Easiest Online Masters Degree You Can Apply For In 2022

Easiest Online Masters Degree: As a young professional, if getting to the peak of your career in the cooperate world is your goal, then you can’t depend on just your Bsc(bachelor’s degree).

You might want to consider getting a masters degree to grow and sharpen your skills in your chosen area of expertise even without having to leave your current job, all you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection.

It’s been ascertained that in most organizations, your market value is dependent on your level of education.


In other words, the higher your educational qualification, the more likely you are to get certain positions which equals more pay, recognition, and respect.

It’s only normal to want to get this degree from a prestigious international school, especially if you are an international student.

But how do I get a master’s degree outside my country, considering the pandemic state of the world and travel restrictions you may ask?

Well, that’s the sole purpose of this article, to let you in on the easiest online masters degrees you can get today.

Without further ado let’s dive in…

What is masters’ degree?

According to Wikipedia, a master’s degree is an academic degree awarded by universities or colleges upon completion of a course of study demonstrating mastery or a high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice. It is usually geared towards gaining a higher knowledge of what one studied at the bachelor’s degree level.

That being said, many working professionals are looking for a quick online masters degree that will help them climb the professional ladder at work.


But beyond that, some are looking for the easiest masters degree online. Why?

Usually, students who want to return to school are also employed; they work and have families too.

They just don’t have time for long programs. Or they are not happy with their current job and hope that a simple online master’s degree will help them switch careers quickly.

Benefits of getting a master’s degree .

Apart from having a broader view and understanding of your course of interest or field of study, a Master’s degree comes with so many other benefits, which include:

#1. It increases employment opportunities.

So many top companies believe that the higher the educational qualification of an individual, the more trustworthy the person would be to exhibit a certain level of professionalism and knowledge.

#2. It increases the chances of earning more.

In most countries, just the word MASTER’S DEGREE already has dollar signs and extra zeros accompanying it, because it comes with some kind of prestige, and who doesn’t want that?

#3. It helps you gain special knowledge to advance in your skill.

Knowing that master’s degree is a higher form of education from BSc, it’s only reasonable to know that every knowledge you’ll be getting will be more advanced, in other words, you’ll be more polished in your chosen area of expertise.

#4. It helps build self-esteem.

Everyone knows how prestigious gaining a higher level of education can be, especially in the part of the world like Africa, gaining a degree as high as master’s degree, helps build more confidence from just knowing that you’ve been able to cover a milestone, which certainly feels good.

#5. It aids in Networking.

We all know that anything that requires the coming together of two or more people, whether virtually or physically, is certainly a good way to build a network, especially for people who are outgoing. You never can tell who will put in a good word in the long run and meaningful networking is needed in every sphere of life.

Why get a masters degree online?

#1. Because of the pandemic:

We all know the tow the covid19 pandemic has taken on us, moving around, especially intercountry travels, is hardly an option. But thank to technology that has made almost everything possible and easy, including getting a master’s degree online.

So for those who really want to further their education but experienced a setback because of the pandemic, online studies might be a good option, as you’ll get the same quality of education you would have gotten if you were to physically be in a classroom.

#2. Because it is conducive:

this is basically for people who have families(wife, husbands, children) and don’t want to stay away from them for a long time, people with health challenges who can hardly move around but still want to further their education, or even people with jobs they can’t get a study leave from but still desire to acquire that degree.

#3. It is more cost-effective:

for people who plan to be International students, remember, no accommodation fee is needed, no traveling cost, just sit in the comfort of your home and still get your master’s degree from anywhere.

How Hard Is a Masters Degree?

When you graduate, your courses will usually be directly related to your learning goals and professional interests. They are also likely to be academically demanding and fast-paced.

In some undergraduate programs, professors can take great care to ensure that students adapt to college and college courses. By comparison, masters professors usually assume you’ll be ready for the rigors of college crash courses from day one.

You are also often expected to take initiative to master the content covered. Master’s programs can also include synthesis projects, such as research colloquia or a master’s thesis.

A graduate program can also offer more rewarding opportunities for collaborative learning and even professional networking. If you’re looking for an easier or faster way to get your Master’s degree, you can look for a program with less difficult final projects or no internship requirements.

Who should get a masters’ degree?

A Master’s degree is basically for people who are done with their bachelor’s degree and feel the need to further, in other words, without a bachelor’s degree, getting a master’s degree is impossible unless it’s a miracle.

