21+ Top Esthetician Schools In Florida To Get Into 2022

Top Esthetician Schools In Florida: How much it will cost you to attend an esthetician school and get your license is nothing commensurate with the salary you get to earn once you commence practice.

In recent years being an esthetician is one way to enjoy what you do, see the practical results, and have people feel and look confident.

The esthetician profession is gaining ground and in states such as Florida, the need for more professionals keeps increasing. 


Orlando may not be your first thought when searching for the top esthetician schools in Florida.

But Orlando has the highest number of tourists, about 75 million annually who want to share in the goodness of aesthetics which include skincare and other spa experiences. 

Besides the visitors Florida especially the Orlando county has frequent sunshine so the residents often go for skincare treatments, too.

This invariably skyrockets the need for more estheticians in the state because there is enough room for everyone.

However before you tour that part practicing in Florida, you need to consider the list of esthetician schools, how much each school costs and how to get your license.

Because we want to guide you right, this article is here to help you make a choice from the list of the best esthetician schools in Orlando and other areas of Florida.

Also, we have explicitly defined the list of schools which focus on medical esthetics to train you to become professionals help Estheticians in Florida.


We were careful to define how much each Esthetician school in Florida costs and the requirements to obtain your license so as to start earning a mouthwatering salary.

Talking about salary that is dependent on the area of Florida you practice.


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Who Are Estheticians And What Do They Do?

If you’ve ever been to a spa or had your skin exfoliated, you must have met an esthetician but never thought they were called that.

When it comes to skincare and beauty treatments, it’s basically the Estheticians that see to it that that gets in order.

Although prior to this age, estheticians had no name carved out for them, in this dispensation, they have a name and some people still refer to them as skincare specialists.

With the increasing recognition of beauty and the need to keep up with the trends to look beautiful, the estheticians have come to full limelight with a name attached to them.

Currently, it’s one of the fastest-growing populations in the world.

Esthetics is a broad specialty that provides skincare routines and treatments.

An Esthetician is a professional skin specialist who provides beautification services for the skin such as;

  • Body waxing
  • Facial massage
  • Makeup application
  • Facial and skin treatment
  • Provide skincare recommendations to clients
  • Treatment of some skin diseases like acne and eczema treatment
  • Microdermabrasion – a cosmetic treatment in which the face is sprayed with exfoliating crystals to remove dead epidermal cells.

Beyond these, Estheticians also identify, treat cosmetic issues and take care of people’s skin even at a medical level  to improve the patient’s skin condition. 

When it’s at a medical level, an esthetician is referred to as medical estheticians and they have special schools that train them for such a specialty in Florida.

Where Can I Work As An Esthetician in Florida?

As long as you have your Florida license as an esthetician you are allowed to practice in the state with different organizations.

As for skincare experts, estheticians have many potential venues for employment, including the entertainment industry, jobs at spas and resorts, and small business ownership

Licensed Estheticians can work in different industries such as;

  • Gyms
  • Salon
  • Hotels
  • Beauty spas
  • Cruise ships
  • Dermatology office.

Besides these, Estheticians can work with Sports Medicine Doctors to keep the skin of athletes looking great as they keep fit.

Also, Estheticians can also start up a business of their own in the beauty industry.

A Medical esthetician who has completed any of the medical esthetician schools in Florida can also work in hospitals or open a private practice with his license.

Are There Esthetician Schools in Florida?

Orlando and other counties in Florida have good esthetician schools that will train you to become a professional even at a medical level.

Many medical and nonmedical esthetician schools in Florida offer an excellent career path that involves services up-to-date with the beauty industry curriculum.

If you have decided to go towards the path of the esthetician profession, you have made a great choice.

All you have to do is enroll in a school that will prepare you for the profession and knows how much it will cost you and the duration of the program.

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Top Esthetician Schools In Florida To Get Into 2022

It’s an established fact that you can find a lot of aesthetic schools in Florida.

Now is the best time to choose a school that will train you effectively in theory and practical to become a professional Esthetician in the state.

But finding the right school can be a very daunting task because there are many to choose from.

Below is a list that will help you streamline your choice.

We came up with this list focusing on esthetician concepts, level of professional standards, business ethics, customer relations, and other vital aspects. 

