Boston Conservatory Acceptance Rate 2023 | Admissions, Requirements, & How to Apply

There are three critical numbers to gauge your chances of admission: SAT scores, GPA, and acceptance rate. All of this together tells you what scores you need to get into the Boston Conservatory.

Because this school is moderately selective, high academic performance almost guarantees you admission.

Your admissions decision is based not only on your GPA and SAT/ACT scores, but also on the difficulty of your coursework, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and personal statement.


Why Choose Boston Conservatory?

Founded in 1867, the Boston Conservatory at Berkeley is one of the oldest performing arts institutions of higher education in the country.

The campus is located in the Fenway-Canmore neighborhood, home to several other colleges and universities, as well as many of Boston’s cultural treasures.

The Conservatory strives to maintain a selective, intimate learning environment with very small class sizes and a student/faculty ratio of just 4 to 1.

Scholars are divided into music, dance, and theater departments; students can earn Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor and Master of Music degrees in various fields.

Campus life is active, with students participating in dozens of clubs and activities, and giving more than 700 performances each year at the conservatory and other venues around the city.

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Is Boston Conservatory Hard To Get Into?

Because this school is moderately selective, high academic performance almost guarantees you admission.


A score of 1260 SAT or 27 ACT or higher almost guarantees you admission. Since the school accepts 42% of all applicants, if you are significantly above average, your acceptance rate increases to almost 100%.

If you can get a high SAT/ACT score, the rest of your application doesn’t matter. You must still meet the rest of the application requirements, and your GPA must not be too far from a high school GPA of 3.47.

But you don’t need great extracurriculars and awesome letters of recommendation to get in. You can get in based on results alone. But if your 1060 SAT or 21 ACT score is below, you have a good chance of being one of the unlucky few to be denied.

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What Is Boston Conservatory Acceptance Rate 2023?

Boston Conservatory acceptance rate is 42%. For every 100 applicants, 42 are accepted. This means that the school is moderately selective.

The school expects you to meet its GPA and SAT/ACT requirements, but they are more flexible than other schools. If you exceed their requirements, you have an excellent chance of getting in. But if you don’t, you could be one of the unlucky few to receive a rejection letter.

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Boston Conservatory Acceptance Rate by Major

According to the school’s website, the Boston Conservatory’s acceptance rate is 39%. However, keep in mind that some programs, such as their world-renowned musical theater program, are much more complex than this number.

Other key figures are the student to faculty ratio, which is a respectable 5:1. Keep in mind that sometimes the numbers just don’t work in your favor.

For example, instructors may only take a certain number of students for a particular instrument each year. In these cases, musicians who apply to the maximum number of studios are usually refunded their application fees and told that no one who plays their instrument will be accepted that year.

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Boston Conservatory Admission Requirements

SAT or ACT scores are recommended for admission to the Boston Conservatory, but not required. If you provide test scores, they will count toward your application.

You must take either the SAT or the ACT to apply to the Boston Conservatory. More importantly, you need to perform well to have a strong application.

What GPA Do I Need To Get Into Boston Conservatory?

The average GPA at Boston Conservatory is 3.47. With a GPA of 3.47, Boston Conservatory requires you to be about average in your high school class. You will need a combination of “A” and “B” and very little “C”.

If you have a lower GPA, you can make up for it by taking more challenging courses, such as AP or IB classes. This will help increase your weighted GPA and show your ability to attend college classes.

If you’re a current junior or senior, it’s difficult to change your GPA in time for college. If your GPA is at or below the 3.47 high school GPA, you will need a higher SAT or ACT score to make up for it. This will help you compete effectively with other applicants who have higher GPAs than you.

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What Are The Decision Dates?

Acceptance of applications begins on July 1. Submit an online application (opens in a new window) by the deadline, along with a non-refundable application fee payable online at the application portal.

Boston Conservatory at Berkeley also accepts tuition waivers from the College Board, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), or your guidance office. Please email your application fee waiver request to

  • $75 — applications submitted by November 1
  • $150 — applications submitted by December 1

How To Apply To Boston Conservatory

To apply to the Boston Conservatory, you must submit an online application, supporting materials, and complete an audition and/or interview. Please note that some programs also require a pre-audition. You can find more information and a helpful list of application steps here.

Dance audition requirements include participation in two technique classes and the presentation of a 90-second solo performance, music audition requirements include a pre-audition and a recorded audition submitted online, and theater auditions include a live audition in Boston or the region.

If you are accepted to audition at Boston Conservatory, I would recommend that you schedule a class with a faculty member in the department you wish to enroll in at Boston Conservatory prior to your audition.

Knowing how a particular teacher works with you is critical to determining whether a school is a good fit. Also, if they like you and how you play together in class, your chances of getting in may be higher. Keep in mind that this is only a recommendation and not a fact in every case.

If you work with Music School Central in our College Advising Program, we can help arrange a meeting between you and a faculty member at Colburn or any other program in the world.

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The Boston Conservatory at Berkeley, which accepts less than a third of its applicants, has a selective acceptance rate and admissions process. The most important factor in admission is listening.

Interested applicants are encouraged to review the audition requirements for their intended major. Candidates with the necessary artistic talent are assessed comprehensively by the admissions committee.

Boston Conservatory at Berkeley does not require letters of recommendation, standardized test scores, essays, or personal statements. If the applicant wishes to consider these additional materials, he should contact the Admissions Committee.

Most successful applicants have above-average high school GPAs and a rigorous high school course schedule, including AP, IB, and Honors courses. All applicants must also submit an artistic resume and complete a virtual online interview.

Boston Conservatory Acceptance Rate FAQs

What Is The Average SAT Score Requirement At Boston Conservatory?

Boston Conservatory average cumulative SAT score is 1160 on an SAT scale of 1600. This score makes Boston Conservatory competitive for SAT scores. The 25th percentile of the New SAT is 1060, and the 75th percentile of the New SAT is 1260. In other words, a 1060 New SAT means you are below average, while a 1260 puts you above average.

What Is The Average ACT Score Requirement At Boston Conservatory?

Boston Conservatory’s average ACT score is 24. This score makes Boston Conservatory moderately competitive on ACT scores. Even though the Boston Conservatory probably says they don’t have a minimum ACT requirement, if you apply with a 21 or below, you’re going to have a very hard time getting in unless you have something else very impressive on your application.

How Much Does Boston Conservatory Cost?

The cost of attending Boston Conservatory for undergraduates is $43,860 per academic year. Other costs include room and board, which typically costs $11,820 per year (unless you want a higher-priced single room), and $6,360 gets you 265 meals per semester (cheaper meal plans are available at a lower price with less total amount of food).


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