How to Get Into Cybersecurity with No Experience?

How to Get Into Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity is growing rapidly due to advancements in the digital industry. Organizations are concerned about cybersecurity due to an increased risk of malicious hacking of important data and information by hackers.

Earlier, it was easy to detect computer security threats. But, with the development of computer science and the internet, the need to protect complex systems is becoming increasingly important.

Cybersecurity means using different technologies and programs for controlling and protecting data from cyber-attacks by hackers and other malicious user files.


The main aim of using this technique is to prevent the breach of data through computer systems. As more and more businesses are operating online since the outbreak of covid so the importance of cybersecurity has also increased because organizations want to protect their information and data from potential threats.

You can get an entry-level job in cybersecurity after learning basic skills. Cybersecurity jobs are dependent on the needs of an organization. You can work as an IT auditor, cybersecurity specialist, Cybersecurity Engineer, etc., after learning the basic tools. Thus, there is a wide scope of getting a job after learning basic skills in cybersecurity.

Tips For Getting Into Cybersecurity Without Experience

It is not difficult to get into cybersecurity even if you do not have any experience in this field. There is a high demand for cybersecurity professionals and if you want to make a career in this field, you can easily get a job. Most professionals start their careers by self-learning. But, it is not sufficient.  A few tips are given here that can help you get into cybersecurity without experience:

A wide range of information is available on the internet. Therefore, you must start researching on the internet to make your decision. If you are still confused you can read further to know how you can get into cybersecurity without any experience.

1. Join a Foundation Course in Cybersecurity

You must try to find a beginner’s course in cybersecurity on the internet. If you can learn the basic skills and main tools of IT security and data protection you can get a job role as a cybersecurity professional. A large number of cyber security certifications are offered in the industry. You must select the best Cyber Security certifications to learn the basic skills for becoming entry-level cybersecurity professional.

2. Search For Entry-Level Jobs

You must prepare your resume after learning basic cybersecurity skills. You can submit your resume for entry-level job roles in the industry. You must do research before applying for the cybersecurity job role that fits you. Cybersecurity is a constantly growing field and it will not stop you from learning new skills and tools while moving forward.

Skills Required For Grabbing a Job in Cybersecurity

If you want to become a cybersecurity professional you need to learn some skills. Skills will help you in landing a cybersecurity job.


Soft skills required for cybersecurity

You will need the following soft skills for becoming a successful cybersecurity professional:

  • You must have a desire to learn new things. You should have a positive attitude and should be able to understand the different aspects of cybersecurity. You must have a learning instinct as the cyber world is overgrowing.
  • You must learn every detail of cybersecurity because it includes various details of technical skills and for learning the skills properly you must have a desire to learn each detail properly.
  • You must have proper knowledge of important technical terms used in cybersecurity. You must be able to understand the language and should have the ability to learn the different tools and terms quickly.
  • You must show your hard work and efficiency in work to learn new and latest skills in cybersecurity.

Hard skills required for cybersecurity

Hard skills refer to the technical skills required by cybersecurity professionals to achieve success in this field. Hard skills for becoming a proficient cybersecurity professional include the following:

  • You must know the penetration test that is done to simulate an attack for checking any weaknesses. This is done at every point on the sensitive data of an organization and for a better understanding of how an attack can happen.
  • A cybersecurity professional must have a proper understanding of operating systems. They must know how an operating system works, is built, and is managed.
  • He/she must know the working and operation system of cloud computing for becoming a cybersecurity professional
  • The Cybersecurity professional should have in-depth knowledge of programming languages such as python and java.

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Different Ways to Learn Cybersecurity Skills

A person who wants to become a cybersecurity professional can learn cybersecurity skills in the following ways:

  • Cybersecurity Degree: It is one of the best ways to become a cybersecurity professional. But, it is a time-consuming process and you have to spend at least 3-4 years getting a degree in cybersecurity. Getting a degree is unnecessary if you want to get into cybersecurity earlier.
  • Cybersecurity Boot Camp: You can join a part-time cybersecurity training course to learn the necessary skills for getting an entry-level job in cybersecurity. A cybersecurity course can help you in getting a certification and can also help you in learning necessary technical skills and getting hands-on experience. This can help you in getting a job quickly.
  • Cybersecurity Books: You can find many books on cybersecurity and reading books on cybersecurity is also an easy and simple way of getting knowledge about cybersecurity while working on real-life projects.
  • Cybersecurity Certifications: Many certifications are available in cybersecurity. You may need some experience or some qualification for getting a certification. But, you can easily get a basic level certification to start your career in this field.
  • Cybersecurity Workshops: You can attend cybersecurity workshops for enhancing your knowledge and skills. You can learn the basics and advanced knowledge on particular topics by taking part in cybersecurity workshops.
  • Watch Cybersecurity Training Videos: You can find a large number of training videos on cybersecurity on the internet. It is a great way of learning cybersecurity skills. Videos posted by experts can help you in learning new cybersecurity skills.
  • Read Cybersecurity Blogs: Another way of improving knowledge of cybersecurity is by reading cybersecurity blogs. You can follow and stay updated with the latest skills by reading blogs posted by experts on the internet.
  • Join Discussion Groups & Forums: You can also join cybersecurity groups online. This will help you in connecting with similar people having advanced skills. You can share your experience and knowledge with others and can also learn from their experience and knowledge.  Joining groups also helps you in widening your network.
  • Cybersecurity Podcasts: You can learn a lot of new things by watching cybersecurity podcasts. This is the best way to learn new skills for beginners. You can search on the internet and immerse yourself to learn cybersecurity skills.

Frequently Asked Questions On How to Get Into Cybersecurity with no Experience

how to get into cybersecurity without a degree
how to get into cybersecurity without a degree

How do I Position Myself for an Entry-Level Cybersecurity Job?

The National Security Agency (NSA) is another high-profile example of how the continued demand for talent has spurred various firms to recruit and develop people for entry-level cybersecurity roles that may position you for many future career prospects.

As you may be aware, the bar for what defines “entry-level” employment in cybersecurity is far higher than in many other sectors. The National Security Agency (NSA) defines “entry-level” for several cybersecurity roles as:

  • Bachelor’s degree plus 3 years of relevant experience
  • Master’s degree plus 1 year of relevant experience
  • Doctoral degree and no experience
  • Associate degree plus 5 years of in-depth experience clearly related to the position

Is Cyber security hard to get into?

The simple answer is yes!!. Because of system complexities and the rapid rate of technological development, cyber security can be difficult to understand. In addition, professionals must stay current on global and national cybersecurity laws.

Can I learn cyber security in 6 months?

A four-year bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity is required. You can then pursue a two-year Master’s degree. You may also study cybersecurity through online resources and classes. It will take you anything from six months to a year to master the fundamentals and be ready for a job.

Will cyber security Bootcamp get me a job?

While some bootcamps include career counseling, they will not guarantee you a job. You must still follow the career coach’s advice and work hard to identify and apply for opportunities. The good news is that a cybersecurity bootcamp takes far less time than returning to college.


In conclusion, if you want to start a career in cybersecurity, you should make a complete plan. It is the fastest growing industry and you can get a high salary even without any experience, but with good knowledge and relevant degrees/certifications.

There is a huge demand for cybersecurity professionals in the industry. A wide range of resources is available on the internet that can help you in learning cybersecurity skills for becoming an entry-level professional in cybersecurity. You can join a course for learning the basic skills in cybersecurity to kick start your career.