Top Cosmetology Schools Without GED or Diploma 2022-2023.

Cosmetology Schools Without GED or Diploma: We all start our life with lofty goals. New ones are occasionally fulfilled when old ones change. But frequently, life throws its own obstacles in the way, and our goals end up being disregarded, disrupted, or lost altogether. no longer.

What’s your dream? Have you always loved the creativity and personality of the beauty, spa, or wellness industries? Does your passion shine through in nails and makeup? Is the pull of the beauty field undeniable? If you’ve dreamed of a career in the beauty, wellness, and fitness industry, but don’t have your diploma, there is another way.

You get a second opportunity if you want to study cosmetology but were unable to complete high school due to unforeseen circumstances. You may now learn at your own speed and obtain the qualifications you need by checking out these Top Cosmetology Schools Without GED or Diploma.


As you consider the cost of the cosmetology program and license, you also need to consider a school with no GED or a high school diploma as this can also hinder some people from achieving their dreams.. 

In our article Esthetician vs Cosmetologist, we were careful to x-ray the difference between the two related professions.

Among the many differences is the “educational requirement”.

Some cosmetologist schools require that you have a GED or Diploma degree from high school and some can admit you for a beauty program without it.

And as one of the requirements to get your cosmetology license, you must not apply without proof that you went to a school. 

Because this factor does not suit all prospective cosmetologists, especially those who couldn’t afford a high school diploma and those who are yet to enroll in a GED program. 

Most often seek cosmetology schools that enroll students without a GED or High School Diploma. 


Nonetheless, at the end of this article, you will get to find out how possible it is to get a cosmetology license without going to school and how much it will cost you in Georgia and other states in the USA.

What Is Cosmetology?

Cosmetology is the study of the best practices for the application of beauty treatment to clients.

Student cosmetologists focus on how best to transform the look of their clients from hair treatment to facial treatments.

They converse with their clients to better understand their requirements and make suggestions for improving their appearance. 

Generally, a licensed cosmetologist can provide a wide range of services in the beauty industry.

The work of Cosmetologist cuts across

  • Scalp treatments. 
  • Cutting, styling and coloring hair 
  • Nail technology (manicures/pedicures)
  • Make-up Artistry and the use of Cosmetics to create a variety of different looks according to the requests of the client.
  • Skincare (This is more of an esthetician job than a Cosmetologist.)
  • Non-permanent hair removals such as waxing and sugaring
  • Permanent hair removal using electrology and intense pulsed light.

Cosmetology revolves around beauty treatments, such as hair styling, skincare, cosmetics, and manicures/pedicures.

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Must I Go To A Cosmetology School To Get A License To Practice?

Now from the above description of who a cosmetologist is and what they do, you can agree with me that it’s not a profession that requires you to jump right into it simply because you love the beauty industry.

You must be trained in a Cosmetology school under the direct supervision of experts in 750 hours spread across different classes. 

Going to a cosmetology school is without negotiation. 

So once you make a decision to become a Cosmetologist, scout for schools and know what their requirements are to join their class.

As a hint, while you look for a school, some cosmetology schools enroll without a GED or Diploma while in others no prior GED program is required.

Those should be on your mind when looking for a cosmetology school.

How Long Does It Take To Earn An Associate Degree In Cosmetology?

The duration of cosmetology programs will depend on where you are, the program format, the institution, and credit requirements.

Also, it depends on the mode of the Program.

Students in full-time programs get to finish faster than those in part-time.

By and large, full-time students earn their associate degree in cosmetology in two years.

Is There A Cosmetology School With GED Program?

Yes, actually most cosmetology schools you see in your school hunt will require you to apply with a GED program.

What is a GED?

The official term for GED is the General Educational Development test, but now most people refer to GED as the General Equivalency Degree, or General Equivalency Diploma. 

It’s a test that anyone who did not receive a high school diploma can take to prove foundational or basic educational knowledge.

The tests determine whether a person has the level of knowledge of a high-school graduate. 

It consists of five subject tests – Writing, Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Math in which students can take, pass and receive the GED certificate that can stand in as a high school diploma certificate.

With the GED certificate, students who did not receive a high school diploma education can apply to and gain admission into beauty schools under the equivalency requirement.

