21+ Nursing Schools in Georgia to Get Into 2022-2023

Nursing Schools in Georgia: The nursing programs in Atlanta have 2 years of online and offline programs that are ranked as the best in the world.

In this detailed guide, we have carefully put this piece in answer to the many questions international students who want to study in Georgia ask about their nursing programs.

There are 64 registered and accredited schools for nursing in Georgia that can train you with the best form of training to become a professional in the nursing career.


In a bid to help you make the right choice, we have saddled this piece to help you with the top 21 schools that can give you a great nursing study experience in Georgia.

While this article focuses on the best nursing colleges in Atlanta Georgia, in it, you also find the requirements needed to apply to schools for nursing.

If Georgia is a far cry for you, you can check other related articles such as the Best Nursing Schools in Dallas Texas, and the Best Nursing Schools in California

After carefully reading this article, you will agree with many other readers that you averted a tough or failed application when applying to nursing programs in schools in Atlanta Georgia.

Because nursing is a revered course in the world, seeking to become a nurse in Georgia is a good decision that any student will make.

However, before you become a registered nurse in Atlanta, you must have earned a degree from an accredited nursing school and fulfill other requirements.

So to get started, let’s help you pick the right school. 


Becoming A Nurse in Georgia

Georgia lacks an entity dedicated to collecting and evaluating nursing workforce data. As a result, it is difficult to anticipate the current or future need for nurses in Georgia with any degree of certainty.

Anecdotal evidence shows that the Peach State may face a substantial nursing shortage as early as 2020, given Atlanta’s status as one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country.

Individuals between the ages of 45 and 64 are also the state’s fastest-growing age group. Graduates of recognized nursing schools in Georgia should have little trouble finding work.

Nurse practitioners, whether practicing independently or under the supervision of a physician, will most likely be in high demand.

Georgia’s Nursing Licensure Process

The Georgia Board of Nursing is in charge of licensing all qualified nurses in Georgia, including advanced practice nurses. The board is mandated by the state to enforce minimum nursing standards and to resolve complaints against nurses.

How to Become Eligible for a Georgia Nursing License

Nurses meet the eligibility standards once they have graduated from an in-state nursing program approved by the Georgia Board of Nursing. They can then take the following steps:

  • Have their fingerprints taken by COGENT Systems
  • Register to take the NCLEX-RN with Pearson VUE
  • Complete an application form electronically or by mail, and pay a $40 fee to the Georgia Board of Nursing
  • Undergo a criminal background check
  • Pass the NCLEX-RN

Applicants who have graduated from an out-of-state nursing program must submit a paper application rather than an online application. Official transcripts must also be submitted.

With the exception of the NCLEX, practicing nurses from other states who relocate to Georgia must complete all of the above in addition to providing $60, official transcripts, and documentation of previous state licensures. They must also provide documentation of recent employment, graduation, or completion of a reintegration program.

How to Renew a License in Georgia

Nursing licenses must be renewed online every two years by January 31st, and the board does not mail out renewal reminders. In addition, applicants must pay $65 and present proof of US citizenship.

RNs must stay current in their field. During the two-year lifecycle of each license, they have five fundamental options for doing so:

  • Taking 30 hours of continuing education
  • Earning recertification by a national certifying organization
  • Finishing an accredited nursing program
  • Getting an employer to verify competency
  • Taking a reentry program

How Many Nursing Schools are in Georgia?

There are 64 schools with nursing programs in Georgia but 59 are captured in the country’s database.

26 colleges and universities out of the list offer associate’s degrees or certificates in nursing.

Keep in mind that these schools are accredited by ACEN or CCNE.

What Kind of Nursing Programs Are There in Georgia?

Georgia is home to many nursing programs which are offered in different forms in different universities in the city.

Here are the types of nursing programs available in Georgia;

  • BSN Programs.
  • PhD Doctoral Programs
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
  • Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN/AAS).
  • MSN Programs (Master of Science in Nursing).
  • Nursing Bridge Programs for Current Nurses (LVN to RN, LVN to BSN Programs, RN to MSN Programs, and RN to BSN Programs)

How Do I Apply To Nursing Schools in Georgia?