Also, GPA is very important if you are considering getting a master’s degree, some schools require a GPA of 3.0 while some require a minimum of 2.75 GPA, it all depends on the school of your choice.

Things to consider while applying for a master’s degree.

#1. Tuition fee and every expense to be made:

have you considered this? If not, you should, wouldn’t want to start what you can’t finish because of a reason that could have easily been avoided,

so it’s either you apply for a scholarship or to a school with affordable tuition fee, the good thing is, since it’s online, you don’t have to worry about traveling cost, accommodation, etc.

#2. The school:

I don’t think anyone would want to get such an important certificate from a low-ranking, unrecognized, unaccredited, institution, with a bad reputation,

so you might want to add that to your list of things to consider, including what their online learning reputation is like.

#3. Course to study:

of course, you know that you just cannot apply to a school without first, being sure of the course you want to study, that should, in fact, be one of the first things to do.

You would also want to make sure to choose a course that will be beneficial, I don’t think anyone would want to spend so much time, energy, and money on something they’ll end up not using.

#4. The online learning platform:

this is one of the most important things to consider when applying for a master’s degree online, after all, if the online learning platform is not good enough, what is the point of being there?.

You have to be sure that their virtual learning experience is of great quality and topnotch, let it be a platform where you can easily interact with your professors and fellow students without any barriers or glitches.

#5. The documents required for application:

it’s important to make sure that all the documents you need, to be eligible to apply to the school of your choice are intact especially if you are considering being an international student.

Also, make sure that your documents are written in a language that will easily be understood by the University you are submitting them to.

#6. The relevance of the online masters degree:

The relevance of the online masters’s degree certificate you are getting is of great importance.

You wouldn’t want to spend years or months getting a degree that wouldn’t stand international recognition.

Though, yes the knowledge to be acquired is of more importance, but then you wouldn’t want to spend years or months acquiring a certificate that will end up being irrelevant or unusable.

How long does it take to complete a masters degree online?

Depending on the course of your choice, the school, and the type of program you choose to run( by this I mean, whether part-time or full time), the time can vary,

it typically takes 2 years to complete a masters degree as a full-time student, 3 to 4 years as a part-time student, and 6 to 19 months to complete accelerated programs, but this will require intensive study.

Easiest online masters degree to study today.

If you want to get a master’s degree online, these are a few easy ones you should consider, but this doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a “walk in the park”, it only means that some are more technical and attainable physically than online. Here is a list of the easiest online master’s degree programs:

  • Business Administration
  • Communications
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education & Teaching
  • Educational Leadership
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Human Services
  • Liberal Arts
  • Library Science
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Social Work
  • Sports Management

1. Online Masters in Teaching and education

First on our list of Easiest Online Masters Degree to apply for today is masters in teaching and education.

These days, a lot of people take classes online, both kids and adults which has led to the increase in demand for online teachers,

come to think of it, you are about to take an online course, so imagine you are actually one of the people dishing out the knowledge instead of the other way around.

Getting an online master’s degree can make it easier for you to perfect your skills and be able to apply to agencies that can make getting a decent-paying job easier unless you plan to be a freelance online teacher.

2. Online Masters in Business Management

Another Easiest Online Masters Degree is masters in Business Management.

This deals with learning how to manage a business in an organized and administrative manner,

and there are lots of companies, especially upcoming companies who need the expertise of a business manager to grow their company.

Nonetheless, gaining an online master’s degree can give you an edge over other possible applicants for such jobs.

#3. Online Masters in Health Education

You can’t talk about the Easiest Online Masters Degree without including a master’s in health education.

 This area covers the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of good health.

Considering the fact that a lot of people are concerned about their health; health education can easily be said to be one of the easiest online masters degrees to get today and also lucrative as a good number of people need health instructors.

#4. Online Masters in Human Services

This is aimed at meeting human needs by assisting them to function as effectively as possible in different areas of their lives. Examples of human services include:

  1. Shelter assistance
  2. Child Welfare services
  3. Social workers
  4. Translators
  5. Event Planning

And basically, everything that gears toward making human life a bit less difficult.

#5. Online Masters in Public Administration

Public administration is yet another of the Easiest Online Masters Degree you can get today. it is the academic discipline that studies the implementation of government policies. An MHA degree is one that will include some math and finance. 

