Geneseo Acceptance Rate 2023 | Admissions, Requirements, & How to Apply

If you want to get into Geneseo, the first thing to look at is the acceptance rate. This indicates how competitive the school is and how serious its requirements are. The acceptance rate at SUNY Geneseo is 64.8%. For every 100 applicants, 65 are accepted.

This means that the school is moderately selective. The school expects you to meet its GPA and SAT/ACT requirements, but they are more flexible than other schools.

If you exceed their requirements, you have an excellent chance of getting in. But if you don’t, you could be one of the unlucky few to receive a rejection letter.


Why Choose Geneseo?

As a public liberal arts college, the State University of New York at Geneseo attracts students seeking a quality education at an affordable price. Students say this academic college offers challenging but rewarding courses taught by faculty who teach and prepare students for the real world.

Students find the professors fair with tests and expectations, and note that they really push students.

While most professors use traditional teaching methods, giving very interesting lectures or leading good group discussions, other notable forms of learning include live classroom experiments, labs that develop skills needed for future research as well as general teamwork and consulting services for local businesses.

Some classes seem unnecessarily difficult to students with the sole purpose of weeding people out of competitive majors, but luckily there are great resources available to anyone who needs help, regardless of subject.

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Is Geneseo Hard To Get Into?

Because this school is moderately selective, high academic performance almost guarantees you admission. A score of 1300 SAT or 28 ACT or higher almost guarantees you admission.

Since the school accepts 64.8% of all applicants, if you are significantly above average, your acceptance rate increases to almost 100%.


If you can get a high SAT/ACT score, the rest of your application doesn’t matter. You must still meet the rest of the application requirements, and your GPA must not be too far from a high school GPA of 3.61.

But you don’t need great extracurriculars and awesome letters of recommendation to get in. You can get in based on results alone.

But if your score is 1120 SAT or 24 ACT and below, you have a good chance of being one of the unlucky few to be denied.

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What Is Geneseo Acceptance Rate 2023?

The acceptance rate at SUNY at Geneseo is 61%. It ranks as the 55th lowest acceptance rate in New York. SUNY in Geneseo is a moderately competitive school to get into with a high chance of acceptance if you meet the requirements.

Last year, 6,289 out of 10,250 applicants were accepted. The school has strict admissions requirements for SAT and ACT scores, usually accepting students in the top 30 percent (SAT 1140/1310 ACT 24/29).

SUNY at Geneseo typically admits and recruits “B+” high school average students with an average GPA of around 3.61. Most freshmen graduate in the top quarter of their class. 14% of those admitted decided to enter the school.

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What Is Geneseo Transfer Acceptance Rate?

In 2019, SUNY Geneseo accepted 1,224 transfer applications. The school accepted 730 students. Therefore, the transfer acceptance rate for SUNY Geneseo is 59.64%. This shows how difficult it is to transfer to SUNY Geneseo.

SUNY Geneseo Admission Requirements

The list of documents that applicants must submit during admission to the undergraduate program is as follows:

  • Academic certificates in the form of official certificates and results of external examinations.
  • Confirmation of English language proficiency
  • Letter of recommendation, at least 1
  • Personal statement (up to 1 page)
  • Financial support report
  • A copy of the identification page of the passport
  • SAT/ACT scores (optional)

SUNY Geneseo Transfer Requirements

  • Minimum average score: Minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) for transfer admission consideration.
  • Official transcripts: Submit official transcripts from all colleges you have previously attended and a list of courses at your current college. You must submit a high school transcript, which is used as an evaluation tool, if you have completed 24 or fewer college credit hours.
  • SAT Scores: You may be required to provide official standardized test results.
  • Essay: Submit a short essay explaining why you would like to transfer to Geneseo; what you hope to achieve; and what you will bring to our campus community.
  • Application fee: There is a $50 non-refundable fee.
  • Interview: A personal interview is not required.

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What GPA Do I Need To Get Into SUNY Geneseo?

The average GPA at SUNY Geneseo is 3.61. With a GPA of 3.61, SUNY Geneseo requires you to be above average in your high school class. You will need at least a combination of A and B, with more A than B.

You can compensate for a lower GPA by taking more challenging classes, such as AP or IB classes. This will show that you are capable of handling more difficult teachings than the average high school student.

If you’re a current junior or senior, it’s difficult to change your GPA in time for college. If your GPA is at or below the high school GPA of 3.61, you will need a higher SAT or ACT score to make up for it. This will help you compete effectively with other applicants who have higher GPAs than you.

What Are The Decision Dates?

Applications for admission are open for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. The Institute follows a rolling admissions policy which aims to make admissions decisions within 2 weeks of application.

Admission decisions for freshmen and freshmen are due by December 15 and March 1, respectively, in the fall semester. Applicants are advised to submit forms and other documents within the recommended deadlines to secure seats.

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How To Apply To SUNY Geneseo

SUNY College at Geneseo, which accepts two-thirds of applicants, has a selective admissions process. If your SAT/ACT scores and GPA are in line with the school’s average, you have a good chance of being accepted.

However, Geneseo has a holistic admissions process that includes factors other than your grades and test scores. A strong essay and strong letters of recommendation can strengthen your application, as can participation in meaningful extracurricular activities and a rigorous course schedule.

Students with particularly compelling stories or accomplishments may still receive serious consideration even if their grades and test scores fall outside Geneseo’s average range.

If SUNY Geneseo College is your first choice, note that the school has an Early Decision option that can improve your chances of admission and demonstrate your interest in the college.

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SUNY College at Geneseo is a public liberal arts college with an acceptance rate of 66%. Located on the western edge of New York State’s Finger Lakes region and part of the State University of New York (SUNY) system, Geneseo earns high marks for its value to both in-state and out-of-state students.

Strengths in the liberal arts and sciences have earned the college a Phi Beta Kappa chapter. The Geneseo Knights compete in the NCAA as part of the SUNY Conference III. Popular sports include football, basketball, track and field, and swimming.

Geneseo Acceptance Rate 2023 FAQs

What Is The Average Cumulative SAT Score Requirement At SUNY Geneseo?

The average cumulative SAT score at SUNY Geneseo is 1215 on an SAT scale of 1600. This score makes SUNY Geneseo competitive for SAT scores. The 25th percentile of the New SAT is 1120, and the 75th percentile of the New SAT is 1300. In other words, a 1120 New SAT means you are below average, while a 1300 puts you above average.

What Is The Average ACT Score Requirement At SUNY Geneseo?

The average ACT score at SUNY Geneseo is 26. This score makes SUNY Geneseo moderately competitive on the ACT score. The 25th percentile for the ACT is 24 and the 75th percentile for the ACT is 28. Even though SUNY Geneseo probably says they don’t have a minimum ACT requirement, if you’re applying with a 24 or below, you’ll have a harder time get in if only there is something else impressive about your application.

Does SUNY Geneseo Offer Financial Aid To Students?

SUNY Geneseo meets 44% of demonstrated financial need for students. The average financial aid package for a first-year full-time student is approximately $10,377 per year. Class of 2021 students who took out student loans graduated with an average of $23,439 in debt. For context, compare that number to the average national debt, which is about $36,000 per borrower.

What Is SUNY Geneseo Student to Faculty Ratio?

With a student-to-faculty ratio of 17 to 1, SUNY Geneseo is about average in that regard, as the national average is 15 to 1. While this doesn’t directly translate to class size, it’s a good indicator of how much time professors will have to spend with their students one-on-one basis


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