Best Community Colleges In Denver to get into 2023

Best Community Colleges Denver: Are you looking for the best community colleges within or near the Denver area, their programs, and tuition?

Do you want to enroll in a Denver community college but don’t know which one is ideal for you?

It’s understandable why many seek to enroll in community colleges as a way to start their higher education training.


over the years, community colleges have proven to have helped a lot of students fast-track their higher education learning at a lower cost with more educational experience.

The Denver area has some of the best community colleges in the whole of Colorado.

Although few, some of the community schools in Denver offer good alternatives and standard four-year programs in various education courses. 

Also, they allow students to get a high-quality education at a very affordable price.

Not only that, previous reviews show that students who attend a community college in the Denver area are equipped to start their  dream careers effectively upon graduation.

Some on the other hand go ahead to transfer to a university to get a bachelor’s degree in their given field.

So here in this guide we have minimized the stress of finding the perfect community college by putting up a piece on how the best community colleges in the Denver area.


Also, we have explored the best online community schools in Denver for students who want an online option. 

You will also find the top technical programs available in Denver community colleges.

By the end of this piece, all the information you need to enroll into a community college in the Denver area will be made available.


Welcome Aboard Scholar!!!

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Is Denver A Good Place To Study?

Besides being one of Colorado’s best cities and one of the best in the USA as well, Denver is a good place for high school education.

Also, Denver is a cultural hub for every interest and allows students to navigate easily through the city.

To add to that, here are some of yeh reasons why Denver is a good option for education;

  • According to US News & World Report, Denver is one of the best places to live in the United States. 
  • Denver has a lot of cultural experiences and interests for its residents, tourists, and visitors.
  • Outdoor lovers have a lot of walking and hiking trails, bike paths, parks, waterways, and outdoor gear stores for exploration.
  • Transportation is very easy in Denver.

Are There Community Colleges in Denver?

Yes, there are community colleges not just within the Denver area but also near the city itself.

Residents have the option of going to a community college within the city or those near them or even taking an online option.

So in the Denver area, there are lots of options when it comes to junior colleges.

How Many Community Colleges Are in Denver?

Following 2022, academic year report, there are just 2 community colleges in Denver city and 3 others in the Denver area.

Making it a total of 5 community colleges within the Denver area.

Out of the 13 community schools in Colorado, only 2 are in the city of Denver itself.

The campuses are within the city and offer education of higher learning to residents, international students and also those living close to the city.

What Programs Are Offered In The Best Community College in Denver?

A variety of programs are offered across boards in different community colleges in Denver.

However, the few that take traction include;

  • English
  • Nursing
  • History
  • Accounting.
  • Anthropology

What Are The Denver Community Colleges Admission Requirements?

Most of the admission requirements are school specific in Denver.

However, the general requirements for all community colleges in Denver include;

  • No GPA requirements. 
  • All applicants must be at least 17 years old.
  • Must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Must also complete an online application
  • Also, all applicants must prove Colorado residency for in-state tuition.

How Much Does It Cost To Go To A Community College in Denver?

Although tuition varies between $67 and $247.35 per credit, on average, community colleges in Colorado cost $3,355 per year.

However, a lot depends on the student’s residency, private or public school status, and the specific institution.

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Best Community Colleges In Denver to Get Into

As we have stated earlier the options are just limited to two when it comes to the number of community colleges in the city of Denver.

So here, we will be explaining the individual schools by providing an overview as well as a list of the best programs they offer.

Here is a list;

#1. Aims Community College

  • Founded: 1967
  • School Type: Public
  • Graduation Rate: 40%
  • Student Population: 5,981
  • Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 15:1
  • Percentage Receiving Financial Aid: 73%
  • Tuition Cost: $67/credit (in district; $106/credit (in-state); $425/credit (out of state)

Aims Community College is a public community college in Denver.

Currently, there are more than 200 academic degree and certificate programs in the college.

From healthcare, public service, liberal arts, to agriculture and many other educational paths.

Also at Aims Community College, students have the option of choosing between day or night classes 

The good news for all students enrolling in Aims Community College is that there are no GPA requirements.

And also. Aims Community College offers only associate degree programs.

Here is the list of Associate degree programs offered in Aims Community College Denver;

  • Arts in Liberal Arts.
  • Applied Science in Nursing. 
  • Applied Science in Accounting
  • Also, Applied Science in Agriculture Business. 
  • Applied Science in Construction Management.