So if you’re into that and want to work in the healthcare field, take a good look. You’ll take classes in healthcare finance, ethical decision-making, healthcare planning, and more.

With a master’s in public administration, you can earn as much as $35,000 to $100,000 per year.

Easiest Online Masters Degree You Can Apply For In 2022

#6. Online Masters in Accounting

This is the process by which financial transactions pertaining to business are being made. It has to do with recording and revealing cash flow operations. It is a very important skill to acquire because it helps business owners track income and expenditures.

Every serious-minded business person needs a good accountant to help put it in check. Thus, gaining a master’s in accounting is one of the Easiest Online Masters Degree and job opportunities abound.

#7. Online Masters in Computer Science

Everything in the world is going digital, and everyone is supposed to know a thing or two about computers, some obviously more than others. So if you are looking for the easiest masters degree to study online but not sure yet which to go for, as a science student, you might want to consider computer science, which comprises of

  • a) Web developing
  • b) Computer Engineering
  • c) Database Administration
  • d) Software Development
  • e) Computer architecture

And so many other branches of computer science. Computer Science is the study of computers and how to use them to process information and solve problems.

#8. Corporate Communications

If you have strong communication skills and are also aiming for a career in the corporate world, you may want to try this easy Online Masters Degree in Business Communication. But you definitely need to have fun researching and writing, as these programs are good at both. Graduates find work in public relations, marketing, advertising, and communication.

easiest online masters degree programs
easiest online masters degree programs

#9. Educational Leadership

Are you looking to advance your career in the field of education? Obtaining an easy online masters in educational administration might be the way to go.

If you’re already in the Education field, an easy Master’s online program to consider is one in Educational Leadership. It’s a great fit for those wanting to become school principals or in higher district positions, and most often times won’t require a thesis.

#10. Sports Management

One of the easiest online masters; is Sports Management. If athletics is your great love, then a career in sports management might be the way to go.

This one’s kind of a no-brainer if you love sports, people, and business. You’ll look at principles of business (like statistics, finance, marketing, PR) and study how they intersect with sports.

Pursuing one of the easiest online masters in Sports Management is perfect for people looking to be a sport’s agent, sport’s manager, athletic director, or other sports-related careers.

#11. Liberal Arts

An easy online masters degree in Humanities can open doors to many different career options.

An Easy Online Masters in Liberal Arts is a broad, interdisciplinary degree that focuses on subjects such as philosophy, arts, math, social sciences, and natural sciences.

Students seeking in-depth knowledge of the liberal arts who are creative will appreciate this degree. Graduates can excel in a variety of jobs, including careers in business, government, healthcare, family service, and more.

#12. Library Science

If books and research are your thing, you might consider one of the easiest masters degrees in library science online out there.

This field is a bit narrower than the liberal arts, as a simple online masters degree in library science leads to more specific careers such as librarians, archivists, and library managers.

It probably goes without saying that students pursuing this field must enjoy books and research.

At first glance, a Masters in Library Science or Information Science may seem extremely easy–but only for those who enjoy research skills, digital librarianship, and more.

#13. Criminal Justice

If you are looking to advance your career in law enforcement or the legal system, an Easy Online Masters in Criminal Justice might be the way to go.

A simple online masters degree in criminal justice could be an option if you enjoy studying criminal behavior, politics, psychology, and prison theory.

Graduates could work in city governments, law enforcement, homeland security, or other related fields.

#14. Online Masters in Human Services

An online Masters Degree in Personnel Services can prepare you for a range of positions in the personnel services industry.

Common sectors include community and health services, psychological counseling and program management, K-12 student services or college or study counseling, and community service administration.

Some graduates may also work as counselors or therapists, but must aspire to this degree in order to develop a wider range of communication, management, and administrative skills.

Future employment prospects could include running a larger nonprofit agency or network of community therapists or health workers.

A Masters in Human Services program can help you learn about human development, community health, sources and challenges in funding human services, as well as case management and referral networks.

You can choose between a focus on psychological counseling, addiction treatment, and prevention, case management practices, or social services.

A bachelor’s degree in human services or a related field, such as psychology, psychological counseling, community health, social work, or public administration, can be a good basis for admission to a program.

#15. Online Masters in Psychology

If you want to work as a medical psychologist, psychology professor, or psychological advisor, you will need a master’s degree and, for some professions, a doctorate.

