19 New Zealand jobs for American Citizens in 2023 | Application Guide

New Zealand jobs for Americans: If you are an American citizen looking for a way to find high-paying jobs in New Zealand, then this comprehensive guide is what you need.

More than ever, getting jobs in New Zealand is now simpler.

But you still need someone to put you through the simpler ways of achieving this.


In this article, you will learn everything you need to know that will help you, as an American citizen, to get a job in New Zealand. 

Also, you will find convincing reasons that will make you want to jump on these opportunities immediately. 

But first, we need to know whether it is possible for an American citizen to apply and get jobs in New Zealand.

From there, we’ll ride down to how to get jobs in New Zealand as an American citizen. 

After that, we’ll get into our best list of jobs in New Zealand available for American Citizens. 

Let’s get started.

Can a US citizen work in New Zealand?

Absolutely, YES! As a citizen of the United States of America, you can live and work in New Zealand.


There are jobs available in New Zealand for both American Citizens and people from other countries.

There are several ways of getting jobs in New Zealand as an American citizen. 

You can choose to apply for a work visa, become a permanent resident, apply through recruitment portals or get a working holiday visa.

Keep reading to get the full details of how each of these methods works.

You can follow any of the processes above to secure a job in New Zealand and make money for yourself.

Why work in New Zealand as an American Citizen?

If you are reading this article just to know whether New Zealand is a good place for an American citizen to find jobs then here are some convincing reasons for you.

Just to be fair, I am not going to provide the benefits alone.

It is best that you weigh the pros and cons of working in New Zealand by yourself so that you can make a decision that suits you.

Here are the pros of working in New Zealand:

  • New Zealand is a beautiful country with lots of beautiful scenes that will blow your mind.
  • Also, the country has great weather.
  • New Zealand has a very low crime rate so it is one of the safest places for an American citizen to find jobs.
  • The country is not as crowded as many other countries so there is a free flow of traffic almost everywhere. 
  • In New Zealand, everyone is treated equally. There is no division by class even though the income gap is very large.

What are the cons of working in New Zealand?

  • New Zealand is the den of mosquitoes and sandflies
  • Because of the exposure to UV rays piercing through a hole in the ozone layer over New Zealand, there is a high risk of having sunburn and skin cancer.
  • The bustling lifestyle that young students love is not common in New Zealand.
  • The cost of dental treatment is very high even though healthcare is subsidized in New Zealand. 
  • Also, the cost of housing in places like Auckland is very high.

How can I get jobs in New Zealand as an American Citizen?

As stated earlier, you can get a job in New Zealand as an American citizen by applying for a work visa, becoming a permanent resident, applying through recruitment portals or get a working holiday visa.

Any of the options you chose are legal and achievable.

#1. Work visa:

Getting a work visa is one way to get jobs in New Zealand as an American citizen.

But for you to get a work visa, you need to first get a job.

I guess you are already asking “how can I get a job in New Zealand when I am not there?”

Well, thanks to the internet, there are tons of job websites that list New Zealand jobs that you can apply for.

Once the employer hires you, you can move on with the other application process to get the work visa.

#2. Resident work visa:

A resident work visa gives you the opportunity to work in New Zealand as a full resident who has the right to explore public services of the country for as long as possible.

Moreover, you become eligible to apply for a Residence from Work Visa after 24 months of having a Work to Residence Visa.

But, you will have to be aged 55 or below to be eligible.

You can also apply as a skilled migrant.

Here, your age, work experience, qualification, as well as a skilled employment offer will determine if you are an eligible candidate.

#3. Temporary/working holiday visa:

A temporary or working holiday visa permits you to work in New Zealand for a specified period of time.

The Working Holiday Visa can only be accessible by people that are aged between 18-35 years.

With this visa, you can work for up to 12-23 months in New Zealand.

Subsequently, upon working in New Zealand on a temporary basis, you can apply to become a permanent resident of the country.

#4. Through recruitment companies 

The final option that you have for getting jobs in New Zealand as an American citizen is through recruitment companies.

There are many of these recruitment companies in New Zealand.

These recruitment companies exist to help employers to screen job applicants before they are hired.

Some of these recruitment companies are good at selecting general jobs, specialist jobs, and some other industry-specific jobs.

Also, there are other options that are available to help immigrants, US citizens, students, people with disabilities, and old people to get jobs in New Zealand.

Although, after getting the job, it is the duty of the employer to help you to process your visa.

As an American citizen, you can apply for jobs through these recruitment companies.

You are permitted to register with as many recruitment companies as you wish.

When you get employed, it is your employer that will pay these agents, thereby letting you off that responsibility.

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#5. Direct contact

Here is a bonus tip for you.

You have a good chance of getting a job in New Zealand when you contact the employing organisation directly.

Apparently, because not all jobs are advertised.

Contacting those organisations will give you an upper hand because they always get impressed by such actions.

This can be done through phone calls or sending emails.

It is not just exclusive to organisations that do not advertise, other organisations that advertise will also be pleased with your approach.

They may not necessarily need your services, but may refer you to other organisations, or render professional services according to your skills.

Always remember to check the time difference between your home country and New Zealand before making that call.

This will enable you to call at the right working hours.

Calling an organisation can be done through audio or video (if given access).

A face-to-face interview can be very significant in getting a job.

What are the job opportunities for American citizens in New Zealand?

There is never a bad time to apply for a job in New Zealand as an American citizen.

Having the right skills and professional experience is what you need to get a job in New Zealand.

Annually, New Zealand will always employ both citizens and foreigners, American citizens inclusive.

Most of the jobs that will need employment are of highly skilled professions.

