21+ College Offering Cheerleading scholarships 2022-2023

Best cheerleading scholarships: can you get a scholarship for cheer? or can you get a full-ride scholarship for cheerleading? I know that’s surprising seeing a question like that.

well, the truth is though cheerleading is not officially recognized as a sport yet, some colleges are offering lots of cheerleading scholarships to their college students.

Cheerleaders make performing backflips, basket throws, and pyramids look so easy — all while smiling for the crowd! Cheerleaders, like their fellow athletes, are at significant risk of injury due to the dangerous maneuvers they perform.


Muscle strains in the hips, lower back, legs, elbow and shoulder dislocations, and fractures are all typical injuries among college cheerleaders.

Female cheerleaders were second only to football players in terms of direct catastrophic injuries, according to the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research (NCCSIR) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

In recent years, the number of cheerleading-related catastrophic injuries has likely decreased considerably. However, it still has the second-highest injury rate among all NCAA-recognized sports throughout time, trailing only football.

The NCAA, unlike football, does not recognize cheerleading as a sport, and neither do the persons in charge of the federal Title IX guidelines in the United States.

Despite evidence that cheerleading is a physically demanding exercise requiring strength, agility, and grace, the courts have routinely decided that it is not a sport.

What Does This Mean for Cheerleading Scholarships in Colleges

Because there is no defined allocation for cheerleader scholarships under NCAA rules, there is less funding available. Cheerleaders will have a lower chance, if any, of winning a full-ride scholarship based on their athletic activities.

Fortunately, despite these difficulties, there is good news! Many colleges and universities provide additional benefits to cheerleading and dance teams.


Free uniforms, shoes, and athletic gear are common perks, as are free transportation and lodging when traveling for training and competitions, as well as free meals. In-campus student-athletes may also receive a meal stipend, a book allowance, and tuition discounts, as well as credit hours credited to their transcripts.

In comparison to full and partial athletic scholarships awarded to other student-athletes, cheerleading-related scholarships are quite small. However, if cheerleading is your passion, these scholarships are ideal!

In addition, cheerleading and dance teams can apply for other scholarships and aids offered by their colleges or universities.

Merit-based and need-based financial aids, such as the FAFSA, as well as third-party scholarships, are examples. When you combine scholarships, grants, and other financial aid, you may be able to get a partial financial ride through college.

How does one become a member of the National Cheerleaders Association?

If a student athlete wants to compete in college, he or she must first decide whether they want to attend a school that is a member of the National Cheerleaders Association or the Universal Cheerleaders Association.

The NCA is more likely to support all-stars, with a concentration on dancing, stunts, and acrobatics. Cheerleaders that have competed in all-star contests usually do well in schools that compete in the NCA. UCA is more akin to conventional cheerleading, with routines centered on tricks and genuine applause.

Are there any advantages to cheerleading?

Many schools and institutions provide additional incentives to cheerleading and dance teams.

Free clothes, shoes, and sporting equipment are common perks, as are free transportation and lodging for training and competition trips, as well as free meals.

Scholarships may also include funding for on-campus student-athletes to eat, as well as book and tuition savings and credit hours applied to their records.

In fact, compared to full and partial sports scholarships offered to other student-athletes, cheerleading scholarships are rather minimal. These scholarships, on the other hand, are welcome if you are passionate about cheerleading.

How to Win a Cheerleading Scholarship

You must be a top contender if you are serious about getting a cheerleading scholarship. If you join the cheerleading squad as soon as possible in high school, your chances are better.

It’s crucial to have strong grades in addition to having great tumbling skills. Colleges look for well-rounded athletes when awarding scholarships based on athletics.

There aren’t many full-ride cheering scholarships available, but many institutions do. They may also provide small stipends to help with food, accommodation, and travel costs.

Cheerleaders can apply for scholarships at the following 14 colleges and universities. Of course, you should select a college or university based on factors other than cheerleading, such as tuition costs, overall academic reputation, and study areas.

Nonetheless, are you interested in becoming a cheerleader? here is a list of the best Colleges offering Cheerleading Scholarships.

Best Colleges for Cheerleading Scholarships in 2022

Don’t wait for top colleges and institutions to come knocking on your door in the hopes of gaining admission. The majority of these schools do not actively recruit for their cheerleading and dance teams.

To get their attention, you have two possibilities. To begin, contact the college cheerleading coach directly and submit your audition tapes.

Your high school cheering coach will be contacted by the college cheerleading coach for a prospective audition.

