Best Houston Community College To Get Into 2023

Best Houston Community College: If you live in Texas and you’re looking for the best community colleges with accredited courses and affordable tuition then you’re sure to find one in Houston with a 100% acceptance rate.

The Houston metropolitan area is home to numerous colleges and universities that offer quality education recognized not just in Texas but in the USA at large.

Houston Texas will allow you to pursue your passion at any of its educational institutions.


Most of the community colleges in the Houston area have the capacity to conduct courses in several streams of study from on-campus to online learning with top-notch educational facilities at an affordable price. 

Schools in the Houston metro region provide competitive in-state tuition and a choice of online and offline degree programs, with a mix of urban and suburban settings.

Students who enroll in these community colleges are trained to face the current technological world on a global platform without difficulty. 

Because there are a lot of good community colleges in Houston, we have come up with this guide on the best community colleges in Houston tx.

We have analyzed the community college acceptance rate, courses, and tuition cost to able to give you a glimpse of what it’s like to go to any of the colleges in Houston Texas.

As a good way to get started, we have provided an application link to take you to the school’s website for more information on how to apply.



Welcome Aboard Scholar!!!

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What Is A Community College?

Community colleges are mostly referred to as junior colleges or commuter schools. This is so because they provide a two-year affordable postsecondary education as a path to getting a higher four-year degree.

Beyond that one of the reasons why community colleges are called community colleges is that most run on open admission policy which means they are accessible to anyone who can apply.

Community colleges are a good place to start for students who plan on continuing their education. They can start off in community colleges, earn an associate degree and transfer to Universities for a bachelor’s degree.

In Community colleges, there are a variety of degrees or certificate courses that prepare both domestic and international students for their first entry-level job.

Students who cannot afford or gain admission to university at the moment, can enroll in a community college and prepare for university studies.

And thankfully there are a lot of community colleges in Houston Texas.

What Is the Difference Between Community Colleges And Universities?

Community colleges are like small versions of universities. 

From the kind of programs to the type of degrees earned, there exists an enormous difference between community colleges and universities. 

Here are some of the differences between community colleges and universities;

#1. Community College Programs Take Two Years To Complete

Community college degrees take two years to complete whereas those of a university take four years to complete. 

What this means is that students in community colleges only do general education requirements and then transfer to a university to complete their degree.

#2. Community Colleges Are Small In Size

Universities have a larger student enrollment than community colleges.

Community colleges are small, which means you have a lower chance to meet a large number of students and a small group community as well.

However, this can be a great advantage for one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

#3. Community Colleges Do Not Have Dormitories

At universities, students live in residence halls and hostels, also known as dormitories.

In comparison community colleges, dorms are not always available. The majority of students who go to community colleges live off-campus. 

What You Should Know About Houston Community Colleges.

Houston is one of the best cities in Texas and a good place for high school education, college, and university education. 

Students enjoy the beautiful scenery as well as the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment in most of the schools in Houston.

Here are some of these facts about community colleges in Houston Texas;

  • Houston Community Colleges rank in strategic positions out of 2,576 colleges examined for overall quality in the United States.
  • Most of the Houston Community Colleges provide open-admission, high-quality, affordable education for academic progression. Also, there are workforce training, career development, and lifelong learning programs that prepare students for the global and technological world.
  • With a 61% freshman retention rate, Houston TX community colleges have a low chance of retaining students when compared to the national average of 68%.
  • Community colleges in Houston have an average tuition cost of $5,272. However, this varies by school.
  • Graduates from a community college in Houston earn an average of $33,600 per year in their early years of employment. This is 16% less than the national average for college graduates.
  • Community colleges in Houston offer associate degree and certificate programs.

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What Courses Are Offered In Houston Community College?

Houston Community College offers a variety of programs and courses that train and prepare students both in theory and practical.

Courses are classified under programs in Houston community college, so here we have listed the courses that you can enroll in any of the colleges in Houston.

