21+ Best free machine learning certifications online 2023

Free Machine learning certifications online: One of the most exciting and rapidly developing fields of computer science is machine learning. Many industries and applications can benefit from machine learning’s ability to make them more effective and intelligent.

Non-specialists may be baffled by the concept of machine learning, but those who do understand its significance aren’t. You can make a huge difference in your career if you’ve got the ability to learn about all aspects of this field.

What is Machine Learning, and How Does it Work?

Machine learning refers to the process of teaching machines to learn from their experiences in order to increase their productivity over time. Because they work with data, you’ll notice that your referral systems improve over time.


The more data you provide, the more the algorithm learns and improves. As a result, machine learning has found its way into industries that require consumer profiling and better customer service.

Neural networks and deep learning are examples of machine learning concepts. These technologies are still in their early stages. Innovators all over the world, however, use the latest technologies to create innovative solutions and products, thanks to continuous research and achievements.

Can I get machine learning certifications online?

I know some of us are asking; Is it possible to obtain machine learning certificates through the internet?

Artificial intelligence training has become more accessible thanks to a wide range of online courses and training.

They are taught by the top AI professors, researchers, and professionals, and they are frequently far less expensive than a traditional college course.

Some of these courses are quite extensive, with a curriculum that is comparable to that of a college degree. Some of them are even free, and they are ideal for getting a glimpse inside the field of artificial intelligence.

Best free machine learning certifications online 2022

Some of these courses are paid but a majority of them made it to our list of free machine learning certifications online.


  • Practical machine learning with Scikit-Learn
  • Machine learning course A-Z ™: Python and R in data science (Udemy)
  • Machine learning course by Andrew Ng
  • Learn with Google AI
  • Columbia University Machine Learning Course
  • Deep learning course (deeplearning.ai)
  • Design and creation of AI products and services (MIT xPRO)
  • IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate (Coursera)
  • Free Machine Learning – Artificial Intelligence Course (Columbia University)
  • Advanced Machine Learning Specialization – Coursera
  • Machine Learning: From Data to Decisions (MIT Professional Education)
  • Machine Learning Data Science Certification from Harvard University (edX)
  • The Machine Learning – Data Science Certification from IBM (Coursera)
  • Mathematics for Machine Learning (Coursera)
  • Machine Learning Certification Course (Simplilearn)
  • Coursera Machine Learning Certifications (Coursera)
  • Machine Learning Certification (University of Washington)
  • College Machine Learning Certificate (edX)
  • Machine Learning Certification (E-Cornell)
  • Data Science Specialization – Johns Hopkins University (Coursera)
  • Advanced Machine Learning Certification by Higher School of Economics (Coursera)
  • Machine Learning AWS Certification (Amazon AWS)

#1. Practical machine learning with Scikit-Learn

This is another free Udemy course on machine learning, this time focusing on SciKit-Learn.

The Scikit library is a well-known machine learning library for Python. A Google Summer of Code project by David Cournapo in 2007 has since become a de facto machine learning library for a wide range of developers.

Beginners will find Scikit-Learn ideal because it provides a high-level interface for many tasks, allowing them to practice the entire machine learning workflow and gain a better understanding of the overall process.

It is possible to learn more powerful libraries like TensorFlow after mastering Sci-kit.

Aside from that, in less than an hour, you will learn a variety of machine learning algorithms and pre-processing.

One of the most popular machine learning libraries for python, sci-kit-learn covers regression, classification, component analysis, and improvement.

#2. Machine learning course A-Z ™: Python and R in data science (Udemy)

To begin, there have been 411,800+ people who have taken this course and it has an average grade of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It was created by Kirill Ermenko, a Data Scientist and Forex Expert, and Hadeline de Ponteves, a Data researcher, and is one of the best courses available on machine learning.

This course will teach you how to understand machine learning in Python and R, how to create correct predictions, how to acquire exceptional intuition for numerous machine learning models, and how to deal with specialized tools like reinforcement learning, natural language processing, and deep learning.

Most importantly, it will show you how to select the appropriate model for each issue type.

To take this course, you only need to know basic high school arithmetic. We’re at a loss for words to persuade you to check it out after 40 hours of research and 19 articles.

#3. Machine learning course by Andrew Ng

Stanford University is sponsoring this course, which is being made available to the public via Coursera. Andrew Ng, who founded Google’s Deep Learning division, is the instructor of the online machine learning course.

He is also the CEO of Baidu’s artificial intelligence division. The course is available online for free. If you want to get ahead in the job market, you can spend money on certification.

It focuses on a number of important machine learning topics that can be applied in the real world.

Learn how to use machine learning in web applications and mobile applications as well as data analysis and other areas.

#4. Learn with Google AI

Google owns this machine learning resource, which is available to the public for free. It was launched by the company in order to raise awareness of artificial intelligence and machine learning among the general public.

Those who are just starting out in the field of artificial intelligence may find this resource useful.

You’ll learn the basics of AI, such as how to design neural networks and how to use TensorFlow, in this course. If you’ve done some machine learning before, this course is for you. Just pick a module that piques your interest and proceed with it.

