21+ Esthetician Schools In Atlanta To Get Into 2022

Esthetician Schools In Atlanta: Are you on the search for the best cosmetology school to prepare you to take on esthetician jobs in Georgia, Atlanta?

Do you want to become an esthetician but don’t know how best to go about it?

Do you have an interest in skincare and wellness and want to become a professional in it?


Before now, esthetics, also known as, was not considered by many.

But with the world evolving, skincare has become a professional venture.

Esthetics is one of the fastest-growing fields in America.

Every day more women and men focus on self-care routines and wellness.

Because it’s a feat that requires a professional touch, they are always looking out for professionals trained to help them improve their skin.

This career is gaining new respect quickly even in the medical community for those who want to take the profession to a medical level.

As the esthetician jobs grow more in Atlanta, those who want to become a professional will have to attend the best schools to prepare them for such.


Here in this guide, we have put together a list of the best esthetician schools in Atlanta that will help you pick a cosmetology school of choice. 

Also, we have shared details about career updates of the available esthetician jobs and how to become an esthetician in Georgia, Atlanta

In addition, you will learn what to expect when it comes to training and getting certified in the business.

So, if you’re interested in becoming a good skin care professional specialist or a medical esthetician, this guide will help direct your course if you want to study in Georgia, Atlanta.

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Who Is an Esthetician?

Maybe you didn’t know that a skincare specialist is called an esthetician, but now you know.

An esthetician is a skin specialist trained to identify and treat cosmetic issues to improve the patient’s skin condition. 

Basically, an esthetician takes care of people’s skin even at a medical level.

Because it’s a profession that requires tact and a high level of experience, you will need to attend the best esthetician schools in Atlanta to prepare you for a career in this field.

What is the Job Description of An Esthetician?

Just like we have pointed out earlier, estheticians perform normal and advanced skincare treatments such as;

  • Facials
  • Waxing
  • Makeovers.
  • Pigmentation
  • Extractions
  • Light therapy
  • Hair removal
  • Lash extensions
  • Body treatments
  • Pore cleansing
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Skin conditioning
  • Blemish extraction
  • Removal of wrinkles
  • Superficial chemical peels

As an extension of their job by default, they also educate clients on products, skincare regimens, and the benefits of esthetic procedures.

For a medical esthetician, the job description may extend to helping patients identify and recover from health issues affecting the skin.

Estheticians in the medical field, works with cancer patients or burn victims after surgical procedures.

What is the Job Outlook For Estheticians in Atlanta?

Most students, after studying in any of the best esthetician schools in Atlanta, often go-ahead to practice in the city.

Well, that is definitely a good idea because estheticians have a great career outlook in Atlanta.

WalletHub ranks Atlanta 88th out of the 150 cities in the U.S. for skin health. 

Atlanta pollution and smoking rank 141, and skin cancer rank 103. 

This means that there are ample opportunities for estheticians in Atlanta.

Following the statistical analysis by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, esthetician jobs are expected to grow 17% between 2019 and 2029.

This means that there will be more than enough esthetician jobs in Atlanta for newbies in the field.

How Much Does An Esthetician Make in Georgia?

Skin Care specialists in 2022, earned a median hourly wage of $16.39 which is equivalent to $48,093 per year.

The range is between $43,428 and $55,216.

And they have to work more than 40-hours a week.

However, keep in mind that the esthetician’s pay varies greatly by location, level of training, and experience. 

Where Do I Find Esthetician Jobs In Atlanta?

Once you have gone to an esthetician school and you’re ready to get a job in Atlanta, you need to find it in the right places.

Typically, you will find esthetician jobs in strategic centers in Atlanta.

Most estheticians work with their clients in a spa or salon setting. 

The medical esthetician will find jobs in medical settings in Atlanta to complement the services of a dermatologist.

So, in a nutshell, here are the places where an esthetician can find jobs and work in Atlanta!

  • Spas
  • Salons.
  • Hospitals
  • Movie sets.
  • Luxury resorts
  • High-end hotels.
  • Nursing facilities.
  • Retail or educational environments.
  • Dermatologist or plastic surgeon offices.

Are There Esthetician Schools In Atlanta?

To become an esthetician in Georgia, you need to be trained in a cosmetology school in Atlanta. 

An esthetician school will prepare you to become a highly trained, in-demand skincare expert.

In Atlanta, there are many esthetic programs in many schools. 

Esthetics programs are available at community colleges, independent esthetics or schools, and schools of cosmetology in Atlanta.

So, yes, there are many esthetician schools in Atlanta that can train you in cosmetology and prepare you to take up the available esthetician jobs in the city. 

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What Do Esthetician Schools Teach?

Every program comes with slightly different courses. 

