Best Home Security Cameras To Install in your Houses 2022.

Best Home Security Cameras:
Do you want to feel safer in your home in this age and time where long fences and gates can’t keep the danger away anymore? If your answer is yes, then you should know that you’ve made the right choice by clicking on this article.

Keeping an eye on your home is very important, considering the increasing rate of crime, which includes, burglary, house helps maltreating kids, stealing, etc, but unfortunately, one of the most difficult things to do, as a person can’t be in more than one places at a time, making the need for extra protection very vital. Thanks to technology which has made it possible and easier to keep an eye on your home through the use of security cameras, which is more like having a third eye.

What are Security Cameras?

Security cameras, also known as CCTV (closed-circuit television) are video recording devices used to capture footage of your home, your property, and to convey signals from a particular place, to a monitor situated at a distance. It can be viewed on a smartphone, computer, or tablet, from anywhere, using an internet connection.


Security cameras are mostly motion-activated, which means, they will record once a motion is detected and then send an alert. They usually work on IP networks that link the camera from the remote area to the assigned security location.

Why install a security camera in your home?

Having a security camera is not a luxury, it’s a necessity because, through it, crimes can easily be prevented and criminal cases can easily be solved with material evidence. It also helps to protect against property theft and vandalism.

Pros and Cons of having a security camera.

Pro1: To keep your eyes on the activities going on in your home.

Pro2: To have concrete evidence of a crime occurrence.

Pro3: Gives you a sense of security, which is priceless.

Pro4: Helps you arrive at the right decision, when dealing with a shady issue, both domestic and professional.

Pro5: Helps you keep a record of useful information which you can pull out when need be.


Con1: It can be expensive, both to buy, to install, and to maintain, especially when you want to get the best services out of it.

Con2: Privacy becomes impossible, especially in a professional setup where an employer puts 24/7 surveillance on his workers.

Con3: It can lead to vulnerability, especially these days that hackers can easily play havoc with your security cameras and use them to spy on you.

Con4: Having a security camera in your home does not exactly mean you are 100% protected from harm, nor does it stop crime from happening, it just helps you nab the criminal, that is if the criminal was not smart enough to mask up or find a way to mess with the cameras especially if they are at plain sight.

How to keep your security cameras secured.

Having a security camera does not mean you’ll completely relax once it’s been installed, there are tips to follow to ensure that it’s not either being tapped into or messed with, and they include:

#1. Use a strong password and set up two password authentication:

Make sure to use a password that is not easy to guess and that you don’t use for anything else that is extremely important, but something you can readily remember.

Do not forget to change the password for your Wi-Fi network from its default password.

Two-factor authentication is to be set up as soon as you set up an account with the camera brand you’ve bought, this will make your camera harder to be hacked, even if the hacker figures out your password.

#2. Avoid no-name cameras:

Having and knowing who to hold responsible when something technical and completely not your fault goes wrong, is bliss, this is why it is advised to get your camera from a known company and source.

#3. Make sure to turn it off:

Whenever you are doing anything private, make sure to turn off your cameras, or close the shutters as some come with one.

#4. Keep it updated:

Make sure you always check for software updates as they are meant to patch any security gaps that may have come up for both your router and cameras. You can even set it to auto-update if available.

Types of security cameras

  • Wired indoor security cameras: These are usually connected to a central recording device, by an ethernet cable or a coaxial cable. They are dome-shaped, can be mounted on ceilings, provide a wide field view inside the house and require professional installation.
  • Wired outdoor cameras: These are usually typically bullet-styled cameras, wired to a central recording device. They are cylindrical, long and can be mounted on walls and ceilings.
  • Wireless indoor cameras: This is usually connected to a Wi-Fi network which is why they are also known as IP cameras or Wi-Fi cameras. Their footages are being stored in the cloud for easy retrieve. They don’t need a cable to transmit their video feed which makes them easy to install without a professional help, but they still need to be connected to a power source. There are some indoor cameras that come with special features like, baby cams that record humidity, the quality of air in the baby’s room, record temperature, even dispense treats to your pets.
  • Wireless outdoor cams: These are larger and more weather resistant, though they are also similar to the indoor cameras. Some come with spotlight and sirens to scare intruders away with a wide field view of 130 degree or more. They are to be mounted strategically on walls.
  • Floodlight cameras: These are also wireless outdoor camera with a large floodlight that comes on when the camera is on. It helps to get clearer videos of intruders and also scare them away because of its brightness. They can either be powered by an outlet or be hardwired.
  •  Wire-free outdoor cameras: These operate on batteries, are also usually rechargeable and do not need to be connected to a power source but then, they have limitations as they can’t record continuously because they stop wherever the battery power stops. Though some can be connected to solar panels to keep charging the batteries.