As much as it is true that there are mostly job openings for specialists in professional fields like engineers and IT, employers also seek applicants in general fields like business administrators, managers etc.

That said, below is a list of the best jobs available for Americans in New Zealand.

New zealand jobs for foreigners 2021: List of top New Zealand jobs for Americans

#1. Become an American diplomat in New Zealand.

The first New Zealand jobs for Americans on our list is becoming an American Diplomat. Thus, If you have an interest in becoming an American diplomat in New Zealand, then this is for you.

About two times every year, you have the opportunity of getting a job at the US embassy in Wellington and the U.S. Consulate General in Auckland.

These U.S. embassies offer the Foreign Service Officer Test a minimum of two times per year and that gives you the opportunity to work in New Zealand. 

Learn more here.

#2. Agricultural jobs:

The agricultural sector is one of New Zealand’s most important sectors and it is one that provide New Zealand jobs for Americans.

As an American citizen with experience in farming and the agricultural industry, you can apply for agricultural jobs in New Zealand. 

Here, you don’t need to spend so much as there will be accommodation for you and you will receive wages for your work.

Find the current agricultural listing here.

#3. Become a ski instructor:

Are you an American citizen and a professional skier? 

If so, then you can turn your talent into money by taking this ski instructor job in Nee Zealand.

Even if you are not a professional skier but you have a passion for skiing, then you can take the ski instructor courses and become a certified ski instructor. 

There are immediate employment opportunities for you as a ski instructor in New Zealand.

Learn more here.

#4. Office Administrator at Southern Cross Flutes:

If you have an interest in managing a small creative team that has a large customer base, then this is for you.

Southern Cross Flutes is an artisan business that sells handcrafted wooden Native American Style Flutes.

Their customers are from all over the world and you’d enjoy working here.

This can be a part-time job for you while you earn $20 – $29.99 per hour.

Learn more about this job here.

#5. Work as a digital project manager:

Work full-time in Canterbury, Christchurch with TimeZoneOne (TZO).

This job opportunity is open to American citizens who are in the Information & Communication Technology field with experience in programming and Project Management. 

All you have to do is to indicate your right to work in New Zealand if you are a foreigner in The country.

Learn more about this opportunity here.

#6. Cybersecurity consultant with Fiserv:

If you have experience working as a cybersecurity expert, then this job opening in New Zealand is for you.

Fiserv is a Fortune 500 company that thrives in providing fintech as well as payment enabling solutions.

This job is a full-time job in Auckland, Auckland Central.

To qualify for this job, you need a Bachelor’s degree or a high school completion certificate. 

Learn more here.

#7. Chef de partie at Burger Geek:

Are you a cook? Do you love to do all the magical wonders with food? 

If yes, then working as a chef in New Zealand won’t be a bad idea at all.

Earn between $22 – $25 per hour working in a kitchen with great people, creating American smash burgers.

Apply here.

#8. Classic & Custom Vehicle Technician:

If you are a craftsman with a keen eye for designs, then Automotive Employment (NZ) Ltd needs you.

Join a team of amazing vehicle technicians in Auckland, Manukau & East Auckland.

Here, you will be milling, lathing, fabricating and assembling various vehicle parts to produce classic and custom vehicles.

See details here.

#9. Healthcare Jobs:

Working in the healthcare sector is yet one of numerous New Zealand jobs for Americans. There is a high demand for healthcare workers in New Zealand to meet the OECD average. 

Because of this high demand, American citizens are welcome to apply for healthcare jobs in New Zealand.

There is a need for more doctors, midwives, surgeons and 36 other healthcare occupations.

These job openings are available in both public and private healthcare facilities.

So, if you are a healthcare worker and an American citizen, then you can fit into one of the available positions.

Learn more here.

#10. Senior Communications and Marketing Adviser – Centres of Asia-Pacific Excellence (CAPE):

Another New Zealand jobs for Americans on our list is working as a senior communications and marketing adviser, you will be driving business, education and public communications at the Victoria University of Wellington.

Also, you will be contributing to the development of Asia Pacific knowledge and language skills in New Zealand.

As a result, you will be preparing New Zealand to do business and engage with the Asia Pacific region.

This job opportunity in New Zealand is available to American citizens who have a flair for marketing and public relations.

Learn more about this job here.

#11. Mathematics teacher:

Teachers are not left out in the scheme of jobs, this is another New Zealand jobs for Americans you need to consider.

If you are a proficient mathematics teacher with the ability to inspire students, then you may have found yourself a job in New Zealand already.

There’s a job opening for a mathematics teacher in Aquinas College 183 Pyes Pa Road, Tauranga 3173.

You can learn more about this opportunity here.

The best jobs for foreigners in New Zealand

One of the new zealand jobs for foreigners is Software engineering. it is one of the most popular computer-related fields, and it’s also one of the best jobs for foreigners.

There are two routes to take here: software development in-house, or working in the start-up sector as part of a company that designs, builds, and sells software.

As the field has blossomed, there are plenty of openings in Auckland, Wellington, and Dunedin.

If you’re considering moving to the South Island, then have a look at the following areas: Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill, Queenstown, Rotorua and Taupo.

Art New Zealand is the most art-friendly country in the world, and it is home to an impressive list of galleries, museums, festivals, etc.


If you are an American citizen considering getting a job in New Zealand, this guide is what you need.

Having gone through this guide, I believe you now know the pros and cons of getting a job in New Zealand. 

Also, you have learned how to get jobs in New Zealand as an American citizen. 

To help other American citizens who are looking for jobs in New Zealand, please share this article.


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