How To Earn Your Degree Online|A Complete student Guide 2023

Do you have the intention of studying online and you want to know How To Earn Your Degree Online? Then this article is for you. take your time and read through.

INTRODUCTION: What is an Online Degree?

In the previous years, certificates and degrees were only obtained in classrooms where there is physical contact between the students and the instructors.

As technology is evolving, education has grown to a higher level. Many persons have obtained university degrees and certificates from the comfort of their homes.


It is amazing how many students want to study abroad, and are unable to achieve this dream.

Yet, you can now sit in your home with your electronic gadgets, internet connection and you would acquire the same international degree without having to travel abroad.

The above is achieved at a lower cost when compared to the regular pattern of studying. Some aspects of schooling and expenses, are excluded which makes online studies more interesting and paying. Hostel cost, health insurance cost, physical library fees and some other fees are not paid for online studies.

The stress of running for classes and having to share rooms with strangers is excluded. There is effective time management and use. When sick, the student can decide to reschedule online classes with good rapport with the instructor, unlike what is obtainable in on-campus studies.

Earning Your Degree Online has numerous benefits and it is gaining popularity amongst many countries in the world rapidly. Some great institutions offer some of their online courses for free. Some courses that are yet to be taught in classrooms are already taught online.

Although, online learning has its challenges. Majorly, there is a challenge of carrying out practicals online. There could be delays due to situations beyond the students’ control such as internet fluctuation, power outage, lack of computer skills, and finance to acquire necessary electronic gadgets and purchase enough data for surfing the internet.

However, the advantages of studying online outweigh the disadvantages. The system keeps getting better as the world of information technology keeps going astronomical.


We have compiled for you here, necessary information you need as regards studying online. Are you a student seeking to How To Earn Your Degree Online or one who seeks to study despite being engaged with activities such as business? this article is for you. Have a great time reading it.

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As much as Earning Your Degree Online is appealing and has numerous advantages, there are basic factors to be considered before starting this journey.

#1. Internet accessibility.

This is a core requirement when considering online studies. The lectures and examinations are often done online and inaccessibility to internet or poor internet hampers with the progress. You may check out for spots or near sites around you where you can easily access the internet. It is helpful too that you can plan your time so when it’s time for online classes, you can plan ahead to be in a place where internet accessibility does not fluctuate.

#2.Tuition fees.

There is a tuition fee paid for online studies. As obtained in on-campus studies, other fees may apply such as examination fees, library access fees (in this case online library) amongst others.

To a large degree, online study is cheaper than on-campus studies. Some expenses such as accommodation fees, medical insurance, and related fees may not apply in online studies.

Nevertheless, knowing the cost of How To Earn Your Degree Online would help you prepare adequately. You will also spend hugely on buying data which is used to access the internet. You can search for cheaper data plans so as to save costs.

#3.Time management.

The online study does not require physical contact, but it does require effective time planning. There may be deadlines for assignments, examinations, and tests too may be time fixed.

Thus, Work closely with your instructors and from their schedule map out your own schedule to fit perfectly.

Some of the online sessions may require interactive moments with other students or with your instructors, hence, it may be time fixed. If you envisage you may not meet up, do well to send a message in time asking for permission or reschedule.

#4. Electronic Gadgets.

Electronic gadgets play the role physical requirements play in on-campus studies. Faulty or low-grade electronic gadgets would discourage the smooth running of your online studies.

You may consider fixing your electronic gadgets or getting new ones if the need is before starting your online sessions. Some sellers allow you to pay in bits. You can take advantage of that.

#5. Social media platforms.

You will need social media platforms, to enhance your studies. Also, You will ultimately need an email account. You may choose to open a separate email account that would serve only for your online studies.

Other platforms include Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, zoom, these would also play a huge role in your connecting with your colleagues and instructors even aside from learning-related aspects.


Choosing an online programme can be tasking. There are many options available for students which could be overwhelming.

First, you need to ascertain what you want and what you are good at. Sometimes, you may not get the exact course you want but you can check out for closer courses to it or if other institutions offer your ideal course. 

Courses, mostly are based on sciences and arts and some others on commerce. The splitting continues to faculties, departments/courses. You may consult the school’s guardians and counselors’ department.