GED scores for each of the five tests range from 200 to 800. 

To pass the test, you must receive a standard score of at least 410 on each of the tests and receive an average standard score of 450 or higher overall.

Must I Have A High School Diploma To Gain Admission Into A Cosmetology School?

In most states, and for most cosmetology schools, a high school diploma or its GED equivalent is required in order to gain admission. 

It’s more of an educational requirement to apply to different cosmetology schools.

However, there are some schools where you will find out your cosmetology school hunt with no GED or its equivalent degree program required to enroll.

In place of this GED requirement, students who didn’t graduate from high school for one reason or another can take the GED tests.

There are many creative people in the world who didn’t get the chance to go to high school. 

So having a high school diploma is not a must, it depends on the state laws binding the cosmetology industry, and the cosmetology school requirements.

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How Do I Gain Entrance Into Cosmetology Schools Without GED Or High School Diploma Near Me?

Now you know it’s possible to live your dream of becoming a Cosmetologist even if you had no formal high school education, how do you go about it?

There are many other avenues to gain admission into cosmetology schools without a GED or Diploma. 

Here is how you can gain entrance into a cosmetology school with no GED program required;

#1. Look For Cosmetology Schools Without GED or High School Diploma Near You

Your first step to getting into a cosmetology school with no GED required is to find schools that accept such enrollment requirements.

You will see a few trade schools and community colleges that require students only to pass a specific proficiency test in the desired areas of study before admission.

So, scout your neighborhood or an online cosmetology school without high school diploma requirements.

#2. Ensure You Have Plans Towards Completing Your GED Tests

Many cosmetology schools without a Diploma program are willing to enroll students without a GED on a provisional basis.

This means that the prospective students must be working towards the completion of their GED. 

If you don’t have such plans of completing the GED program before you graduate from the beauty school you won’t get a diploma degree in cosmetology. 

So students need to make sure they are committed to achieving these twin educational goals before applying.

That will boost your chances of gaining admission into a cosmetology school with no GED required.

#3. Contact All Of The Schools’ Admissions Counselors, Local High School Advisor Or Guidance counselors.

Because this kind of educational requirement is rare and scarce, you will need to contact people in high places in the beauty industry for information about such opportunities. 

Quite a few schools are willing to help guide applicants through their admissions processes, so contact the Schools’ Admissions Counselors for proper guidance. 

You may also get in touch with a local high school advisor or guidance counselor near you and ask for advice and information. 

More often, these counselors have lots of privy admission information on multiple trade schools, technical schools, universities, and colleges.

List of Cosmetology Schools Without GED Or Diploma Program?

Now let’s walk you by the hand to choose a cosmetology school where no GED is required but keep in mind that the list is few;

#1. Boca Beauty Academy

Boca Beauty Academy and Penn Foster High School Diploma program offer you admission into a cosmetology program with no GED required.

Through this program, students can earn their high school diploma through an accredited program offered by Boca Beauty Academy. 

All applicants must be at least 17 years old and above.

Younger applicants will be accepted with parent/guardian approval.

At Boca Beauty Academy, the students can learn at their own pace with a classroom facilitator to answer any questions about the curriculum.

After the program, there will be no comprehensive or final exam because each subject is broken down into smaller modules with multiple-choice assessments and a few essays. 

Talking about how much this cosmetology school costs, it will cost you nothing just like in Georgia beauty schools.

Although the Boca Beauty Academy cosmetology school has no GED required, it is one the schools with a GED program.

The program takes hours per week (3 days per week)

#2. Columbia-Greene Community College

Columbia–Greene Community College is a public community college in Hudson, New York. 

Its name was established because it’s sponsored by two rural counties, Columbia and Greene.

Columbia-Greene Community College is one of the cosmetology schools without a GED or Diploma Program.

To qualify, you must meet some other pertinent requirements like having the intention to complete your GED program before graduation.

You can search for a cosmetology school without a high school diploma near you.

Majorly, you will find a list of trade schools that do not require a GED or high school diploma.

Check out their licensing requirements so you will be allowed to practice the trade you’ve learned so hard upon graduation.

What Are The Requirements To Apply To Cosmetology Schools Without GED or High School Diploma Program?

Requirements to apply to a cosmetology school where no GED is required will differ by state. 

