21+ Top Esthetician Schools In Michigan to get into 2022

Top Esthetician Schools In Michigan: Michigan is a northern state where the winters may be harsh on your skin! We are all aware of the importance of skin care in all seasons.

If you’re passionate about it, a career as an esthetician could be for you. Michigan has some of the best beauty schools in the country, and they can teach you everything you need to know to have a successful career as a skin care specialist!

Whether you’re out to train to become medical or local estheticians, you need to train in a program that will equip you professionally to influence how much you make in the state.


You will agree with me that the type of school you go to, to a large extent influences how much you get to make as an Estheticians in Michigan.

But before launching into the beauty industry as an esthetician, you need to be trained to become one. 

The only way to do that is to train in an esthetician school approved and accredited by the board of estheticians in Michigan.

To help you make a choice of the best schools, we have come up with a list of top schools for esthetician programs in Michigan.

We specified the esthetician program in each Michigan school to help streamline your pick.

These schools are open to students who want to become medical estheticians or who just want to practice as local skin care specialist in Michigan.

Furthermore, we have shown how much estheticians make in the Michigan beauty industry.


Welcome Aboard Scholar!!!

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Estheticians: Roles And Job Description?

Have you been to a spa before? 

What name did you call the person attending to you? 

I bet you can’t remember!!!

It’s normal to assume that one who takes care of your skin is called a beautician but in recent times due to specialization, every profession has a name.

In this case, they are called estheticians.

Estheticians are skin beauty specialists who care for the skin through treatments at local and medical levels. 

In a world where beauty consciousness is on the high side, aesthetics is becoming one of the most growing professions in the world today.

An Esthetician is a professional skin specialist who provides beautification services for the skin such as;

  • Body waxing
  • Facial massage
  • Makeup application
  • Facial and skin treatments
  • Cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.
  • Identifying and treating cosmetic issues.
  • Provide skincare recommendations to clients
  • Recognize warning signs of clients’ skin damage and disease.
  • Treatment of some skin diseases like acne and eczema treatment
  • Microdermabrasion – a cosmetic treatment in which the face is sprayed with exfoliating crystals to remove dead epidermal cells.
  • Suggesting to patients the best way take care of their skin even at a medical level to improve the patient skin condition. 

For a state such as Michigan, the unfavorable winter condition makes aesthetics one of the most regarded careers in the state.

How Good is Esthetics As A Profession?

Esthetics is a good profession, but how good it is will depend on you and what you want out of the profession.

Estheticians work at the cutting edge of skin care for the face and body in a variety of settings. 

They learn about the art, creative procedures, technical knowledge, and hands-on skills for all skin types. 

Many people consider esthetics a good profession because it provides practitioners the opportunity to become self-employed and earn an unlimited stream of income. 

It’s flexible, mobile, and affords you a lot of opportunities to meet new people. 

The best part of the esthetic profession is there is a high demand for estheticians in most countries of the world. 

What Is The Job Outlook For Estheticians in Michigan?

The good news is finding a job as an esthetician in  Michigan is not likely to be a struggle! 

In Michigan, beauty and skincare treatments are a must if you don’t want to look parched, have cracks on your skin, and be exposed to the risk of skin cancer.

Michigan is a state where the business is booming and growing exponentially..

And it’s also good news to know that most of Michigan’s beauty academies offer career assistive programs and placements, which gives you a big head start on the competition

The job outlook for estheticians is predicted to grow by 12% between 2014 and 2024.

Are There Schools For Estheticians in Michigan?

Absolutely, there are medical and local esthetician schools in all counties of Michigan.

Also, for a state such as Michigan, where estheticians are needed on the high side, there are a lot of schools that will train prospective students to become professional Estheticians.

So yes, Michigan has a lot of trade schools, colleges, universities, institutions, and salons and spas that are approved to offer esthetician programs in the state.

The beauty schools for esthetician students have a program tailored to fit their academic needs and practice in Michigan state.

To help you find your fit, you will see a list of schools below that offer esthetic programs.

What Is An Esthetician School Like in Michigan?

Esthetician schools in Michigan are designed to train you to become a professional in skin care routines using the required products and technologies.

There are different courses, such as cosmetology, skin care, and nail technology, which lead students to acquire a bachelor’s, master or certificate degree in esthetics. 

An esthetician school is flooded with practical sessions more than theory. You get to practice on real-life clients and on mannequins. 

Michigan’s esthetician programs come with a practical cut on the curriculum compared to other states. 

That makes the schools of esthetics in Michigan state highly regarded. 

