Cheapest Student Travel Insurance to Apply for in 2023

Cheapest Student Travel Insurance: Students studying abroad in one way or the other seek for travel insurance to help them access cheap coverage when embarking on a journey outside their city of study.

Who does not like time off to go swimming, hiking, skiing, and other adventurous activities during holidays?

Although it’s absurd to think about worst-case scenarios when getting excited about their holidays we cannot rule out the fact that accidents are inevitable and can happen when we are on holiday. 


And if something goes wrong while you’re out of your study destination, especially in another country, you can end up with a serious bill that you never bargained for.

However, with travel insurance, you get coverage even for the little things such as stolen baggage.

So while making plans to have a good time under the sun, in the sea, and sangria after the last months of revision and exam stress, we seriously recommend you consider getting travel insurance just in case something goes wrong.

So here in this guide, we have done the research for you and come up with a detailed guide on all you need to know about travel insurance policies.

We have put together the best travel insurance for students, cheap policies, and what coverage you need as a student studying abroad. 

Also, we have specified how best you can go about getting the coverage options and also answered most questions you may have about this topic.

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Do I Need Travel Insurance As A Student?

Being a student is one of the most important times in a person’s life. From defining your profession to making new friends and acquaintances and enjoying lots of travels.  One factor that stands as a hindrance to having the most out of your tour and travel time as a student is finance and assurance of protection. That’s where travel insurance plans come into play.

Here are some reasons why you need travel insurance as a student;

#1. Travel Insurance Covers For You Even If You Miss Your Flight.

If there was an accident or emergency that made you reschedule or rearrange your travel plans, insurance can stand in for you. It helps you cover the cost of rescheduling your flight especially if the airway does not guarantee that.

#2. Travel Insurance Serves As A Protection Cover

As a student, having a travel insurance policy is one way to ensure that you are covered even if your trip goes wrong while you’re out of your place of study. With travel coverage before you set out to your vacation spot, this can be tackled. 

#3. Student Travel Insurance Covers For Healthcare Emergencies During Travels.  

Travel insurance is ideal especially if you’re a student studying abroad. This is so because most countries have expensive healthcare which the average student cannot afford. If you had an accident while on vacation, you will have to pay a lot of money to foot bills but that could be averted if you have a policy that fully covers you.

The need for student travel insurance cannot be overemphasized because without it, minor accidents can end up costing you a huge fortune.

#4. Travel Insurance For Students Helps Replace Lost Items

Should you get robbed on your travels, there is nothing to help you recover what you have lost if you do not have travel insurance. 

Which Type Of Travel Insurance Policy Is Ideal For A Student?

Choosing travel insurance for students will depend on your travel needs. Usually, there are two options: single trip or multi-trip/annual cover.

Single trip coverage offers coverage for one trip for a period of 31 days. On the other hand, multi-trip coverage covers you for every holiday you take for a period of one year.

If as a student you know you want to travel more than once the multi-trip/annual travel insurance will be best because it is cheap when cinla6ti two single trips. Also, the multi-trip type of travel insurance is also a good option if you are taking a long trip.

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What Coverage Does Student Travel Insurance Offer?

Travel coverage options for students tend to offer lots of coverage options and each one is unique. Knowing what each coverage plan offers is ideal to know what you’re looking out for when shopping for travel insurance. 

Hence before you settle for a travel insurance company, ensure you find out what the policy they are offering includes before signing up.

Here is a list of some insurance coverage options for travels;

#1. Sports Or Adventure Travel Insurance Coverage.

If you’re planning on going skiing, hiking, or getting involved in any kind of sports or adventure while you’re on vacation, ensure you get an insurance policy that covers accidents sustained during such time. You never can tell!!!

Sports coverage insurance may not be part of the standard coverage option for travel insurance therefore including it in your policy may attract additional costs.