Keep in mind that the school of your pick should be based on its ability to train you on the career you want to take up.

Now here is the list with all the details you need to make an informed decision;

#1. Marion Technical College

  • Tuition: $13,122 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Contact: +1 740-389-4636
  • Specified GPA Requirement: 2.9
  • Standardized Test Score Required: SAT  1235, ACT N/A 

If you’re looking for a college that looks good on the outside and inside then you need to consider Marion Technical College.

Its consistent academic prowess earned it the Best Community Colleges in Florida Chart.

Estheticians enjoy studying at Marion Technical College due to its unique approach to learning skill-based programs.

All students at Marion Technical College learn to put into practice techniques and use the best products

This system has earned a reputation of producing standards for generations of stylists. 

As an extension, the college has affiliations with top salon services where students get to perfect internship opportunities.

And if you’re a student in need of financial assistance to go through the college, you can apply to either of the funding programs;

  • Ohio First Scholarship- Varies – Educational Fund
  • MTC Education Equity Scholarship- $2000- Educational Fund

#2. Manatee Technical Institute

  • Tuition: $3,830 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Contact: +1 941-209-6800
  • Specified GPA Requirement: 3.1
  • Standardized Test Score Required: SAT  N/A, ACT N/A 

One of the cheapest esthetician schools in Orlando Florida is the Manatee Technical Institute located in Bradenton.

Many say Manatee Technical Institute is a less stressful university that cares about the students and teaches them the right path. 

When it comes to its beauty program, Manatee Technical Institute uses up-to-date state-of-the-art technology and techniques.

Tools that prepare students for successful careers in the beauty industry. 

Without a doubt, Manatee Technical Institute’s first-class curriculum gives any student a holistic approach to the subject.

Such that it’s easier for Manatee Technical Institute graduates from the esthetician program to fit in, earn their license and earn a whopping high salary in Florida.

As an extension students in need of financial assistance can enroll in the Student Ambassador Scholarship Program worth $1000.

That should cover quite a part of tuition because Manatee Technical Institute is an esthetician school in Florida that does not cost much.

#3. Sheridan Technical College

  • Tuition: $28,900 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Contact: +1 754-321-5400
  • Specified GPA Requirement: 3.2
  • Standardized Test Score Required: SAT  N/A 

Technical College is located in the prime area of Florida- Hollywood. 

Studying esthetics at Sheridan Technical College is studying at the heart of the beauty business in Hollywood.

You will learn how to use your natural abilities to make people feel beautiful.

The Sheridan Technical College Esthetician program is fashioned to give you everything you need to help others reach their skincare goals. 

As an up-to-date college, Sheridan Technical College uses current technology and gears to offer exemplary esthetician teachings in the field of esthetics.

There is an opportunity to apply for aid if you have financial constraints going through college. 

Some funding programs include the Sheridan Foundation Scholarship worth $500 for Educational Fund.

#4. Suncoast Technical College

  • Tuition: Not Specified 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Contact: +1 941-924-1365
  • Specified GPA Requirement: 2.5
  • Standardized Test Score Required: SAT  N/A 

At Suncoast Technical College, you will get to be trained in one of the best-structured Esthetician programs in Florida.

Suncoast Technical College ensures that all her students get a comprehensive understanding of the skincare concepts.

Not just in theory but also get full practice through the full hands-on experience. 

Also, Suncoast Technical College works with the latest trends in the beauty industry to educate the students regarding esthetics.

Also, beyond skincare students learn client relationships, business fundamentals, guest service training, social media marketing, and business management.

In other words, students are better equipped with skills and the ability to start a business after completing the esthetician program at Suncoast Technical College. 

#5. Pinellas Technical College – St. Petersburg

  • Tuition: $3753 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Contact: +1 727-893-2500
  • Specified GPA Requirement: 2.4
  • Standardized Test Score Required: SAT  N/A, ACT N/A 

Pinellas Technical College located in St. Petersburg is one of the best Esthetician Schools in Florida. 

Over the years, Pinellas Technical College at St. Petersburg has been regarded as a vital force in the beauty industry as long as Florida is concerned.