Most jobs in this field also require special licenses administered by government agencies and carefully monitored internships that can last a year, two, or more.

Competent psychologists often earn a good salary. Since the profession is highly regulated and requires a special license, finding a good niche in the field can prove to be very satisfying and rewarding.

Universities Offering Easiest Online Masters Degree Programs

Now you know some of the easiest online masters degree programs, here is a list of Universities Offering the Easiest Online Masters Degree Programs.

  • Arkansas State University
  • Clemson University
  • East Carolina University
  • Faulkner University
  • Fort Hays State University
  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Indiana State University
  • Marist College
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Idaho
  • Ohio University
  • University of Kentucky
  • University of Nebraska
  • the University of New Orleans
  • University of North Carolina – Charlotte
  • The University of Northern Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions On the Easiest Online Masters to Study Today

What is the easiest Master’s degree to get online?

Generally speaking, the easiest master’s degree to get online would be a non-science, non-thesis option, possibly in the fields of Sports Management, Communications, History of the Arts

Is an Online Masters Degree Respected?

An online master’s degree from a fully accredited institution is just as respected as a master’s degree completed on campus.

Usually, employers just want to know if you have a master’s degree and which school. They may not even consider whether you graduated in person or online.

Does the course you are interested in have professors with excellent references in their field? Is it fully accredited? Are the study requirements comparable in scope and rigor to other online Masters programs that you have looked at?

If the answer to these questions is yes, it is a good sign that once you graduate, your Masters degree will be respected by potential employers.

Can Master’s degree programs be taken entirely online?

Most of the Masters programs offered by the school are offered 100% online and are offered in the same way as their on-campus counterparts. The online hybrid format programs are web-based but may require face-to-face interaction on campus.

Depending on the degree selected, some master’s courses such as nursing and psychological counseling are hybrid in order to create an optimal learning and practical environment.

While both blended and online learning offers online learning opportunities, both programs require time management and skills to complete their courses without compromising your studies with personal and professional commitments.

What Can You Do with a Masters Degree?

Earning a masters degree can be a strategic way to find a new career or advance in your current field.

Those who are completing a Masters in a field such as Communication Studies or the Humanities may wish to develop their current teaching position or apply the versatile skills they have acquired in a variety of areas.

With a degree in health management, business administration, or human resources management, specialists can qualify for management or leadership positions in these areas and increase their employment opportunities.

Masters degrees, in general, can help you develop and specialize in your skills, qualifying you for a higher salary.

There are also a number of simpler Masters programs that are applicable in growing areas.

For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts above-average employment growth for social workers and managers in the medical and healthcare sectors over the next ten years.

Can You Get a Masters Degree Without a Bachelor’s Degree in the Same Subject?

Yes, some online masters programs accept applicants with a bachelor’s degree in a different field.

Fundamental undergraduate programs usually cover similar basic skills, and other academic skills and concepts can be carried over to your new field of study.

However, if you switch majors, you may need to take additional university courses to qualify for admission to the degree in your new major.

Alternatively, there are online degrees that include bridging programs.

The bridging programs were specially developed to enable students to quickly get started with the core subjects upon enrollment.

What are some of the ways to fund my online Master’s degree?

There are several ways to finance an online master’s degree program such as fellowships, assistantships, graduate scholarships, and financial aids of the chosen school or university. 

More so, graduate students have a wide range of options to finance their studies such as 

  • Employer Tuition Reimbursement,
  • Federal Financial Aid,
  • Federal Loans,
  • Grants,
  • Federal Work-Study,
  • State Grants,
  • Institutional Aid,
  • Private Loans,
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness,
  • Income-Based Repayment (IBR),
  • NIH Loan Repayment.

 All financial assistance programs have deadlines, and there is a lot of competition for funding. The strategy of financing an online master’s degree is to get started early.


There are many accredited, reputable, and useful graduate programs online that do not require advanced courses in engineering, math, or science. There are also courses with lower admission requirements that allow you to get your Masters’s degree faster and easily.

Online master’s courses in particular offer you fast, practical or flexible opportunities to expand your specialist knowledge in your desired area.

We’ve just listed some of the easiest masters for you to consider. If you are unsure of what your best option is, you may want to take stock of your own skills and interests.

When you’re ready to pursue or advance your chosen career, you can explore the various accredited masters programs available online to see which will best fit your schedule and professional goals.


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