41+ Best One Year PhD Programs in USA | 2023

One Year PhD Programs in USA: I was having a random discussion with my friend Emmanuel a few days ago, the subject of the accelerated PhD program came up.

I was shocked to discover that I was not the only one thinking in this direction. Thus, are you one of those asking;

  • Is there a one year PhD program in USA?
  • What is the quickest doctorate degree to get?
  • Are there accelerated PhD programs?
  • Can I get a PhD in 2 years?

well, to get answers to these above questions I have put together this amazing article. So, follow me.


I’m not claiming to have all the answers you are looking for but I’m sure I have written something that will give you a head-start if you are looking for one year PhD programs in USA.

That being said;

It is no news that USA is one of the most popular postgraduate study destinations for many international students.

I believe the reason is simple. With the high standard of academic study and variety of options available to students, everyone will want a slice of the pie.

Hence, choosing to take your PhD program in USA will avail you the opportunity of becoming an international expert in your field of study.

Compared to other countries like the UK, GERMANY, CANADA, e.t.c. attending a grad school for PhD in USA is not the same. It definitely comes with a different feeling and experience.

Nonetheless, one thing is very certain, studying abroad will improve your geocultural understanding as well as your network of friends.


Is there a one-year PhD program?

The short answer to this question is YES!!! there is a one-year PhD program. PhD programs are the highest degree in terms of the level of education, once earned, you can move to expert-level positions.

Although it takes years, there are still short or accelerated PhD programs you can apply for.

These programs are top-notch programs offered in some of the best universities in the world such as the US, UK, or even Canada.

Among these European countries, USA Universities offer the largest and most popular Ph.D. programs.

It is renowned for its exceptional standard and structured degree programs that come with extensive training and independent research.

Enrolling in one of the US one-year doctoral programs can be very expensive, but when you consider what you’ll earn later, it’s well worth it.

That being said, let’s explore more reasons why choosing the U.S as your PhD study abroad location is a wise decision.

Why choose a one year PhD Programs in USA?

Like my friend asked, Joe ‘Why must I run my Ph.D. Program in USA’?

I know you and other students reading this article have the same question in my mind too.

YES! the standard of education in USA is top-notched, it is a very popular destination when it comes to studying abroad, in addition to that, it has a variety of options for international students.

Aside from This rigorous approach and training that helps with your professional development, here are other reasons you should consider a PhD program in USA;

  • Firstly, when it comes to world-class leading universities, the US universities have continuously proven to top the charts of universities worldwide rankings.
  • Although this shouldn’t be the major determinant factor or criteria nonetheless, it sure reflects the country’s heavy investment in research and experience.
  • Choosing USA for your one-year PhD Program will definitely open a plethora of opportunities. it’s more like a sure gateway to your American dream.
  • Nonetheless, USA universities are open to both national and international students.
  • International students from any part of the world are welcome anytime to study any course or program of their choice, at any level be it undergraduate, master’s, or Ph.D. level, and in any university so far as the university offers that course.
  • Finally, rather than asking you to focus on your dissertation proposal, you will have time to develop a more detailed understanding of your topic as the basis for your own research.

I believe I have given you a clear reason to choose one of these top one year PhD Programs in the USA. Now, let’s discuss some Universities in the U.S that offers accelerated or short PhD Programs.

Ph.D Universities in USA

There are about 1,500 out of 5,000 institutions in the United States offering a doctorate course. These institutions include public and private universities, colleges, and some accredited graduate schools.

Although these institutions are different, the first thing you need to do is determine whether the institution you want to apply to is offering the PhD Course program you want.

That being said, let me divide the institution into Public and Private Universities and explain further.

Public and Private Universities

The U.S universities are divided basically into two depending on the type of funding they receive. This, on the other hand, affects the fees they charge the students.

Public universities are state-funded institutions because they are part of the state university system. what this means for the student is that you will be charged less especially if you are local i.e an “in-state” student.

if you are an out-of-state student you will have to pay even though you are a citizen of United States.

The case is different when it comes to Private universities.

They do not receive funds from the state government directly though they may benefit from certain federal research funds.

