How can I prepare for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification?

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification: Today most companies use cloud computing services for their infrastructure. These are easier to set up and maintain. Amazon Web Services or AWS is such a cloud service provided by Amazon. It is popular; therefore, AWS professionals are in high demand.

If you work in the IT profession, you can boost your job prospects and salary by getting an AWS certificate. There are many certifications; a few of them are below.

  1. AWS Cloud Practitioner Certificate
  2. AWS DevOps Cloud Certification
  3. AWS Cloud Developer Certification

In this article, you can read about the exam for AWS Cloud Practitioner certification.


AWS cloud practitioner exam is a fundamental exam intended for freshers. It certifies your foundational knowledge of AWS and AWS cloud experience.

You can take this exam if you have a basic understanding of AWS services, use cases, pricing models, security concepts, and how the cloud impacts businesses.

However, the official recommendation is to have at least six months of experience in the AWS cloud. Additionally, it would be better to understand IT services and their use in the cloud.

AWS cloud practitioner exam

This AWS certification is for beginners who want to understand cloud computing. You can prepare for this exam in a month. There are no official prerequisites for this AWS exam except for the abovementioned recommendations.

To qualify for the certification, you need 70% marks. The number of questions may vary, but presently the test has 65 questions; 15 of them won’t affect your scores. The questions can be multiple choice with single or multiple correct answers. Additionally, you have ninety minutes to attend to all the questions.

AWS cloud practitioner certification has a validity of two years.

AWS cloud practitioner certification assesses your following skills or knowledge:


  1. Value of AWS cloud
  2. Shared responsibility model of AWS
  3. Best practices in security
  4. AWS cost and billing procedures
  5. Describe the AWS services such as compute, network, database, and storage
  6. AWS use cases

AWS Cloud Practitioner Syllabus

There are four domains from which you will get questions:

  1. Cloud Concepts: This section tests your knowledge of AWS cloud benefits, its economics, and cloud architect designing principles.
  2. Security and Compliance: You will get questions to form the Shared responsibility model, AWS cloud security and compliance concepts, access management capabilities, and resources for security support.
  3. Technology: here, you need to know methods of deploying and operating AWS, its global infrastructure, core services, and resources for technical support.
  4. Billing and Pricing: You will get questions about various AWS pricing models, their account structures, and resources for billing support.

Preparing for AWS Exam

Preparing for any certification is difficult. First, it is necessary to have a structured study schedule and study materials. Read on to get a general idea of how to study.

  1. AWS Certification Training
    1. There are many training classes available. These will have a structured syllabus and experienced tutors. They will guide you through your preparation; you will ensure that your study is most effective.
    2. On the AWS website, there is an exam guide. It tells you the topics you need to prepare for; it will give you an idea of how to prepare if you decide to self-study.
    3. After knowing the subject areas, become familiar with them. You must review the study materials, and if possible, you should practice on the AWS platform. AWS offers a free tier for you to explore everything. 
    4. Use AWS white papers to master the topics. They are a set of documentation by AWS and its community members. It contains technical guides, reference materials, and technical diagrams.
    5. You must do sample question papers and practice tests. Many services offer mock tests; it would be better to take them. They will improve your confidence and mastery over AWS concepts.
    6. Schedule the exam and give the test. You can also schedule the exam before beginning the preparation. It will provide you with extra motivation. However, the suitability of that practice will depend on your knowledge level. You might not get enough time to prepare for the exam.

Tips for AWS cloud practitioner exams

  1. Joining online preparation groups will be a good idea. They will support you throughout the preparation. You can ask your doubts and share your knowledge; telling what you know will improve your retention.
  2. Make a study plan and ruthlessly follow it. Give a fixed amount of time to study; this time will depend on how quickly you want to prepare.
  3. Ensure the right training program. There are many kinds of AWS training courses. These programs emphasize the different aspects of the certifications. Therefore, the right program will depend on your strengths and weaknesses.

In conclusion, AWS is a popular cloud service offered by Amazon. It is high in demand, and so are AWS experts. Therefore, an AWS cloud certificate may boost your IT career. There are many certifications available.

However, an AWS cloud practitioner certificate would be best to start if you are a beginner. It is a fundamental exam.

However, AWS training and certification will require diligent preparation. There are many training classes and written resources online. Additionally, you can benefit from the AWS free tire to master the topics.