While studying, students learn from experience by working in the real world environment more than in the classroom. 

Michigan esthetics students get hands-on, real-world experience with clients early in their programs.

What’s The Duration of An Esthetician Program In Michigan Schools? 

How long it will take you to become an esthetician in Michigan will depend on how long the program courses will take to be completed.

In Michigan, the duration is measured in the number of training hours.

And how long you get to train will largely depend on the skincare specialization and how fast you are willing to complete it. 

Some courses take longer due to the level of professionalism required.

However on a general note, Michigan allows all estheticians to complete skincare research for a minimum of 400 hours. 

What Are The Education Requirements At Skin Care Colleges in Michigan?

Michigan requires the following from you to train to become an esthetician;

  • must be at least 16 years of age with a 10th-grade education. 
  • You will need to complete a 400-hour Michigan esthetician training program. 
  • The courses you will take should include detailed theory courses and practicals.
  • Attend any of the medical esthetician schools if you want to specialize in medical esthetics in Michigan.
  • You can also enroll in an esthetician apprenticeship, with a salon or other beauty establishment that offers a Michigan Board-approved apprenticeship program that lasts at least six months. 

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Top Esthetician Schools To Get Into In Michigan 2022

Now here is the list of schools you can apply to in Michigan that will train you to become an esthetician.

These picks of the top esthetics schools in Michigan on our list meet the requirements for an esthetician license.

Here they are;

#1. Mr. Bela’s School of Cosmetology

  • Location: Warren 
  • Kit Cost: $1,775
  • Tuition Cost: $4,000
  • Program Length: 6 months

At Mr. Bela’s School of Cosmetology, students learn skincare in its entirety. 

It gets better with the personalized interaction between instructors and each student in the small class sizes.

Besides how good the school’s curriculum is, Mr. Bela’s School of Cosmetology has one of the lowest tuition costs in Michigan.

Also, Mr. Bela’s scholarship program is open for students who cannot afford the tuition immediately.

#2. David Pressley School of Cosmetology 

  • Location: Royal Oak
  • Kit Cost: $550
  • Tuition Cost: $6,350
  • Program Length: 5 months

In 5 months, all students of David Pressley School of Cosmetology get ready to take on the many jobs available to estheticians in Michigan.

During the program, all students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience right on the clinic floor.

Also, periodically, there are in-house seminars from prominent local salon owners who come to give students a well-rounded education. 

At the end of the program, Esthetician students of David Pressley School of Cosmetology are ready for entry-level positions after achieving their licensing.

#3. Douglas J Aveda Institute 

  • Location: Ann Arbor
  • Kit Cost: $1,800
  • Tuition Cost: $8,600
  • Program Length: 6 months

The AVEDA Institutes have many extensions across the United States.

And the one in Michigan does not fail the standard of the skin care techniques and products as an Aveda Institute.

Now, you see why it is one of the top best esthetician schools in Michigan.

Like most Aveda locations, the Ann Arbor Aveda extension accepts VA benefits from qualified veterans and graduates with very low levels of student debt

The college focuses on cosmetology and massage therapy.

While in the career assistance program, students are trained to be able to fill important positions in the industry.

  • Location: Clinton Township
  • Kit Cost: $530
  • Tuition Cost: $8,500
  • Program Length: 5 months

One of the esthetician schools in Michigan that will train you to become a professional in the esthetic field is the Gallery College of Beauty. 

The esthetician program at The Gallery College of Beauty in Michigan embraces the international nature of beauty which influences its curriculum standard.

Beyond equipping students to pass the state licensing exams, the Gallery College of Beauty also includes vital business skills training in its curriculum.

This prepares students to be independent practitioners or one who gets to manage a spa or even own one. 

Most graduates of the Gallery College of Beauty hey jobs as career assistants after graduation.

#5. L’esprit Academy 

  • Location: Royal Oak
  • Kit Cost: $1,100
  • Tuition Cost: $8,500
  • Program Length: 4 months

If you’re looking for a school that will train you in the best esthetician program to become a professional in Michigan then you should consider the L’esprit Academy.

L’esprit focuses on reinventing beauty using the highest quality tools and techniques for student training on cosmetology and manicuring.

The school also focuses on teaching high-level professionalism, technical skill, and confidence.

Also in addition to that, the school provides extensive business training as well as comprehensive training in esthetics skills.

The level of effectiveness in teaching expertise can be judged by the 72% on-time graduation rate.

#6. Marketti Academy of Cosmetology 

  • Location: Waterford
  • Kit Cost: $790
  • Tuition Cost: $3,000
  • Program Length: Not Specified

One of the schools that will train you to become a professional Esthetician in Michigan is the Marketti Academy of Cosmetology.