However, some courses are school specific, when you choose a course find out if the community college you’re applying to is offering the course.

Here are the programs and courses under them I. Houston Community College;

  • Accounting
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Anthropology
  • Art
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Astronomy
  • Audio Recording Technology
  • Automotive Technology
  • Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing and Drawing/AutoCAD
  • Alternative Teacher Certification
  • Banking/ Finance
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Business Technology
  • Computer Systems, Networking & Telecommunications
  • Cosmetology
  • Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
  • Culinary Arts
  • Cyber Center etc

What Is The Tuition Cost of Houston Community College?

The tuition of community colleges in Houston Texas is not specific because each college has its own tuition cost. 

However, the average tuition cost in the area is between $2,180 – $17,170 for In-District students, $2,756 – $18,898 for students and $3,032 – $19,726 for Out-of-State students.

What Is The Acceptance Rate For Houston Community College? 

Most of the community colleges in Houston have a 100% acceptance rate because a lot of colleges in the city run on open admission policy.

Best Houston Community College To Get Into 2023

Houston Community Colleges are rated some of the best in Texas and in the USA at large. Therefore, many students find it difficult to find the best colleges to pursue their passions and interests. 

So here we have specified the best colleges in Houston Texas, their tuition cost, courses, the acceptance rate of each college, and how to get in.

So here is a list of community colleges in Houston TX;

#1. San Jacinto College Central

If you’re looking for a Houston Texas community college with an emphasis on medical technology courses then San Jacinto College Central should be your first consideration.

San Jacinto College is a public community college where students can finish emergency medical technology courses from the basic to paramedic levels.

In addition to medical technology courses, San Jacinto College Central also offers maritime trade and logistics, Liberal Arts and Humanities, Business, and Natural Sciences. 

With a student enrollment of about 9,244 undergraduate students across its 3 campuses and 6 extension centers, San Jacinto College Central offers quality education. 

Tuition and fees cost about $2,620 for local students and $4,180 for international students. San Jacinto has a 100% acceptance rate and also provides online classes.

#2. Alvin Community College

Alvin Community College is a public community college in Houston Texas. Students who go to Alvin Community College enjoy the educational opportunities the college offers.

The community college Alvin offers workforce training, academic courses, technical domains, adult education, personal development, associate degree programs, and other certificate programs. 

If you also desire a distance learning option, Alvin Community College offers such in four distinct locations.

#3. Houston Baptist University

Houston Baptist University is a community college with a religious affiliation to the Christian faith. Students who study at Houston Baptist University graduate trained in two areas: education and Christian wisdom.

Houston Baptist University has over 2,300 undergraduate students taking either their online or offline programs. Courses offered at Houston Baptist University community college include pre-professional degrees, Biblical studies, engineering, accounting, psychology, visual arts, and liberal arts, among others.

Beyond education, the community college is home to 3 Museums: the Dunham Bible Museum, the Museum of American Architecture and Decorative Arts, and the Museum of Southern History.

This community college in Houston’s tuition is approximately $30,700.

#4. Lee College

The Houston Community College: Lee College offers some of the best junior college courses in the area.

Lee College is a public community college with about 1,244 undergraduate students offering more than 60 academic, technical, and non-credit continuing education programs.

At Lee College, there are also athletic programs such as basketball and volleyball programs. However, the popular majors in the college include business, instrumentation Technicians, Liberal Arts and Humanities. 

Acceptance into this Houston Community College is at a 100% rate and tuition ranges between $3,400 – $4,170.

#5. Houston Community College

In the list of the best community colleges in Houston Texas, Houston Community College comes tops.

Houston Community College has a total student enrollment of 16,397 and a 100% acceptance rate.

Some of the best courses offered at Houston Community College include Liberal Arts & Humanities, Business, Biology, Health Sciences, Scientific, Engineering & Math, Technology, and Social & Behavioral Sciences.

Tuition at Houston Community College is approximately $4,500. 