Although nursing schools in Georgia have a high acceptance rate which makes it easier to get accepted into any of the schools, it’s important you know that a good application gets you into the system.

Here’s what to do apply rightly to nursing schools in Atlanta Georgia;

  • Research the schools thoroughly.
  • Contact each school’s admissions offices. 
  • Ensure you have the right requirements.
  • Submit your application to as many schools as possible.
  • Awaiting your response could be good or bad.

What are the Requirements To Become A Nurse in Georgia?

To be licensed as a registered nurse in Georgia, you must graduate from a Georgia Board of Nursing approved program.

Secondly, you must pass the NCLEX-RN exam within three years of graduation. 

Once that is in order, you can be licensed to practice in Georgia as a nurse.

What Are The Requirements To Apply To Nursing Schools In Georgia?

Each school in Georgia has its own requirements or Prerequisite to apply for their nursing programs.

Below are the requirements to apply to nursing programs in Georgia schools online or on-campus.

  • A good GPA.
  • High school transcript.
  • ACT and/or SAT scores.
  • College entrance essay(s)
  • Letter(s) of recommendation

Many universities may require additional information, such as volunteer experience and extracurricular activities.

Be sure to check your preferred university website for details on the prerequisites to study nursing programs at Georgia universities

Top Nursing Schools in Georgia to Apply To in 2022

Here are the top nursing schools in Georgia with accredited programs that you can apply to in Atlanta and other cities of Georgia.

For the purpose of clarity, we have divided them into sections. Some schools offer Baccalaureate and Graduate Degree programs while others offer ADN Programs.

Here you will get to know about them and make a choice.

Best Nursing Schools in Georgia for Baccalaureate and Graduate Degree programs.

#1. Emory University Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing.

  • Founded: 1836
  • School Status: Private
  • Acceptance Rate: 19%
  • Location: 201 Dowman Dr, Atlanta, GA
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants

The Emory University School of Nursing is called the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. 

It’s one of the best private nursing schools in Atlanta Georgia with a low teacher/student ratio and great state-of-the-art resources.

The school is the leading center of nursing research in Georgia and a center for financial assistance. 

In 2017, the school was awarded $7.8 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health.

Studying at Nell exposes students to clinical skills in the school’s high-tech simulation centers: The Charles F. & Peggy Evans Center for Caring Skills, the Wesley Woods Graduate Simulation, and Skills Facility.

#2. Georgia College and State University.

  • Founded: 1889
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 86%
  • Location: 231 W Hancock St, Milledgeville, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Merit-based Scholarships.

GCSU as it’s popularly abbreviated is a nursing school in Georgia focused on preparing young women for professions in teaching and the industrial sciences. 

The nursing programs in this Georgia nursing school aim at giving students a foundation in humanities and behavioral sciences. 

Student nurses practice clinical skills on high-tech mannequins designed to simulate human responses such as urination. 

Also, student nurses go on clinical rotations at care facilities, clinics, and other health care centers in Georgia.

Little wonder, CollegeAtlas.com ranks the nursing program number one in the Peach State.

#3. Kennesaw State University WellStar School of Nursing.

  • Founded: 1963
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 83%
  • Location: 1000 Chastain Rd NW. Kennesaw, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Merit and Need-based Scholarships.

If you’re looking for nursing programs in Georgia that last for 2 years against the traditional 4 years BSN program then WellStar School of Nursing should be on your list of consideration.

At WellStar, students nurses are trained to work in rural health care settings. Students are trained in a conducive environment with a nursing simulation lab. 

After students get acquainted with basic nursing skills, they go further to be involved in clinical rotations at centers such as WellStar Health System, Tanner Medical Center, Homestead Hospice, etc

#4. Georgia Baptist College of Nursing at Mercer University.

  • Founded: 1902
  • School Status: Private
  • Acceptance Rate: 95%
  • Location: 3001 Mercer University Dr, Atlanta, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants.

Georgia Baptist College of Nursing offers nursing programs such as BSN, ABSN, RN-BSN, MSN, BSN-DNP, DNP, and Ph.D.