Nonetheless, their fund is basically gotten from the fees paid by students which are relatively high compared to students who are studying in-state universities.

However, private universities rarely charge additional fees to international or out-of-country students.

Now that we understand the differences between private and public universities, I think it is safe to say there is no sharp distinction between the types and quality of graduate programs offered by public and private universities.

Not minding that the public universities hold more students, the private universities are not taking a back seat when academic quality is involved as they often run as non-profit institutions.

Some of the world-class universities in united States are privately tun institutions.

What is A Graduate Schools

Graduate schools are specialized institutions that are established and affiliated with universities to administer their graduate programs.

Large universities may have multiple graduate schools that focus on different subjects, such as Law School or a business school.

Small universities can have a single graduate school that manages all of their graduate programs.

As a PhD student, you can apply to any of these graduate schools and not to the larger university you are separated from. Graduate schools, however, are not separate types of institutions.

Where can I get one year PhD Programs in USA?

The truth is that a 1-year PhD program in USA is a special program and not all schools offer such a program. As earlier stated we have about 1500 universities out of 5000 schools that offer PhD programs in USA.

Among these 1500 schools offering PhD courses in USA only a few of them actually have study programs for PhD students that can be completed within one year.

Though the number is just a few, you can still find it a bit difficult to make the right choice of university. Of course, you can’t attend all.

Thus, if you want to make a choice on which of these schools to apply to, here are some factors to consider.

  • The first thing to, focus on choosing the course you want not the university. This is because you might choose a university that doesn’t offer the course of your choice.
  • Secondly, don’t focus too much attention on the difference between public and private universities. As both categories have great institutions you can comfortably enroll in.
  • Moreso, Don’t limit yourself. The USA has so many interesting places so try to choose a place to enjoy life and study at the same time.
  • Finally, ensure that the university you chose is properly valued, especially if their admission requirements seem suspiciously comfortable.

That being said, Here is a list of universities that offers one year PhD program in the USA;

  • Cornell University
  • University of West Georgia
  • West Virginia University
  • Chatham University
  • The University of Vermont
  • Valparaiso University
  • Kent State University
  • Old Dominion University
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Oklahoma State University
  • Hampton University
  • University of South Carolina
  • Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Colorado State University

What is the tuition Fees range for one-year PhD Programs in USA

Aside from being a top study abroad destination for international students, one thing that usually poses a threat to choosing the USA is its high cost of school fees.

Thus, attending grad school is no different.

But this should not scare you as schools and the government are always willing to assist you to achieve your dreams through fully funded scholarships or even tuition waivers.

Basically, the tuition fees for PhD programs in the USA depend on the particular course.

So, fees vary between public and private institutions and sometimes depend on the student’s state of residence.

According to statistics published on the  American National Center for Education Statistics.

Public universities charge an average of $12,737 annually for in-state students that are pursuing a graduate program in one of the accredited institutions.

This amount is different for international students applying for a grad program in a public university.

Nonetheless, this is not the same for private universities.

Private universities charge an average of $43,300 for both national and international students.

How Do I apply for One-year PhD Programs in USA?

In applying for any One year PhD Program in USA, there are things you must know.

  • This Program will contain only a few spaces available and the application process will select based on applicants who merit it.
  • The application process will be comprehensive.
  • Your research proposal will be much less important than a Ph.D. in the UK. This is because you will develop your research ideas during the Ph.D. program in the United States.
  • Applying for a US doctorate is like applying for a (highly selective) college degree.
  • Finally, check accreditation. There are huge numbers of universities in the USA. Most are reputable and genuine institutions, but international students should always ensure that universities have proper recognition.

The Step by Step Application Process for A One-Year PhD Program

This application is going to look like you are applying for a job which means your personal data will be required.

Give complete answers in each section, but always try to be brief. The most important questions in the model will be competency-based, usually starting with a phrase such as “describe an achievement you are very proud of …”

  • Write your answers to include the skills you know will be necessary for your graduate course. Note, it is best to give yourself time to reflect on your responses for several days.
  • Although the prospect of an academic interview can be daunting, keep in mind that only a small percentage of people applying for a graduate course are selected to attend an interview.
  • The interviewer is not interested in meeting you. They just want to determine if you are eligible for the program or not.
  • The best way to ensure that the process runs smoothly is to prepare for the day in advance.
  • You will be questioned based on the answers you provided on your application form, so please re-read your application form from a critical perspective and think about what you might ask about it.
  • Finally, prepare some questions for your interview to show that it involves you.

