10 Delaware College Scholarships to Apply For in 2023

Delaware College Scholarships: Do you want to study in Delaware? Are you in search of a Delaware scholarship? Or perhaps you got admission to one of the colleges in the state and you are looking for ways to finance your study?

Well, you are not alone as we have had numerous queries from students like you asking for Delaware College Scholarships.

The good news is there is a list of fully funded and partially funded scholarships for college students in 2023. Before we go on to list these college scholarships.


What is it like to live in Delaware As a College student?

Despite its small size of only 1,982 square miles, Delaware has no shortage of scholarships. Delaware, located on the Delmarva Peninsula, has a population of 945,950 people living across Kent, Sussex, and New Castle Counties.

Delaware, first colonized by the Dutch in 1631, draws college students with its rich history and attractions such as the Kalmar Nyckel. Scholars can choose from five public schools, four private schools, and numerous online college programs located near Washington, DC, and Philadelphia.

Top-tier programs are accessible whether you want a small business school like Goldey-Beacom College, a large research institution like Wilmington University, or a vocational training provider like Delaware Technical Community College.

The University of Delaware was ranked 79th in America by U.S. News. Furthermore, the following 5 money-saving scholarships for Delawareans might help you pay for your education expenses.

How can you apply for any of these Delaware scholarships?

When it comes to answering questions like How can I get a fully funded Delaware college scholarship? or how can you apply for a Delaware scholarship?

it is important to note that, for the most part, schools, governments, and external organizations list their scholarship opportunities Online and details on how
to apply too.

Usually, you can use an online portal for the application and also submit all the required documentation. In some cases, you can also apply by sending your application by mail.


Thus, if you’re an international student applying to study in Delaware on a scholarship, follow the steps listed below:

  • Register for the scholarship, usually by completing an online application form.
  • Check your inbox to make sure you’ve received the confirmation email.
  • Write a personal statement or essay. There are enough models on the internet but remember to be original and impress through your unique experiences and ideas.
  • Get official proof of your academic, athletic, or artistic achievements. Translate the documents if necessary — it usually is.
  • Or get official proof of your low income or nationality (for region-based scholarships). Again, a translation might be necessary.
  • Proofread all documents for errors and send them to the scholarship provider.
  • Submit the acceptance letter from the university (or an official document from the university proving you’ve been accepted). You won’t receive the scholarship without confirming that you will actually begin your studies.
  • Wait for the results. If selected, congratulations, you’re a winner! Go ahead and throw a party but don’t spend all your scholarship money on it. Just kidding; the university or college usually receives the money directly to cover your tuition (or a part of it).

That being said, here are the top 10 Delaware scholarships and their prizes you can apply for.

Delaware College Scholarships to Apply For in 2023

#1. Christopher K. Smith Memorial Scholarship

  • Scholarship Worth: $1,000 per year for four years
  • Deadline: January 28th
  • Eligibility: High school seniors graduating from a Delaware public school
  • Application Requirements: 150-word personal statement; activities list; two teacher recommendations; transcript

The Delaware State Education Association wants to help public high school students who desire to become teachers. The scholarship will provide $1,000 each year for four years of undergraduate studies to aspiring teachers. To keep their scholarship, students must major in education and maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 each year.

#2. Herman M. Holloway, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

  • Scholarship Worth: Full tuition, required fees, room, board, and books for four years
  • Deadline: February 25th
  • Eligibility: In-state high school seniors with: an unweighted cumulative GPA of at least 3.0; a combined score of at least 1000 on the SAT or the equivalent score on the ACT; Delaware State University full-time enrollment status
  • Application Requirements: Completed FAFSA along with transcript and test score submissions

This full-tuition scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for students interested in attending Delaware State University.

It is given to Delaware seniors who have demonstrated financial need as well as academic success. In order for their scholarship to continue for four years, awardees must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in any major.

#3. John Bernard Lynch Scholarship

  • Scholarship worth: $10,000
  • Deadline: March 15th
  • Eligibility: Seniors graduating from a high school in Delaware; GPA above 3.0 or SAT score above 1100
  • Application Requirements: One application essay

JBL scholarship is another Delaware scholarship you can apply for in 2023. This scholarship honors John Bernard Lynch, who was able to attend Princeton University thanks to a generous benefactor who paid his initial tuition.

The JBL Scholarship Trust gives back by providing up to $10,000 in financial assistance to students who submit the most captivating essays.

#4. Delaware Community Foundation – Ken Cicerale Memorial Music Scholarship

  • Scholarship Worth: $500
  • Deadline: March 15th
  • Eligibility: Graduating seniors in Delaware pursuing a major in music at an accredited four-year institution
  • Application Requirements: DCF general application

Prospective music majors from Delaware high schools are eligible for this simple, easy-to-apply scholarship from DCF.

There are no requirements that the awardee attend a specific university or concentrate in a particular style of music. The DCF general application requests basic personal and high school data.