When you settle for a course, check for old students’ ratings and experiences. This will equip you with what to expect and know if you are ready for it or not. You can also know the rating of the course and the school at large through this way.

Check out the relevance of the course and its acceptability in the labor market, especially in your country since one can obtain an online degree in another country. Some courses may not find relevance in your own country.

As a matter of fact, some online courses are tailored to issues relating to the country where it is offered. However, if you are studying online for fun and to keep busy, and not necessarily to use the degree, this then may not be challenged.

Further more,

Considering the fact that some courses may require hybrid programmes, where you have to merge both online and physical learning. Knowing this earlier, will help you plan ahead. If it’s not possible then you opt out early so you don’t waste your money as the institution may not refund you.

You also consider the finances. Some courses cost higher just as obtained in on-campus learning. You check your pocket after ascertaining the financial requirements of the course you wish to apply for.


While studying online there is a lot of expectations. Some are obtainable or more obtainable in online learning than in classroom teaching. You mostly will encounter eBooks, journals, videos, recorded lectures, quizzes, discussion forums, live questions and answers and interviews.

The above would be in soft copy format and delivered online to you. They are the basic resources you would use for your studies and others are used to test your knowledge on the course you are studying before the certificate is issued to you.

Instructors would be assigned to you and they would monitor your progress. There may be groupings; where you are grouped with other students for studies, projects, discussions. This allows you to meet and maintain relationship with other students, including students from other countries.

More so,

Examinations will be written online. The institution may choose locations in different regions, where the students locate the regions nearest to them where they would write their examinations.

The institution may use virtual proctors to know if you visited another webpage during the examinations. There are also tools used to check for plagiarism in your assignments, projects, tests and examinations.

The overall result of online studies could be qualification, certificate or degree or combination of the above. It differs with institutions and courses.

You will expect to work with other students from different parts of the world during projects and assignments. However, you can study a course alone, only with your instructor.

You will spend so much time online unlike students studying in the classrooms. Thus, You will have to read bulky materials online and carry out assignments online. This will make you will to also surf the internet more.

You will download resources online including videos, pdfs, audio teachings amongst others.

You will need basic computer knowledge at least. The use of Microsoft office is essential and pdf usage is essential. You will need these skills and more in your online studies.


The process of application for online learning is not so different from that of on-campus. When you have settled with the choice of institution and course, check out for the requirements on the school’s website. You may be required to write exams online before acceptance. You can check for past questions to learn better how to prepare.

Basically, you will scan your documents and previous certificates and send them online to the university. Your messages to the school and the responses will largely be through online platform. Be conscious of deadlines, else you may have to wait for next time of admission.

Ensure you have all the requirements, before you start the application process. This will prevent you from delays. You can check out old colleagues who will equip you better.

Constantly check the school website to know when you are required to do certain things and when your course begins and how the schedule would run. With proper guidance, you are half-way to getting to your dreams.


University College London (UCL).

The institution is known for its excellent education system. The degrees obtained here are recognized worldwide. It largely welcomes international students. The online courses include:

  • Global Education for Teachers.
    •  Community Based Research-Getting Started.
    • Global Prosperity Beyond GDP.
    • Transforming Education in Challenging Environments.
    • Key Ideas in Mentoring Mathematics Teachers.
    • Perioperative Medicine in Action.
    • Airway Matters.

The online education is effectively planned to allow you work, and engage in other activities while you study. Check this website for more information.

The University of Hong Kong.

This is an established school for years in China. Through the years, the institution has ranked high in China in terms of academic performance. Their online schooling is not exclusive. The online school welcomes international students. Some of the online courses are offered free to the students; while some are to be paid for. The courses offered online in the University of Hong Kong include:

  • university teaching
    •  FinTech Ethics and Risks.
    • Materials in Oral Health.
    • Epidemics.  
    • Introduction to FinTech.
    • Humanity and Nature in Chinese Thought.

California Institute of the Arts Courses.

This institution is situated in the United States.  It is ideal for students who are studying arts. The institution has a high reputation for excellence in visual and performing arts. It has six schools: art, critical studies, dance, film/video, music and theatre.

Michigan State University.

