Colleges that Provide Excellent Placements in Canada

Colleges that Provide Excellent Placements in Canada: Canada has witnessed a rapid rise in incoming international students, and that is partly because it provides excellent placement facilities. In fact, most Canadian universities have a Career Services Centre, and there they prepare students for jobs and interviews.

However, individuals must also know that organizations and companies recruiting through the university or college don’t provide direct job offers.

Nevertheless, Canadian colleges have a high employability rate, and recently, the country’s unemployment rate hit a record low of 5.3% in March 2022. So, to ease prospective students, here is the list of colleges that provide excellent placements in Canada.


Top 8 Colleges Offering Excellent Placements in Canada

Although most universities and colleges in Canada have high employability rates, the top 5 among those are –

#1. Concordia College

Concordia College has continuously ranked among the top colleges in Canada due to its high global employability. In 2022, this college was ranked in the 301–500 category in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings and 521–530 in QS World University Rankings.

This academic institution has a huge population of international students, and among 48,000 students, the international student ratio is 91.6.

In the employer reputation category, Concordia ranks 237th in the world, which indicates its competency in preparing students for employment. Furthermore, Concordia is placed in the 201+ category for graduate employment rate, partnerships with employers, and employer-student connections parameter.

#2. Algonquin College

Algonquin College is one of the leading colleges in Canada and is located in Ontario. The academic portfolio of this institution includes various subjects, including commerce, interior design, information technology, public safety, hospitality and tourism management, and others.

According to Algonquin, 87% of the recent graduates of this college find employment within 6 months of getting a degree. This number is above the provincial average, hence proving its high employability rate.

Additionally, 85% of the employers stated that they are satisfied with the employers from Algonquin they hired. The high employability rate is justified by the fact that in 2017, 97% of graduates from the Bachelor of Interior Design Program were employed.


Additionally, 86% reported that they work in a field related to their program. Finally, the graduate satisfaction of this college is around 80%, which is considerably high.

#3. Conestoga College

In Ontario, Conestoga College has one of the best employment rates. For the 2019-20 session, 87% of the graduates from this college find employment within 6 months of graduation. Furthermore, among the publicly-funded colleges in the concerned province, Conestoga stands out. 

Some data suggest that about 95.1% of employers are satisfied with the quality of the educational preparation of students.

In addition, about 83.2% of the graduates are satisfied with the usefulness of a college education to achieve their goals. Furthermore, approximately 79.3% of students are satisfied with the university’s overall services, resources, and programming.

#4. Seneca College

Seneca College proudly portrays itself as one of the most vibrant colleges in Canada and also provides some of the best post-secondary education in the country. As per recent data, about 93% of employers who hired Seneca students are satisfied.

Seneca has around 146 full-time courses and 135 part-time courses. If employment is concerned, the top 5 programs include accounting, early childhood education, police foundation, accounting and finance, and Liberal Arts and Social Service Worker.

#5. Centennial College

Centennial College was one of the first colleges in Ontario and currently has five campuses across Toronto. It provides top-class education in various disciplines, and students have an annual median salary of CAD 75,000-CAD 85,000 within 5 years. Also, about 95% of the students have permanent jobs within 5 years of earning a degree.

According to a survey conducted by Centennial College, within 6 months after earning a degree, 84% of the alumni were employed in their related position. In contrast, about 7% to 8% of graduates got employed in an unrelated field.

#6. George Brown College

George Brown College is one of the leading colleges, providing multiple courses in undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate programs.

As per the college itself, about 84% of graduates got employment after 6 months of earning a degree. At the same time, about 89% of employers are satisfied with the students from George Brown College they hired. 

Furthermore, the average salary offered to the students at George Brown is around USD 45,000 a year, whereas, for the Sales & BD sector and HR sector, it is approximately USD 46,000 and USD 48,000 per year, respectively.

#7. Humber College

Humber College is one of the top colleges in Canada and is located in Toronto. This college is home to around 6,000 students representing 135 countries.

According to this college, around 85% of the students found employment within 6 months of graduation. Among every other sector available for employment, IT is the biggest employer of this college.

The annual median salary for students for 6 months is CAD 50,000, whereas, after 5 years, it becomes CAD 72,090. Also, according to Humber College, the student rate for permanent college is 51% for less than 6 months of getting a degree.

#8. Fanshawe College

According to the official website of Fanshawe College, about 90.3% of their students find employment after 6 months of graduating. Besides, the student satisfaction rate is 77.8%, which provides an exceptional campus experience.

According to Fanshawe, after 6 months of graduation, around 81.2% of alumni report that they are pleased with their college education. Besides this, the overall graduation rate is 69.5%, which is higher than the provincial average. Also, 85.8% of the employers who hire graduates state that they are satisfied with them.

Scholarship programs in Canada that International students Can Apply For.

Colleges that Provide Excellent Placements
Colleges that Provide Excellent Placements
  1. Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program – Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, DFAI

This Scholarship is awarded to Graduate Students Exchanges or GSEPs from Canadian institutions for five to six months. It gives up to $10,000.

  1. Canada Asia-Pacific Awards – Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, DFAIT

CAPA is for scholars in universities or research institutes from the Asia-Pacific Zone.

  1. Professional Development Awards, PDA – International Development Research Centre, IDRC

It is given to students from developing countries with a Ph.D., Master’s, Post-Doctoral, and work experience.

  1. Doctoral Student Research Award, DSRA – Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, DFAIT

This scholarship is given to international students attending colleges in Canada in full graduate programs.

  1. International Research Linkages – Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, DFAIT

The International Council for Canadian Studies from the Government of Canada funds gives scholarships worth $ 10,000.

  1. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship – Government of Canada

For students attending colleges in Canada, it gives up to $70,000 every year.

  1. Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships Program – Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, NSERC

It offers up to $15,000 each year for three years, and $6,000 every year, from the participating organization. This aid is for extremely qualified engineering and science graduates.

  1. Visiting Fellowships in Canadian Government Laboratories Program – Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada NSERC

This one-year fund is for engineers and scientists doing research with groups or leaders in the Canadian govt. Labs and research. There is a renewal opportunity for the second and third years.

  1. Sauvé Scholars Program – Jeanne Sauvé Youth Foundation

This nine-month scholarship is for talented students from the 23 and 31 age groups.

Scholarships Requirements for Colleges in Canada

  • Letter of recommendation from your school or college teachers.
  • Transcripts or Grade records, a list of the courses needed, and honors or degrees you were given. These must be given by the schools and colleges you studied.
  • Personal Statement is an exquisite essay about yourself!
  • Prepare for a competent interview with all your verbal skills and more!

Well, isn’t it easy to get a scholarship in colleges in Canada and Canadian universities? Check for deadlines and other requirements. However, ensure that you apply only to the best ranking colleges in Canada for Placement and scholarship opportunities. Be strong, intelligent, and smile during your interview.


Hence, the colleges and universities of Canada provide ample opportunities for employment both for domestic and international students. Also, the average full-time salary of workers is around USD 54,630 per year, whereas the weekly average is USD 1050.59.

Furthermore, although most sectors in Canada have multiple opportunities, mining, finance, and public administration are among the highest-paid sectors.


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