This can be traced to its phenomenal esthetician programs. 

Each year, Pinellas Technical College – St. Petersburg graduates nearly two hundred students as estheticians.

At Pinellas Technical College – St. Petersburg esthetician students learn in an experiential environment where they get hands-on training experience.

At the end of the program, students get a wider understanding of skincare and cosmetology concepts.

If you’re looking for funding, you can apply for the following scholarships to study esthetics at Pinellas Technical College – St. Petersburg;

  • The American Welding Society Scholarship for Educational Fund
  • The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Scholarship is worth $5000 and its Need-Based Fund.

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#6. Orange Technical College – Westside Campus

  • Tuition: $3192 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Contact: +1 407-251-6047
  • Specified GPA Requirement: 2.5
  • Standardized Test Score Required: SAT  N/A 

Orange Technical College – Westside Campus is a small institution that fosters one on one student to teacher kind of learning. 

The esthetician program at Orange Technical College – Westside Campus is purely practical which gives the student the ability to gain hands-on skills.

As a rule of law, all theoretical knowledge is put into practice.

Basically, Orange Technical College – Westside Campus provides training in every aspect of esthetics which includes skincare and waxing services.

Also, students get to learn the art and technique of make-up application, and the science behind the foundations of skin, health, and wellness.

The financial aid available at Orange Technical College – Westside Campus are;

  • The Bailey Family Foundation Scholarship– 5000$- Educational Fund
  • The Barrett Family Foundation VA Scholarship– Varies- Need-based Fund

#7. D G Erwin Technical Center

  • Tuition: $11,221 
  • Financial Aid: N/A
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Contact: +1 813-769-5180
  • Specified GPA Requirement: 3.0
  • Standardized Test Score Required: SAT  1100, ACT 21.

If you’re looking for an esthetician school in Florida that will not cost you much, definitely it is not D G Erwin Technical Center. 

However, the quality of education offered at D G Erwin Technical Center will train you to become professional enough to earn a high salary with your esthetician license in Florida

Although a small institution, D G Erwin Technical Center creates a sense of belonging atmosphere to its 811 student enrollment. 

During the esthetic program, students gain exposure to different kinds of clients and have the opportunity to work under the supervision of professionals. 

Also, students can do their internships at salons and other skincare institutes while studying at D G Erwin Technical Center.

#8. Florida Gateway College

  • Tuition: $11,676 
  • Financial Aid: N/A
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Contact: +1 386-752-1822
  • Specified GPA Requirement: 3.0
  • Standardized Test Score Required: SAT  N/A, ACT N/A 

One of the top esthetician schools in Florida is the Florida Gateway College.

Its esthetician training program is flexible and accommodates even mid-career professionals.

The Esthetician program at  Florida Gateway College can be scheduled during the day and the night as well as other plenty of options for study. 

Most students choose between the full-time or part-time courses because Florida Gateway College allows them to have that full advantage.

The Florida Gateway College campus is decent with good food and dorm facilities. 

Its small enrollment of 1,133 undergraduate students makes one-on-one coaching studies possible which is ideal for esthetician programs.

esthetician florida license
esthetician florida license

#9. Robert Morgan Educational Center – Adult Education

  • Tuition: $2454 
  • Financial Aid: N/A
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Contact: +1 305-253-9920
  • Specified GPA Requirement: 3.2
  • Standardized Test Score Required: SAT  N/A, ACT N/A 

One of the top rated Esthetician schools in Florida is the Robert Morgan Educational Center.

The Robert Morgan Educational Center offers a fantastic esthetician program with a curriculum tailored to fit the requirements of the beauty industry. 

The Robert Morgan Educational Center has the current technology in the industry like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, anti-aging treatments, electric current, laser, LED light, micro-current, radio frequency, infra-red, and other esthetic tools.

If you want to learn at pace with the latest trend in the beauty industry, you have to enroll at Robert Morgan Educational Center.

And thankfully, the Robert Morgan Educational Center esthetician school does not cost much for tuition.

#10. Indian River State College

  • Tuition: $10,484 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Contact: +1 772-569-0333
  • Specified GPA Requirement: 2.9
  • Standardized Test Score Required: SAT  1050, ACT 21 

The Fort Pierce, Indian River State College has one of the most accommodating safe and clean environments that support educational learning. 

