21+ Best Boarding Schools in Texas USA | 2022 Ranking

Boarding Schools in Texas: Are you in search of the Best Boarding Schools in Texas for your kids? Well, good a thing boarding schools in TX can come in any of the following forms.

  • Christian boarding schools in Texas ,
  • Junior boarding schools in Texas (TX),
  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Texas (TX),
  • Co-ed Boarding Schools in Texas (TX),
  • All Girls Boarding Schools in Texas (TX),
  • All Boys Boarding Schools in Texas (TX), Military Boarding Schools in Texas (TX),
  • Private Boarding Schools in Texas (TX),
  • Day Boarding Schools in Texas (TX),
  • Weekly Boarding Schools in Texas (TX), and
  • International Boarding Schools in Texas (TX). 

The importance of boarding schools in the overall development of students cannot be underestimated. While some parents have yet to accept this fact, most guardians recognize that allowing a child to study in a supervised environment is advantageous.

Though boarding school is incredibly beneficial to students, it is critical that you set aside some time to thoroughly investigate your kids’ new academic environment. This article, on the other hand, is a well-researched review of the best boarding schools in Texas.


What You Need To Know About Texas Boarding Schools

Texas has approximately 1,000 public school districts, with all but one being independent and independent of any kind of city authority (the one exception is Stafford Municipal School District).

School districts can (and frequently do) cross city and county lines. Independent school districts have the authority to levy taxes on their people and to exercise eminent domain over privately owned property.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) supervises these districts and provides supplementary cash, but its authority is limited to intervening in low-performing districts.

Texas also offers a large number of private and boarding schools of various types. The TEA has no authority over private or boarding school operations; boarding schools may or may not be recognized, and boarding school graduating seniors are not required to take achievement exams.

Many boarding schools seek accreditation and administer achievement tests to demonstrate to parents the school’s commitment to academic excellence.

When it comes to having a good time, Texas does not disappoint. Texas offers more than simply academic distinction; it also has outdoor leisure, sports, music, art, and all in between. Students in boarding schools can study hard and then play even harder!

Why should I go to boarding school?

Have you ever wondered why individuals attend boarding schools? or why should you attend a boarding school? Keep reading to find out the solutions to your unanswered queries.


When it comes to boarding schools, the qualifications for a day school are quite different since you get to assume full responsibility for yourself from an early age and also get to witness the severe element of life that will shape your school of thought.

Although being away from home has its drawbacks, boarding students learn a sense of independence that is beyond their ability.

Learning to manage your time, become self-motivated, cook, clean, and make new friends are all facets of daily living ethics that students do not master until they reach college.

Here are a few reasons why you might consider attending one of Texas’s top  boarding schools:

  • Unique education and opportunity.
  • Traditional standards.
  • A close community of learners.
  • International and global perspectives.
  • A daily routine that invokes self-discipline.
  • Academic development is like no other.
  • Unique social and personal development.
  • Mentorship.

Is boarding school beneficial to a child?

Yes, boarding schools assist mold a child’s life, particularly in terms of social, emotional, and academic development.

Most children gain confidence as they learn what they enjoy and are good at.

Though they tend to live a more contained life than their peers, allowing your ward to experience boarding school life is a terrific option. You might be interested in the following opportunity:

What Age Is Appropriate for Boarding Schools?

Boarding schools serve purposes other than teaching kids how to pass college entrance exams. They manage, position, and educate a youngster as a whole. The ideal age for attending a boarding school is 12 years.

At this age, children reach a level of maturity that allows them to govern themselves outside of their familiar environment.

However, twelve years is a relative term, so parents must consider other issues.

Why Attend a Texas Boarding School?

There are a thousand reasons to explore boarding schools in general.

Essentially, boarding school is claimed to help pupils grow physically, socially, emotionally, and responsibly.

The total and overall growth of your ward is quite significant to Texas boarding schools.

As a result, curricula and classes are actually structured to attain these characteristics. Among the many reasons to consider any of the 15 top boarding schools in Texas are the following:

#1. Students pay more attention and study more effectively in small classes.

This is typical of most Texas boarding institutions. The student-to-teacher ratio is frequently so low that each student receives individual attention.

Furthermore, because classrooms are limited in size, each child’s academic, moral, social, and emotional development may be easily tracked.

This, in turn, helps pupils gain higher grades, making an entrance to university so simple.

#2. Students study in a distraction-free atmosphere.

One of the acknowledged disadvantages of the day school is that most children leave to face a whole lot of the distractions at home.

