24. Python for Everybody

Learn to Program and Analyze Data with Python. This is one of the free online courses that come with printable certificates.

The goal of this course is to educate everyone the fundamentals of computer programming using Python. In Python, we’ll go over the fundamentals of building a program from a set of simple instructions.

There are no prerequisites for this course, and it avoids everything but the most basic mathematics. Anyone with a basic understanding of computers should be able to grasp the content in this course.

After completing this course, a student will be prepared to take more advanced programming courses. Python 3 is covered in this course.

#25. JavaScript For Beginners

JavaScript basics course that will show you as a complete beginner how to begin creating programs using JavaScript. This free online course comes with a printable certificate and it’s sponsored by skillshare.

#26. Full-Stack Web Development with React

This free online course teaches participants to complete Web and Hybrid Mobile Solutions. In the end, they’re offered a printable certificate.

#27. HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners

Explore HTML5 and get CSS3 training in this free online course with a printable certificate.

This course will introduce you to the wonderful world of web development.

This course is intended for complete novices. The course does not require any coding skills to comprehend.

I guarantee that at the end of this course, you will be highly comfortable with HTML and CSS. You’ll be well on your way to delving further into other aspects of web development. You will have a solid understanding of the principles.

Have you ever wondered, “What is the web made of?” This course will provide you with a solution. Also, how does a website function? In this course, you will find answers to a plethora of other questions.

This course is really hands-on. In this course, you will build a number of websites. By the end of this course, you should be able to create some decent websites.

#28. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

An introduction to computer science as a tool to solve real-world analytical problems using Python 3.5. This course, which falls under the category of Computer Science and it is all about Computer Programming and coding for beginners, will help you get started with coding in 6 Programming Languages: C++, C, Python, SQL, Java, and C#.

Also, you will learn the main concepts of Programming, as well as about the Programmer’s Mindset.  Moreover, it will help you learn more about the main phases of the Software Development Lifecycle.

#29. Creating A WordPress Theme

HTML/CSS design into a website that takes advantage of WordPress content management features including posts, pages, and plugins. At the end of this free online course, participants get a printable certificate.

#30. Course: CS107: C++ Programming

This is one of the free online courses that come with printable certificates. Participants will learn the introduction, setup, mechanics of editing, and compiling programs in C++.

#31. Responsive Web Design Fundamentals

Introduction to responsive web design strategies and how to implement those strategies through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Do you want to build responsive websites?
  • Are you wondering how to master HTML5 & CSS3?
  • Do you understand how to create fluid and responsive layouts?

Then this course will definitely help you.

This course is essential to all new web Developers, Programmers, Designers, Etc, and anyone looking to master Microsoft Access.

#32. Learn Elementor & WordPress, for Startups & Freelancers

Master WordPress and Elementor, from beginner to expert with free plugins and themes with this hands-on course. Create an amazing website with WordPress and the world’s best page builder, Elementor (and NO CODE)! This is a practice-based course on the free version of Elementor, which is a drag & drop page builder built on WordPress.


At this point, I think you’ve made the decision to take either of these free online courses with printable certificates. Why jump buses and sweat when you can get certificates from these accredited free online courses? Now you know better!!!

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