This college focuses on healing the needy. This theme makes them one of the highly emulated nursing schools in Atlanta Georgia.

Georgia Baptist College of Nursing is affiliated with Mercer University’s School of Medicine and Piedmont Healthcare System.

Students can be sure of experiential learning in a simulated clinical environment equipped with up-to-date state-of-the-art technology. 

#5. Augusta University College of Nursing

  • Founded: 1828
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 83%
  • Location: 987 St Sebastian Way, Augusta, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants. 

Augusta University College of Nursing is ideal for students who want to become a part of a collaborative health care team.

One reason why many students apply to AUCN is the exposure to learning alongside medical and dentistry students.

Also, this college is a high-tech nursing school in Georgia that allows some nursing programs access to online hospital and clinic environments as well as realistic mannequins. 

Clinical rotations can be done with the Center for Strategic Initiatives. 

#6. GSU’s Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions.

  • Founded: 1913
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 82%
  • Location: Atlanta, GA 30302, United States
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants.

The Georgia State University nursing school is called the Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions.

It’s one of the nursing schools in Atlanta Georgia that have programs that prepare student nurses to meet the health challenges of urban, multicultural populations.

At Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions student, nurses learn in high-tech laboratories synonymous with a hospital environment. 

Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions has clinical partnerships with the Health & Wellness Collaborative and Project Healthy Grandparents.

#7. University of West Georgia Tanner Health System School of Nursing.

  • Founded: 1906
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 78%
  • Location: 1601 Maple St, Carrollton, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants.

If you’re looking forward to a nursing school saddled with excellence then Tanner Health System School of Nursing is the school for you.

Here at Tanner, student nurses are trained to meet the global community’s current and evolving health needs. 

Student nurses can practice their courses in either of the school’s experiential learning centers on the Carrollton and Newnan campuses.

#8. Georgia Southern University–Armstrong.

  • Founded: 1935
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 91%
  • Location: 11935 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants.

The School of Nursing at Georgia Southern is one of the best schools for nursing in Savannah. We can see that in the report made by the “U.S. News and World Report”.

Georgia Southern University–Armstrong is one of the Waters College of Health Professions. It is best known for its professional touches in nursing, public health, and allied health professions.

Student nurses are trained to meet the health needs of multicultural rural populations in southeast Georgia. 

#9. Clayton State University School of Nursing.

  • Founded: 1969
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 69%
  • Location: 2000 Clayton State Blvd, Morrow, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants.

Besides Clayton State University’s nursing programs being one of the best in Georgia, it offers nursing students Nursing Workforce Diversity grants. 

Students are sponsored for study abroad programs in Haiti, Mexico, and Korea.

It may also interest you to know that Clayton State University school of nursing in Georgia offers her programs for 2 years.

At CSU, nursing students are exposed to collaborative, interdisciplinary model nursing education in a state-of-the-art simulated hospital environment.

#10. University of North Georgia Department of Nursing.

  • Founded: 2013
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 81%
  • Location: 82 College Cir, Dahlonega, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants.

UNG’s Department of Nursing is one of the six federal senior military colleges in Georgia open to the military and civilian student nurses.

At UNG, student nurses learn in an interprofessional group and practice their skills in international settings like Bolivia and the Dominican Republic.

Also, students get to hone their clinical skills in virtual hospital environments before the actual clinical rotations.

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Best Nursing Schools in Georgia Offering ADN Programs

After a close assessment of 64 Nursing Schools in Georgia approved by the Georgia Board of Nursing, we have shortlisted the best schools for Associate Degree programs in Nursing.

#11. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

  • Founded: 2010
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 79%
  • Location: 4089 Val Tech Rd, Valdosta, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants. 

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College is one of the schools with nursing programs that lasts for 2 years. 

This makes it one of the top-ranking RN programs in Georgia. At Wiregrass, students graduate with an associate degree.

However, keep in mind that you will only be admitted into Wiregrass if you’re certified as a nurse technician. 

#12. Chattahoochee Technical College.