#5. Columbia University Machine Learning Course

This is yet another course on machine learning offered for free by a university. Additionally, students have the option to pay for a certification that will serve as proof of competence.

The course will teach you how to build machine learning programs that can solve real-world problems. Methods you will learn include control, uncontrollable and non-probabilistic methods of teaching.

Detailed and organized, the course is a worthwhile investment. It contains a lot of learning materials, and each topic is accompanied by exercises to test your understanding. On the edX platform, you can find this course.

#6. Deep learning course (deeplearning.ai)

The nvidia | Institute for Deep Learning and Stanford professors have teamed up to create this special course, which is taught by one of the most well-known deep learning teachers, Andrew Ng.

One of the coach’s mentors is a co-founder of Coursera and a former director of Google Brain Project and Baidu AI.

He will teach you the fundamentals of deep learning, how to build neural networks, and how to build machine learning projects in this five-week program.

Aside from that, you’ll get to work on real-time case studies in a variety of industries including healthcare, music production, and natural language processing.

Over 250,000 students from around the world have already signed up for the course. This is without a doubt the best deep learning course available.

#7. Design and creation of AI products and services (MIT xPRO)

You’ll learn about the design and application of artificial intelligence in a wide range of industries through this productive curriculum.

In this course, you will learn how to develop a product offering based on artificial intelligence and present it to both internal and external stakeholders and investors.

Artificial intelligence (AI) product development, machine learning algorithms, and the application of your ideas to real-world problems are all topics you’ll cover in this course.

Understanding the concepts will be aided by the use of real-world examples and industry examples.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll understand how the right AI technologies can help you automate routine tasks and interact with customers in your organization.

#8. IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate (Coursera)

It was IBM, a global leader in technology and a pioneer in AI innovation, that came up with this program of professional certificates in AI. For those who are interested in working with AI developers, this course is for you.

AI, its applications, and its uses are clearly explained in this article. It introduces students to concepts and tools such as machine learning, data science, natural language processing, image classification, image processing, IBM Watson AI, OpenCV, and API services.

Pre-created artificial intelligence tools can be used by students without having to create AI models and server programs from scratch.

This is a six-course AI certification for beginners, open to both technical and non-technical students alike. The “Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence for All” specialization is comprised of the first three courses in the program.

#8. Free Machine Learning – Artificial Intelligence Course (Columbia University)

Developed by Columbia University, this micro master program provides you with a rigorous, advanced, professional, and basic course at the level of AI graduates and their subfields, such as machine learning, neural networks, and more.

In this program’s four courses, you’ll go over each of the key concepts one at a time.

A solid understanding of artificial intelligence guidelines and the ability to apply machine learning knowledge to real-world problems and applications are essential.

As part of this course, you’ll learn how to design neural networks and apply them to solve problems. Your portfolio, job search strategies, and self-employment options will all improve once you’ve completed the course.

#9. Advanced Machine Learning Specialization – Coursera

This is yet another long series of courses with a large network. This specialization is the key to a balanced and expanded online training program if you want to embrace as many machine learning techniques as possible.

This course’s instruction is excellent: it is well-organized and concise. Because of the advanced nature of this course, you will need more math than in any of the other courses listed thus far.

This is a good choice to fill in the gaps in your machine learning experience if you’ve already taken a beginner’s course and mastered linear algebra and calculus. Much of what these specialization covers are crucial to many machine learning projects.

#10. Machine Learning: From Data to Decisions (MIT Professional Education)

The tools and techniques used in machine learning applications will be explained in detail to participants.

You will learn by doing, as is customary at MIT. There are no math or computational science prerequisites, though a basic understanding of statistics is beneficial.

This is not a coding class, but rather an overview of how machine learning tools and techniques can assist in making better decisions in a variety of situations.

#11. Machine Learning Data Science Certification from Harvard University (edX)

Machine Learning, R. Probability, Linear Regression, and many other topics are covered in this Harvard ML Certification. This extensive curriculum is one of the highest-rated subjects available online.

You’ll also learn about inference and modeling, productivity tools, and wrangling, all of which will be followed by a Capstone Project in which you’ll develop a project based on guidelines and have it evaluated.

Rafael Irizarry, a Harvard University Professor of Biostatistics, is the instructor for this course.

#12. Machine Learning – Data Science Certification from IBM (Coursera)

Machine learning engineering is currently one of the most in-demand profiles on the planet. If you want to pursue a career in this field, the University of Washington will help you every step of the way.

The curriculum is structured into three quarters, with each quarter covering introductory terms and subjects, advanced algorithms, and deep learning. You may be eligible for a scholarship to help pay for your classes.

#13.Mathematics for Machine Learning (Coursera)

This course seeks to close that gap by assisting you in developing a strong foundation in the underlying mathematics, as well as an intuitive grasp of how to apply it to machine learning and data science.

Before moving on to more complex concepts, start with Linear Algebra and Multivariate Calculus. You will have a strong mathematical foundation by the end of the classes, allowing you to take more advanced ML lessons and become a professional.

