21+ Affordable Nursing Schools in Arizona to get into 2022.

Nursing Schools in Arizona: The cost of nursing schools in Phoenix largely depends on accredited programs in your preferred community college.

It’s no longer news that nurses are hotcakes in all the cities and continents of the world. Also, with the consistent rise in the need to combat existing and emerging health problems, the need for nurses and other medical personnel keep rising.

Therefore with that, we give you thoroughly researched hands-on information on the best nursing schools in Arizona that can groom you for the task ahead.


The quality of nurse you will become depends on the college that trains you. 

Therefore in this guide, we have put together the best nursing schools in phoenix, Arizona, and the cost of studying nursing. 

Beyond that, we have ensured that only the accredited nursing schools in Arizona make the list. This is so because without accreditation you will not be able to practice as a registered nurse in Arizona.

Also, we have also ensured you come to terms with the nursing programs in an Arizona community college. 

Furthermore, keep in mind that each of the schools you find in this list has its own benefits and drawbacks. So, we often recommend you make a choice based on your academic needs.

Also, visit the school website for details on the requirements and further information.

Allow me to give you quality information in a few seconds.


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Studying Nursing in Arizona

One of the states in the United States where you can be sure of having a good experience studying nursing is Arizona.

Although the temperature in the city can be hot, there is so much better that makes Arizona a city that you will enjoy as a student.

Also, you can be sure of plenty of affordable housing which is great for students due to the cost of nursing schools in Phoenix, Arizona.

Before you talk of having a career in nursing in Arizona you must first have to go to school. A bachelor’s degree for a start is a great choice. 

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Overview of Nursing Schools in Arizona.

Arizona has a total of 32 nursing schools scattered across the city. 11 of these universities or schools are accredited by CCNE while the remaining 23 are ACEN accredited. Out of the 32 nursing schools, 10 are private schools and 22 are public schools.

Nursing programs in an Arizona community college range between RN, ADN, BSN, and some bridge programs. 

Arizona is the city to apply to if you want to go for online nursing programs. This is so because many schools for busting in Phoenix Arizona offer online programs.

Also, the cost of tuition for nursing schools in Arizona is very friendly. An RN program in Arizona will cost you between $2,662.00 and $20,084.00 per year. 

Courses like the ADN will take between 18 to 24 months to complete, while BSN programs will take 4 years to complete.

Also, following the structure of Arizona nursing colleges, student nurses are likely to pass their NCLEX Exam. The average passing rate in Arizona is between 85.50% and 96.69% for ADN, and 87.06% and 93.49% for BSN students.

What Cities in Arizona House The Best Nursing Schools?

Most of the best nursing schools in Arizona are found in cities such as;

  • Chandler.
  • Coolidge.
  • Douglas.
  • Kingman.
  • Mesa.
  • Phoenix.
  • Prescott.
  • Scottsdale.
  • Tempe.
  • Tucson.

Are Nurses in High Demand in Phoenix Arizona?

Nurses will always be in high demand due to the increase in the need for quality healthcare services which has become a global concern.

In Arizona, nurses are employed in different healthcare settings including for home services. It’s rare to find a nurse out of a job in Arizona.

Registered Nurses (RN) in Arizona expect favorable job growth of 15% between 2016 to 2026.

Also, Arizona also has more nurses per capita than other states in the area, such as California and Texas.

Once you have the right requirements and license, you are sure to get a nursing job in Arizona.

How Much Do Nurses Earn in Arizona?

Nurses have different ranks and specializations that determine how much they earn as a salary. 

Registered nurses earn differently from nurses with a BSN degree or an associate degree. 

However, following the report made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nurses in Arizona on the average earn $80,380 as an annual wage.

However, registered nurses in Arizona earn between $52,080 to $111,220 a year.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Nursing School in Arizona.

You do not make a choice of nursing school because everyone says it’s the best.

Your personal taste may differ from theirs. Therefore, it’s ideal that you consider as many factors as possible when making a choice of school in Arizona.

Arizona has a handful of good nursing schools, many of which rank high in most university rankings.

Just before you take that plunge, here are the factors to consider prior to choosing your nursing school in Arizona:

  • Tuition cost.
  • NCLEX pass rate.
  • Available nursing programs.
  • The university’s acceptance rate.
  • The acceptance rate of the nursing program.
  • The school must be accredited (regional and national) 

Who Is In Charge of Nursing School Accreditation in Arizona?