  • Founded: 1963
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Location: 980 S Cobb Dr SE, Marietta, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants.

If you’re looking for nursing programs that last for 2 years in Georgia then Chattahoochee technical college deserves a second look.

Chattahoochee Technical College is one of the nursing schools in Georgia where you can earn an associate degree in nursing. 

It’s open to licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and students who have no previous experience as working nurses. 

#13. College of Coastal Georgia.

  • Founded: 1961
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 95.9%
  • Location: 1 College Dr, Brunswick, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants.

Nursing programs at the College of Coastal Georgia last for 2 years though they do not offer online programs.

Even though the college offers 2-year programs in nursing, they also offer a 4-year baccalaureate in nursing and an RN to BSN degree. 

#14. Gwinnett Technical College.

  • Founded: 1984
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Location: 5150 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants.

At Gwinnett Technical College student nurses can enroll in an associate degree, registered nursing, and the traditional nursing program.

None of the nursing programs at this Georgia University is online; however, they are accelerated programs that can end in six semesters.

Students can be sure of hands-on practicals in skills labs and clinical practicums. 

#15. Gordon State College 

  • Founded: 1852
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 78.8%
  • Location: 419 College Dr, Barnesville, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants.

Gordon State College is one of the schools affiliated with Georgia’s University System.

At Gordon State College, nursing students can become registered nurses by taking the 3-year associate degree option and a 4-year baccalaureate option.

Here, students’ clinical rotations take place in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, and community agencies.

#16. Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College.

  • Founded: 1908
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 76%
  • Location: 2802 Moore Hwy, Tifton, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants.

Agricultural College? 

Yes, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College is one of the schools with the best nursing programs in Atlanta Georgia.

This school is ideal for nursing students who are licensed practical nurses, registered paramedics, and respiratory therapists who want to make a career switch.

Keep in mind that most of the programs in this Georgia nursing school last for 2 years except for the traditional associate degree which takes six semesters to complete. 

#17. Middle Georgia State University.

  • Founded: 2013
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 99%
  • Location: 100 University Pkwy, Macon, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants.

You can get an Associate Nursing Degree at Middle Georgia State University in 2 years. 

Students get to work with other health care team members on providing quality care that improves patients’ health outcomes. 

Also, they work in skills labs before advancing for clinical rotations at local health care facilities.

#18. South Georgia State College

  • Founded: 1906
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Location: 100 W College Park Dr, Douglas, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants. 

At South Georgia State College in Douglas, nursing students are engaged in programs that give them clinical skills professional for the nursing environment. 

Basically, you can do either the traditional ASN program or the LPN-RN bridge program. 

Student nurses gain experiential learning from skills in labs and clinical practicums in hospitals etc.

#19. Georgia Highlands College 

  • Founded: 1970
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Location: 3175 Cedartown Hwy, Rome, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants.

Georgia Highlands College is one of the best nursing schools in Georgia. 

Georgia Highlands College aims at producing students who are competent for entry-level jobs upon graduation.

The nursing programs at Georgia Highlands College last for 2 years in which students in the accelerated programs have the option of attending school part-time.

#20. Columbus Technical College Division of Health Sciences & Nursing.

  • Founded: 1961
  • School Status: Public
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Location: 928 Manchester Expy, Columbus, GA.
  • Financial Aid Available: Scholarships and Grants.

The Division of Health Sciences & Nursing is the major field of study at Columbus Technical College in Columbus. Both the regular associate degree in nursing and the bridge degree for students who are already licensed LPNs need the completion of 70 semester hours.

Students can hone their bedside skills at the Robert L. Wright, Jr. Health Sciences Center, which is furnished with hospital technology that replicates real-world clinical conditions.

This Georgia nursing school also maintains links with Columbus State University and Troy University, allowing Columbus Technical College graduates who want to continue working for their BSNs to do so.

Stats on Georgia Nurses

Georgia has the sixth-lowest concentration of nurses in the country. It also falls short of the national average for nurse practitioners. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the state will add 2,300 new RN jobs each year.