At this age and stage, there will undoubtedly be distractions vying for your ward’s attention.

While parents may claim to help minimize these distractions, work and other obligations may preclude rigorous measures.

Texas boarding schools operate under strict guidelines that ensure kids have enough time to mingle without being distracted.

So, enrolling your child in one of these 15 best boarding schools in Texas cities allows him or her to study in a distraction-free environment.

As you are aware, greater attentiveness equals higher marks. Good enough grades to get into any college, regardless of the required GPA.

#3. An Academic Environment That Is Flexible, Comfortable, and Friendly

As much as you know the benefits of boarding schools for your child, you need to exercise caution while choosing a new home for your child, which is why this article includes the top boarding schools in Texas.

You do not need to be concerned if you are in Texas or its environs. The best boarding schools in Texas provide a peaceful and comfortable living environment.

With a very low student population, students who sign up for boarding service get to experience the friendly setting the most.

Classes become more adaptable as some may be moved to weekends.

The lack of class flexibility allows your ward to enroll in a Texas boarding school, which allows your ward to study for longer periods of time with friends.

The top boarding schools in Texas teach pupils social responsibility and how to tolerate people of diverse tribes, beliefs, and races.

Do you have a gifted and creative child? Consider attending one of the greatest performing arts schools to improve their studying abilities.

What is the Average Cost of Texas Boarding Schools?

The quality of service provided is usually the most important component in determining how much boarding schools in Texas cost.

It is important to know, however, that other criteria that may influence how much you spend for boarding schools in Texas include often the type of institution.

Private institutions, for example, are unquestionably more expensive than state high school boarding services. Furthermore, additional services and lodging alternatives may raise or lower the typical fee for Texas boarding schools.

In a nutshell, the average boarding school tuition is $38,850 per year. While other institutions charge $20, 000 or less, others on the more expensive end of the spectrum may price up to $60, 000 or more.

Is Financial Aid Available in Texas for Boarding School Students?

There are definitely financial aid alternatives for both worthy and need-based students. According to a National Association of Boarding Schools survey, over 37 percent of boarding school students receive yearly aid.

Both need-based students and award-deserving students receive yearly support from the right authorities with help from the school’s financial aid packages, as well as merit-based and foundation scholarships.

Are Texas Boarding Schools Accepting International Students?

Yes, categorically. According to a relocation magazine, a recent poll showed that Houston, Texas ranks first among top boarding schools with the most international students.

Most Texas schools accept international students. In fact, most private and Christian Texas boarding schools have a program that teaches students to tolerate and live in harmony with people of other races.

This is an extremely amazing truth concerning Texas boarding schools. Essentially, they create exceptional possibilities that aid in the advancement of cultural understanding and the formation of global friendships.

As a result, Texas boarding high schools not only accept international students but also provide a welcoming environment in which international students can thrive.

Why Boarding Schools in Texas?

The majority of Texas boarding schools provide outstanding boarding services. However, when rating the top boarding schools, a number of characteristics were taken into account. Some of the factors evaluated for this rating are as follows:

Acceptance rate

This article considers how simple it is to gain admission to these high schools that provide boarding services.

Top boarding schools accept a limited number of students in order to maintain small class size and a favorable student-to-teacher ratio. As a result, colleges with a low admission rate in Texas rank better in this section.


The cost of these boarding schools is also considered when ranking them. Although more expensive schools tend to give better services, comparatively low tuition is a secondary requirement for this study.

Enrolling Students

The number of students enrolled in the institution is the least important ranking criterion considered. There is also a clear breakdown of the number of pupils enrolled in residential institutions.

List of Boarding Schools in Dallas Texas

TX Boarding Schools, as said previously in this post, are all accommodating and a perfect option for students who want to escape all types of distractions and focus on their studies.

The list of boarding high schools in Texas is divided into subcategories to make it easier to locate what you’re looking for. Below is a list of private, Christian, and public schools in Texas that offer boarding services.

  • Amerigo Houston Saint Pius X High School
  • Brook Hill School
  • San Marcos Academy
  • TMI Episcopal
  • Texas Christain School
  • North Central Texas Academy
  • Chinquapin Preparatory School
  • Incarnate world high school
  • Allen Academy
  • Village school
  • Marine Military Academy
  • Hockday School

#1. The Hockaday School Texas

The Hockaday School Texas
  • Acceptance Rate: 19%
  • Tuition:  $61,621
  • Student Enrollment:  1090

This Dallas, Texas boarding school only accepts girls in prekindergarten through the twelfth grade. It is a school that has a strong belief in the potential of young girls.