Second, you can attend cheerleading clinics held by collegiate teams and impress them with your abilities.

Remember that a typical cheerleading clinic comprises a few all-day sessions when cheerleaders demonstrate their greatest moves.

The competition is as ferocious as you might expect. so, without further ado here are the best college that offers cheerleading scholarships in 2022.

  • University of Kentucky cheerleading scholarships
  • Concordia University Ann Arbor cheerleading scholarships
  • University of Minnesota cheerleading scholarship
  • The University of Hawaii cheerleading scholarships
  • University of Delaware cheerleading scholarship
  • Oklahoma Panhandle State University cheerleading scholarships
  • Barton Community College – Kansas cheerleading scholarship
  • Belmont University – Tennessee cheerleading scholarships
  • Fort Hays State University – Kansas cheerleading scholarship
  • George Washington University – Washington, D.C. cheerleading scholarships
  • Indiana Tech University cheerleading scholarship
  • Louisiana State University cheerleading scholarships
  • Tarleton State University – Texas cheerleading scholarship
  • Texas Tech University cheerleading scholarship

#1. University of Kentucky cheerleading scholarship

If you’re looking for the top cheerleading squad in the country, go no farther than the University of Kentucky’s! With 23 national titles under its belt, the squad has dominated and continues to dominate the Universal Cheerleaders Association National Championships.

It’s no surprise, then, that the university offers a special scholarship to its cheerleaders. All Blue Squad members receive either the entire amount of in-state tuition (for residents) or a portion of out-of-state expenses, depending on their residence status (for non-residents).

Furthermore, at the end of the spring semester, all Blue and White squad members with a 3.0 GPS for the fall semester earn a small academic grant.

There are currently no tuition scholarships available for members of the White squad. The President’s Office provides funding for this university-administered cheerleading scholarship.

However, cheerleaders from the Blue and White squads may be eligible for a number of scholarships offered by the university. Each one has its own set of academic and athletic criteria, so read the tiny print carefully.

  • Members of the Blue and White squads are eligible for the Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McCracken, Jr. Cheerleading Scholarship Endowment. The awards range from $100 to $300, and they are given exclusively on the basis of academic achievement.
  • The Bill Blount, Jr. Memorial Endowment is a need-based scholarship given out based on the records of the Student Financial Aid Office.
  • There are also other scholarships available for qualified cheerleaders, ranging from $1,000 to $1,500. The adviser awards these need-based scholarships based on the coaches’ recommendations and is funded by private donations.

#2. Concordia University Ann Arbor cheerleading scholarships

Athletic cheer scholarships are awarded to Concordia University Ann Arbor cheerleaders in varying amounts based on their skill level, talent, and seniority, among other factors.

These athletic scholarships are renewable each year as long as the student-athlete meets the eligibility requirements.

On top of their athletic scholarships, student-athletes can apply for academic scholarships.

The former is normally determined and awarded through the admissions process, which is usually based on merit. Cheerleaders can also qualify for a variety of need-based grants.

Every student-athlete is required to compete on one of the university’s competitive teams, which include both all-girl and NAIA coed teams.

For the purpose of placement, pre-competitive evaluations will be done. Cheerleaders may also be compelled to switch squads at the head coach’s discretion.

Applicants for the all-girl team must be:

  • A member of a high school, JUCO, or all-star cheering squad with at least one year of experience is preferred.
  • Pike, double jump combination, and double-toe-touch are all possible moves (Jump minimum)
  • Transitions, elite extended stunts, and transitions are all possible (Stunt minimum)
  • Performing a back tuck or a back handspring (Preferred tumbling moves but optional only)

Applicants for the NAIA coed team must be:

  • A member of a high school, JUCO, or all-star cheering squad, preferably with years of experience
  • Possess the ability to do a toe-touch tuck and triple jump combo (Jump minimum)
  • Extensive twisting and inverting feats, pyramids, basket tosses, and multi-transitional stunts are among his specialties.
  • Minimum tumbling standards must be met, including a standing or running pass with a layout ending and a back tuck.

#3. University of Minnesota cheerleading scholarship

The Golden Gophers Spirit Squads are divided into four groups: male and female coed and small coed cheer squads; the Minnesota Dance Team with 19 dancers; and the all-girl cheer squad.

Scholarships are given to veteran squad members, albeit the number of scholars chosen is limited. However, every semester, all Spirit Squad members are given a book allowance.