Esthetics and Cosmetology programs focus on

  • State laws.
  • Basic skincare. 
  • Ingredient analysis
  • Makeup application
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Hair removal and waxing
  • Professional business skills.
  • Safety, sanitation, and sterilization
  • Marketing, sales, and salon management
  • Facials, cleansing, toning and massaging

Esthetician college combines theoretical knowledge and practical training on mannequins.

How Long Does It Take To Become An Esthetician in Georgia, Atlanta?

Depending on the esthetic program you are going for, the duration for each course will differ.

The number of hours required for an esthetics program is shorter for cosmetology programs.

Some schools in Atlanta offer esthetician programs that last for 1,000 hours of hands-on training spread across 6 to 8 months. 

Although most programs take place during the day, some offer evening and weekend classes. 

Every part you take, the school you choose will prepare you to become an esthetician.

How Do I Make A Choice From The List of Best Esthetician Schools?

To choose a cosmetology school in Atlanta that will prepare you to become an esthetician you have to make a pick from the pool of great colleges in the city.

Before you enroll in an esthetician school, you must make a choice based on your educational needs.

Ensure the cosmetology programs suit your educational goals and lifestyle. 

When comparing esthetician schools in Atlanta, here are some non-negotiable factors to consider;

#1. Is This The Esthiology School Accredited? 

The first consideration you will make as you choose a cosmetology school of choice is the state of accreditation. 

Accreditation means the esthetic program meets the requirements for licensure. 

So, ensure the school you’re applying for is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS).

#2. What Are People Saying About the Program?

Because you are going to spend 1,000 hours of your time in an esthetician school, you need to find out what other people who have done that think about the program.

Testimonials and reviews will show you whether the program is a good fit for you or not.

#3. Does the School Have a Good Graduation and Employment Rate?

You don’t want to go to any of the esthetician schools in Atlanta that you will struggle to get jobs after because of the school’s reputation.

Find out the job placement rates after graduation and the relationships and affiliations with nearby businesses.

What Are The Requirements To Get Into An Esthetician or Cosmetology School in Atlanta?

The prerequisites and education requirements to become an esthetician include;

  • Passing a drug screening test
  • 8th-grade education (Optional). 
  • Must be at least 17 years or older
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Take a preliminary exam or aptitude test
  • Apply for your license and pay a $30 fee.
  • Pass the relevant criminal background checks.
  • Have a valid photo ID for proof of identification
  • Possess a social security card for proof of citizenship.
  • Complete a state-approved 1,000-hour esthetics program.
  • Pass both a 110-minute practical exam and a 90-minute theoretical exam.

The list above is the basic requirements to enroll in a cosmetology school that will prepare and trains you to become an esthetician in Atlanta, Georgia.

We also recommend you visit the school’s website before you enroll to ensure you meet all their requirements.

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Best Esthetician Schools In Atlanta To Get Into 

Now, you know what it will require you to become an esthetician in Georgia.

What schools are valid to train you in such wisdom?

Below is a list of the best schools that will prepare you to become an esthetician in Georgia and take up many jobs as you wish upon graduation in Atlanta.

#1. Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics

  • Accredited: Yes
  • Tuition: $13,080
  • Kit Cost: $969
  • Program Length: May vary
  • Location: 2 Dunwoody Park South Suite 102, Atlanta, GA 30338

Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics is one of the colleges in Atlanta that trains you to become a professional in the field of esthetics.

Going to the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, you will do programs in cosmetology and esthetics.

#2. Atlanta School of Massage 

  • Accredited: Yes
  • Tuition Cost: $13,000
  • Kit Cost: $960
  • Program Length: 11 months
  • Location: 2 Dunwoody Park South Suite 101 Atlanta, GA 30338

Atlanta School of Massage is an accredited esthetic school with a focus on esthetics and Massage therapy.

Students who want to become professionals in this area of esthetics will have a great time studying at the Atlanta School of Massage.

#3. Georgia Career Institute

  • Accredited: Yes
  • Tuition Cost: $7,367
  • Kit Cost: $1,000
  • Program Length: 9 months
  • Location: 900 Flat Shoals Road Southeast Conyers, GA 30094

To become an esthetician in Georgia, you can enroll in the Georgia Career Institute to prepare you to take up esthetician jobs in Atlanta.

Georgia Career Institute focuses on cosmetology, esthetics, nail technology, and massage therapy.

#4. Health And Style Institute 

  • Accredited: Yes
  • Tuition Cost: $10,695
  • Kit Cost: Unavailable
  • Program Length: 13 months
  • Location: 2450 Piedmont Road Suite 300, Atlanta, GA 30324 

Health And Style Institute is a cosmetology school in Georgia that focuses on cosmetology, esthetics, and makeup artistry.

Due to the need for more experts, the Health And Style Institute also offers cosmetology teacher training.

Also, Health And Style Institute has an extension in Kennesaw, GA.