#2. Medical Travel Insurance Coverage

We usually advise students to include medical coverage in their travel insurance plans. At least a medical cover of £2 million will cover any health emergencies that may arise while you tour.

#3. Personal Liability Travel Insurance Coverage

While shopping for travel insurance for students consider adding personal liability coverage. This insurance is the amount you’ll be covered for if you cause injury to someone or damage their property. A coverage value of £1 million will suffice.

#3. Cancellation Travel Insurance Coverage

We recommend you also include a cancellation coverage of £3,000 just in case your flight is canceled or you miss a connection due to delays. And in case your airline for travel goes south, you will be instantly refundable provided you paid by credit card.

#4. Loss Of Baggage Travel Insurance Coverage.

Due to excitement, accident, or carelessness, you may lose your baggage while traveling. Having a cover that can cover lost baggage will do you a lot of good, especially if you have some really cool stuff in there. A loss of baggage coverage of £1,500 is ideal.

#5. Loss In Cash Travel Insurance Coverage

Really? Absolutely!!! 

If you’re a student on a travel tour, insurance coverage that covers you when you lose money can be very beneficial. A coverage of £250 in case of loss of cash will suffice. 

What Does Travel Insurance Not Cover For Students?

Most insurance companies are there to ensure you’re covered while you are on a travel tour as a student. However, most will not tell you the extent to which their coverage goes.

So while shopping for travel insurance coverage, you should keep in mind that you are not covered on all grounds. So it’s only wise to know what coverage you have and when travel insurance companies don’t have a say in your coverage.

Here are a few things that travel insurance companies won’t cover you for:

#1. Injuries Or Accidents Sustained When Drunk

Travels are meant for you to have a good time in all shades as it seems best to you but if you sustain any injury while you’re drunk from a party or illegal drug, no insurance company will foot the medical bills even if you have a medical insurance add-on.

#2. Coverage For Pre-existing Health Conditions And Contraction Tropical Diseases

Existing health conditions are not covered by insurance providers. If you do have any health conditions, declare them when you’re buying the insurance. They can decide whether or not to cover it. But most likely it’s not going to be covered.

On the other hand, if you contract a tropical disease that you should’ve been vaccinated for before arriving, you won’t get medical coverage for such.

#3. Stolen Items That Are Not Reported Within 24 Hours.

If you lose an item from an unattended vehicle, or your bag on the beach, or in the overhead compartment on a train, you probably won’t be covered.

Also, if you do not report any stolen item within 24 hours it may void the claim. 

#4. Accidents Sustained From Lack Of Safety Precaution

If you do not obey the safety rules in any venture hire undertaking while on vacation and you sustain an injury such as an accident from not wearing your seatbelt or a helmet you will be denied coverage.

#5. Traveling To Restricted Areas

Some student travel insurance will not cover you if you travel to areas that the company does not give coverage. If covered, it will be a lot more expensive.

#6. Car Insurance Is Not Covered

Driving abroad isn’t covered by travel insurance. You can look out for Auto Insurance For Study Abroad Students for coverage for your cars.

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What Are The Best Student Travel Insurance?

Finding the best travel insurance for a student studying abroad can be daunting because there are just a few insurance companies that offer students travel coverage. 

But from our research, we have come up with a list of some of the best travel insurance companies that offer cheap student insurance for students studying abroad. 

Here is some of the best and cheap insurance for student travel;

#1. Coverwise

Although Coverwise is not focused on offering just students travel insurance, they offer coverage at cheap rates to students who are working as councilors or on university exchanges for practical non-manual coursework.

The insurance policy from Coverwise offers the best coverage when it comes time to travel. So at any time in your degree you choose to have a vacancy, Coverwise is an ideal consideration for coverage.

Keep in mind that Coverwise covers students studying in the United Kingdom.

#2. World Nomads

If you are going to be involved in a list of adventure activities while on travel, World Nomads is the travel insurance company for you as a student.