There are two options for students who want to pursue an online program at the Michigan State University- totally online or hybrid programming options. In the totally online option, everything, as regards the studies, takes place online. Hybrid programming, options like the name suggest, is a combination of both online and on-campus studies.

The hybrid program type is more feasible for those staying near the institution or the state. The completely online program is best for international students.

The Ecole Polytechnique.

This tertiary institution in addition to offering an excellent studies system, it offers some of its courses tuition-free.

You may consider the free courses if you have financial challenges. Achieving your goal of acquiring a degree via an online study is very possible with the school.

Some of the online courses are: fundamentals of Fluid-Solid Interaction, Quantum optics, An introduction to probability, Silicon thin-film solar cells, Wind resources for renewable energies, Introduction to distribution theory, Photovoltaic solar energy, How to write and publish a scientific paper, Plastic electronics, Introduction to documentary research.

The George Institute of Technology.

It is also known as Georgia Tech. it is a technologically based institution. It ranks among the best technological institutions in the world.  The courses include Innovation Leadership, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Human-computer interaction, Mechatronics Revolution: Fundamentals and Core Concepts, Computing in Python, Health informatics, Introduction to Analytics Modeling, Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods, Information Communication Technology (ICT) Access. Machine Learning, Accessible Gamification. For more details visit


The institution offers diverse courses in Information and Communication Technology. The program is flexible for working-class individuals to obtain a degree from the institution.

Their programs run through the year- fall, spring, and summer.  There is also support from the Adult Student Services Coordinators and Distance Librarians.

The diverse curriculum includes project management, computer networking, enterprise systems, web development, business and leadership development, Systems analysis, and design.

The institution has testimonies of working-class individuals including mothers that obtained their degrees through the institution’s online programme. You can visit the site-

Harvard University.

The institution rings a bell in the world of academics for many decades. Many professionals recognized worldwide obtained their degrees from the Harvard University. The degrees are respected and accepted globally. The institution offers free courses online which you can take advantage of.

The courses offered include an introduction to computer science, CS50 for Lawyers, MalariaX: Defeating Malaria from the Genes to the Globe, PredictionX: Omens, Oracles and Prophesies, Fat Chance: Probability from the Ground Up, Strengthening Community Health Worker Programmes.

For more details, visit –

Atlantic International University.

The institution offers online courses to students. It maintains its noble reputation in the world of education. Online education is open to international students.

The educational materials and other resources needed for the online studies are provided online. The process is efficient. Visit the school website –


Online Study Australia Scholarship for Online Learners.

You will need to write an article not more than two hundred words on a topic related to studying online. It is available for both Australians and international students who are at the moment studying online or wishes to acquire an online degree from a higher institution. The pay is high.

UNICAF Scholarships.

This scholarship is open to all who want to Earn Your Degree Online at the UK’s University of South Wales and the US Cypriot University of Nicosia and Marymount California.

Get Educated Online College Scholarship Programme.

If you are a US resident and you are thinking of How To Earn Your Degree Online. This is available to US students who want to Earn their Degree Online in the US. The criterion requires the student to have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship.

This is for students who want to pursue their master’s degree online and are from the commonwealth developing countries. It is largely for courses that are ICT-related.

Open Colleges Photography Scholarship.

This scholarship is for students who wish to take up an online photography course. Thus, the cost is paid completely, the second person receives half of the cost of the online schooling while the third person receives a quarter of the cost.

Western Governors University Scholarship.

Some of the scholarships are in connections with other sponsors. The scholarship is available for both online bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees.

Penn State World Campus Scholarship.

This scholarship is open to students who want to obtain an online bachelor’s degree at Pennsylvania State University’s world campus (online campus).

Washington State University ASWSU Global Scholarship.

This is for both old students and new students pursuing online programmes in the institution. The scholarship is based on merit and financial assistance to students who need such aid.

CONCLUSION on How To Earn Your Degree Online

Studying online has numerous merits, which far outweighs the demerits. Thus, one of the greatest benefits is that you have your time to manage yourself and schedule when to study. From your home with internet facilities and electronic gadgets; you can acquire a degree from institutions even outside your country and continent. You can start your journey to studying online today. We wish you the best of luck!


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