#5. 5D Beauty Academy 

  • Accredited: Not Specified
  • Location: 3121 Maple Street, Atlanta, GA 30305

Although the state of accreditation of 5D Beauty Academy is not known, the beauty academy is a good place for an esthetician in training.

#6. Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy 

  • Accredited: Yes
  • Tuition Cost: $10,403
  • Kit Cost: $2,446
  • Program Length: 10 months
  • Location: 6088 Buford Highway Doraville, GA 30340

While many Esthetician schools in Georgia, Atlanta focus on cosmetology and skincare, Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy includes barbing.

So, if that expertise is in your diary, then Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy is the cosmetology school for you.

#7. CEI Hair Schools

  • Accredited: Not Specified
  • Tuition Cost: $7,367
  • Kit Cost: $1,000
  • Program Length: 9 months
  • Location: 88 Peachtree Street Southwest Atlanta, GA 30303

With a focus in hair treatment and waxing, CEI Hair Schools of estheticians is a good place to undertake training. 

Keep in mind that other esthetics programs run in CEI Hair Schools simultaneously

#8. D’Most Beauty and Body Institute

  • Accredited: Not Specified
  • Tuition Cost: $10,695
  • Kit Cost: Unavailable
  • Program Length: 13 months
  • Location: 1391 Veterans Memorial Highway Southwest Suite 100, Mableton, GA 30126

In Mableton city, students who want to become esthetician in Georgia CNA take up to 1,000 hours of training at Most Beauty and Body Institute.

Programs cover beauty, nail, hair, and body esthetics.

#9. Dalton Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology

  • Accredited: Yes
  • Tuition: $13,080
  • Kit Cost: $969
  • Program Length: May vary
  • Location: 100 West Walnut Avenue Dalton, GA 30720

Another accredited cosmetology school that will better prepare you for the esthetician jobs available in Atlanta is the Dalton Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology.

Dalton Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology is a full package program that prepares you in Esthetics and Cosmetology.

#10. Elaine Sterling Institute 

  • Accredited: Yes
  • Tuition Cost: $11,976
  • Kit Cost: $1,924
  • Program Length: 9 months
  • Location: 3393 Peachtree Road Northeast #1003B Atlanta, GA 30342

Next on our list of best esthetician schools in Atlanta is the Elaine Sterling Institute.

At Elaine Sterling Institute, students who enroll in the program graduate job-ready. 

#11. Georgia Beauty School

  • Accredited: Not Specified
  • Tuition: $4,500
  • Kit Cost: Unavailable
  • Program Length: 9 months
  • Location: 4771 Britt Road, Norcross, GA 30093

Georgia Beauty School is a cosmetology school that will prepare you to become an esthetician in Atlanta.

Because it’s a beauty school, it’s focus is on cosmetology, facials, and skincare routines.

#12. Golden Razor Academy of Cosmetology 

  • Accredited: Yes
  • Tuition Cost: $13,000
  • Kit Cost: $960
  • Program Length: 11 months
  • Location: 7209 Turner Lake Road, Covington, GA 30014

Golden Razor Academy of Cosmetology is one of the schools that ensures you are ready for the esthetician jobs available in Atlanta upon graduation.

As a cosmetology school, the focus is on facials, beauty and makeup artistry 

#13. Hogan Institute of Cosmetology & Esthetics 

  • Accredited: Yes
  • Tuition: $12,000
  • Kit Cost: $1,540
  • Program Length: May vary
  • Location: 495 Indian Trail Road Northwest, Lilburn, GA 30047

In the city of Lilburn, students who want to become estheticians in Atlanta can take advantage of the training at Hogan Institute of Cosmetology & Esthetics.

The focus is on cosmetology and esthetics.

#14. International School of Skin, Nailcare & Massage Therapy 

  • Accredited: Yes
  • Tuition Cost: $12,960
  • Kit Cost: $1,100
  • Program Length: 12 months
  • Location: 5600 Roswell Road Northeast Suite 14, Atlanta, GA 30342

International School of Skin, Nailcare & Massage Therapy focuses on skincare, nail care, and massage therapy.

In that vein, students who enroll for training at the International School of Skin, Nailcare & Massage Therapy will be well equipped in that.

Other Esthetician Schools in Georgia, Atlanta

  • Cold Cutters
  • Browz N Beauty
  • USA Beauty Academy
  • Makeup By Sierra Lloyd
  • Park Ave Cosmetic Center
  • Skin Deep Skin Care Studio
  • Your CBD Store – Buckhead
  • Paul Mitchell the School – Esani
  • Academy of Advanced Cosmetics
  • Amanda’s Art of Cosmetology Institute
  • Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute – Atlanta 
  • Rivertown School of Beauty, Barber, Skin Care & Nails

You can see there is a long list of esthetician schools in Atlanta that will better prepare you in cosmetology and ready for jobs upon graduation.