Final steps in Application

  • Most universities require at least one referee that identifies you as academic; The best person to ask is your personal teacher or your course adviser.
  • If you are good with your project supervisor, you may think of asking him to be your referee.
  • It is important that you have more than a passing relationship with the person who you consider as your academic referee, because besides commenting on your intellectual abilities, they will also answer questions about your personal character, so they must know you well.
  • When you choose someone you think is appropriate, ask their permission before including it in a sentence.
  • Moreso, your personal statement gives the university a better idea of ​​your identity, it is an opportunity to write about something you feel valuable, not what you think the admissions teacher wants to read.
  • Finally, share your thoughts on a topic that interests you, let your personality shine, and let the people who read your statement feel better about getting to know you
One Year PhD Programs in USA
One Year PhD Programs in USA

Application Requirements for your PhD Program

The application requirement for this one-year PhD program differs from school to school. Generally, you will need to submit the following documents when applying for a PhD program.

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Personal statement
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Exam Result
  • Research statement
  • Sample Writing
  • Curriculum Vitae

Best One-year PhD Programs in USA

Here is a list of 15 Best One Year PhD Program in USA;

  • Evolutionary Biology, Ph.D.
  • Education – Early Childhood Education, Specialist
  • Business Administration, Ph.D.
  • Nursing Practice (DNP), Doctorate
  • Animal, Nutrition and Food Sciences, Ph.D.
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine/ Master of Business Administration (D.O./M.B.A.), Ph. D.
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice, Doctorate
  • Economics, Ph.D.
  • Communication and Information, Ph.D.
  • Ph.D. in Educational Management
  • Instructional Design & Technology, PhD
  • Ph.D. in Systems Engineering
  • Ph.D. in Aviation
  • Organizational Leadership, PhD
  • Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering

#1. Evolutionary Biology, Ph.D.

Study at: Cornell University

Tuition fees: 19,126 EUR/year.

This one-year accredited doctoral program in the United States is designed to provide students with broad insight into research concepts and approaches in ecology and evolution.

This is done through formal seminars and courses as well as in-depth studies in one or more sub-disciplines.

To participate in this program, you must have a basic understanding of ecology, evolution, and biology.

#2.Education – Early Childhood Education, Specialist

Study at: the University of West Georgia

This program is one of the best one-year doctoral programs in the United States, designed specifically for educators who play a pivotal role in developing and implementing educational policies and practices that ensure that all students can learn.

However, this is an online program that offers advanced seminars, children’s programs, etc. Tuition fees for these one year online doctoral programs in the US are EUR 30,935 / year.

#3. Business Administration, Ph.D.

Study at: West Virginia University

If you are looking to get into the business world, this program is for you. It’s one of the best one-year PhD programs for graduate students.

This program is a high-quality, full-time residential program designed to prepare qualified individuals for careers in academic research and teaching at the university level.

In addition, students are to be prepared for teaching assignments at business schools around the world.

The tuition fee for this program is EUR 18,563 / year. Note that this program will start in September 2021.

#4. Nursing Practice (DNP), Doctorate

Study at: Chatham University 

If you want to become a nurse, this short doctoral program is for you.

With this one-year doctoral program in the United States, nurses are ready to practice as leaders in promoting and using evidence-based practice in health care systems.

Upon completion of this program, you will receive the skills and competencies to take on clinical leadership roles based on your professional interest.

In addition, the tuition fee for this program is EUR 881 / credit. Note that this program will begin in August 2022.

#5. Animal, Nutrition and Food Sciences, Ph.D.

Studied at: The University of Vermont

If you are interested in getting a PhD in Animal, Nutritional, and Food Sciences ASAP, this multidisciplinary PhD program is for you.