#14. Machine Learning Certification Course (Simplilearn)

You will learn all of the fundamentals of this cutting-edge field in this certification. Apply methods based on ideas of regression, classification, supervised and unsupervised learning to data received from real-time events.

After finishing the course, you will have a thorough understanding of how to apply what you’ve learned to generate correct predictions.

best online certification courses for machine learning
best online certification courses for machine learning

#15. Coursera Machine Learning Certifications (Coursera)

Individuals who are unsure about where to begin their machine learning journey can benefit from Coursera’s offerings.

All of these courses and programs have been prepared and reviewed by experts from leading universities across the world. Because these programs are focused on developing systems to use and learn from massive volumes of data, you will be exposed to a wide range of topics.

You can also start with the intermediate or advanced courses if you already have some basic machine learning skills.

These courses are part of a certification program, which means that after you finish the course, you will earn a certificate of completion. If you’re interested in learning more about Python, we’ve put up a list of Python courses specifically for you.

#16. Machine Learning Certification (University of Washington)

Coursera offers a variety of machine learning courses, as well as specialized courses that focus on the most important aspects of machine learning.

This specialist course was created by Washington University’s top researchers. It will teach you how to evaluate huge and complicated datasets and introduce you to the intriguing and in-demand discipline of machine learning.

So, if you want to become a machine learning expert, this specialist course can assist you in becoming a master of machine learning techniques. It also includes hands-on tasks that you must complete after completing the course.

#17. College Machine Learning Certificate (edX)

edX is well-known for offering both free and paid courses, depending on the needs of students.

There are a few free and paid machine learning courses included in this list. So, if you’re one of the people who aren’t ready to spend money to learn ML at first, you can benefit from these classes.

The fact that these courses were planned and created by renowned institutions and schools around the world, such as Harvard, Oxford, and MIT, is a huge plus.

Some of these courses even include a professional certificate that you can add to your résumé or LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your abilities.

#18. Machine Learning Certification (E-Cornell)

Cornell is a well-known name in the field of technical education. This machine learning certification program will teach you how to use Python programming to create machine learning algorithms.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to experience structuring machine learning issues using math and intuition, as well as build a mental image of how data scientists tackle such challenges programmatically.

As a result, you will not only be introduced to a few machine learning ideas, but you will also be able to practice them using real-world scenarios.

You will also be able to acquire your certificate of completion after completing the program with the assigned assignments and projects.

#19. Data Science Specialization – Johns Hopkins University (Coursera)

This John Hopkins specialized program will assist you in taking your first steps into the realm of data science and machine learning.

The trainers will guide you through all areas of data science over the course of nine sessions, culminating in a capstone project that allows you to put what you’ve learned into practice.

Roger D. Peng, Brian Caffo, and Jeff Leek are the program’s teachers, and together they will teach you R programming, exploratory data analysis, statistical inference, and many other facets and fields of data science.

#20. Advanced Machine Learning Certification by Higher School of Economics (Coursera)

This is your deep dive into the field of machine learning, developed and taught by a team of 21 lecturers, professors, and researchers.

It is only for those with a basic understanding of the subject. Deep learning, reinforcement learning, natural language comprehension, computer vision, and Bayesian approaches will all be covered.

CERN scientists will discuss their real-world problem-solving experiences to help you grasp how everything works in practice, not just theory.

You will be able to apply modern approaches in enterprises and industries at the end of this seven-course curriculum. We believe that this is the ideal machine learning certification for anyone who is serious about learning more about a topic.

#21. Machine Learning AWS Certification (Amazon AWS)

You’ve probably heard about Amazon Web Services certification and how machine learning is used in it.

If you have no prior experience with machine learning, this AWS platform-provided course will take you on a deep dive into the machine learning curriculum used to train Amazon’s developers and data scientists.

More than 30 digital machine learning courses with various hands-on labs and documentation were developed for Amazon’s internal use. As a result, you’ll understand the methodologies utilized by Amazon engineers to create their products and services.

Free machine learning certifications online Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is machine learning a good career path?

Machine learning is, in fact, one of the most promising career paths that can be pursued. A career in this field entails developing systems that can operate without being explicitly programmed or under constant supervision. You will be introduced to a new world of possibilities as a machine learning expert. Your expertise in this field will be in high demand at all times.

What are the topics covered in machine learning certifications online?

Machine learning courses, unlike data science courses, which cover topics like data analysis, statistics, communication, and visualization techniques, focus solely on machine learning algorithms, including how they work mathematically and how to use them in a programming language.

How much can I earn with machine learning certificate?

If you want to apply for a job in machine learning or learn more about a career in artificial intelligence and machine learning, this course will help you earn a 48 percent raise on average.

Is a certificate in ai worth it?

If you already have professional experience with artificial intelligence and ML, you’re likely overqualified for the AI-900 exam and should consider a higher-level certification. However, if your experience is limited to reading articles about the future of AI, this is a worthwhile cert to pursue.


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