However, there is a one-size cap that fits all;

#1. Applicants Must Be 18 Years Or Above

States such as California require applicants without a GED or high school diploma to be at least 18 years of age to get admitted. 

Students who are younger will be accepted with parent/guardian approval. 

#2. Take A Placement Test And Remedial Course.

Because you do not have a high school foundational knowledge, you will be required to take a placement test and remedial course to test your knowledge.

Some states require students to take classes or the GED Ready practice test before they can take the actual GED test.

The academic courses will depend on the institution which you have to successfully complete.

#3. Show Proof of Academic Performance And Achievement.

Some schools will require you to show any previous evidence of academic achievements via alternate projects.

On the other hand, some colleges additionally assess an applicant’s previous accomplishments, skills, and abilities.

These can be accessed through personal statements for essays or recommendation letters from professional colleagues and/or teachers.

#4. Submit Standardized Test Scores

This is not required for all schools. 

However, some cosmetology schools without a GED or Diploma may require you to submit scores from standardized tests like the SAT or ACT. 

Even if you’re not a high school student and still write the tests to have a score to present in case the school requires it.

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cosmetology school no ged required
cosmetology school no ged required

How Do I Get A Cosmetology License Without Going To A School?

Well, sorry to bring you bad news, but you cannot get a cosmetology license without going to a beauty school.

It’s more like getting a certificate without being trained. 

And that’s absolutely not acceptable in the beauty industry. 

You will be toying with looks, skin, hair, and the overall outward appearance of people and that’s a major risk out there.

Your clients should be able to trust your expertise not just by your level of experience but because you have a certification that validates your claim.

Such validation can only come if you attend a cosmetology school which is a prerequisite to getting your license to practice in any city.

As a general recommendation, the high school diploma or GED equivalent are preferred paths to journey on the process of getting a cosmetology license.

Some states like we have stated will allow you to enroll in cosmetology schools without GED or Diploma as long as you have plans of completing your GED program before graduation to get your license.

In some other states, you can enroll in a cosmetology school with a GED program, follow through with the classes and get your license. 

Without doing so, you will not be able to get your beautician’s license to graduate.

How Do I Register For My GED If I’m Taking The Twin Educational Option?

If you did not find a cosmetology school without a high school diploma near you that means you will inevitably take the GED test.

And you’re also in this category if you want to take the twin educational option to get your GED certificate before graduating from cosmetology school.

So how do you register for the GED test?

First, you will need to contact your local testing center to figure out how much the testing dates and fees are. 

On average, you get to pay $150 to take the test and it’s open all year round.

Once you register, use the GED preparation materials available in stores and online to prepare for the test.

On the exam day ensure you have your valid ID: a driver’s license, a military ID, or the U.S. or foreign passport.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetology Schools Without GED Or Diploma

What’s The Job Outlook For Cosmetologists?

Both men and women are contributing substantially to the growth of the cosmetology industry.

Almost everyone is always willing to spend a little money to look good, get a new hairstyle or have their nails done.

All of these are seen as fairly inexpensive indulgences.

Following this growth, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job growth for barbers, hairdressers and cosmetologists was projected to increase by 19%, from 2020-2030.

How Much Do Cosmetologists Make?

The U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that, as of May 2020, the median annual salary for hairdressers, hair stylists, and cosmetologists was $27,380. 

Earnings will, of course, vary subject to the location and the size of the salon, and customer tips.

How Long Is A Cosmetology Program?

Even in cosmetology schools without a degree or Diploma, cosmetology programs last 1-2 years and must be taught on campus.

How Much Does Cosmetology School Cost in Georgia?

The average cost of a cosmetology school in Georgia will cost between $14,880.

But it is required that you check how much a school will charge for a cosmetology program once you make a choice.

We hope at this point, you know the cosmetology schools without GED or Diploma that you can apply to.

When your search for a cosmetology school without a high school diploma near you seems unfruitful, you can look out for schools with a GED program.

Or you can take the twin educational option we have cited above.

Follow our guide on how to get a cosmetology license without going to school.

And while you’re at it, find out how much a cosmetology school costs in Georgia and other states depending on where you’re situated.

We wish you luck in your search as everyone deserves a high chance to be whatever they want to be in educational conditions regardless.

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