If a nursing school is not accredited, it’s better you do not apply.

Also, student nurses who complete their studies at a non-accredited university will not be able to sit for the NCLEX nor will they be able to find a job.

In Phoenix Arizona, organizations in charge of accrediting nursing schools are 

  • The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).
  • The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

How Do I Apply To Nursing Schools in Arizona?

Applying to nursing schools in Arizona requires you to be tactful in your application.

 Besides having the right requirements, it’s ideal you structure your application in a way that captivates the admission committee of any school.

Once you’ve made a choice of institution, the next step is to begin your applications.

Here’s how you can go about applying to nursing schools in Arizona;

  • Contact the admissions office at each school you’re interested in. 
  • Find out what their standards are and yeh requirements for each course application.
  • Enquire about the nursing program requirements for admission.
  • Ready all the documents and monetary requirements you need to apply. 
    • Get 2 letters of recommendation.
    • High school transcript. 
  • Then, send in your application and wait for their response.

Other additional requirements may apply depending on the school of nursing you’re applying to in Arizona.

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Top Nursing Schools in Arizona to get into 2022.

Here is a detailed guide on nursing community colleges in Arizona. We consider these to be the best schools in Arizona, ranked in no particular order.

#1. School of Nursing Northern Arizona University.

  • Founded: 1899.
  • School Status: Public.
  • Acceptance Rate: 82%.
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 91.03%.
  • Annual In-State Tuition: $10,390.
  • Location: S San Francisco St, Flagstaff, AZ.

NAU School of nursing is one of the nursing schools in Arizona you should apply to if you’re looking for online and accelerated programs.

The school offers BSN and bridge programs in which student nurses will get certified in four and a half years.

Also, nursing students at the School of Nursing at Northern Arizona University in their 9 semesters of study can study and still carry out clinical rotations across the northern part of Arizona. 

#2. Arizona College of Nursing.

  • Founded: 1899.
  • School Status: Public.
  • Acceptance Rate: 89.5%.
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 80%.
  • Annual In-State Tuition: $18,880.
  • Location: 8363 W Sunset Rd Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV.

Arizona College of Nursing does not have online programs nor do they offer an accelerated nursing program. However, there are a lot of accredited bridge nursing programs in the Arizona community college.

The good thing about this nursing school is that it has other extensions across multiple states.

Although the school does not offer accelerated programs, its BSN program lasts for just 3 years.

Also many apply to Arizona College of Nursing due to its affordable tuition which is lower than other nursing schools in phoenix, Arizona.

#3. Arizona State University

  • Founded: 1885.
  • School Status: Public.
  • Acceptance Rate: 88%.
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 92.83%.
  • Annual In-State Tuition: $10,104.
  • Location: Tempe and Phoenix Arizona.

Arizona State University has multiple locations, one in Tempe and the other in phoenix.

At Arizona State University, student nurses get to choose the traditional way of on-campus learning or go online if the distance is a barrier.

Also, nursing students at ASU have four options to earn a BSN degree all options at affordable tuition.

#4. Grand Canyon University College Of Nursing And Healthcare Professions.

  • Founded: 1949.
  • School Status: Private.
  • Acceptance Rate: 81%.
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 98.2%.
  • Annual In-State Tuition: $16,500.
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona, U.S

Grand Canyon University is one of those universities committed to giving quality education. 

If you’re considering online nursing programs in Arizona, Grand Canyon University is worth a second look.

Usually, the nursing courses offered in GCU are the traditional BSN and the online bridge program RN to BSN.

Keep in mind that courses do not have a waiting line for acceptance into the program.

Besides the quality of education, Grand Canyon University has a lovely educational environment. Also, the tuition cost remains the same for all students, residents, and international students.

#5. University of Phoenix

  • Founded: 1976.
  • School Status: Private.
  • Acceptance Rate: Not Specified
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: Not Specified
  • Annual In-State Tuition: $9,464.
  • Location: 4035 S Riverpoint Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ.

The University of Phoenix is one of the accredited nursing schools in Phoenix Arizona that have an affordable tuition cost that is not affected by residency.

The Arizona community college: the University of Phoenix offers its nursing programs as well as every other course online.

Because they offer their courses online, a traditional BSN program isn’t possible. Although their courses are online, the University of Phoenix does offer an online RN to BSN bridge program for registered nurses.