The company offers insurance for over 200 adventure activities such as mountain biking, scuba diving, or bungee jumping. 

World Nomads basically offers two insurance plans: Standard and Explorer. The Standard Plan is cheap which makes it an ideal travel insurance coverage for students however its coverage is less.

best travel insurance for students
best travel insurance for students

#3. Admiral

Next on our list for cheap travel student insurance for students studying abroad is Admiral. Admiral offers single trip and annual multi-trip coverage. 

Students can get additional coverage if they are going skiing, golfing or other adventurous activities. Admiral is generally a cheap student travel insurance for students studying abroad.

#4. InsureandGo

InsureandGo is one of the cheap travel insurance for students that offers a lot of coverage options. The insurance covers for cancellation of a trip, more than 50 sports and activities, emergency dental treatments, and personal belongings and baggage cover.

Also, InsureandGo provides coverage for personal money, passports and travel documents, accommodation, and legal expenses.

What Is The Average Cost of Student Travel Insurance?

There is more specificity on how much travel insurance is for students due to the options to add or remove any type of coverage. Therefore how cheap a student travel insurance plan will be will depend on the coverage option.

Also, prices will vary depending on whether you need a gadget cover or you’re going skiing, for example.

But on a general note travel insurance is usually very cheap.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Travel Insurance For Students

How Do I Make a Travel Insurance Claim?

If you want to process your travel insurance claim, here is the steps to follow:

  • File your claim within 24 hours. 
  • State the specifics while providing any details they require.
  • Provide the travel insurer with evidence, especially photographic evidence or receipts depending on the incidence.
  • The insurance company will process it and see that the claim is paid. 

Where Do I Buy Travel Insurance?

You can get travel coverage from any of the insurance companies we have listed above. Ensure you visit their website for details about what coverage they offer and to what extent their coverage goes.

What Do I Pack For My Trip?

Depending on the city you’re traveling to, what to pack may differ due to weather, needs as well as how long you will stay. But in a general perspective, here are some of the important stuff you need to pack when embarking on a student trip.

  • A travel pouch for your phone, tablet, iPod, e-reader, or other electrical essentials.
  • Waterproof bags for your toiletries and liquids 
  • Drugs e.g painkillers, tummy-settlers, and any other medication you might need. 
  • Somewhere clever to put emergency cash
  • Few clothes and sun shade to look cheeky.

Does My Student Travel Insurance Cover Adventurous Sports?

Most insurance companies have a policy that covers students going to be involved in adventurous sporting activities. InsureandGo for instance has coverage for over 50 adventurous sports and activities in their standard policy.

This covers sporting activities such as skydiving, rock climbing, swimming with sharks, and many other extreme sports.

Who Is Eligible for Student Travel Insurance?

You are eligible to buy a travel insurance plan if you’re in these categories;

  • Volunteering abroad.
  • Part of the “au pair” program abroad.
  • Involved in a working holiday program.
  • Running an internship with a company abroad
  • Students taking a course or pursuing studies at a university or school abroad.
  • Undertaking a vocational training program abroad.

Is Travel Insurance for International Students Obligatory?

Travel insurance for students studying abroad is only obligatory as part of the visa process.

How Long Is Student Travel Insurance Coverage Valid?

How long travel insurance will last depends on the type of coverage you choose and the timeframe. Usually, the count starts from the moment you depart your home country. Keep in mind that the longer the time frame of your travel insurance, the more expensive the policy is.

When Should I Get a Travel Insurance Plan for Students?

It’s ideal you get travel insurance within 15 days from the time you booked or paid for your trip. 


The best student travel insurance for students who are studying abroad offers lots of coverage at the standard level. Even though most insurance companies offer cheap student travel insurance, it’s also ideal if you see how far their coverage option goes so as to ascertain if you’re taking on extra coverage options.

We hope you found this piece enlightening. Follow us on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel for more information about academic-related content that will help you make informed decisions on your academic journey.

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