With the large classrooms but small size groups, there is enough space for many to find expression in training. 

Beyond skincare and beauty classes, students also train in management, ownership, and financial aspects of the spa business. 

Students who graduate will have the position of career assistant, which matches their individual talents and interests waiting for them.

Just a tip, Marketti Academy of Cosmetology has a fair tuition price compared to other best esthetician schools in Michigan.

#7. Michigan College of Beauty 

  • Location: Monroe
  • Kit Cost: $1,625
  • Tuition Cost: $6,300
  • Program Length: 6 months

Michigan College of Beauty has a good esthetician program that draws the attention of both international and local students.

The college focuses on cosmetology and manicuring.

One of the reasons why Michigan College of Beauty is most regarded is the opportunity to gain real-time practical experiences and direct contact with clients. 

The school uses an innovative high-tech, web-based curriculum to teach, and students have access to the school-wide wi-fi and iPads issued to each of them. 

The basics behind the chemistry and biology of skin care are explained explicitly at Michigan College of Beauty.

In addition to that, the school finds a way to work in business skills training graduating about 67% on-time graduates.

how to become an esthetician in Michigan
how to become an esthetician in Michigan: Face Skin Care. Close-up Of Woman Getting Facial Hydro Microdermabrasion Peeling Treatment At Cosmetic Beauty Spa Clinic. Hydra Vacuum Cleaner. Exfoliation, Rejuvenation, And Hydratation. Cosmetology.

#8. Nuvo College of Cosmetology 

  • Location: Norton Shores
  • Kit Cost: $600
  • Tuition Cost: $5,113
  • Program Length: 5 months

Nuvo has a professional salon-style atmosphere and curriculum that prepares esthetics students for a career in the industry. 

As part of the training, students are involved in community services such as fundraising to raise a dollar to wear jeans instead of their regular uniform each Thursday.

Michigan College of Beauty has a lower than average tuition cost which makes it a good value for Michigan’s students.

#9. P&A Scholars Beauty School 

  • Location: Detroit
  • Kit Cost: $600
  • Tuition Cost: $7,200
  • Program Length: Not Specified

The P&A Scholars Beauty School follows its mantra of “making dreams into reality,” for both students and clients. 

The courses in the esthetician program at Michigan P&A Scholars Beauty School cover a wide range of skincare concepts and techniques.

Studying at P&A Scholars Beauty School exposes you to a diverse clientele, all types of skin conditions, and the unique needs of different clients. 

#10. Princess Beauty School 

  • Location: Dearborn Heights
  • Kit Cost: $750
  • Tuition Cost: $5,100
  • Program Length: Not Specified

Princess Beauty School is one of the top esthetician schools in Michigan that offers a pleasant and exciting atmosphere for skin care studies.

At Princess Beauty School students learn the art and science of skincare in theory and practice.

Students get to work on mannequins, fellow students, and clients. 

The cost is quite below-average compared to the other schools that made our list.  

NameAddressCostOther Programs
Michigan College of Beauty3498 Rochester Road, Troy, 48083Tuition $ 4,000.00
Student Kit‐Textbook $ 500.00
Application Fee $ 100.00
State Registration Fee $ 15.00
Total $ 4,615.00
Cosmetology, Manicuring
Brighton Institute of Cosmetology10543 Citation Drive, Brighton, 48116400 Hours $4,410.00
Tuition Cost $3,015.00
Equipment, Textbooks $1095.00
Application Fee $100.00
State Fee $200.00
TOTAL $4,410.00
Cosmetology, Manicuring
L’esprit Academy Royal Oak501 South Washington Avenue, Royal Oak, 48067Tuition: $8,500
Non-refundable Application Fee: $50
State fee: $15
Tech Fee: $100
Kit, Books & Uniform: $1,100
Total: $9,765
Cosmetology, Manicuring
Douglas J Aveda Institute333 Maynard Street #201, Ann Arbor, 48104Tuition $10,875.00
Kit $975.00
Total Charges $11,850.00
Cosmetology, Massage Therapy
Creative Hair School of Cosmetology4205 Miller Road, Flint, 48507Application/Registration: $100
Books/Kit/Uniform: $500
Tuition: $3,000
Total Amount Due: $3,600
Cosmetology, Manicuring, Natural Hair
P&A Scholars Beauty School12001 Grand River Avenue, Detroit, 48204Esthetics Course of Study 600 Hours of Instruction ($12 per Hour)
Tuition Fee $7,200
Registration Fee $300
Book & Kit* $300
Total $7,800
Cosmetology, Manicuring
Some Michigan Esthetician Schools