APRN positions as nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and nurse anesthetists will also grow at a rate of 290 a year to supplement the 4,000 or so experts working in 2012.

Take a look at the charts below to see what the wage projection is for RNs and APRNs in Georgia.

Top-Paying Areas for RNs in Georgia

Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta$31.79$66,120
Hinesville-Fort Stewart$31.26$65,010
Augusta-Richmond County GA-SC$31.16$64,810
Athens-Clarke County$28.94$60,190
Columbus GA-AL$28.18$58,620
North Georgia nonmetropolitan area$28.04$58,320
Warner Robins$27.28$56,730

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014

Georgia vs. National Numbers


Registered Nurse$52,630$62,520$72,520$0$54,620$66,640$81,080
Certified Nurse Midwife$81,390$91,650$104,350$0$82,580$96,970$114,090
Nurse Anesthetist$111,840$136,840$162,920$0$132,380$153,780$181,860
Nurse Practitioner$77,930$89,920$103,730$0$82,720$95,350$113,470

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 201 



Registered Nurse68,0102,687,310
Certified Nurse Midwife2605,110
Nurse Anesthetist80036,590
Nurse Practitioner3,460122,050


Registered Nurse75,3803,238,400
Certified Nurse Midwife3807,700
Nurse Anesthetist67043,900
Nurse Practitioner5,010147,300

AVG. ANNUAL OPENINGS (2012 – 2022)

Registered Nurse2,300105,260
Certified Nurse Midwife20290
Nurse Anesthetist301,560
Nurse Practitioner2405,850

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014 and Projections Central

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Nursing Schools in Georgia

What is the Easiest Nursing School to get into in Georgia?

Nursing schools in Georgia have high acceptance rates compared to the Best Nursing Schools in New York.

However, the easiest nursing school to get into in Georgia is Georgia Gwinnett College—Lawrenceville, GA with an acceptance rate of nearly 100%.

How Long Does It Take To Become a RN in Georgia?

Generally, it takes 2-4 years to become a Registered Nurse in Georgia. However, the duration depends on the degree type (ADN or BSN).

How Much Does Nursing School Cost in Georgia?

The cost of nursing school tuition in Georgia depends on the degree and school you are applying to.

A master’s degree program for the nurse anesthetist costs ~$57,000 for residents students. Same program costs $108,000 for international students.

How Much Is The NCLEX in Georgia?

NCLEX-RN exam costs $200 for registration.

How Do I Apply For the NCLEX in Georgia?

To apply for NCLEX RN licensing in Georgia here is what to do;

  • Do a background check registration at http://www.ga.cogentid.com). 
  • Register with Pearson. Pearson administers the NCLEX-RN exam http://www.pearsonvue.com/nclex.

What disqualifies you from being a nurse in Georgia?

In Georgia, the Board of Nursing can refuse to grant a license to an applicant, revoke the license of a licensed nurse, and discipline a licensed nurse upon a finding by the Board that the applicant or licensee has been convicted of a felony or any crime involving moral turpitude.

How many hours can a nurse legally work in a day in Georgia?

Prohibits mandatory overtime and provides a penalty for any violations (2004). This prevents nurses from working more than 16 hours in a 24-hour period. It also requires eight consecutive hours off after a shift of 12 hours or more before the nurse can lawfully return to work. Prohibits mandatory overtime (2002).

How Much Do LPNs Make in Georgia?

Depending on your location in Georgia, the salary of LPNs would differ. 

In Atlanta, LPNs $51,850 (or $24.93 per hour).

How Much Does A New RN Make in Georgia?

A newly-licensed RN in Georgia earns $53,075 a year on average, or $25.52 an hour.

Who Issues Nursing licenses in Georgia?

The license to practice nursing in Georgia is issued by the Georgia Board of Nursing by the Georgia Secretary of State.

We hope you found this article helpful in helping you pick the best nursing school from promising Georgia.

You can chase this dream even if you don’t have enough finances to fund it. 

All you have to do is apply to any of these 21+ Nursing Scholarships for International Students . Also, check out the Easiest Nursing Schools to Get Into

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