To be sure you will find the best, read reviews as you visit the esthetician website.

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How Much Is an Esthetician School in Georgia Atlanta?

The average tuition for an esthetics program in Atlanta is between $3,000 and $16,750. 

But depending on the length of the program, location, and required training hours in your school of choice, the cost may go way higher or lower.

Also, other fees such as fees for textbooks, registration, and equipment may also apply.

How Do I Choose A Specialty in An Esthetician School?

Some esthetics schools allow students to select a specialty.

These courses allow you to focus on an aspect of the business. 

By selecting such, you will not learn in a basic training program.

Some specialty programs in an esthetician school that will prepare you to become professional include;

  • Reiki
  • Wraps.
  • Aromatherapy
  • Body treatments
  • Theatrical makeup.
  • Laser hair removal.
  • Microdermabrasion.
  • Airbrush or camouflage
  • Innovative spa therapies.
  • Advanced facial massage
  • Advanced acne treatment.
  • Permanent makeup (tattooing).

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Esthetician Schools in Georgia, Atlanta.

Are There Additional Certifications and Training After Going To A Cosmetology School in Georgia, Atlanta.

Esthetics is an evolving profession.

There is always something new to learn after you must have completed your 1,000 hours of training in Atlanta.

A continuing education course will be required if you’re going to renew your esthetician license.

To offer a wider range of services you can take additional courses.

What’s the Difference Between An Aesthetician and Esthetician?

Sometimes an Aesthetician is confused with an Esthetician but both professions are not the same.

Estheticians focus on cosmetic treatments and skincare routines while aestheticians are more medical inclined. 

In other words, aestheticians are medical, clinical, or paramedical personnel.

Can I Become An Esthetician Online?

Yes, you can take an esthetician course online as long as it’s accredited.

Is an Esthetician A Good Career?

For those who love skin and beauty treatments, being an esthetician is a dream-come-true profession.

And for a job with a good prospect and high payment what there not to be good about it.

Do Estheticians Pop Pimples?

Not necessarily, estheticians can do extractions such as cleaning out, non-inflamed pore blockages but they will not pop your pimples.

By extraction, they will help your skin feel smoother and can help stop inflamed pimples from forming. 

How Do I Get a License in Atlanta as an Esthetician?

To become an esthetician going to a cosmetology school in Atlanta, Georgia is only one step in the right direction to prepare you for the task ahead.

To be able to get esthetician jobs in Atlanta, you will need to get your license.

For an esthetics license, you need to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the skin and the technology.

You need to have knowledge of advanced treatments like lasers, LED lights, oxygen, or ultrasonic waves.

Georgia requires 1,000 hours of training and 2,000 hours of apprenticeship to qualify for licensure.

To get your esthetician license in Atlanta, here are the steps to follow

  • Graduate from Esthetician School in Georgia
  • Pass the Esthetician Practical and Theory Exam
  • Submit an Esthetician License Application
  • Start your Career as an Esthetician in Georgia
  • Complete Continuing Education to Renew your License every 2 years.

What Are The Qualities of An Esthetician?

Being skilled will get you customers but maintaining your customer base will need you to possess the right attitude towards clients.

In addition to training, you need to have a professional and friendly personality that instills confidence in clients.

Also, be able to listen and empathize with your clients’ needs and concerns.

What Board Accredited Esthetic School programs in Georgia?

The best esthetician schools in Atlanta for you will be a school accredited by the either if the following bodies;

  • National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS).
  • Accrediting Commission for Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSC)
  • Council on Occupational Education (COE)
  • Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)
  • Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET)

What is a Master Esthetician?

A master esthetician is an expert esthetician who has undergone extra training. 

They are licensed to perform advanced procedures like medium-deep chemical peels, lymph node drainage, and specific laser treatments. 

What Areas Can Estheticians Specialize In?

Estheticians who want to work in a doctor’s office, medical spa, cosmetic surgery clinic, or a hospital can specialize in medical esthetics. 

On the other hand, Oncology esthetics requires advanced study for how to safely provide services for people undergoing cancer treatments that may affect the skin, such as dryness and rashes.

How is an Esthetician Different From A Dermatologist?

An esthetician is not a medical healthcare provider but a dermatologist is.

At this point, I believe you are sure if this career part is for you or not. 

Do well to follow our guide on the factors to look out for when choosing any of the Esthetician Schools in Atlanta.

As you prepare for esthetician school, have the necessary kits and finance to run your program.

Ensure you get your license as stated above.

If you ever want to consider Canada, check out our article on the Best Makeup Schools in Canada.

If you found this article helpful, give us a thumbs up and share it with friends and family.

Also, follow our Facebook page and YouTube Channel for more educational information that will benefit you greatly.

Esthetician schools in atlanta
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Good luck!!!



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