Newcomers can apply for a variety of scholarships, including those for aspiring cheerleaders, dancers, and mascots for the Spirit Squad. These are merit-based scholarships with awards ranging from $1,000 for one year to $60,000 over four years.

The following scholarships are available to all students at the university:

  • Maroon and Gold Leadership Award ($12,000 every year for four years)
  • Gold Scholar Award ($up to $10,000 every year for four years) 
  • Presidential Scholarships ($1,000-$10,000 every year for four years) 
  • Bentson Family Scholarship ($24,000 over four years with preference to Jewish students) 
  • National Scholarship ($1,500-$15,000 every year for four years) 

Spirit Squad participants can also apply for a number of college-specific scholarships. Within the University of Minnesota system, certain colleges grant these, such as the Carlson School of Management, College of Biological Sciences, and College of Education and Human Development. Here are several examples:

  • John and Jane Clark Scholarship ($20,000 every year for four years
  • Hinman Scholarship ($7,500 every year for four years)

The Puckett Scholars Program, ROTC scholarships, and BeGreek Scholarships are among the U of M Scholarships that need a separate application. Don’t forget to look at these other scholarships.

#4.University of Hawaii cheerleading scholarships

The University of Hawaii’s cheerleaders is well-cared after! The school provides between 12 and 14 full-tuition scholarships to members of the cheerleading squad. Both in-state and qualified out-of-state cheerleaders are eligible for these scholarships, which cover the entire tuition cost.

Furthermore, the university provides a second scholarship to out-of-state cheerleading! Out-of-state cheerleaders who qualify will only have to pay half of their tuition, which is a huge relief.

Cheerleaders can also apply for a variety of WUE scholarships and financial help in the form of tuition waivers if they meet certain criteria.

The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is a scholarship program in which more than 160 public schools and universities participate, saving students money on tuition.

Non-student-athletes and student-athletes must meet the same eligibility conditions. These are some of them:

  • Being a qualified resident of a member state or territory of the WICHE. Alaska, Idaho, North Dakota, Washington, Arizona, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, California, Nevada, South Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah are the states that make up the alliance.
  • Consider enrolling in a public college or university, such as the University of Hawaii, that offers your desired degree and expertise.
  • Meet the admissions standards of the school as well as the WUE qualifying requirements.

#5. University of Delaware cheerleading scholarships

In February 2020, the University of Delaware cheerleading team earned its second consecutive national championship in the Universal Cheer Association’s open coed Division I.

You can also apply for cheering scholarships if you want to join the team. If you live in Delaware, you can collect up to $7,500 in scholarship.

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics administers and awards these scholarships based on each student-academic athlete’s and athletic achievement. The NCAA rules and regulations for sports-related scholarships and awards are followed by the Department. Cheerleaders will be compensated in a variety of ways.

Contact the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at (302) 831-4006 for additional information on cheerleading scholarships. You can also fill out a Prospective Student-Athlete Questionnaire, and the Department will contact you and your coach.

You can also apply for various merit-based and need-based financial aid opportunities. Many merit-based scholarships do not require separate applications because the university automatically evaluates all admitted students.

Returning students who have filed the FAFSA will be considered for donor-based scholarships, often known as endowments, every year.

Endowed scholarships are usually awarded based on a set of criteria, such as academic achievement, financial need, and athletic ability. The quantities vary, but the average is $2,000 each year.

#6. Oklahoma Panhandle State University cheerleading scholarship

Except for the football and rodeo teams, the athletes at Oklahoma Panhandle State University (OPSU) are cheered on by their powerful and graceful cheerleaders.

In addition, the institution provides considerable cheering scholarships to both in-state and out-of-state students. For an eligible student, the sum can be as much as $10,500.

For in-state students, the qualification requirements include a minimum of three years of residency in Oklahoma and a 2.5 GPA.

Cheerleaders on scholarship, like their colleagues in NCAA-recognized university sports, are expected to maintain high academic standards and adhere to athletic demands.

Cheerleaders are also welcome to apply for scholarships at the university if they meet the eligibility conditions. The following are some of them:

  • Every academic year, dorm scholarships are given to students who have a strong academic standing and are enrolled in credit hours.
  • Newcomers who graduated as class valedictorian in high school or who have high ACT (26 and up) or SAT (1,230 and higher) scores are eligible for the Presidential Scholarship ($2,000/year). At least a 3.25 GPA and enrollment in 30 credit hours per year are required for renewal.
  • The Educational Achievement Award (total of $2,000) is renewed every year for four years. Students in their first or second year of college are encouraged to apply.
  • Only fraternity members are eligible for the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship ($2,000 for two years).

