5 Best summary generating tools for university students

Summary generating tools: A summary is very important as it gives the user a clear and precise picture of the whole scenario.

Sometimes, it is compulsory to cover all the main points in a precise way, and generating a summary is the best and easy solution.

But keep one thing in your mind that your summary must cover all the important and main points.


And it is somehow difficult to write a summary manually because you may miss some important points so, what’s the best solution?

The easiest and most suitable approach is to use a summary generator as it is specifically developed to cover the main points in a precise way.

A summary generator can be used by the following:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Bloggers
  • Writers

As there are many summarizing tools available on the internet, how to pick the best one?

In this guide, we will make you clear about the factors you need to focus on while choosing any summary generator and we will also discuss the 5 bests of them.

How to pick the best summary generator?

As we have mentioned above that there are multiple summary generators but it is quite obvious that every generator is not that efficient.

So, we need to evaluate them on some factors and we have mentioned some of the important factors below.


Maintain the main theme

The very first thing is the maintenance of the original theme or the main idea of the content you’re summarizing.

For suppose, if you are going to summarize your university assignments or research reports then you must make sure that the main theme is maintained or not.

If a summary generator doesn’t disturb the main theme while summarizing then you can surely go for that summary generator.

Covers the main points

There are some main points in every content and your content may circulate around those main points so, how can we ignore them.

A summarizing tool must retrieve the main points at first and then add all the retrieved points to the summary.

And while summarizing manually, you may ignore this factor so, having a summary generator that has this ability is the best choice.

Summary length

Some good summarizer provides the feature of setting summary length on your own and in our opinion, this can be a good option.

You can summarize your assignments and any other university document from 25% to 75%.

But keep one thing in your mind that this feature is not offered by every summarizing tool and this is not that common.

Now, it’s time to discover some best tools that consider all the above-mentioned factors while summarizing.

Top 5 summary generators to consider

These five tools help you summarize your text with all the accuracy and relevancy so, you have a deep look at them.

#1. Summarizingtool.net

This online summary generator tool can easily attract anyone as it comes along with an easy and attractive user interface.

But the interface is not the only plus point of this tool, we have shortlisted all the features offered by summarizingtool.net and you can decide whether to use this tool or not.

We are going to discuss some of the features in-depth, let’s get into it.

#a. Set summary length

As we have mentioned above setting summary length isn’t a common feature but it is way very cool.

Luckily, this summarizing tool comes along with this option, the users can set the summary length on their own.

They can set the summary length to short, medium, and long as well which means you can summarize your content from 25% – 75%.

#b. Multilingual option

If you want to summarize any text written in any language other than English then you can surely use this summarizer.

As this tool offers multiple languages, in this way, you can save your time like you don’t need to translate your content into any specific language.

Some of the available languages are mentioned below.

  • Swedish
  • Spanish
  • Indonesian
  • French
  • Turkish
  • Many more

This can be a good option for many users.

#c. Upload a file

Copy-pasting text can be a hectic or time-taking process so, you can simply upload a file directly from your computer drive.

This can surely save your time and effort.

#2. Textsummarization.net

If you are willing to summarize something using the URL only then this tool can be a good option.

Same as the previously discussed summarizer, this tool also has an easy interface like anyone can use it without having technical knowledge about the tool.

As everything is clearly visible so, there’s no need to have a proper guide before summarization.

Let’s have a look at other features offered by this text summarizer.

#a. Input the page using the URL

You don’t need to save the text file on your computer’s drive, you just need to paste the URL and this tool will go through the text written against that URL and provides you with an authentic summary.

There are two options for text summarization provided by this generator, one is to copy-paste the text and the other one is to summarize the text against the page URL.

#b. Set the number of sentences

Like many tools provide the option of setting summary length but in this case, you can specify the length of your summary by entering a number of lines.

Sometimes, an instructor requires a summary of only five lines so, you can set the number of lines as five.

#c. Easy to use

As we have mentioned above that this tool comes along with an easy interface so summarizing using this tool is very easy.

You just need to give a couple of minutes and you’re done by your side.

Best summary generating tools for university students
Best summary generating tools for university students

#3. Summarizer.org

If your preference is to summarize your content with accuracy then you can surely pick this summary generator.

And like any other summarizing tool, there are multiple features offered by this summarizer so, let’s get into them.

#a. Show bullets and the best line

This is one of the unique and good options of writing the text in the bullet points and you can also see the best line of the summary.

Sometimes, it may be a requirement by the university instructors to write the summary using bullet points so, this tool will be very helpful.

#b. Word counter

If you want to know about the word count after summarizing your content, this tool provides a built-in word counter.

You can check the word count of your text before and after summarization.

And you don’t need to use any separate word counters as you can get them in this summary generator.

#c. Offer multiple languages

Same as the previously discussed summarizer, this summary generator also offers multiple languages that make this tool used worldwide.

All the main and common languages are installed in this summarizing tool. You can select any of them using the dropdown list.

#4. Textcompactor.com

Some people want just a simple and easy summarizing tool and for them, this summarizer is the best option.

This tool comes along with an easy interface and there are no such advanced features. But we have to discuss this tool deeply so, let’s get started.

#a. Simple interface

The simple interface helps in saving time and it also enables a user to do multiple tasks in less time so, if your preference is to get the easy tool then you can use this one.

There are just a couple of steps needed by your side and you’ll get the summary of your content.

#b. Summary size may vary

There’s one advanced feature offered by this tool and that is setting summary length using the slider.

Just drag the slider to set the length of your summary and this tool will generate your summary according to the specified length.

#5. Resoomer.com

What if we have a summary generator that is easy and efficient as well? Fortunately, this generator is easy to use and very efficient.

And there are multiple features offered by this summarizer and all these features are really helpful in generating an authentic summary.

Here are some of them.

#a. 40,000-character limit

There are two versions of this tool that is free and the second one is paid so, it’s up to you which one you will choose.

But in the free version, you can summarize 40,000 characters at a time and you can increase this number by getting the paid subscription.

#b. Export to pdf and doc files

After generating the summary, you can export that summarized text in the pdf format and doc format as well.

As sometimes, there are requirements to submit the assignments in the pdf or doc format so, you can do this with the help of this summary generator.


Picking up any tool whether a summary generator or any other tool is somehow a difficult or time taking process.

And that’s why we have done this task for you and we have also mentioned how you can pick on your own.

We hope you’ll surely get benefitted from this guide.