How to Become a College Counselor |Complete Guide 2023

Do you want to become a college counselor? As a college counselor, you are involved in shaping the future of any nation.

college counseling is a powerful opportunity to impact the lives of young adults who are faced with a wide array of choices and opportunities.

Choosing a college to attend is one of the life greatest decisions a student will ever make. Getting it wrong at this point means the student might end up confused and in most cases drop out. That is where a college counselor comes in.


Thus, in this article you learn every there is to know about becoming a college counselor. we will be answering questions like;

  • who is a college counselor?
  • How to Become a College advisor?
  • what is a College Counselor salary?
  • become a high school counselor?
  • How to Become a College Counselor?
  • become a guidance counselor?
  • how to become an independent college counselor?

Who is a college counselor?

By definition, a college counselor is referred to a seasoned professional, who help students with their educational and professional career choices.

As a matter of fact, you don’t just help these students navigate their lives to what they want to do after college.

You also, form their support system when they are faced with difficulty from their home front and other emotional challenges.

Nonetheless, not every college counselors work for colleges and universities. Most of them work with high school students as high-school counselors. They help junior and senior year students make their college choice.

Some of them also work as career counselors in academic counseling or

educational consultants working privately with students and their families to create top-notch admission strategies.


Thus, the top qualities of a college counselor is they have to be knowlegeable about colleges and courses,

they offer and trustworthy in other to able to handle personal information a student will be willing to share.

What does a college counselor do?

Throughout the study years of a college student, they will meet with numerous counselors.

one of such will be the admissions adviser.

He/ she will advise on which college to apply to or accept if the admission letters has been sent.

The student will have an encounter with the financial aid advisor

who will help the student in applying for student loans and scholarships.

While all these counselors are important to the student’s success in college,

they do not cover the role of a college counselor.

A college counselor is more interested in the student’s mental and emotional wellbeing. They are licensed counselors, social wakers, or psychologists employed by the university counseling centers.

In summary, this is what a college counselor do:

  • Respond to questions that have to do with the college or university by a fresher.
  • If a student is having a personal or emotional challenge, it is their duty to Provide counseling sessions for that student.
  • They put together support groups for students having similar challenges
  • Another of their duty is to assist students in creating and achieving their personal, academic, and professional goals
  • Conducting outreach activities is their sole responsibility
  • Complete relevant paperwork and other administrative duties
  • Directing students to social services or additional resources that might be useful to emotional and mental wellbeing.

College Counselor salary | how much does a college counselor make

According to the statistics from the united states bureau of Labor,

the national average annual salary of a college counselor is around $40,168.

The benefits and compensations vary from one institution to the other.

Taking into consideration of the location and level of experience of the college counselor.

How to become a college counselor

If you looking for information on how to become a college counselor, your first should be earning a bachelors’ degree. Though for you to obtain your practicing license as college counselor, you must have a masters degree.

Thus, practicing college counselors in most states don’t just need a license,

they also need certain certifications in certain areas of specialty.

Moreso, make sure the study program you are choosing is accredited by the state education board.

You will need to complete your internship and gain real-life experience dealing with patience before you are allowed to practice.

Follow these steps to become a qualified college counselor:

  1. Choose your career focus
  2. Earn a bachelor’s degree
  3. Complete a graduate program
  4. Obtain an applicable license
  5. Get on-the-job training

#1.Choose your career focus:

Choosing an area of specialty is one of the first any college counselor should do.

there are many areas to focus on like career services, academic counseling, admission advisor, etc.

Although, some area of specialty require a bit of everything but its always a good idea to focused on one.

#2. Earn a bachelor’s degree

To become a college counselor, you need to take a bachelor’s degree program in either behavioral or social science.

When choosing your area of study, pick a study program that will teach you about communication techniques, higher education trends, career counseling, and human behavior.

Thus, to become a college counselor you will need to major in either education, psychology, communication or related area of study.

#3. Complete a graduate program

In most states, a masters degree is a must have in other to practice or get your license.

Though, not all college counselor job require you to have a masters degree.

But getting one will open you many job opportunitiesas well standing you out among your equal.

The majority of college counselors chose either social work, psychology, or counseling as their field of study.

#4. Obtain an applicable license

Obtaining you license should be top on your list after graduation oif you want to want practice.

In many cases those that studied a course related to psychological cares may not need certain certification.

Nevrtheless, you can get your license from National Association Of psychologist school or National Board for Certified counselors.

Though the requirements for license depend on location and vary from state to state.

You still need to complete your internship and pass your board exams.

#5. Get on-the-job training:

Learning on the job gives you the all important experience you need for your career as college couselor.

As you advance in learning you may decide to take on additional responsibilities.

Overtime, you might be interested in taking up administrative or supervisory position.

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What occupations are similar to a college counselor?

As a tranined college couselor, there are other career path you can choose from and still be fulfilled. some of them include:

  • Academic advisor
  • College advisor
  • Financial advisor
  • Guidance counselor
  • Social and human service assistant
  • Training and development specialist

What skills does a college counselor need?

To be successful as a licensed college counselor, you need to have the following skills.

  • Critical thinking
  • Desire to help others
  • Must highly organized
  • Social awareness
  • Great written and verbal communication skills


I believe this article has explained all there is to know about becoming a college counselor as well as all the requirements to obtain your license.

if you have any questions concerning this article or any other article on this platform do well to let us know in the comment section.

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