#7. Barton Community College – Kansas cheerleading scholarships

Athletic scholarships are available for the Barton Cougars, the sports teams of Barton Community College in Great Bend, Kansas.

Cheerleaders are eligible for these sports scholarships as well, as long as they are actively engaged in practices and events throughout their scholarship period.

The quantities, terms, and conditions of the contract are usually determined by the head coach and his staff.

Cheerleaders and dancers from within the state typically earn a full tuition and book scholarship each semester. Out-of-state cheerleaders and dancers, on the other hand, receive $500 and a book scholarship for each semester they are on the squad.

It’s no surprise that the Barton Dance Program is a nationally ranked collegiate dance team, having finished in the top five at the NDA National Collegiate Championship in April 2020.

The Cougar Danz Force and the Barton Cheer Team are the two Barton Cougars squads, as the name implies. The dance squad is made up of 20-25 dancers who were chosen for their exquisite athleticism and desire to perform.

Aside from receiving a complete tuition and book scholarship, participants of the university are also given uniforms and reimbursed for travel expenses, among other benefits.

Fill out the Dance Questionnaire and wait for further instructions if you want to join the dance squad.

The cheerleading squad has more than 30 years of competition experience. They are also entitled to the same advantages as members of the dance team. If you fill out the Cheer Questionnaire, a coach may contact you with additional information.

#8. Belmont University – Tennessee cheerleading scholarship

In a way, the Belmont University cheerleaders are pampered as well! They all receive partial scholarships, the amount of which is determined by their seniority as well as their academic and athletic achievements.

The amount will be established by the coach, athletic staff, and other concerned university employees, and will range between $1,000 and $2,500.

Cheerleaders receive full assistance for their cheerleading equipment and activities in addition to a partial athletic scholarship.

Their uniforms, practice clothing, and shoes, as well as baggage, warm-ups, pom-poms, megaphones, and travel fees, are all included.

Cheerleaders can also qualify for scholarships depending on their achievements. In the case of first-year students, the entrance application is also a scholarship application.

The General Academic Merit Scholarships are given in various amounts each year, ranging from $3,000 to $10,000, and have a rolling deadline as long as funds are available.

A 26 ACT or 1,210 SAT score, as well as a 3.83 cumulative high school GPA, are required for freshmen eligibility.

The following are some of the most well-known examples of named scholarships:

  • For eight semesters or four academic years, the Archer Presidential Scholarships cover the full cost of tuition, lodging & board, fees, and books.
  • Full tuition, lodging & board, books, and fees are all covered by the William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship.
  • Every year, the Faculty Scholarship awards $15,000 to more than 200 students.

Don’t forget to look into departmental and other types of scholarships! Belmont University makes certain that students can afford a high-quality education.

colleges that give cheerleading scholarships
colleges that give cheerleading scholarships

#9. Fort Hays State University – Kansas cheerleading scholarships

The Tiger Debs Dance Team and the Fort Hays State University Cheer Squad act as institution ambassadors, promoting the university’s athletic programs and cheering on the teams. Scholarships are awarded to its members, albeit the amounts vary.

Cheerleaders who live in residential housing are eligible for a $1,000 accommodation rebate. For each year they are on the team, they can earn up to two credit hours in physical education. Uniforms, warm-up requirements, athletic bags, shoes, pom-poms, camp costumes, megaphones, and camp fees are all provided by the institution.

Every semester, the dance team members receive an $800 grant for on-campus housing. Upper-level students living on campus have the option of receiving a stipend or a residential living scholarship. All other members are paid a stipend for each basketball and football game they participate in. Every semester, each veteran member receives a minimum of $600.

Dance team members, like cheerleaders, receive complimentary athletic bags, outfits, and earrings, as well as all-expense-paid summer vacation camp experiences. Members, on the other hand, must purchase their own practice gear, including shoes, warmups, tights, and cosmetics.

In addition to their athletics-related grants, cheerleaders and dancers can qualify for the university’s numerous scholarships.

#10. George Washington University – Washington, D.C. cheerleading scholarship

The First Ladies Dance Team, the coed Cheer Team, the university mascot (George), and the Colonial Brass make up the George Washington University Spirit Program.

Tuition and fee savings, as well as stipends, are available to members through a competitive scholarship program.

Institutional scholarships are usually included in the admission package or as part of a financial aid package.

