Middlebury College Acceptance Rate 2023 | Admissions, Requirements, & How to Apply

Middlebury College has a very competitive admissions pool with a low acceptance rate and high average SAT/ACT scores.  However, Middlebury has a holistic admissions process that includes factors other than your grades and test scores. 

A strong essay and strong letters of recommendation can strengthen your application, as can meaningful extracurricular activities and a rigorous course schedule. 

Students with particularly compelling stories or accomplishments may still receive serious consideration even if their grades and scores fall outside of Middlebury’s range.


Why Choose Middlebury College?

Middlebury College in Vermont, one of the most respected liberal arts colleges in the United States, aims to create a person who is socially and intellectually prepared for the world. 

The school has a high level of global thinking and language skills in such a rural location, and there is an increasing focus on creativity and entrepreneurship.

By teaching students to develop communication, writing, creativity and critical thinking skills, the school allows you to develop these skills in whatever subject or subjects you enjoy most. 

The needs and choices of students are a high priority for the administration, and there is institutional support for any absurd idea you can think of.

The professors, in general, are truly first-rate; they are not only brilliant scholars but also experienced teachers and classroom leaders.  They come here because they want to teach students and do research; Middlebury expects both; most professors deliver. 

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Is It Hard To Get Into Middlebury College?

If you want to get in, the first thing to look at is the acceptance rate.  This shows how competitive the school is and how serious its requirements are.  Middlebury acceptance rate is 13.4%.  For every 100 applicants, only 15 are admitted.


This means that the school is extremely selective.  Meeting the GPA and SAT/ACT requirements is very important to pass the first round of filters and prove your academic preparation.  If you don’t meet their expectations, your chance of getting in is almost zero.

Once you clear that hurdle, you’ll need to impress Middlebury’s application readers with other application requirements, including extracurricular, essays, and letters of recommendation.

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What Is Middlebury College Acceptance Rate 2023?

Middlebury acceptance rate is 13% for students enrolled in Fall 2021.  A total of 11,906 students applied and 1,548 were accepted to the school.  Considering the acceptance rate, getting into Middlebury is very difficult. 

The yield rate, also known as the enrollment rate, is 42% with 650 students enrolled out of 1,548 accepted. The average SAT score is 1455 and the ACT score is 33 at Middlebury.

To apply to Middlebury, entrance exam scores are considered but not required, and a letter of recommendation(s) must be submitted. For the 2021-2022 academic year, the acceptance rate is 13.00%, and the exit rate is 41.99%. 

5,149 men and 6,757 women applied to Middlebury, and 772 men and 811 women were accepted. Of these, 324 men and 349 women are enrolled in the school (autumn 2021). 

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What Is Middlebury Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Middlebury transfer acceptance rate is 9%.  According to Middlebury College, the school accepted 263 transfer applicants and offered admission to 24 of them.  As such, only 9% of the school’s population are transfer students, making it one of the most competitive transfer schools in the United States.

Middlebury enrols a limited number of transfer students in September and February based on space availability.

Applicants who have been or are currently enrolled as full-time students at another college or university must apply as transfer students.

  Most sophomores or first-semester students are enrolled in their sophomore year, and preference is given to those students who have completed at least one full year of college at the time of admission. 

A high school record is very important and applicants must be in good standing at their current college.  If your college does not issue grades, you must submit a written teacher evaluation.

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Acceptance Rate by Major

Middlebury currently enrols approximately 2,500 undergraduate students in 44 majors ranging from arts and humanities to social sciences and natural sciences. 

Middlebury was one of the first colleges in the country to become coeducational and was the first American college to award a degree to an African-American student.  This strong history of diversity continues to be a point of pride and a cornerstone of the college’s culture.

  • Econometrics and Quantitative Economics15%
  • Computer Science8%
  • Political Science and Government, General6%
  • Environmental Studies6%
  • Neuroscience4%

Middlebury College Admission Requirements 

Middlebury accepts a Coalition Application and a General Application.  To apply to Middlebury, you will need:

  • All parts of your joint or coalition application, including the personal essay and submission fee (possibility to request a fee waiver)
  • High School Report (information about school offerings and environment)
  • Secondary school transcript
  • Consultant recommendation
  • Two letters of recommendation to teachers
  • English Language Proficiency Test (for students whose first language is not English or whose secondary education was obtained at a school where English is not the main language of instruction)

Additional materials include:

  • SAT or ACT scores
  • Arts supplement 

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Middlebury College Transfer Requirements 

Middlebury College requires certain documents from transfer applicants in order to be considered for transfer to the school.  The school requires a minimum of 36 credits and the following:

  • High school transcript
  • College transcript
  • Essay or personal statement
  • Interview
  • Standardized test results
  • Statement of good standing from previous institution

What GPA do I Need To Get Into Middlebury College?

To enter Middlebury, applicants require exceptionally good grades.  The average freshman high school GPA at Middlebury College was 3.89 on a 4.0 scale, indicating that honors students who eventually graduate are admitted first. 