#6. Pima Medical Institute

  • Founded: 1972.
  • School Status: Private
  • Acceptance Rate: Not Specified
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: Not Specified.
  • Annual In-State Tuition: $13,377.
  • Location: 1771 4th Ave, Chula Vista, CA. Founded in Tucson, Arizona.

Pima Medical Institute is one of the accredited nursing schools in Arizona. 

At Pima Medical Institute, nursing students can enroll in an online BSN program, and bridge programs such as RN to BSN program for students who are already registered nurses.

Nursing schools such as Pima Medical Institute in Arizona have an affordable cost which is the same for all students.

Before enrollment, keep in mind that Pima Medical Institute does not offer a traditional BSN

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#7. The University of Arizona

  • Founded: 1885.
  • School Status: Public.
  • Acceptance Rate: 85%.
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 96.30%.
  • Annual In-State Tuition: $11,077.
  • Location: Tucson, AZ 85721, United States

If you’re looking for an accredited nursing school in Arizona that offers both traditional, online, accelerated and bridge programs, you should consider the University of Arizona in your list of schools.

The University of Arizona’s BSN program is one of the top-rated with a high NCLEX pass rate and low tuition.

However, know that getting into the University of Arizona is highly competitive, especially for the BSN programs. 

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#8. Glendale Community College

  • Founded: 1899.
  • School Status: Public.
  • Acceptance Rate: Not Specified
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: Not Specified.
  • Annual In-State Tuition: $2,720.
  • Location: 1500 N Verdugo Rd, Glendale, CA.

Nursing programs in this Arizona community college are not just accredited, but also, Glendale is one of the best nursing schools with low cost tuition.

Glendale Community College does not offer a BSN rather you’re likely to find an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) program in nursing. 

#9. Carrington College-Phoenix

  • Founded: 1967.
  • School Status: Private
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%.
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 78%.
  • Annual In-State Tuition: $23,906.
  • Location: 2149 W Dunlap Ave #103, Phoenix, AZ. 

When it comes to the cost of nursing schools in Arizona, Carrington College-Phoenix is on the high side. 

With its three campuses in Mesa, Phoenix, and Tucson Arizona, students have campus options for the RN degree program. 

The RN degree program is a two-year program but the BSN lasts for 4 years. 

#10. Cochise College

  • Founded: 1964.
  • School Status: Public.
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%.
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 93.9%.
  • Annual In-State Tuition: $1,896.
  • Location: 901 Colombo Ave, Sierra Vista, AZ. 

Before applying to Cochise College keep in mind that the Arizona community college is one of the nursing schools that do not offer BSN programs.

However, it can pass as one of the nursing schools with an affordable tuition cost and many available scholarships. 

Cochise College is a best fit for nursing students interested in AAS in nursing which lasts for a two-years. 

#11. Chamberlain University

  • Founded: 1889.
  • School Status: Private.
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%.
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 91.67%.
  • Annual In-State Tuition: $10,390.
  • Location: 2149 West Dunlap Ave., , AZ. 

Nursing programs offered at this Arizona community college include Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Educator, Nursing Administration, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nursing.

Majorly this institution is open for students who want to study Bachelor, and MSN programs.

Chamberlain University focuses on graduating healthcare professionals who will significantly impact the global healthcare scenario.

#12. Maricopa Nursing – Scottsdale Community College

  • Founded: 1970.
  • School Status: Public.
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%.
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 97.43%.
  • Annual In-State Tuition: $10,390.
  • Location: 9000 E Chaparral Rd, Scottsdale, AZ. 

At Maricopa Nursing – Scottsdale Community College, students can enroll for a Registered Nursing program to earn an Associate degree.

One benefit of applying for the Scottsdale Community College nursing programs is the opportunity for students to study using the latest technology.

#13. Maricopa Nursing – Estrella Mountain Community College.

  • Founded: 1992.
  • School Status: Public.
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%.
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 97.02%.
  • Annual In-State Tuition: Not Specified.
  • Location: 3000 N Dysart Rd, Avondale, AZ. 

Maricopa Nursing – Estrella Mountain Community College is one of the nursing schools in Arizona that offers Registered Nursing where students can earn an Associate degree.

Here student nurses learn the practical, technical, and clinical skills required to become a registered nurses.

#14. Maricopa Nursing – Mesa Community College.

  • Founded:-
  • School Status: Public.
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%.
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 96.31%.
  • Annual In-State Tuition: Not Specified.
  • Location: 1833 W Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ.