As a result, the curriculum is designed to assist students in developing all-around to become confident women in whatever field they pursue.

According to alumni, this all-girl boarding school in Texas operates a small boarding community that is homely, conducive, and academically supportive.

Your ward will undoubtedly receive the attention they deserve, with a teacher-student ratio of 1:7 and an average small class size of 17 students.

Visit the school website for more information, particularly on how to apply.

#2. Amerigo Houston Saint Pius X High School

Amerigo Houston Saint Pius X High School
Amerigo Houston Saint Pius X High School
  • Acceptance Rate: 50%
  • Tuition: $62,850
  • Student Enrollment: 573 

Amerigo Houston is a Christian boarding school located in Houston, Texas. It provides coed boarding for students in grades 9-12.

In general, this Houston boarding school provides a supportive and demanding learning atmosphere.

Students benefit from all of the interesting opportunities available in the adjacent big metropolitan area.

The institutions are ranked 20th out of 314 in the Top Boarding Schools in America. As a result, this is a fantastic solution for your ward as well.

Classes are often held in small groups, with an average class size of 19 members.

#3. St. Stephen’s Episcopal School Texas, 

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School Texas,
St. Stephen’s Episcopal School Texas,
  • Acceptance Rate: 54%
  • Tuition: $63,340
  • Student Enrollment:  694

This Texas boarding school is nationally recognized for its outstanding academic opportunities. Aside from its college prepared curriculum, the school promotes all-inclusive learning in a welcoming environment.

The environment is academically pleasant, with spectacular views and great facilities, and is located on a 370-acre campus. Classes are taught by talented, dedicated, and accessible faculty members.

Basically, if you are worried about your ward’s overall growth, you should choose St Stephens School.

With a class size of 17 students on average and an 8:1 student-teacher ratio, this TX boarding school provides small class sizes to a varied range of students.

Surprisingly, just 35% of their whole student body enrolls in boarding programs. Furthermore, more than 19% of students need financial assistance. Your child will develop academically, emotionally, and socially.

#4. The Village School 

The Village School
The Village School
  • Acceptance Rate: 50%
  • Tuition:  $70,800
  • Student Enrollment: 1750

This is a coed boarding school in Texas that is not religiously affiliated. Students in grades 7-12 can use its boarding services.

Essentially, as an international community with a huge student body, it is dedicated to creating lifelong learners who are inquisitive and capable of critical thinking.

It also advocates for an innovative teaching technique, particularly in Math and Science, that integrates the actual teamwork needed to lead the next generation into an ever-changing world.

If students live in the greater Houston region, they can choose a 5-day boarding option or a 7-day boarding option.

Its average class size is 18, and with a teacher-student ratio of 1:8, pupils have a deeper contact with teachers.

#5. TMI – The Episcopal School 

TMI – The Episcopal School
TMI – The Episcopal School
  • Acceptance Rate: 85%
  • Tuition: $44,840
  • Student Enrollment: 432

This is one of Tecas’ best boarding schools. Texas boarding school, founded in 1893, is located in San Antonio and serves students in grades 6-12.

It provides a coed boarding facility for all interested students. With a total enrollment of 432 students, this private Christian boarding school accepts a certain percentage of them.

Over 90% of its graduates go on to attend a four-year institution. Classes are demanding, with students spending nearly eight hours per day in class. Surprisingly, this residential school for college preparatory rankings for the country’s Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) programs.

With a student-to-teacher ratio of 8.42, classes are not small, but they are effective and provide an excellent student life experience.

Students participate in a variety of sports, including football, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse, in addition to a rigorous and innovative college preparatory curriculum. This Texas private boarding school also has some traditions that make studying very memorable.

#6. San Marcos Academy

San Marcos Academy
  • Acceptance Rate: 80%
  • Tuition: $31,500
  • Student Enrollment: 333

San Marcos Academy is a coeducational Christain boarding school. Its boarding facilities and services are open to students in Kindergarten through grade 12.

Students can also choose between the two boarding options.

It provides a 7-day boarding program as well as a 5-day program for families living within a 70-mile radius.

If you live in Texas and would want to have them home on weekends, this is a perfect alternative for wads.

It provides a college preparatory curriculum that emphasizes leadership development, a strong fine arts department, and ESL classes for overseas students.

With a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:8, pupils attend classes in groups of 9 on average.