The main objective of this program is to provide advanced teaching and research in mammalian physiology and endocrine biology, mammary gland biology, applied and basic nutrition, animal genetics, microbiology, and food technology.

As a doctoral student, you can expect a joint training offer, be it in nutrition, food or animal science.

In addition, this is one of the best one-year doctoral programs in the United States that equips you with skills in any field of your choice.

The tuition fee for this program is EUR 36,009 / credit. Note that this program will start in September 2021.

#6. Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine/ Master of Business Administration (D.O./M.B.A.), Ph. D.

Studied at: Oklahoma State University

This accelerated program is a one year medical student graduate degree from Spears School of Business.

However, this program is only available to students of the College of Osteopathic Medicine who have obtained approval from the Directors of the Osteopathic Medicine and MBA program.

It is aimed at current and selected new students at the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine. Note that the tuition fee for this program is EUR 995 / year.


#7. Doctor of Nursing Practice, Doctorate

Studied at: Valparaiso University

Are you interested in a degree in nursing? Check out this short doctoral program.

Basically, this is one of the best one-year doctoral programs in the United States for nursing students. As a nurse, this program will help you with clinical preparation as an advanced practice nurse, evidence-based practical teaching, quality improvement and organizational thinking, among other things.

Interestingly, with a degree in this program, you can take on practical leadership roles such as:

The tuition fee for this program is 37,333 EUR / year and starts in March 2022.

choosing to take one year PhD programs in USA will avail you the opportunity of becoming an international expert in your field of study. SEE HOW

#8. Economics, Ph.D.

Studied at: West Virginia University

Among the best one year PhD Program in USA is the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Economics.

This short program for doctoral students focuses on health economics, international economics, currency economics, public economics, regional and urban economics, and resource economics.

It is based on an applied curriculum with a solid theoretical and quantitative basis. The tuition fee for this program is EUR 18,560 / year and starts in September 2021

#9. Communication and Information, Ph.D.

Studied at: Kent State University

The course prepares students for academic careers in the disciplines of communication and information, teaching, research and management.

The program includes a number of interdisciplinary core courses and a variety of electives within and between disciplines.

The tuition fee for this program is EUR 17,208 / year and starts in March 2021.

#10. PhD in Educational Management

Study at: Hampton University

Though this is not a 1-year PhD program, it is one of the shortest doctoral programs you can take.

This is a 9-week program designed to provide specialized instruction. Therefore, it aims to provide students with the experience they need, as well as the basic leadership skills, dispositions, and applied research that executive education executives need to be effective in educational settings.

As a candidate, you will have access to a network of successful leaders and educational organizations to support their intellectual, professional and professional development.

The tuition fee for this program is $ 695 / credit.

#11. PhD in Instructional Design & Technology

Study at: Old Dominion University

With a PhD in Instructional Design and Technology, you’ll have a solid foundation in instructional design, cognitive theory, research, and practical application.

However, enrolling in this course prepares you for current and future challenges for employers that range from the military to healthcare to education itself.

After completing these doctoral programs in the USA, you will earn a doctorate with a focus on Instructional Design and Technology.

The tuition fee for this online PhD program is $ 568 / credit.

#12. Systems Engineering PhD

Study at: Colorado State University

Colorado State University’s Systems Engineering program is one of the shortest doctoral programs available. This online promotion. Engineering program for executives and executives. Although the admission rate for this program is very low, you are experienced and frankly, the chances of getting admission are very high.

Note that the duration of this course varies and depends on the intensity of the study and previous courses. The tuition fee for this online PhD program is $ 1,085 per credit.

#13. PhD in Aviation

Study at: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

The Doctor of Aviation is a rare one year PhD program offered at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. This is one of the one-year doctoral programs in the United States designed for qualified students and highly skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds and career paths in aviation to immerse themselves in this great world of aviation.

In addition, it can help train students and professionals to conduct cutting-edge research in all areas of this important field of study, thereby increasing aviation knowledge.

The tuition fee for this online PhD program is $ 1,130 / credit.

#14. PhD in Organizational Leadership

Study at: Indiana Wesleyan University

This one year PhD Program in the United States will help you establish yourself in cutting-edge knowledge, best practices, research, self-directed learning, and teaching.

