How to write Plagiarism-free assignments for College students

How to write Plagiarism-free assignments: One of the biggest issues with writing assignments has always been finishing on time. Time is precious, and if you need to complete several documents at once, the time constraints become more difficult. 

In this article, we will be discussing one tool that can help you write your assignment faster and beat the time needed to submit even when you are running late.

If you don’t have the time to write multiple assignments at once, you may feel tempted to copy what someone else has written. In such a situation, using a paraphrasing tool will resolve your problems and provide an original document in no time.


This article explains how to make your assignments plagiarism-free using the best paraphrasing tool.

Best Paraphrasing Tool

When it comes to composing a lengthy assignment, paraphrasing tools are invaluable. The best tools for this process will automatically adjust the sentence structure and synonyms to produce a unique version of the text. 

One of such tools, is of great help especially when it comes to making assignments, but students should always cite them. also helps students who struggle to write long assignments, as many are stuck on rewriting the voice of a sentence.

Now let’s see practically how this best paraphrasing tool, can help students in making plagiarism-free assignments.


One of the best paraphrase tools on the market is the, a tool developed with AI to understand the core context of your content and avoid making meaningless changes. 

It uses AI to create unique, readable content and is a professional paraphrase tool. This program has unlimited features for paraphrasing and generates remarkable results. offers a great user experience and works great for naive users. It displays the altered words and sentences in highlighted color so that the result appears more polished and professional. 


This tool is free and works for every kind of textual content, including web pages, blogs, scientific articles, research papers, and assignments. You simply have to paste the copied text into its interface to use it for paraphrasing. alters words or phrases in the given text to create new, unique content. Using this paraphrasing tool makes it easier to find the best words for your assignment. 

It can also help you improve the sentence structure of your already created assignment. It helps you rewrite paragraphs and texts by identifying better word choices and academic style. 

The best paraphrasing tool can check for plagiarism and make your text sound better. It can also detect colloquial terms, as they may have different meanings depending on the context. 

It also checks grammatical errors and can fix problematic sentences. With so many options, it’s easy to see why is gaining popularity as the best paraphrasing tool. Modes 

There are different modes of to use when writing an assignment. offers 4 distinct modes that generate unique text in every mode. 

#1. Text Improver

For instance, the text improver mode simply replaces the original word with the synonym to improve the readability of the text. In the image below,’s Text Improver hasn’t made significant changes in sentence making, rather just improved the clarity and readability of the text.

Text Improver

#2. Creative

The creative mode is more advanced and offers a variety of options, such as changing synonyms as well as the sentence structure completely. When paraphrased using the creative mode shows clearly distinctive results from text improver mode. You can see the sentence making is entirely different from the original and text improver version making it exclusively unique.


#3. Near Human

By switching to the near-human mode you can change the word order for the paraphrased version to sound more natural. In the Near human version of, the readability is closest to the human language by changing synonyms. However, the sentence structure is altered not in a creative way but instead just to improve the readability of humans.

near human paraphrasing

#4. Plagiarism Remover

This paraphrasing mode rewrites text in order to evade plagiarism from it. The sentence restructuring and synonyms alteration in this mode is done just to remove plagiarism. The readability level and text clarity is taken into account in this version while paraphrasing.

plagiarism removers

Other Tools on for Students

#1. Summarizing

During the writing of assignments, you may be required to summarize the original work. Summarizing means condensing the information into a single piece without copying exact words and ideas. 

If you need to summarize a chapter, it is important that you read the full text to ensure that you understand its main points. Summarization is a good way to avoid plagiarism by explaining the main idea in just a few lines.

This way the exact words aren’t used while the same theme of content is also delivered. When summarizing, make sure that you understand the original passage and reflect its main ideas and message in your own words.

To avoid all this hard work and time-taking procedure the best paraphrasing tool, offers the summarizer. This feature automatically concise the original text making it plagiarism free.

The offers different levels to choose from customizing to summarizing. You can choose whether you want to paraphrase 25%, 33%, or 50% content of the original text.

In the example of summarizing assignment, the summarizer condenses 33% of the original content. The input was a 250 words long assignment on paraphrasing which was reduced to 60 words only.

During summarizing, the intacs the original context and consists of using the least words in the most readable way. In this way, the plagiarism is completely removed from the assignment while the literal theme is conveyed.


#2. Plagiarism Checker

While working on your assignment it is necessary to check its plagiarism in order to make it plagiarism free. being the best paraphraser not only rewrites your text but also offers the plagiarism checking feature.

Mostly free tools don’t offer much in terms of plagiarism protection. However, is a free tool and offers performance features of premium tools. 

Using the free tool, you require no registration to check plagiarism. The plagiarism checking service is available to anyone using the tool. To ensure that your assignment doesn’t contain paraphrased content, you simply have to enter text in it. 

And in no time the plagiarism report will be provided to you containing the links to the matched sources. You can evaluate your assignment for plagiarism and compare it with the sources matched in order to remove it.

Before paraphrasing, the plagiarism of the original content was checked using this best paraphrasing tool and it recognizes text as 100% plagiarized.

plagiarism checker

In contrast, when a similar text is paraphrased with the the plagiarism checker detected no plagiarism in the new version. Therefore, if you want to make your assignments plagiarism-free proves to be the best helping hand.

Plagiarism-free assignments for College students