#2. Community College of Aurora

  • Founded: 1983
  • School Type: Public
  • Graduation Rate: 31%
  • Student Population: 7,835
  • Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 29:1
  • Percentage Receiving Financial Aid: 67%
  • Tuition Cost: $247.35/credit hour (resident); $629.25/credit hour (non-resident). 

Community College of Aurora is one of the community colleges in the Denver area.

With full accreditation from The Higher Learning Commission, the Community College of Aurora offers quality education.

Also at Community College of Aurora, there are options to attend school in-person, online, or hybrid courses.

Furthermore, there are evening and weekend options as well as open entry classes that start every week.

There are no GPA requirements involved for students who want to enroll into Community College of Aurora.

Inky associate degree programs are offered at the Community College of Aurora.

Here is a list of Community College of Aurora degree programs;

  • Arts in Art History.
  • Science in Biology. 
  • Applied Science in Paramedicine
  • Applied Science in Computer Science. 
  • And, Applied Science in Graphic and Web Design.

#3. Arapahoe Community College

  • Founded: 1965
  • School Type: Public
  • Graduation Rate: 29%
  • Student Population: 12,001
  • Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 29:1
  • Percentage Receiving Financial Aid: 23%
  • Tuition Cost: $247.35/credit hour (resident); $629.25/credit hour (non-resident)

Arapahoe Community College is the first community college in the Denver area.

Currently, Arapahoe Community College is offering more than 100 academic degree programs. 

Out of 100, 70 other programs offered in Arapahoe Community College allow her students to transfer to other four-year schools in Colorado.

Just like in most of the community schools in the Denver area, there are no GPA requirements for admission.

Also, the programs offered at Arapahoe Community College are Associate degree programs some of which are;

  • Associate of Arts in History. 
  • Associate of Arts in Psychology.
  • Also, Associate of Arts in Public Health. 
  • Associate of Applied Science in Cyber Security. 
  • Associate of Applied Science in Retail Management. 

#4. Front Range Community College

  • Founded: 1967
  • School Type: Public
  • Graduation Rate: 26%
  • Student Population: 18,703
  • Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 17:1
  • Percentage Receiving Financial Aid: 56%
  • Tuition Cost: $247.35/credit hour (resident); $629.25/credit hour (non-resident)

Front Range Community College has several campuses in Colorado with over 60 academic programs, online learning, and apprenticeships.

At Front Page Community College, you do not need a GPA requirement to enroll.

Just like most community colleges in Denver, Front Page Community College offer associate degree programs such as;

  • Associate of Science in Math and Science. 
  • Associate of Arts in Hospitality Management.
  • Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts, Communication & Design. 
  • Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Technology.
  • Associate of Arts in Elementary Teacher Education. 

#5. Community College of Denver

  • Founded: 1967
  • School Type: Public
  • Graduation Rate: 18%
  • Student Population: 7,273
  • Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 19:1
  • Percentage Receiving Financial Aid: 92%
  • Tuition Cost: $247.35/credit hour (resident); $629.25/credit hour (non-resident)

Community College of Denver is one of the community colleges in the Denver area.

The programs offered by Community College of Denver cuts across educational paths such as business, health sciences, and humanities. 

Also, there are in-person, hybrid, and remote learning options for all students.

At the Community College of Denver, there are no GPA requirements for students who want to enroll in the college.

Community College of Denver offers only associate degree programs such as;

  • Associate of Arts in Journalism.
  • Associate of Arts in Anthropology. 
  • Also, Associate of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene.
  • Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice. 
  • Associate of Science in Environmental Science. 

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How Do I Apply to Community Schools in Denver?

All you have to do to get into a community college in Denver is to 

  • Submit an online application. 
  • Provide official transcripts
  • Submit ACT or SAT scores.
  • Then meet with an advisor to help you pick the right classes. 
  • As an option you can also apply for financial aid (FAFSA, grants, scholarships, college loans)

Do Denver Have Online Community Colleges?

With the level of technological advancements most schools have tuned into online classes and programs.

Same with some of the Denver area community colleges.

There are a few community colleges in Denver that are accredited to offer their programs online.