Some Michigan Esthetician Schools With Well Cut Program For Students include;

  • Beauty-Tech College 
  • Charm Beauty School 
  • Adrian Beauty Academy 
  • Transitions School – Flint
  • Multimedia Makeup Academy
  • Cosmetology University – Auburn
  • Brighton Institute of Cosmetology    
  • Creative Hair School of Cosmetology    
  • Booker Institute-Cosmetology – Hudsonville
  • Sally Esser Beauty School – Dearborn Heights
  • BeautyStars Cosmetology College – Grandville

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Frequently Asked Questions About Schools in Michigan That Will Train You To Become An Esthetician

How Do I Become An Esthetician in Michigan?

To become an esthetician in Michigan, you need to undergo 600 hours of training, pass the written and skills exams and you are it. 

Here is a step-by-step guide for you;

  • Learn everything you can about esthetician schools and job opportunities to be sure that that’s the career path best for you.
  • Apply to an esthetician college near you.
  • After that, complete the courses in the program you choose and get your Michigan esthetician certification.
  • Take the Michigan Esthetician State Board Exam.
  • After that, your esthetician career begins! 

How Do I Get My Michigan Esthetician License?

Once you complete your academic program, you need to apply for a license.

Your license is what validates you to practice and become a professional esthetician in Michigan.

Luckily, the Michigan Board offers an online service to be licensed. 

Once you have been reviewed, you can take your practical and written exams.

You will need to pass the practical exam before you can schedule the written exam.

And you require a passing grade of 75% or higher on the practical, and 70% on the written exam to get your license.

In order to apply for the licensing exam, you’ll need to pay a $15 application fee. 

Then, you’ll owe $161 for both parts of the esthetician state board exam cost.

Do I Have to Renew My Michigan Esthetician License?

Your license will expire every two years. 

So you will need to renew your license before the expiry date. 

Usually, the board will notify you around that time so you prepare for it.

Renewal of the Michigan Esthetician License costs $48.

Is There A Requirement For Continuing Education For Estheticians in Michigan?

Michigan has no requirements for continuing education as part of its licensing process. 

As long as you keep your license up to date, you’ll be able to work as an esthetician.

But you can choose to supplement your education with specializations in medical skin treatment, laser, oncology esthetics, or advanced makeup techniques by attending any of the medical esthetician schools in Michigan.

How Much Are Esthetician Schools in Michigan?

An important consideration when scouting for the top or best schools for the esthetician program in Michigan is the tuition cost.

Trust me the cost of an esthetician college will determine if you will be trained or not.

Michigan medical and nonmedical esthetician schools will cost you an average tuition cost of $6,266.

This is incredibly cheap but still accessible.

However, we admonish you to visit the website of the school of your choice to know what the exact cost specification is.

How Do I Become A Master Esthetician in Michigan?

To become a master esthetician, you would complete the following steps:

  • Complete a Master Esthetician Program. 
  • Apply for a Master Esthetician License and Schedule the Required Examinations. 
  • Take and Pass the Required Master Esthetician State Exams.

To complete an esthetician program, you need to attend either medical or nonmedical schools in Michigan to get ready.

How Much Do Licensed Estheticians Make in Michigan?

The average hourly pay for estheticians in Michigan is $13.30 which accounts to an average salary of $27,650.

Comparatively, estheticians in the 90th percentile make $39,000 in Michigan.

Compared to other states in the United States, estheticians make less, on average, in Michigan. 

The salary structure of other regions in Michigan include;

  • Ann Arbor: $33,150
  • Detroit-Warren-Dearborn: $33,500
  • Grand Rapids-Wyoming: $28,290
  • Kalamazoo-Portage, MI: $35,540
  • South Bend-Mishawaka, IN-MI: $23,660

What is the Difference Between A Medical Esthetician and an Esthetician?

An esthetician will work with clients, whereas a medical esthetician will work with a doctor’s patients. 

A medical esthetician can work in medical settings like hospitals or trauma centers whereas an esthetician cannot without more training

To become a medical Esthetician, you will have to attend any of the medical Esthetician schools after your training at the local specialist schools in Michigan as a continuing course.

We hope this article was able to answer your questions on the best esthetician schools in Michigan.

Also, we believe that you know how much estheticians make as well as how to pay for an esthetician school; medical and nonmedical schools in Michigan.

As you scout for schools in Michigan ensure it is accredited and state-approved.

We wish you luck with your application.

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