#5. Horatio Alger Delaware Scholarship

  • Scholarship Worth: $10,000 – $25,000
  • Deadline: March 15th
  • Eligibility: High school juniors in Delaware who: are committed to attending a four-year college, have a gross family income under $55,000, are involved in extracurricular and community service activities, overcame adversity, and have a GPA above 2.0
  • Application Requirements: Horatio Alger State Scholarship application

The Horatio Alger Association recognizes extraordinary individuals who have triumphed in the face of adversity.

Horatio Alger Scholarships are awarded to Delaware high school students who have overcome barriers such as academic difficulty, tough personal situations, or living in a low-income household. The amount of the award varies depending on the applicant’s financial necessity.

#6. The DuPont/Delaware FFA Scholarship Endowment

  • Scholarship Worth: $1,000
  • Deadline: January 11th
  • Eligibility: High school seniors in Delaware who: are pursuing a four-year degree in the agricultural sciences, have a minimum of a 3.5/4.0 GPA, and are a member of a Delaware FFA Chapter
  • Application Requirements: Complete FFA Scholarship application and obtain two endorsements from local farmers

This award is available to Delaware high school seniors who are FFA members and plan to attend college. The scholarship, which is partially funded by the DuPont firm, is straightforward to apply for as long as you know two farmers who would suggest you.

#7. Diamond State Scholarship

  • Scholarship worth: $1,250 per year for four years
  • Deadline: February 25th
  • Eligibility: High school seniors in Delaware with an unweighted cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, a score of at least 1290 on the SAT (or equivalent ACT score), and full-time enrollment status at an accredited university in Delaware
  • Application Requirements: Transcript and test score submissions

This is one of the major Delaware scholarships in 2023. Delawareans can now study in their own state thanks to the Diamond State Scholarship. With merely academics and residency as eligibility requirements, students can apply for this grant to pay tuition at the majority of the state’s universities.

#8. B. Bradford Barnes Memorial Scholarship

  • Scholarship worth: Full tuition, required fees, room, board, and books at the University of Delaware for four years
  • Deadline: February 25th
  • Eligibility: High school seniors in Delaware with an unweighted cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, a score of at least 1290 on the SAT (or equivalent ACT score), and full-time enrollment status at the University in Delaware
  • Application Requirements: Completed FAFSA as well as transcript and test score submissions

This scholarship is for you if Delaware’s premier public university is your top choice! It pays for practically all of the costs of attending school and is renewable for up to four years as long as the awardee maintains a 3.0 cumulative GPA each year.

#9. Delaware Library Association Linda Walge Penman Scholarship

  • Scholarship worth: $1,000
  • Deadline: April 1st
  • Eligibility: High school junior and seniors in Delaware with career interests related to librarianship
  • college-scholarships-in-delaware: Application form, one 500-750 word essay demonstrating an interest in librarianship and/or writing, one teacher recommendation

This is a partially funded scholarship in Delaware. Students in Delaware who want to work in librarianship or the printed word can use this scholarship to support part of their undergraduate studies. In addition to their scholarship, awardees receive an invitation to the annual Delaware Library Association Conference.

university of delaware scholarships
university of delaware scholarships

#10. George A. Thompson Memorial Scholarships

  • Scholarship worth: Up to $1000
  • Deadline: 3oth March(annually)
  • Application Requirements: Create a free CollegeVine account

The Christiana Rotary Club awards two George A. Thompson Memorial Scholarships of $500 per semester or $1,000 annually, in keeping with its motto “Service Above Self.” Seniors in Wilmington, Newark, New Castle, Middletown, Bear, and adjacent communities may apply. Applications with an unofficial transcript, college acceptance letter, and list of extracurricular projects must be sent by March 30th.


  • Graduate from a public high school in New Castle County
  • Matriculate full-time at an accredited college or university
  • Show evidence of leadership ability through community service
  • Not be the child of a Christiana Rotary member

Quick Tips From Authors Desk On Scholarship Application

The scholarship application process can take time, but there are strategies to enhance your efficiency and chances of winning a scholarship. Here are some pointers to get you started:

  • Prior to applying to too many outside scholarships such as those described in this piece, focus on the institutions that provide the most need-based and merit-based institutional scholarships. Institutional scholarships often provide far more money than private scholarships, although outside awards can be useful if you have your heart set on attending a specific school or do not qualify for financial aid. For further details, see our post The Secret to Winning Merit Scholarships.
  • Apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible for: Niche scholarships that grant little sums of money are typically less competitive than major scholarships.
  • Make a spreadsheet to keep track of your scholarship research: Make a list of scholarship deadlines, eligibility conditions, and other pertinent information.


Delaware is America’s #7 most expensive institution, according to 24/7 Wall St., with an average tuition cost of $11,261. In Delaware, tuition has climbed by an astounding 27.9 percent in the last five years. Private, non-profit institutions frequently have much higher sticker prices as well.

For example, the entire cost of attendance at Wesley College in Dover without financial help is $39,190 per year! Scholarships are important resources that provide free money for students’ education based on academic merit or need.

With these 5 finest Delaware scholarships, you can make your college experience in rustic New England more reasonable.