Best home security cameras to install in 2022.

Home Security cameras are divided into two main categories which are indoor and outdoor security cameras. Based on this, here are security cameras from great companies that will suit your budget and give you the maximum result you require.

  • Arlo pro 4
  • Ring spotlight cam
  • Wyze cam pan
  • Google Nest cam
  • Reolink Argus 3 pro
  • Ring video doorbell
  • Y1 1080p indoor security camera
  • Blink outdoor camera
  • Ring stick up cam battery
  • Simplisafe Simplicam
  • Adobe Lota
  • Canary pro
  • Amherst 4MP pro HD

#1. Arlo Pro 4:

this is the best overall as it has proven to have outperformed most competitors. It is a safe-wise favorite with a 2k quality video, 100% wire-free operation, quick/easy fix, indoor/outdoor durability, and a sensitive motion detector with a bright camera, though pricey(almost $200) and has limited battery life.

#2. Ring spotlight cam:

This comes with a field view and resolution of 140 degrees/ 1080p, two-way audio, night vision, alarm, voice control with Alexa, built-in motion light, and battery, wired, or solar power options. It is the best outdoor security cam, though pricey (almost $200), and has limited battery life.

#3. Wyze cam pan:

This is the best budget motion-activated security camera which can also be used as a baby monitor. It has a field view/resolution of 140 degrees/1080p, night vision, two-way audio, built-in alarm, 360-degree coverage, motion tracking, free cloud storage, an affordable price that ranges from $40 to 50, though it had a glitchy sound quality and no email alerts.

 #4. Google Nest cam:

This is an indoor camera, known for its high resolution, super sight zooming, and tracking, person alert, up to 20 ft. night vision range features, though it has no pan-and-tilt capability and requires a subscription to use facial recognition. It costs almost $200.

 #5. Reolink Argus 3 pro:

This is the best solar camera there is. It is similar to the Arlo Pro 4 apart from the fact that it is more affordable and can be easily turned into a solar-powered camera with an additional Reolink solar panel. It has outstanding video quality but with fewer advanced settings.

best home security camera system
best home security camera system

#6. Ring video doorbell:

This is the best doorbell camera there is, it is affordable(about $100) compared to most, with outstanding video quality and solar charging options, though it requires a subscription.

#7. Y1 1080p indoor security camera:

This is one of the cheapest security cameras there is, as it costs just $25, which also doubles as a nanny cam because it features baby crying detection which sends you a notification. It offers 7 days of free storage and you also get free app-sharing with up to 5 members of your family.

#8. Blink outdoor camera:

This is another best home security camera system, it is an easy-to-install outdoor camera that costs only $80-100. Its features include 1080p full HD video quality, 110-degree field view, two-way audio, night vision, and a storage cloud. It can be wired or wireless and can also be used indoors.

#9. Ring stick up cam battery:

This can be both wireless and wired, it can also be used both indoor and outdoor had a field view of 130 degrees and 1080p resolution, with two-way audio, night vision, and a storage cloud.

#10. Simplisafe Simplicam:

This is for both indoor and outdoor and can be both wired and wireless. It has a field view/resolution of 120 degrees/1080p, two-way audio, night vision, and storage cloud. It cost $99.

#11. Adobe Lota:

This is an indoor wired camera that costs $329.00. A security system and a high-end home security camera, all in one. It delivers two-way talks, high video quality, and sensitivity motion detection, with24/7 professional monitoring.

#12. Canary pro:

This is an indoor wired camera that costs $149 and has an environmental sensor with a smart home security camera, including alerts.

It has a climate monitor sensor that allows it to track humidity, temperature, and quality of air in your home, which includes sensing if the fireplace isn’t fully off or if someone leaves the tub running.

#13. Amcrest 4MP pro HD:

This costs just $60, has the best pan-tilt with easy setup and a variety of storage options.

Best place to buy security cameras

Bust schedules and COVID 19 have made it difficult to walk into a store and get the things we want, which is why online shopping is usually the “go-to” whenever we want to make a purchase, but despite the ability to buy a security camera from Amazon, Jumia, etc, it is strongly advised to go to the store yourself to see the person selling your security camera to you and to feel the quality of what you are buying, especially for something this vital, unless you are buying directly from the producers, after making your research, which is safer, I mean, you can never be too careful.


The truth is, there is no such thing as a perfect camera, there are a thousand and one security camera companies out there, but these are the ones we believe to be the best so far, based on our research, and don’t forget, it’s better to buy an expensive camera that you are sure of than to buy a cheap camera with no company name or trace.

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