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#6. Galveston College

One of the Texas community colleges in Houston is Galveston College in Galveston. 

Galveston College not only offers academic programs but also academic services through evaluations, training, professional support, and awards to the business industry.

Local students pay tuition of $2,650 and domestic students pay $4,600. 

One of the factors that differentiate Galveston College from other community colleges in Houston, TX is that Galveston College partners with businesses and organizations to provide a high-quality learning environment. 

#7. Remington College – Greenspoint Campus

If you’re looking for a private community college in Houston Texas, then you should apply to Remington College. 

Remington College has an acceptance rate of 100% and a total student enrollment of 408 studying courses to become Medical assistants, dental assistants, and cosmetologists among many others.

Remington College is committed to delivering relevant, career-focused education that assists students in acquiring knowledge.

One of the distinguishing factors between Remington College and other community colleges in Houston is the accreditation from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools.

Remington College Greenspoint Campus tuition is about $15,600. 

#8. Coleman College for Health Sciences

Although a new college in Houston, Coleman College for Health Sciences makes it to the best community colleges in Texas.

At Coleman College for Health Sciences, students can earn an associate degree and certificates in over 20 health science courses in its state-of-the-art degree program.

Interestingly, Coleman College for Health Sciences is one of the colleges in the Houston Community College System.

Beyond academics, the institution offers leadership opportunities, guest speakers, visibility weeks, fun events, and financial aid to students making them an exceptional choice..

#9. Lone Star College Montgomery

Lone Star College Montgomery is a community college in Houston Texas that offers quality education courses at an affordable tuition. 

Currently, Lone Star College Montgomery has a total enrollment of 20,312 undergraduate students. The college helps students achieve academic success through persistence and retention.

Lone Star College Montgomery has 5 campuses: Kingwood, Tomball, CyFair, Montgomery, and North Harris. If you want to opt for distance learning, there are also online programs at Lone Star College Montgomery.

The majority of the courses offered at the college include technology, nursing, energy, engineering, and business management programs.

Tuition fees are $2,760 per year at Lone Star. 

#10. College of the Mainland

College of the Mainland has about 1,061 undergraduate students with a 100% acceptance rate taking courses in Science Technologies/Technicians, liberal arts and sciences, General Studies and Humanities, and Health-Related Programs.

The school has a main campus in Texas City for students seeking an associate degree with intentions to transfer to a four-year university for continuing education courses.

Also, the College of the Mainland works on open admissions policy. Tuition for local students is $2,973 and $3,873 for domestic tuition.

houston community college texas
Houston community college texas

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Frequently Asked Questions On Community Colleges in Houston

How Long Does It Take To Get Admitted Into HCC?

Getting into Houston Community College can take a while because HCC is one of Houston’s top community colleges. 

Generally, it takes four to six weeks to review an application at HCC. The review may take longer depending on the completeness of the application, HCC schedule, and other factors.

Is Houston Community College a Good College?

Houston Community College is one of Texas pride public community colleges. 

Out of the 136 colleges in Texas, Houston Community College is ranked #12.

Following the report made by College Factual in 2022, Houston Community College is ranked #275 out of 2,576 schools in the USA when analysis was run on quality education.

Consequently, this puts it in the top 15% of all schools in the USA.

What Are The GPA Requirements To Get Accepted Into Houston Community College?

You will need a GPA requirement of at least 3.00 in the last 60 semester credit hours to get admission into HCC. 

The community colleges in Houston Texas provide competitive in-state tuition and a mix of online and off-campus educational opportunities.

By enrolling in any of the colleges listed above, you can be ready to start off your career on a good educational foundation. However, before applying we recommend you visit the schools’ website for details on the specific requirements.

Feel free to explore our website for other academic-related content that will help you make informed decisions on your academic journey.

Also, follow our Facebook page and YouTube Channel to keep in step with tips that will guide you for study abroad.

Good luck Scholar!!!



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