While other offices grant the majority of these scholarships, the GW Spirit Program staff is responsible for ensuring that GW Spirit Program members remain eligible. The staff is also in charge of renewing the student-athletes annual finances.

Members also receive the following incentives in addition to scholarships:

  • For GWU athletic events, front-row seats are available.
  • Uniforms, fitness gear, shoes, and travel bags from Adidas and Varsity are all free.
  • Post-season tournaments are free to attend.
  • Tickets to GWU sporting events are provided free of charge to family and friends.

#11. Indiana Tech University cheerleading scholarship

Athletic scholarships are awarded to all Indiana Tech University Warriors cheerleaders, albeit the amounts vary. The athletic scholarship recipient and the amount of the scholarship are usually decided by the head coach.

Student-athletes can also apply for a number of scholarships.

  • The Indiana Tech Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship gave financial aid to students who excelled academically and had financial needs. It is open to all majors and is given out by the athletic committee with the agreement of top management.
  • The Lenore and Bob Armbrust Memorial Scholarship is a one-time award given each year. The first priority is given to a female student-athlete, and the second priority is given to a student who has an unmet financial need. Satisfactory progress is one of the renewal conditions.
  • The Sarah A. Douglas Memorial Scholarship is a single scholarship with a preference for female athletes in the women’s softball program or accounting students.
  • The Robert J. Swindell “Balanced Man” Scholarship is a one-year scholarship available to male and female students who are not varsity sports.
  • Basketball players are given preference for the Jackie D. & Velma J. Wright Scholarship, but other students may be eligible if a spot becomes available.

#12. Louisiana State University cheerleading scholarship

There are two cheerleading squads at Louisiana State University. The Gold Squad, which consists of roughly eight advanced coed couples who represent the university in football, basketball, gymnastics, and special events, is the first.

Second, the Purple Squad, which is made up of roughly eight coed couples, supports the volleyball and sand, volleyball teams.

These squads have strict eligibility rules for a reason: their members are given scholarships. Instead of scholarships, these are referred to as financial service awards.

The amount is determined by the cheerleader’s seniority or the number of years she has been on the squad; hence, the amount fluctuates.

  • Members in their second year pay $1,000 per year (Transfer students with prior cheerleading experience in college are considered second-year members)
  • Third-year members pay $1,500 per year.
  • Members in their fourth year pay $2,000 per year.

A 2.3 cumulative GPA is one of the academic criteria. Additional service awards are available to cheerleaders who volunteer for a certain number of hours.

#13. Tarleton State University – Texas cheerleading scholarships

The Tarleton State University Cheerleaders have won the 2018 NCA National Championship, demonstrating that they are on their way to becoming a competitive team.

Many are on scholarships, and they all receive two hours of physical education credit, which is transferrable to most bachelor’s degree programs. For qualified cheerleaders, the university may also provide out-of-state tuition waivers.

Other scholarships are available through the university. Many are awarded based on academic achievement, while others are awarded based on financial need. The sum of each scholarship varies, but some of them can be combined.

#14. Texas Tech University cheerleading scholarship

The Texas Tech Coed Cheer Squad performs at most sporting events where the home team is featured. Their members also represent the university at NCA College Nationals competitions. 

What do they get in return? Texas Tech cheerleaders are provided with the following benefits: 

  • $1,000 leadership scholarship 
  • Paid uniforms, workout gear, and other cheerleading-related accessories 
  • Paid travel expenses for out-of-town games
  • Meal plan 
  • Academic tutoring services 
  • Access to the services of a team doctor and athletic trainer 
  • Access to a strength and conditioning program
  • Sponsorship deals for tanning, skin care, eyelash extension, facial waxing, and nail salon services 

Frequently Asked Questions on College Offering Cheerleading scholarships

Can you get a scholarship from cheerleading?

There are more than a dozen full-ride scholarships available every year to cheerleaders. This covers the whole cost of tuition for both in and out-of-state students.

How hard is it to get a cheer scholarship?

Full scholarships are not common among college cheerleaders. Because cheerleading is not a sanctioned sport, coaches in these programs do not receive the same funding as other sports. Because the average team size is also so large, it is very difficult for coaches to offer full scholarships.

What college has the most cheerleading championships?

The University of Kentucky has won the most co-ed championships with 25 national titles. The University of South Florida won the most recent co-ed event in 2021, while Western Kentucky University won the all-girl event.

How many colleges offer cheerleading scholarships?

A better way to pay for college!

Number of colleges offering371
Award amountUp to $2,500 per year
Average award$202
The average award for a leadership position$225

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