In addition, the graduates of the course taught at universities, take on high-level management tasks in their organizations, take part in advisory services, and experience changes in their personal and professional lives.

The tuition fee for this PhD program is $ 881 per credit.

#15. PhD in Nuclear Engineering

Study at: the University of South Carolina

The Nuclear Engineering program at the University of South Carolina began in 2003 and offers high school and graduate degrees: Master of Science, Master of Engineering, and Doctorate.

The course is part of the mechanical engineering department.

Moreso, Students of engineering and other closely related disciplines with sufficient math and science courses can earn the nuclear engineering baccalaureate to gain the specialist knowledge and skills necessary to survive in this challenging field.

The tuition fee for this PhD program is $ 576 / credit.

List of 1 year PhD programs online

Below are list of one year phd programs online. Many options available are 1 year online doctoral programs and are available in different institutions. You can select the school and program of your choice.

  • Bowling Green State University- PH.D. IN TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT
  • Southern New Hampshire University-PH.D. IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS
  • University of Florida- ONLINE ACCELERATED AUDIOLOGY (AU.D.)

Now, that you know some of the schools offering a one year PhD program in USA and how to apply too. it will be ideal to mention there are 2-year PhD programs you can apply to if you cant find the right 1-year PhD program suitable for you.


Whether you’re trying to get your doctorate in one year or you’re just looking for the shortest PhD programs available from accredited universities, the first step is to decide how much you’re willing to compromise in the name of speed.

Yes, there are accredited online doctoral programs that can be completed in less time than traditional campus-based programs. The key is finding the one that’s offering the exact program you’re seeking.

Frequently Asked Questions About One year PhD Courses

Typically, how long does it take to earn a Ph.D. degree?

Generally, a typical PhD. program can last up to four years; however, depending on the topic, it can take up to eight to ten years.

How fast can I earn a Ph.D. degree through an accelerated program?

Accelerated Ph.D. programs are based on the premise that instead of spending years earning a doctorate degree, you can possibly earn your degree in three, or possibly two years!

How is earning a Ph.D. degree so fast beneficial to me?

Most who are considering a PhD, have already built careers. Oftentimes, in the course of their careers, people encounter obstacles when they have reached the highest salary or have been promoted to the highest possible position.

But … if you could add additional references to your resume, could you get a managerial position and make more money? If so, do a PhD. is for you!

Will earning a Ph.D. fast take up more of my time than a traditional program?

Yes, of course, it will. After all, you are combining four year’s worth of work into two years, right? Pure dedication will get you through this awesome task, but be prepared to work extra, extra hard!

Can I earn an accelerated Ph.D. degree in any subject matter?

No, obviously, accelerated Ph.D. programs are only offered in topics that don’t require as much training, research, or internship experience. Business-related or education-related subjects are the most popular topics that offer accelerated doctoral degree programs.

Why Should I choose one-year PhD Programs in USA?

  • Below are some reasons:
  • The USA has the World’s leading universities and research
  • Variety of Opportunities
  • US Programs are Accessible.

How Do I apply for One year PhD Program in USA?

In applying for any One-year PhD Programs in the USA, there are things you must know.

1. Programs will contain only a few spaces available in each student’s and the application process will select based on applicants who merit it.
2. The application process will be comprehensive.
3. Your research proposal will be much less important than a Ph.D. in the UK. This is because you will develop your

What are the best one year PhD Programs in USA?

Here is a list of the best one year PhD Programs in the USA
1. Evolutionary Biology, Ph.D.
2. Education – Early Childhood Education, Specialist
3. Business Administration, Ph.D.
4. Nursing Practice (DNP), Doctorate
5. Animal, Nutrition and Food Sciences, Ph.D.
6. Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine/ Master of Business Administration (D.O./M.B.A.), Ph. D.
7. Doctor of Nursing Practice, Doctorate
8. Economics, Ph.D.
9. Communication and Information, Ph.D.

Where can I get a one year phd program in USA?

1. Cornell University
2. University of West Georgia
3. West Virginia University
4. Chatham University
5. The University of Vermont
6. Valparaiso University
7. Kent State University.



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