Here are a few online community colleges in Denver;

  • Community College of Denver Online. 
  • Arapahoe Community College Online.  
  • Community College of Aurora Online. 
Community colleges near Denver
Community colleges near Denver

What Are The Best Community Colleges In The Denver Area For Transferring Students?

One of the reasons why many students opt in for community colleges is to have a smooth sail to get into university for a bachelor’s degree.

Although not all community colleges offer a smooth sailing option to students who want to further, some in Denver foster transfer easily.

So here are some of the best Denver community colleges for transferring students;.

  • Aims Community College.  
  • Arapahoe Community College.  
  • Community College of Denver.

What Are The Best Community Colleges for Liberal Arts and Humanities in Denver?

Not all community colleges offer courses such as humanities and liberal arts.

However, Denver has a few of them and the list include;

  • Aims Community College. 
  • Community College of Denver.
  • Front Range Community College.  

Do Denver Community Colleges Offer Bachelor’s Degrees?

Majority of community colleges offer Associate degrees; only a few offer bachelor’s degree programs.

Here is a list of community colleges in Denver that offer bachelor’s degree programs;

#1. Arapahoe Community College. 

  • BS in Computer Information Systems, Business Administration, and Nursing programs.
  • BAS in Emergency Service Administration and Advanced Paramedic Practitioner.

#2. Front Range Community College. 

  • BSc in Nursing to registered nurses. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Community Schools in Denver

What is The Job Outlook For Community College Students In Denver?

In the last 10 years, over 1.6 million people have been employed in the Denver area.

Hence the reason why The Wall Street Journal named Denver the nation’s third-best job market for cities with more than a million people. 

What this means is that the community college students have a high chance of getting employed after graduation.

Do Community Schools In Denver Offer Winter Intersession?

There is no community college gay offer winter intersession in Denver.

Are There Private Community Colleges In Denver?

Yes there are a few private Community Colleges in Denver which includes;

  • Colorado Heights University
  • Pima Medical Institute-Denver
  • Red Rocks Community College
  • Westwood College-Denver South
  • Johnson & Wales University-Denver
  • Lincoln College of Technology-Denver
  • Bel-Rea Institute Of Animal Technology

Do Community Schools in the Denver Area Have Summer Classes?

Only a few community college offer summer classes in Denver such include;

  • Aims Community College
  • Community College of Denver 
  • Front Range Community College

Are Community Colleges Free in Denver?

There are no free colleges in Denver. 

Are There Scholarships for Community Colleges in Denver?

Yes there are scholarships for community colleges in Denver. 

These scholarships are school specific. Here are some of the steps you’ll need to take to get a scholarship for community colleges in Denver;

  • Write a personal essay
  • Complete scholarship application
  • Enroll in the required number of credits
  •  Maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • Demonstrate financial need or academic excellence

Here are some scholarships you can apply for;

  • CCD Community Scholarship | Amount: $1,000. 
  • Point Community College Scholarship | Amount: $8,000. 
  • Advancement from Concurrent Enrollment (ACE) Scholarship | Amount: $3,000. 

Also you can look out for 

  • Student Loans
  • Federal Grants
  • Colorado Grants
  • Work Study Programs

How are Denver Area Community Colleges Funded?

Every community college in the Colorado Community College System receives these types of funding; 

  • Local grants.
  • Tuition and fees.
  • Amendment 50 funding.
  • Federal and state funding
  • College Opportunity Fund

What Is the Biggest Community College in Denver?

The biggest community college in Denver is the Front Page Community College. 

The Front Page Community College had a total enrollment of 18,703 undergraduate students.

What Is The GPA Requirement To Enroll Into A Denver Area Community College?

Denver community colleges don’t have any GPA requirements; rather, they work on “open-access” admission policies.

That means no academic achievement or test scores are required to grant you admission into any of the community colleges in Denver.

However, we do recommend you have ACT or SAT scores they help the school determine which classes best suit your abilities.

Judging from the research we have done above you can agree with me that the Denver area has a lot of options for community colleges. 

All you have to do is carefully make a choice based on the analysis we have given.

Also, visit the school’s website for details on how to go about specific requirements and admission processes.

Do let us know how our guide was helpful in your search for community colleges in Denver.

Also, explore our website for more academic-related content that will be helpful on your academic journey.

We wish Good luck Scholar!!!!



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