#7. The Brook Hill School Texas,

The Brook Hill School Texas,
The Brook Hill School Texas,
  • Acceptance Rate: 80%
  • Tuition: $48,975
  • Student Enrollment: 680

Brook Hill Texas is a Texas Christian boarding school. It is clearly one of the greatest coed boarding schools in Texas.

Despite the fact that it provides a demanding academic program, pupils learn in small class sizes while instilling Christian principles.

It provides 27 AP and credit courses, and students can choose from over 100 college hours while attending boarding schools. Every year, all graduating students from this Texas boarding high school obtain easy acceptance into colleges, and the majority of them are accepted by their first choice.

Your ward can also break this record if you enroll them in a boarding school with an average class size of 14. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 9:1, your child receives undivided attention and is able to take advantage of all academic opportunities.

Brook Hill is one of the best 30 Christian boarding schools in America, and it is an excellent choice for parents who want their children to develop cultural and moral values.

#8. Marine Military Academy

Marine Military Academy
Marine Military Academy
  • Acceptance Rate: 98%
  • Tuition: $35,000
  • Student Enrollment:  261 

This is a military boarding school in Texas for only boys. Essentially, the Marine Military Academy aspires to transform young men into leaders of tomorrow. This boarding school is a win-win situation for your male ward.

Your children will gain the mental and emotional tools needed to manage the route ahead. A safe, structured atmosphere that teaches responsibility to society, country, and each other is necessary for success.

All of its students are from other countries. However, lessons are offered in small groups of 11 students on average.

The majority of MMA graduates are easily accepted into four-year institutions.

#9. Thrive Girls Ranch & Home

Thrive Girls Ranch & Home
Thrive Girls Ranch & Home
  • Acceptance Rate: 98%
  • Tuition: Affordable
  • Student Enrollment: 

Thrive Girls Ranch and Home is a Christian boarding school for girls located in Texas (ages 12-17).

If you have a stubborn girl child, this is certainly the greatest option for you. Students’ psyches are mostly affected by youthful exuberance and puberty changes.

However, if you believe it is going too far and that extra-disciplinary measures are required to get your girl kid back on track, Thrive Girls is your best bet.

It provides a curriculum that assists in the transformation of disobedient, destructive, or dangerous young women into responsible and respectable young women.

It is a Christian residential school for females with biblical advisers and mentors, a concentration on academics, and a milieu of therapeutic activities, including equestrian therapy.

Indeed, this boarding school provides a win-win situation. Here, your child will be educated, morally upright, and socially responsible. Surprisingly, all of these services are available at a very low cost.

#10. New Hope Boys Home

New Hope Boys Home
New Hope Boys Home
  • Acceptance Rate: 97%
  • Tuition: N/A
  • Student Enrollment: N/A

Struggling boys in Texas and surrounding areas, like Thrive Girls, can be sent to New Hope Boys Home for life transformation.

It is a boarding institution near Austin, Texas that serves troubled males aged 12 to 17.

This is certainly the ideal alternative for parents who have boys who are mishandling their growth.

If your wards are unable to cope with the adolescent crisis, and puberty, and demonstrate uncontrollable youthful enthusiasm, simply utilize the visit school button.

A visit to the virtual school will provide you with further reasons why your ward should enroll in this Texas boarding school.

In summary, your ward will undergo a complete change that will assist him in managing and eradicating any addiction, attitude, or life-impacting habit that may be negatively affecting him.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boarding Schools in Texas 

Troubled youth in Texas can be sent for life transformational experiences for free at the following schools:

  • Caribbean Mountain Academy.
  • Master’s Ranch – East.
  • Master’s Ranch – West.
  • Victory Boys Academy.
  • Waterford Country School.
  • Whetstone Boys Ranch.

Only few elementary schools have boarding schools. St Catherine Academy offers boarding services to students in grades 4-7

The collective living environment of boarding schools is also likely to cause students to be more affected by the bad habits and behaviors of other students, as well as make them more vulnerable to bullying, both of which would have a long-term negative impact on students’ physical and mental health.


Choosing the best boarding school in Texas for your child should not be stressful. This article, in fact, presents a list of good boarding schools in Texas. It divides them into best private, best public, and best Christian schools.

It also reviews top boarding schools in Texas and specifies if the schools are only for males, girls, or coed. You should, however, examine the tuition as well as the likelihood of your ward being admitted into one of these boarding schools before deciding on one.

This page examines and ranks Texas boarding schools to make your task easier. Also included in this article are the best private, Christian, and public boarding schools in Texas for high school students. Students in grades 9-12 are primarily targeted.



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