The school ranks first in Vermont for highest GPA.  Meeting these GPA requirements is not sufficient for admission, as Middlebury is a highly selective school.

With a 4.0 GPA, Middlebury requires you to be at the top of your class.  You’ll need near A’s in all your classes to compete with other applicants.  Plus, you have to take tough classes — AP or IB courses — to show that college-level academics are a breeze.

If you’re a current junior or senior, it’s difficult to change your GPA in time for college.  If your GPA is at or below your high school GPA (4.0), you will need a higher SAT or ACT score to make up for it.  This will help you compete effectively with other applicants who have higher GPAs than you.

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What are the ACT requirements to get into Middlebury?

Admissions data indicates that Middlebury regularly admits students with an ACT of 31 and above.  Successful applicants typically submit ACT scores in the top 5% nationally. 

In some cases, we estimate that a school will accept a minimum ACT composite score of around 30. Prospective students who submit an ACT composite score of 32 or higher should be in the top half of applicants, and students with a 34 or higher have a very competitive chance. 

The school ranks #1 in Vermont and #54 in the U.S. for the highest average ACT composite score.  50 percent of applicants submit ACT scores to Middlebury College.

What are the SAT requirements to get into Middlebury?

Middlebury College generally prefers applicants to be in the top 9 percent on the SAT.  The school consistently lowers the SAT composite score to 1340 on a scale of 1600, below which admission is considered accomplished. 

We estimate that some students may be accepted with as little as a 1250 SAT score.  The estimated average composite SAT score for entering freshmen is 1430 out of 1600.

Middlebury is ranked #1 in Vermont and #42 in the nation for the highest average composite SAT score.  56 percent of applicants submit SAT scores to the school.

What Are The Middlebury College Deadlines?

  • November 15-Middlebury Early Decision I
  • January 3-Middlebury Early Decision II & Regular Decision

What are the decision dates?

Regular Admission Deadline

  • January 3, 2023

Regular Admission Notification

  • March 31

Accept Offer of Admission

  • May 1

Early Decision Deadline

  • November 15, January 3

Early Decision Notification

  • December 15

How To Apply To Middlebury College

Remember, Middlebury’s early decision rate is 45.7%, while the regular decision rate is 22%, and there is no early action. 

Because early decision is mandatory, you increase your chances of being accepted to Middlebury when you apply as an early decision applicant, even after considering the strength of your profile.

 If you have your heart set on Middlebury, applying ED can be a great way to show your commitment. 

However, there are some disadvantages to keep in mind about early decision, including less time to finalize your application, fewer financial aid package options, and the obvious inability to try out other colleges if you do get in.

An essay is required for admission to Middlebury.  You’ll find possible essay prompts on the Common Application website.  The Middlebury application does not require an additional essay.

All applicants should ask their advisor to send their midterm grades, ideally by February 1st.  Final decisions will not be made without some form of senior evaluation.  Learn more about senior classes.

Middlebury accepts a number of English language proficiency tests for students whose first language is not English or whose high school education was completed in a school where English is not the primary language of instruction.


Getting into Middlebury College is extremely difficult.  Middlebury College carefully evaluates applicants based on a number of criteria to decide who to admit, reject or waitlist.

In 2021, Middlebury College accepted 22% of students, approximately 2,022 of the 9,174 students who applied.  Schools that are extremely difficult to get into, such as Middlebury College, accept less than 30% of all applicants. 

At least 75% of enrolled students have a grade point average in the top 10% of their high school class and scored above 1310 on the SAT or above 29 on the ACT. Transferring incoming students is extremely difficult.  In 2021, Middlebury College has a waitlist of 1,338 students.  Of these, 534 eventually left the waiting list.

Each college determines which factors are most important when choosing which applicants to accept and which to reject.  By making a list of the schools you want to apply to, you can consider your strengths and possible weaknesses in your application and choose the schools that pay the most attention to the admissions factors where you shine.

Middlebury College Acceptance Rate 2023 FAQs

What is Middlebury Student to Faculty Ratio?

Middlebury has a student-faculty ratio of a remarkable 8 to 1. This is far better than the national average of 15 to 1.  This means that many classes are likely to be small, and students will have ample opportunity to work closely with their professors and classmates.

What is Middlebury Freshmen Retention Rate?

Middlebury College has an 89% freshman retention rate.  This is a good sign that full-time students like the school and their teachers enough to want to stay another year.  It’s also a sign that the admissions team has done a good job selecting applicants who are a good fit for the school.

Does Middlebury Have Good Graduation Rate?

Students who completed their studies within four years are considered to have graduated on time.  Middlebury has an on-time graduation rate of 83% for first-time full-time students.  That’s great compared to the national average of 33.3%

What is Middlebury College Tuition?

Tuition at Middlebury College is $59,770.  Middlebury College is more expensive than the national average at $43,337. Included in these statistics are tuition and fees, commonly referred to as sticker price.  Library services, student gyms, student centres, technology resources, and campus wellness centers may be covered by a fee that varies by university.


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