Earned an associate degree in Registered Nursing from the Maricopa Nursing – Mesa Community College. 

At Maricopa Nursing – Mesa Community College students in the RN program may also enroll in the Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP).

#15. Maricopa Nursing – Paradise Valley Community College.

  • Founded: -.
  • School Status: Public.
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%.
  • NCLEX Pass Rate: 96.04%.
  • Annual In-State Tuition: Not Specified.
  • Location: 18401 N 32nd St, Phoenix AZ.

Paradise Valley Community College is one of the nursing schools in Phoenix Arizona..

This college is interested in creating an inclusive learning environment that promotes positive learning for nursing students.

Other Good Nursing Schools in Arizona

  • Central Arizona College
  • Northland Pioneer College
  • Coconino Community College
  • Maricopa Nursing – Glendale Community College
  • Maricopa Nursing – Gateway Community College

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How Do I Get a License to Practice as a Nurse in Arizona?

A registered nursing license in Arizona is an easy merry-go-round because there are few requirements for such a process.

To get your nursing in Arizona, here are what you need to do;

  • Complete a BSN program.
  • Take and pass the NCLEX.
  • Complete a criminal background check.
  • Complete the Arizona nursing application.

What Are The Key Factors That Affect the Cost of Tuition for Nursing Schools in Arizona?

The tuition cost of nursing schools in Arizona differ based on the factors we have researched and listed below;

  • Transfer credits.
  • Financial aid awards.
  • Completed competency exams.
  • Amount of credits taken per year.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Schools in Arizona.

Accredited nursing schools in arizona
Accredited nursing schools in arizona

How Long Is The Waiting List For Nursing School in Arizona?

The accredited nursing programs in Arizona community college have a placement waiting list of about 7-8 semesters. 

How Long Does It Take To Get an Arizona Nursing license?

Usually, after you submit your fingerprint card you will be issued a permanent license which takes up to 6-8 weeks.

Does Arizona College of Nursing offer night classes?

Yes, Arizona College of Nursing offers night classes for their students.

Usually, students enrolled in the BSN degree program start with an evening general education course. 

What GPA Do You Need To Get Into ASU Nursing?

You need a GPA of 3.80 out of 4.00 to get into the ASU Nursing program.

What is a Temporary Nursing License in Arizona?

A Temporary Nursing License in Arizona is a 48 Hour Emergency Temporary License available to RNs and LPNs who have an active, unencumbered license in another state. 

How Do I Become An LNA in Arizona?

To become an LNA in Arizona you need to follow the process;

  • Visit the nursing Board for an application form because there are no online, downloadable applications.
  • Complete the application form.
  • Pay the application fee worth $100.00.
  • Provide a completed fingerprint card

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How Long Does An Arizona Nursing License Last?

RN/LPN Renewal of licensure is when you hold an Arizona license and apply to renew the license every 4 years.

That means you get to renew your nursing license in Arizona every 4 years.

How Do I Take the NCLEX Exam in Arizona?

To take the NCLEX exam here’s what to do;

  • Register to take the NCLEX exam.
  • Apply for Licensure online via the Pearson VUE website or physically. 

What Does The Arizona State Board of Nursing do?

The Arizona State Board of Nursing focuses on protecting and promoting the welfare of the public by ensuring that each person holding a nursing license or certificate is competent to practice safely.

How Many Times Can I Take Nclex in Arizona?

In Arizona, you may take NCLEX® as many times as you want to successfully pass. 

However, if at the time of licensure, it has been over 2 years since you finished the clinical portion of your nursing program, you will be mandated to take and pass a nurse refresher course.

How Long Will It Take To Get NCLEX Results In Arizona?

NCLEX Exam results are six weeks after you write the exam.

You can access the result from your nursing regulatory body (NRB). 

Do not call Pearson VUE NCLEX Candidate Services, the test centers, or NCSBN for exam results.

We are sure a study in Arizona will be a memorable one. You can also consider the Best Nursing Schools in California as well as the Best Nursing Schools in Dallas, Texas.

If you ever consider doing Medicine, check out the Medical Schools That Don’t Require MCAT| Complete Guide 2022.

Also, enrolling in the Easiest Nursing Schools to Get Into In 2022 | Complete Guide will need to secure some of the 21+ Nursing Scholarships for International Students in Canada in 2022 

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