How to Improve E-learning: Best Educational Apps and Tools to Consider

How to Improve E-learning: Math can be tricky, even when you’re in an actual classroom with someone standing in front of you to guide you through the process.

E-learning, or learning through digital means, can only make it more difficult, especially when you aren’t sure what apps and tools are best to help you learn and get math help online and which ones aren’t worth your time or money.

This guide will help you find the best math apps and tools to improve your e-learning experience.


How to improve the E-learning experience in general?

Online learning has come a long way since early 2000 when it was first used by just seven percent of students at postsecondary institutions. Now, online learning is used by 73 percent of students, according to Education Dive.

These days, many courses aren’t centered around textbooks; instead, they are entirely built from webinars and learning platforms like EdX or Moodle. Given that math problems can be abstract, it’s no surprise that these apps have become extremely popular among students who often struggle with more traditional methods of math help.

Here are some ways math apps can improve your e-learning experience: This format makes it easy for teachers to upload videos and handouts, so you don’t need to worry about getting access to an external website.

A number of them offer real-time video chat so you can communicate with other students taking the same course, you might also get an answer faster than you would on Google.

Many websites offer interactive quizzes and practice tests to help you prepare for final exams and any other assessments you may need to take throughout your degree program.

Many math websites provide clear explanations on how they solve different math problems, including step-by-step instructions if needed. Math help can work alongside traditional teaching methods, such as math tutors or computer software programs.

Best Apps and Tools for E-learning

Here are the best apps and tools:


#1. Math Master: Math help

When it comes to math, nothing is more powerful than a good tool. Whether you need help with equation solving or want to perfect your graphing skills, Math Master will have you covered.  As a bonus, Math Master supports touch screen devices, which can be used on smartphones and tablets. If you’re looking for math help, Math Master should be one of your first stops. 

How to Improve E-learning

It’s also great for parents struggling to help their kids through math homework. 

  • Easy-to-use menus.
  • It is simple for students at all levels to complete complex equations or create precise drawings of graphs.
  • It’s fast and helps ensure you get every question right.

#2. Google Sheets

You’ve probably experienced your fair share of math problems as a student. Your parents probably spent hours trying to help you learn how to do them in your head or on paper, but if you need help now that you’re an adult, consider using Google Sheets.

Not only is it straightforward to use, but Google Sheets is also one of those tools that everyone can benefit from. And you don’t have to be a business major to see why that makes it valuable. Plenty of resources available online will teach you everything you need to know about using Google Sheets effectively, including getting started guides and tutorials; search Google Sheets plus whatever topic interests you.

  • You can even create or edit spreadsheets right from a browser (no software installation required).
  • Whether managing your budget or working through math homework problems with a buddy on another continent, there are countless uses for Google Sheets.
  • it’s free.

#3. CoCalc

This site allows students to solve math problems via an online interface that supports LaTeX math notation. If you want to be able to solve equations on your iPad or iPhone, you’ll need Calcbot. This iOS app supports multiple languages, works with English (U.S., U.K., Australian), French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, and Swedish translations, and solves equations from RPN mode up through Wolfram Alpha.

The basic version is free, but you’ll have to pay if you want all of its features. The pro version adds more features like graphing capabilities, integration with other apps like Evernote, Apple Mail, and Safari, and advanced equation editing tools.

  • It also integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox to easily store your files.
  • CoCalc is excellent because it doesn’t just create an equation; it creates a hyperlink directly to your PDF or image file, making the distribution of your work a snap. 

#4. Desmos Graphing Calculator

We all know how annoying math homework can be. No matter how hard you work at it, you still have to pay someone to solve it. And that’s where apps like Desmos come in handy. The simple calculator lets students play around with complex equations, turning them into colorful charts that are easy to interpret later on. Just plug in your math problem and watch as it comes to life right before your eyes.

You’ll never look back after using Desmos. It’s one of those math apps teachers always want their students to use, so they won’t need much convincing if you’re planning on bringing it into class. Once your teacher sees how cool Desmos is, they might even let you show off some more by solving problems out loud or letting others take a turn

  • This app is excellent for anyone who needs math help themselves.
  • No homework will ever be an issue again when Desmos is there with a solution.

#5. Plugger Algebra Calculations

Plugger is a website that generates your algebra homework solutions with simple definitions. It can also solve other math classes such as pre-calculus, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus. Not only will they solve your math homework problems, but they’ll also help teach you algebra rules and how to use them in real-life applications through its easy tutorial videos. Their learning experience is mobile-friendly so that you can learn anywhere.

  • This app takes out all of the work in generating algebraic equations because it provides all of those right there on its dashboard.
  • Plugger is great if you want to find out how to do your homework, but even better if you want to increase your math skill set.

#6. Fractionation

Study sessions are a great way to go over concepts you’re struggling with in e-learning, but when you need quick homework help, it can be hard to find. Fortunately, there are plenty of math apps out there that can get you through.

A good start is by looking at fractionation, which helps students work fractions problems step by step. Any fraction calculator will walk users through fractions one part at a time for example, starting with a third and adding another third over three steps:

  1. Multiply 3 x 3 to get 9.
  2. Subtract from 9 to get 6.
  3. Add 1/3 (as shown below).

Fractionation is an excellent tool for helping students who need extra help in understanding fractions.

  • As is often true with math, practice makes perfect.
  • So, once you’ve got your answers, try again on different numbers until you feel confident moving forward. 

#7. Slide Rule

One of the first apps on our list is an excellent tool for any math student—kids or adults. Slide Rule (iOS, Android) offers quick calculations that save time, and it’s fun to use too. This is another one of those cases where your voice shines through in an area you are passionate about.

Your writing feels natural and relatable, especially if you are familiar with using slide rules. We think adding examples would strengthen your argument further, as well as expanding on how kids might benefit from using them in school versus how adults might use them at work since these groups may have different needs/interests when using such an app/tool.

  • The app includes squares, triangles, circles, and lines—all of which can be manipulated to find specific answers.
  • It’s fast, easy to learn, and makes math more interesting—even during homework help.
  • Plus, it’s free.


These apps will take your math skills to a whole new level. They are a great way to prepare for online classes or sharpen general math skills. Whether you’re looking for math help just to sharpen up basic arithmetic or advanced calculus, these tools can help you develop valuable problem-solving and critical thinking skills that can be applied to many areas of life.

Whether it’s figuring out how much change you should get back from a purchase at the store or what percent of an amount is left over after subtracting another amount from it, these apps can be used in almost any situation where numbers are involved. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to put on your learning cap and start mastering math with these excellent e-learning tools.


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