Getting A Job After Graduation – Do’s and Don’ts for a Resume Writing

Getting A Job After Graduation: At this advanced age, we all can observe clearly that people around us are always in a hurry. They want to do everything in just no time. The same goes for fresh graduates or newly passed out students. They instantly want to get their desired jobs after passing out of their colleges and universities. 

In the main concern, some questions come from the student’s side. Like, is it possible to get a job after graduation?

What are the reasons that they are not getting the right jobs? What can be the best and most suitable jobs for them? What are the ways that can help them in making the best fit for a position they admire the most? 


The answer to all these questions is just one. Yes, you can achieve anything that you want. But for this, you only need to carry one thing with you. And that is a well-oriented, engaging, and strong resume.

To create an appealing resume, every person, especially all students, is free to take help from an online resume maker. This online tool can create a perfect resume for its users in less time as per their requirements. 

This guide will help you in gaining an idea about what are the mistakes you should avoid while creating a resume, and you will get to know what are the things you must add to your resume. 

So without wasting time, let’s get started…

Essential Elements That Make the Best Resume (Do’s)

Mostly fresh graduates don’t know how to create the best resume. They don’t know how to set the format. Technology has made our life simple. Now we have easy access to online tools. Resume builder is a great tool that works swiftly and creates resumes in just one go. Moreover, an online resume maker is loaded up with a huge range of resume templates. So students can pick out the one that they find the most appropriate for them. They can edit the selected template as per the requirements. Resumegiants is an awesome resume builder

Here are a few of the key features that must be in every resume. So every student must keep the focus on mentioning all these details in a resume for sure. 

Personal Information

The main things that the hiring managers notice on the resume are the name and personal details of the job employee. So keep the focus on mentioning all your details accurately. 



The second most relevant thing in the resume is the qualification history of the student. So, adding qualification details and the list of your degrees to a resume is very important. 

Work Experience

A resume must carry the work experience in it. Everyone pays attention to this section. Work experiences could be related to any work tasks that made you able to learn something at least. 


Always write about your expertise in your resume. The skills you have in yourself make you a different personality from others. Also, your capabilities give you more strength to achieve your dreams. 


Try to create an engaging and unique resume. Also, every resume should be based on a beautiful-looking design. Try to make it catchy by using different colors. So it will stand out among other resumes. 

Use Right Language

This is a compulsory point to note in the resume of every student or a person. All of them must try to use the right language in their resume. At present, resumes are usually written in the English language. Make sure to choose the right words that can explain your thoughts in a clear direction. The use of accurate words and sentences in the resume will surely give you the opportunity to get your desired jobs after your graduation. That is why every recruiter takes it as a key element that the job seeker must be familiar with the use of the right language. 

Other Considerations

Given below are a few of the basic points that cannot be neglected while creating a resume. So every person and all students must keep the focus on these mentioned points to make their resumes more appealing and reliable. Moreover, every resume creator should not forget to add a little bit more details about themselves, like their: 

  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Belongings
  • Marital Status
  • Nationality
  • National Identity Card Number

Also, every student must know that they need to:

  • Limit their resume to one or two pages in the best way
  • Try to write short and concise sentences in each section of their resume
  • Be honest but avoid writing anything negative in your resume
  • Make their resume error-free
  • Spare time for proofreading
  • Use a simple, good-looking, but easy-to-read font style
  • Use high-quality paper for printing their resumes

The Most Common Mistakes Seen in Resumes (Don’ts)

The Most Common Mistakes Seen in Resumes
The Most Common Mistakes Seen in Resumes

After graduation, the first desire of every student is to get the most suitable job for them. For this purpose, they try to make interesting CVs and send those to numerous organizations.

In addition to this, most of the time, students post their CVs on multiple online platforms to get their desired jobs. But they do not catch any response and feel disappointed. They think that they are not capable enough to do any job.

This is not true at all. The reason for not getting a suitable job is that the resume of the students mostly carries a couple of mistakes in it. Nine times out of ten, a student does not pay attention while creating a resume.

That is why the mistakes occur and leave a bad mark on your resume, which creates a hurdle in getting a job you want to do passionately. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that have been seen in resumes by recruiters. 

Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes

The first and most common mistake in a resume is the spelling mistake. Students usually do not take it seriously and write whatever they want. Obviously, a student is allowed to mention anything in their CV, but they are not allowed to mention things by using wrong spellings. Wrong spelling in your resume reduces the chance of getting a job. Also, when students do not focus on grammar and write inappropriate sentences, it also creates a bad impression in front of the employer. 

Inappropriate Resume Layout

The second most common mistake hiring managers notice in a resume is the resume layout. It is said that a resume is a reflection of a person’s personality. That is why it needs to be created with concentration. The people who offer jobs most of the time find that the layout of a resume is not set correctly. The improper layout has a bad effect on your personality and gives an impression to the recruiters that you do not have sufficient skills and you are not aware of how to set a resume. 

An Unprofessional Bio

The other most ordinary mistake that is being made by the students is they used to write unprofessional bios at the top of their resumes. Mostly students drag it way too long. A lengthy bio does not give a nice look to a resume. That is why it has to be short and concise. It should only contain the information that is most important for a job employee. In fact, try to write the bio in the third person’s voice; it will look great. 

Not Concentrating on the Section of Achievements

It has been clearly seen that the resume created by fresh graduates has a major mistake in it. That is, they do not concentrate on the section of achievements. Mostly the recruiters do not care about the things that an employee has done previously. What they want to know and appreciate is what are the things and services you can provide to them as an employee in their company. That is why the section which contains your accomplishments only becomes worthy when you add value to it. 

 Adding Information that Does Not Belong to You

Obviously, a resume carries a lot of major stuff in it to read. We know well that recruiters only have a preference to look at the highlighting sections in their first lens. But beyond this limit, the small details also have their own significance in a resume. So every student must keep the thing in mind that they are not allowed to add the information to their resume that does not belong to them directly. The wrong contact information is a mistake made by many students. Therefore, they cannot work for their desired position.

The key reason for all these mistakes is that the students forget to recheck what they have written in their resumes. Proofreading and proper editing play a super strong role in creating a perfect resume. A resume will look catchy if it carries any of the above-mentioned mistakes in it. That is why this should be the primary focus of every resume creator to avoid these mistakes if they want to get their favorite jobs after their graduation. 

In a Nutshell

These days, it has been noticed that a well-written resume carries the ability to show someone’s personality in actuality.

That is why if a person is not aware of creating a likable resume, then they should use the Resume Builder. The tool will absolutely take you to the path where a person can grab the opportunity to change their dreams into reality.

We know well that the people, particularly the youth, have the biggest wish of getting their favorite jobs in such a quick time. But we can’t deny the reality that everything in this world takes some time to happen.

So what do we need to do in such a case? The answer to this is that we need to have patience. We need to be tireless and persistent. Our strong determination and hard work will surely help us in reaching our dream destination and becoming successful.