How to survive in middle school |Complete Guide 2023

How to Survive in Middle School: The middle school years can be a trying time for students who feel that they are not accepted by the majority of their peers.

If you have fears of middle school, then you are not alone; in fact, middle school can be one of the most trying times in your life.

Middle schools, although generally referred to as elementary schools, are much more than a series of public or private schools.


They offer a set curriculum, which has been approved and created by a committee of teachers, parents, guardians, and other adults with the utmost interest in the education of their pupils.

Many people who enter secondary school feel that their social skills are lacking and that they do not fit in with the peer groups that they have formed during their childhood.

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While these fears may be legitimate, it is also possible that the problems begin well before the start of term classes. Therefore, if you wish to how to survive in middle school, it is important to begin early on, before any problems arise, and try to resolve any issues that develop over the course of your school years.

How to Survive in Middle School

#1. Avoid any situations where you could be vulnerable.

The first thing that you should do as a child is to become a confident, socially competent individual.

Many children who have low self-confidence and are not socially competent, go through a somewhat ‘pushy’ stage in primary school, where they are forced to try and prove themselves against bullies.

Unfortunately, many of these children do not feel that they deserve to be bullied, and they take part in the conflict as a way of trying to assert their authority on the other side of this.


As a result, they may pick up bad habits and techniques which are later used against them in school, such as bullying. If you want to how to survive in middle school, it is vital to avoid any situations where you could be vulnerable.

#2. Build strong relationships with your peers

Peer pressure is perhaps one of the biggest threats to the social development of many young people. However, it is usually not the bully that is responsible for causing youngsters to be picked on and teased.

Instead, it is usually the peer group that encourages bullying, because everyone within that group will believe that the bully is right, and there is nothing wrong with them.

Therefore, if you want to know how to survive in middle school, it is vital to ensure that you build strong relationships with your peers and with other students, rather than feeling threatened by them.

By making friends and building relationships within your peer group, you will find it much easier to interact with others when it comes to bullying.

#3. Avoid Being Attacked by Bullies.

Another way of how to survive in middle school is to try and avoid being attacked by bullies. As already mentioned, bullies prey upon vulnerable youngsters, and by picking on weaker kids, the bullies will have more members to pick on from.

Therefore, it is important to spend as much time as possible in quiet places, when no one is around, to listen to and think about your problems.

In addition, you may want to consider joining a support group in your school to provide yourself with additional comfort.

These groups often have professionals that can provide advice and help you if you are a victim of bullying.

#4. Inform The School Authorities

If you do become a victim of bullies in middle school, the most effective way on how to survive in middle school is to ensure that you inform the school authorities.

There are several reasons as to why it is imperative to tell the school administration about the incidents that have occurred, and you should definitely follow this protocol.

Some examples of the types of information that you should include with the report are details of the bully, the times, and locations that the incidents took place, and the names and contact details of all witnesses.

You should also include photographs of the events so that the school authorities have a clear picture of what occurred.

This documentation is absolutely necessary when it comes to filing a police report, and it is important to keep all documentation regarding any incidents involving bullying.

#5. Facing the Bullies Directly

Although many people believe that the best defense against bullies in middle school is to ignore them, it is not always possible.

If you are a victim of bullying, it is important to find ways on how to survive in middle school by facing the bullies directly.

Asking questions pertaining to their behavior will allow you to gain an understanding of their psyche.

You may also want to talk to your peers about the bully and see how they perceive his behavior; this will allow you to gain insight into how you can deal with him in the future.

#6.Give Homework Top Priority:

Even if you are engaged in sports and other activities, your main role in life is to be a student. Make time for homework each day and do it in a place where there are no distractions. Homework doesn’t seem that bad when you’re set for success.

At the end of the day, you need to be successful in your academic pursuits. This means devoting a set time to reading every single day. You can take help from leveled readers for middle school to develop your learning potential and get a competitive edge over your peers. Good students shine in front of their teachers and get entitled to preferential treatment from the authorities. Even if there are any other problems, students that are good in academics get help from the teachers and management. 

#7.Keeping It All Together

Between new classes, more work, extracurricular activities, and your social life, you are responsible for more of your life than ever before. Get organized and stay organized all year round and life won’t feel so overwhelming.

Final Thoughts

It is important to learn how to survive in middle school by finding a way to gain strength in your character.

Many individuals make the mistake of trying to become stronger than what they are, which is usually counterproductive because it usually makes them feel weak admits them from growing.

Instead, it is better to accept your weaknesses and work towards becoming stronger than those weaknesses; this will give you a more positive outlook on life in general, which is something that everybody needs in order to excel in their chosen field of study.

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