As a student esthetician, Students have access to comprehensive make-up programs and individual courses designed to meet the learner’s specific needs.

Indian River State College gives both a scientific and theoretical approach with demonstrations and hands-on experience in lab work. 

One thing every student is sure of is graduating from the Indian River State College Esthetician program prepares you to get your license and sets you up for a high salary in Florida.

If you’re in need of funding, you can apply for 

  • Marine Technology Society Scholarship– $2000- Scholarship Fund
  • The Passmore Scholarship– $500- Need-based Fund

Other Good Schools For Esthetics in Florida Are;

  • Cortiva Institute (Esthetics, Massage Therapy, Makeup Artistry)
  • Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers (Cosmetology, Esthetics, Nail Technology, Electrology, Barbering)
  • NUC University (Barbering, Cosmetology, Esthetics)
  • Elise Esthetic Institute
  • International Academy 
  • Lake Technical College 
  • Nouveau Contour USA
  • Academy of Cosmetology
  • Academy of Career Training 
  • The Esthetic Association Florida
  • The Salon Professional Academy 
  • Florida College of Natural Health

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Frequently Asked Questions About Esthetician Schools, License, and Salary in Orlando, Florida

How Much Is The Salary Of A Florida Esthetician?

Because Esthetics is a booming business in Florida, every nook and cranny has an Esthetician that is a handful.

That means more business, more salary.

The average salary for an esthetician is $26.12 per hour in Florida in June 2, 2022

However in Orlando estheticians can expect to earn an annual mean salary of $33,740, or $16.22 per hour, which is on par with the national average. 

The Florida Esthetician salary is quite great

Is There An Esthetician Organisation in Florida?

Orlando, Florida is not only home to several good esthetician schools but is also the home of Esthetics Association Florida.

The Esthetics Association Florida is a member-driven organization that provides continuing education, networking, and certification courses.

Reckoning with the Esthetics Association Florida is one way to make sure you’re not alone in Florida as an esthetician.

How Long Does It Take To Become An Esthetician in Florida?

A licensed esthetician program in Florida must consist of 260 hours. 

This spans across 3 to 6 months on average.

All schools for estheticians in Florida tailor their program to fit into these hours and graduate students once it’s complete.

How Much Does Esthetician School Cost in Florida?

Most prospective students often wonder how much an esthetician school in Florida will cost.

That’s an important consideration owing to the fact that esthetics schools are not free. 

Although there is no fixed cost of how much you get to pay for an esthetician program in a school in Florida because all costs are school or institution-specific.

On the average, here is what it will cost you to go to an esthetician school in Florida;

  • Registration    $150
  • Start-up Cost    $750
  • Tuition Fee    $2,975
  • Total    $3,875

In Orlando, the cost of esthetician schools is a little different compared to other counties in Florida.

In Orlando, 

  • Registration – $200.00 (Non-Refundable) 
  • Tuition – $1,650.00.

So you see that how much you get to pay for an esthetician school in Orlando is less expensive than how much you get to pay in other counties in Florida.

Can Estheticians Do Microneedling in Florida?

In Florida, licensed estheticians are allowed to perform micro needling, while in Utah, master estheticians are allowed to perform micro needling, provided the needle depth does not exceed 1.5 mm.

How Do I Become A Master Esthetician in Florida?

To become a master esthetician, you would complete the following steps:

  • Complete a Master Esthetician Program.
  • Apply for a Master Esthetician License and Schedule the Required Examinations. 
  • Take and Pass the Required Master Esthetician State Exams.
  • Get your master’s esthetician license in Florida.

Can An Esthetician Work From Home in Florida?

Yes, you can operate the salon out of your home as long as you have submitted an application and applicable fees and you have received a license to operate.

We believe this article has helped you make a choice of the best esthetician schools in Orlando Florida.

Before you enroll in any school, find out how much the college tuition for an esthetician program will cost.

Once you complete your program, you should apply for your license at the Florida board of Estheticians to obtain your Esthetician license.

Remember, your license is what validates you to practice and earn the approved Florida esthetician salary.

We wish you luck with your application.

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